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Found 144 results

  1. My Citation Mustang: I'm so glad that this bird was finally updated to v4. Jose
  2. 3 flights today, not bad. Last one is from EDDM Munich, Germany to LDDU Dubrovnik in the tiny small A319. Preparing the baggage and loading our pax. Full loaded.... nearly. 148 ppl and 2 tons of cargo. Taxiin to the runway. Little bit windy here in Munich :-) But nothing we cant handle. Wroom In the cruise wormhole jump to LDDU Perfectly on the glideslope I like his one.... There we are, nice flight And now this one out of chronological order. I dont know, this i really really like... Nice trip.
  3. Im departing from Stuttgart atm. A few pics now, the rest later :-) Preparing Bring me on the right path pls! Stuck in traffic Still taxiing Gear Up! See you later....^^
  4. Hey guys. Just a few pics from a real short flight from KSLC to KDEN.
  5. Haven't flown the cherokee in a long time. This was a really short flight! Untitled-1 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-2 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-3 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-4 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-5 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-6 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-7 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-8 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-9 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-10 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-11 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-12 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-13 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-14 by ryan b, on Flickr
  6. Today some pics from a flight "for" Delta (DAL791) going from San Francisco to Seattle in the new Airbus A319. Finally the clouds were gone a bit and one could take some peeks at the terrain. Sadly i cannot comment because i simply dont know the place really. I still love to fly on the US wes coast with orbx stuff, its always amazing (if the weather plays around)
  7. Hey everyone, After I finally got Germany South installed, it seems like I did something wrong. After it was installed, it wasn't in P3D automatically, so I did install the files manually. But I only found the file "packages" from 5-8, so I think that the missing packs are the reason for that. Does anyone know, where the packs from 1-4 are? I didn't find them in the P3D - Orbx folder.
  8. Left London in the morning for a short haul to Paris. Flight KE503 for Korean Cargo. All landscape is openLC EU (no England yet sadly) Crossing one of the other London airports on FL 50. UK has amazing SIDs. 10 minutes in and still on FL 50 :-) "VFR" in a biggie is amazing. When leaving the mainland a roll-cloud made a race with me If your unfamiliar, its one of this and REX Skyforce really simulates those https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morning_Glory_cloud https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcus_cloud#Roll_cloud
  9. I’m having a P3D v4 CTD with Event Viewer showing a Terrain.dll issue. the problem always occurs at the same place at the coat of Scotland, just past waypoint BLACA. Every single time. Before the CTD the are major stutters for 10 seconds and then the CTD. Has anyone seen this before? I have tested over and over and when Orbx base Europe is unchecked from the library the crash doesn’t happen. I am posting this again as my previous support request went completely ignored on this forum. Orbx - what’s going on with this? Any help appreciated. Paul
  10. I seem to have a problem lately with the "Airport elevation" feature, it says it will take a few minuets but I left it running for 2 hours last night and it still didn't complete, the green bar just kept going across. I have "Global base pack" "Open LC Europe" "Global vector" "HD trees" Lights config and of course Orbx libraries up to date. I was wondering if anybody had any idea's please.
  11. my lod is on max... how can you explain that and how can i fix it
  12. I just noticed this today: OLC_NA1 checked OLC_NA1 disabled OLC_NA1 checked Can a dev please help me fix this? I can always disable this when flying in this area, but it would be great if it could be fixed. Thanks. Jose
  13. I hope that this question does not go unanswered. So far, I have not been getting any support from these forums. I'd like to ask FTX dev if it's possible to include autogen descriptions for Richer Simulations Grenada X as they have done for Grenadines? Thank you for that. Or, I'd like to find the autogen back up used by FTX central that is applied every time I open FTX Central. This way I can replace the files with the ones containing the additional autogen descriptions. Thanks.
  14. An evening approach, which allowed to cut out some shadow and reflection settings, into Boise, Idaho in the iFly 737NG. To limit the scenery I am installing in the new PC, right now I am limiting myself to ORBX FTX areas in NA (except maybe Utah and Nevada) and NZ. Once KBOI airport is populated with UTL aircraft, the FTX upgrades over default (and the much higher autogen levels of the city) take it up a notch without sacrificing frames. I tried 8x SSAA for this flight but that was too much for my system, but 4x SSAA worked without a hitch. Enjoy!
  15. Went for a little flight to the Bahamas, with FS Global Ultimate NG FTX and the full Orbx stack. So pretty! Bimini by Buffy Foster, on Flickr
  16. Hello, i’m having some issues with FTX in the Mexico City area. I dont know why this happened and my T2G scenery doesnt look good. Is there any way on how to fix this issue? The terrain around MMMX is elevated and the T2G Mexico City scenery cant be seen because of the terrain elevation. NOTE: there is no elevation fix on Vector. And before installing ORBX the terrain was flat as normal, this is the first time this issue came up. I have ORBX Base, Noth America, Vector and Libraries. thank you for your support and hope you can help me fix this issue.
  17. This is probably my 2nd favorite bird for any flightsim. A joy to fly in P3D v4! Jose
  18. Beautiful day to test some FTX NA airports in v4.2. Gusts to 22 made it exciting! Jose
  19. Still pretty amazing! Jose
  20. Can someone please tell me how to fix this issue thanks!
  21. During a mis-install of the new REX Sky Force app which resulted in a corruption of the P3d v4 sim, attempts to fix matters by deleting certain data files resulted in a detachment of my ORBX scenery collection and the disappearance of my FTX file supporter. I downloaded a replacement but it confirms I already have the missing files on the computer but doesn't tell me how to reconnect them to P3d. Please advise where or how to obtain advice to correct this problem. Thanks, Ken Park (SubLogical)
  22. Still an amazing region: Jose
  23. On October 1st I bought the Germany South scenery and the LOWI scenery. In my enthousiasme, during purchase, I did not realize that there was no P3D v4 logo for LOWI and apparently it is not possible to install this software for P3D v4 (v4.1 meanwhile). Can I expect that the LOWI scenery will become available for P3D v4 in the near future, or is there a workaround to get it installed ? I upgraded from P3D v3 to P3d v4 and did remove v3 from my computer. Meanwhile I already downloaded v120 of the LOWI scenery, but no advance. However, in the topic for the integration of LOWI with Germany South I noticed a reference to P3D v4 dynamic night lighting, so it appears to me as if LOWI is working under P3D v4.... I hope someone can help me... Peter Magnus Belgium p.s. sorry for my poor English
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