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  1. On October 1st I bought the Germany South scenery and the LOWI scenery. In my enthousiasme, during purchase, I did not realize that there was no P3D v4 logo for LOWI and apparently it is not possible to install this software for P3D v4 (v4.1 meanwhile). Can I expect that the LOWI scenery will become available for P3D v4 in the near future, or is there a workaround to get it installed ? I upgraded from P3D v3 to P3d v4 and did remove v3 from my computer. Meanwhile I already downloaded v120 of the LOWI scenery, but no advance. However, in the topic for the integration of LOWI with German
  2. Gday guys I took the plunge to v4 the other day, ran into some problems so re-installed. Anyway to cut a long story short once it was installed i took a long flight for around an hour or so on vanilla install to see how it all is running. I'm happy to report no problems, not even with slow loading or dissappearing autogen. Now to my problem ... installed ftx global, vector and australia. To my amazement i took a flight but this time i was seeing very slow loading autogen and autogen even dissappearing. What the hell could be causing this when it didnt happen on a vanilla install?
  3. This is where my passion for ORBX started. What a difference a sim makes. I remember barely getting 15fps in FSX. Now it's a solid 30fps and smashing graphics thanks to ORBX & P3d v4. BTW: The F33 has been updated. Special shout out to Bert for helping me integrate the GTN 650. With love from Coffs, Jose
  4. Enjoying flying in and out of cities and being able to hold 30 FPS! Mucking about with PTA as well. Dave.
  5. A few from the past few months. Thoroughly enjoying P3D v4 all Orbx'ed up. Mostly OLC EU and SCA with a few airports thrown in.
  6. Hi Guys. I've had a really busy year and as some of you may remember, I finished a Tour of the States, Canada and Alaska earlier in this year. After I finished, I wanted to attend to some maintenance in the sim and I also wanted to integrate P3D V4 into the sim, as well, for the next upcoming Tour of Asia/Europe. It's been a lot of work, amongst which, I integrated triple intercom system so Pilot, Co-Pilot and Observer now have headphones and microphones for communications. This meant a total overhaul of the sound system. Many electrical fixes and upgrades also to th
  7. Found this little trench south of KSZT. It runs southwest to northeast out of sight in both directions. This is a fresh install of NRM in P3D V4 with the latest libraries. Regards Dave.
  8. Hi, ID: 59d03d1bbf269 I recently purchased p3d v4 along with ORBX Global and ORBX Trees HD. I downloaded and installed the RTX Central 3 installer and begun downloading the products. Upon launching p3d I noticed the products were not displaying and I could only see the default p3d v4 scenery. I can't seem to find anyone else with this problem. I've tried reinstalling p3d with no luck. Some help would be much appreciated.
  9. FTX UK IN P3D V4.....simply amazing....(click on the image for full size view)
  10. Hi, when I am approaching into the airports of the germany north region (EDDH, EDDL, EDDT) the 3D autogen is loading very slowly. So I am on final approch into Hamburg (1500 ft) and the 3D autogen behind the runway did not load. But the other textures ( fields, wind wheels, ...) are loaded very well and very sharp. This problem only occurs whem I am approaching into the regionm of germany north. If I am starting out of EDDH, EDDL or EDDT the 3D autogen is loaded completely. My PC specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.01 GHz RAM: 16GB NVIDIA GTX 1070 Win 10
  11. when trying to install any orbx products i get to this point and there is nothing in the drop down to select, it asks which version you wish to install. please help!
  12. (S52) Takeoff Mountain flying everything is v4 P3D, Orbx, Carenado Enjoy
  13. Here's another adventurous set: More to come....
  14. This is the second part of the flight LOWI-ESSA. Part one can be found here: Awesome weather changing conditions, with really nice changes in coloring. Still trying out REX PTA stuff and im only amazed. More day by day. From blinding sun, through the clouds, into the layers of fog into darkness. Amazing...Was a real-time/realweather-conditions flight from today. 2000 feet, still nothing... 600 feet, there we go...
  15. Hello again :-) Today we go into the mountains. Im starting this planned series with "The Alps". Sadly i only use standard mesh, and not even that one i can set to max. Still, its so amazing imo, i hope you like it same as i do. I hope its ok that i start with some little Intro pics. It may start a bit boring but the good one come :-) The first non-flatlands sightings There they come Getting a bit more hilly
  16. I dont know.... how can it be that every flight tops the last one? I have the serious feeling it is like that...since v4 release. Now another LOWI one....but i still hope you didnt get too bored yet of it. I think it looks amazing. So good scenery....Please zoom them to make them like intended. Now i finished this flight 40 min already and my heart is still pumping.... Still images cannot show the glory sadly....i mean like moving ones can.
  17. No Photoshop involved. I try some new tweaks in PTA. Please zoom/open the original to see the intended result :-)
  18. My best looking flight ive ever done. The post is image heavy, but pls tell me wich one i should have left out, and ill delete it... :-) Best is to open the fully to see all the details. Too bad i only have an i5 7400 and a 1060...
  19. Please zoom them/open original :-) It make just "that" difference...
  20. I have just updated to the latest version of P3D ver 4 and installed ORBX Australia scenery.I have also updated my Graphics driver (Ge Force GTX 670) There a numerous lakes in the scenery in various locations e.g north of YSCN and YBCG Is this a ORBX scenery issue or is it the way P3D ver 4 autogen handles the texture files in P3D V4 ? See photo just north of Gold Coast airport.
  21. Before i post any pic of mine i want to say what im trying to achieve. And thats the bluish haze that appears in realworld after reaching some altidude. See here Sadly i didnt have any weather (im flying realworld time/weather) but i think one can see im on the way getting there :-) Mine
  22. Easy one, All Orbx, location? Maybe someone from this area can recognize the city skyline? They got some crazy lil' women there and I'm gonna get me one
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