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  1. This was a delightful flight from Block Island, KBID, to KMTP, Montauk. I would love this.
  2. Made this flight today, it was from LDDU, Dubrovnik, to Pula, LDPL. Followed all SID's and STAR's and airways. It was perfect, it's been a long time since I had a perfect flight. Looks like a texture problem. Here too. Now this is a lovely place!
  3. This was a nice flight from Palm Springs to Seattle that I made yesterday with real-time weather. Had to do a go-around on landing but otherwise it was very cool. There's a lot, sorry. The office is much higher than a Bonanza, that's for sure. With a 10K' runway, KPSP is certainly capable. Can't wait to see this in XP. Swinging around for ILS RWY 16R The Queen i
  4. So I made a nice little flight from Nantucket, KACK to Nauset, KCQX. Been to Nauset many times, my uncle lives near there and they have beautiful beaches there. I love this little tent area, wonder if they have hamburgers and beer?
  5. Revisiting a charming airport. KMBS, Saginaw to KMOP, Mt. Pleasant Muni. Also, rego is off because I was testing reinstalled liveries after A2A updated the Bo.
  6. Decided to go Down Under for a rudder pedal test. YBCS, Cairns to YDKI, Dunk Island Suddenly....weather!
  7. Many thanks to Larry Robinson and Orbx for this freeware.
  8. This was a livery test recently.
  9. Made this flight the other day before my pedals gave up the ghost. LSPN, Triengen to LFSB, Basle Mulhouse
  10. Took a quick flight around NSMA Maota the other day, @Ken Hall's wonderful work.
  11. The Convair B58 Hustler always had a special place in my aviation heart, as she was one of the first Revell models I built as a kid and I’m glad that she flies in P3D v.4.5. This is the 2014 Glowingheat model. I have modified somewhat the VC, as it looked at least for me out of the box too FS9-ish Once airborne she picks up speed amazingly fast. So we will cover the distance in a heartbeat Over Edwards AFB Unfortunately she lacks s
  12. Just a couple from when I was making sure the new liveries worked. And quite sad, my rudder pedals broke so again I'm not able to fly, well, weakly anyway.
  13. This was a way to test the 4.5 hotfix the other day.
  14. So more testing with 4.5, flew from Catalina KAVX to Los Alamitos Aaf, KSLI
  15. After many hassles with the Client, GTN, and AS4 I have it fixed. Results, FPS is locked to 30 and I get a solid 30, no stutters, and the 6% loading problem is gone. It's seems like an entirely new P3D after the hotfix. So for @Ken Hall Here is a quick test flight with ENVDIR - AS4- NSMA Maota to NSFA Faleola Int.
  16. Just landed at ENNO for the first time in P3D v4.5. The runway lights are very elongated, not sure if they used to be. Is this something that can be adjusted?
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