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  1. I just made a flight from Hilo to Honolulu and despite having Global and Vector I saw some very odd texture there. Anyone know why this is? Thanks.
  2. P3D 4.5 Orbs Global, Vector, Buildings, Trees, Hawaii CityScene, N/A LandClass PMDG 747-8 AS4 weather Wanted to do a frame rate test, it passed with flying colors, pun not intended. Lihue, PHLI to Honolulu, PHNL. I know PHLI was a little short but I had plenty of room.
  3. P3D 4.5 All Orbx This one was very challenging with the mountains. The airport is nestled in a Vally which is itself almost 5000 feet high. Departed OPRN, Chakala and flew to Gilgit, OPGT, Pakistan. Climbing to 20,000 feet There's the airport far below. Spiraling descent to enter the valley.
  4. P3D 4.5 All Orbx stuff MilViz Bell 407 No weather on This was requested by @JMBIII. He asked me to see if this cemetery existed in the new CityScene. I hadn't had the time till now. So I went to the Wiki page he provided, typed in the coordinates and there it is. It's a very beautiful place in the sim. Thanks Orbx for this beautiful area. Here you go Joe.
  5. The sim - P3D 4.5 The scenery - All Orbx The plane - A2A Cherokee The weather - AS4 I like this livery, I don't have many Cherokee liveries and don't know where to get any. The flight - Orcas, KORS to Friday Harbor, KFHR
  6. P3D 4.5 Orbx's Hawaii CityScape, Global, Vector, N/A Land Class, Trees, Buildings A2A's Bonanza AS4 weather What a delightful place this is, my frames are great and it's very smooth. I wish they'd do all of the islands. Imagine the view out one of those building's windows, paradise!
  7. P3D 4.5 All Orbx AS4 weather A nice little up and down at Bonners Ferry.
  8. P3D 4.5 Orbx, all of it is Orbx. A2A Comanche. 73S Anacortes to KNUW Whidbey No pixels or virtual planes were hurt in the production of these shots, and I had a most willing passenger who delighted in my aerial endeavors. And if I offend anyone with my flying, I apologize in advance, it's just the way I am sometimes. Motivated by @JohnnyJohnJohn
  9. P3D 4.5 Orbx's Global, Vector, Trees, Building, Honolulu CityScene. A2A's Bonanza AS4 weather. I have to say that this whole island is not my all-time favorite Orbx product and I've been very fortunate to own them all. I LOVE this place! So I had to try it, if a WW2 Navy plane can land there why couldn't I? And I did then took off. What a kick in the pants this is!
  10. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, Trees, Buildings, the new Honolulu CityScape. AS4 weather First impressions, amazing, I have a lot of exploring to to here. I only hope someday Orbx will do all the islands. I took off from PHNL and headed for the city but decided to go to Pearl Harbor. I can even land on the carrier which is very nice, it'll be fun to play with that. Well done Orbx team, I highly recommend.
  11. I made. flight from PHNL to I think Dillingham, the coordinates are in the shots. But when I approached it was all grass. Maybe this is normal for a helicopter base? But when I landed I fell through to a solid surface. I REALLY love this new CityScene so this is not a huge deal, just wanted to let ya'll know. I have to say this, this is now my number one all-time favorite Orbx product.
  12. P3D 4.5 Orbx's Global, Vector, Trees, Buildings, South America LC. AS4 weather Flight1 B200 SKRG, Jose Mario Cordova, to Manziales, SKMZ Columbia This was a very challenging flight because not only of the altitude but the airport is in a blow. It was a beautiful flight.
  13. P3D 4.5 Orbx's Global, Vector, Trees, Buildings, Ausv2 A2A's 182 AS4 weather & ASCA What a wonderfully beautiful place this area is. Ya'll who live here are most fortunate.
  14. P3D 4.5 Orbx's Global, Vector, TrueEarth Netherlands, TrueEarth GB, EGLC, Tree, Buildings AS4 weather Aerosoft's A319 This flight takes us from The Netherland's EHAM to London City, EGLC.
  15. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, Europe LC, Trees, Buildings Weather - AS4 Season, fall. This challenging flight takes us from a challenging airport in its own right, the world famous Courcheval, LFLJ to Annecy, LFLP, France. Nestled in some beautiful mountains. Needed every inch of this runway. It looks tiny behind us. I like seasons in P3D, it's magical. Those mountains, so beautiful. Amazing scenery, really amazing Comin
  16. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, Europe LC, Trees, HD Buildings, LKHV & LYBE. Aerosoft A319 AS4 weather This was a nice flight from LKHV, Horovice, to Tesla, LYBE.
  17. P3D 4.5 Orbx's Global, Vector, Trees, Buildings, KTEX Flight1's B-200 Weather- AS4 Sky & cloud texture, ASCA This little flight was from UT25 in Monument Valley, to KTEX, Telluride. This is always a challenging approach.
  18. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, N/A LC, California, Trees, Buildings, KAVX Weather - AS4 MilViz Bell I got carried away a couple ion weeks ago because I really love this Orbx area.
  19. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, Trees, Buildings, Europe LC AS4 weather. RealAir Duke This was a very challenging flight and I highly recommend it. Reykjavik, BIRK to Isafjordur, BIIS. I followed the magazine article and used the runway 08 visual approach. The level of detail at Reykjavik was astonishing, it's almost like Orbx did it. In clouds most of the way, descending here. Beautiful valleys. I overflew the airport to lose altitude and speed. Swung around to
  20. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, Trees, Buildings, N/A Landclass, California LC. Limberlost Ranch, CA21 to KOVE, Oroville. A2A 182 AS4 weather This is a very delightful place to fly out of, it's scenic and has a nice sloped runway too. I love those open paint cans.
  21. P3D 4.5 Orbx: Global Vector Trees Buildings North & South California LC KSBA, & KMRY AS4 weather Just a nice quick flight to enjoy the scenery in P3D. Anybody have any idea what these are? I stumbled upon them and thought they looked pretty cool. Used for rocket launches maybe? And this house, you never know what you'll see. I stumbled upon this and thought how cool it would be to live there.
  22. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Trees, Buildings, Australia v2, YMML AS4 Weather MilViz F-86
  23. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Norway LC, Buildings, Trees, Vector. Weather - AS4 Aircraft - Vertex This is from one of my issues of PC Pilot, I have never done the challenging flights so I thought I'd give this a go. The weather was perfect so it wasn't too much of a challenge but it is very scenic. This flight starts at Bodo, ENBO and arrives at Svolvaer, ENSH Straight in with the VOR 10 approach. Look at that little bridge, I just wanted to walk
  24. P3D 4.5 Orbx's TE GB South, EGLC, EGTR AS4 weather RealAir Lancair Legacy Checked out the new EGLC and it's very good. Made a nice flight across London to Elstree.
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