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  1. P3D 4.5 Orbx: Global base Germany North & South Europe LC Trees Buildings LYBE Nikola Tesla Aircraft: Aerosoft A320 Weather: AS4
  2. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, LYBE, Europe LC, Trees, Buildings. etc. AS4 weather PMDG 737 I set up a nice flight from LYBE, Nikola Tesla to Istanbul's LTFM. Then I flew it, there were Navigraph SID's and STAR's and approaches so I thought all was well. Coming into the area the VOR wouldn't tune. So I went into P3D's Map mode and lo and behold no airport with this name. Continued right up to where the airport was supposed to be but all there was was a field. To say I was irritated would be an understatement. At least Tesla Airport looks fantasti
  3. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Europe, LOWI, Trees. PMDG 737-NGX HIFI AS4 weather The approach and landing, very interesting STAR to land. SODE works perfectly.
  4. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Europe, LOWI, Trees. PMDG 737-NGX HIFI AS4 weather I wanted to make a real-world flight to Tesla, so I researched it. Austrian Airlines flys there so I chose this livery. Chose the proper SID & STAR. This was an incredible SID (Standard Instrument Departure), it was a very neat circling climb to avoid the mountains.
  5. Sim - P3D 4.5 All Orbx, everything they make. RealAir Duke AS4 weather. This flight was from San Fransisco to Orbx's KSTS Sonoma. Of course....
  6. I'm glad they named this airport after him, he's one of my lifelong heroes. He inspired me to get into electronics as a kid. This man was way ahead of his time, he was pure genius. This was my first test flight there and yes, some bridgework. I love this hangar! I love this! Now to sightsee and fly under a bridge. The other two were way too low so decided against it. Yeah, I know, @olderndirt will give me some static N
  7. Why to Cairns! Another in my serious set, a 777 flight from Jackson, AYPY to Cairns, YBCS. Followed the SID and STAR. And made another ILS guided hand landing, always like doing these. This plane is so huge that it's sometimes difficult to tell you're even moving. But there's nothing like a long setup for landing.
  8. All Orbx all the time Just made a nice flight From Calgary, CYYC to Winnipeg, CYWG. Used all appropriate SID & STARs. Real weather with AS4. I loved it. "Positive rate, gear up." I really liked this one, the sun shadows, the HD Buildings, it's cool. On final 100% hand flown, throttles, flight controls, following the ILS down to the runway.
  9. I decided to fly to a random place from KEKA, Murray. So I chose a little airport called Happy Camp, 36S. Well, I have to say this is almost as tough to get into as any airport in New Guinea. I had to go around several times before I finally landed, but it was worth it. I was just dipping into valleys and exploring, I loved it. There's Happy Camp, on approach I thinking this is "Angry Camp!" Going around. Very t
  10. Well, now I know why I uninstalled this plane. It's a cool plane if you like very old cockpits. They had a heck of a lot of mechanical levers back then, so I rely on the AI co-pilot. And I have never seen an aircraft that's so hostile to FSUIPC. I have to actually have one lever to control all four engines. I'm usually very good with FSUIPC but this plane will simply not allow four separate throttle and I have no idea why. So for all you guys who like the old ones here's some cool shots in an Oz livery in Orbx's Aus v2. Oops, mixt
  11. This was a very relaxing flight I made tonight from Boise to KSUN, Friedman Meml. In the lats two I parked in the hangar at night, I was amazed at the lights, it's like this in real life in the hangars I used to work in. Dawn out of KBOI
  12. Made this lovely little flight yesterday in real time with real weather. Departed Orbx's very nice Bozeman and flew a very short flight to Jackson Hole. All STARs and SIDs were followed. Who doesn't love a scene like this? I remember seeing this scene at Logan (KBOS) when I was a little kid and I knew I would spend my life in aviation. Taxiing out. And we're on our way. Very nice farmer's fields below. First time I ever saw the fires, I was amazed, it was the coolest thing to see. Tho
  13. Now for the landing, it was quite precise, ILS and a nice STAR.
  14. Took two many shots so this will be part one of two.
  15. I've had this problem since KSAN was released. I can spawn a plane there and the roofs are fine as shown here. But when I get away from the airport and come back the roofs are green. And no matter how long I sit to see if they'll draw they don't as shown below. So it works part of the time and then it doesn't work. I contacted @Ken Hall and he asked me to post in the support forum. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  16. @Stillwater Hi Gerold, here's a flight I made this morning in real time with real weather. It was PAVD to PAYA in a PMDG 737 NGX 700. I followed all relevant SID's & STAR's. The Fjord1 departure. Was like this the entire flight. Hand landing the ILS runway 11.
  17. I needed to test Melbourne so I loaded up the PMDG 747-400 in this lovely livery and hand flew it round-robin style. I love flyings these beautiful planes in the sim.
  18. Just a quick test of flight controls at Cairns.
  19. I installed HD buildings and it took a while so I imagined it loaded all the textures. But I was wondering if they are the new ones. Can anyone tell? I made a flight from my original home airport KFFC, Falcon Field and flew to downtown Atlanta. Thanks ya'll!
  20. I made this yesterday to test some hardware. It was a great flight from Cardiff, EGFF to Bilbao, LEBB. "Everybody ready?" "Put it in reverse will ya?" "Look at those fuel tanks, did you top off the fuel?" "Here we go!" "See ya next time!" I think I can, I think I can... Following the STAR for an ILS 30 landing. At the correct altitude but those hills look awfully close! Closer still!
  21. I was running a test at this airport and set it to evening and the lighting looks awesome.
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