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  1. Still the same weather as yesterday when Brad was flying around Felts. Thanks for the inspiration Above the weather on the return trip. Glad the customs officials were gone when I got back
  2. Testing Manfred Jahn's beautiful freeware Douglas C-47 V2 on a flight from Golden to Cranbrook. Thanks to Jankees for the great repaint. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  3. Another beautiful flight in NRM from Valemount to Golden Parking at Valemount Airport Mt. Robson Mt. Chown (left) and Resthaven Mountain (right) Twintree Lake Amethyst Lakes Marmot Basin Ski Area near Jasper Athabasca Glacier and Columbia Icefield Chalet Glacier Lake near Sasketchewan River Crossing Mummery Glacier Columbia River valley near Golden Parking at Golden Airport Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  4. Shots from a wonderful evening flight from Revelstoke to Valemont in British Columbia. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  5. http://www.orbxsyste...o-jackson-hole/ After i arrived at Jackson Hole, i decided to spend some days in the Teton National Park. In Jackson, i met a guy named Bob, who wants to climb Grand Teton. Two days later, we climbed up Grand Teton and reached the summit. Panorama from the summit of Grand Teton. View to the north. Unfortunately, i was completely exhausted from climbing Grand Teton, so i decided to continue my NA Tour in another way... 6 am at Jackson Hole Looking for traffic Takeoff Teton Range at dawn Yellowstone National Park Near West Y
  6. Hi, After installing and patching NRM (NA Blue Northen Rocky Mountains) my FTX Central looks strange, since now I have 2 FTX Global icons, and the checkboxes for Hybrid mode and Vector Road Lights have dissappeared. All was working OK untill I installed NRM. If I recall correctly, this is what I installed, in the following order: 1. FTX Global 2. FTX Global patch 1.10 3. NA Blue Pacific Northwest 4. NA Blue Pacific Northwest Patch 005 5. ORBX Libraries 130909 6. Some ORBX freeware airports: CA CBB7 1.0, CA CEJ4 2.0, CA CEN4 2.1, FS BOB, US 2S1 1.1, US 7WA3 1.0, US KHQM 1.0, US Po
  7. Climbing out of Spokane / KGEG: ...over Silver Mountain Ski area... ... the Anaconda Mines (and Chimney) ... towards Yellowstone: But I went straight on, having the Teton Range in sight: And that is the answer: TWA must mean "Teton Wonderful Approach". Uuups, KJAC hides itself behing fog... Approaching Rwy 16 ... it MUST be there, as to the instruments: Landed without trouble, found a parking lot and - thanks to Steves DX10 fix - with all AI planes coloured: Finally a short walk with my copilot Bob:
  8. ... precisely to http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/65444-where-am-i-5/ ? The fast way: From KSEA... ... over central Washington state... ... following Columbia River... to Lake Roosevelt: On final to KGEG, over Colbert: Taking the small sister out in the evening (yes the livery is misleading, but i I could not resist its beauty)... ... on the way to Felts:
  9. Hi there, found out my own mistake: I had already switched on some stuff like OZx for Australia, and this was obviously messing up the US scenery. Good to keep in mind these areas should be handled separately... Sorry for confusion - you may close or even delete the post. Thanks!
  10. ... just continuing the lyrics quiz for the music experts here. A late evening flight from Twin Lakes... ... across Taseko Lake... ... Ocre Mountain... ... and the Athelstan Peaks, towards Meager Creek, Lilooet River... ... and into Pemberton, one of my favourite approaches. More to come from this area...
  11. Hello everybody, after a very busy work, i find the time to purchase and download the new Bonner's Ferry Airport and have a look at the proximity of this great piece of work. Parking at 65S Takeoff from 65S Following the Kootenai River to the south Bull Lake Cabinet Gorge Reservoir Lake Pend Oreille McArthur Lake Bridges over the Kootenai River in Bonner's Ferry Landing at 65S Back at 65S Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  12. After installing the for free downloadable ORBX airport CEJ4(Claresholm in regio Alberta-Canada) for ORBX regio NRM, I decided to make a first flight starting from CEN4: Detail of the many placed scenery objects on and around the airport: A great thank you to Vlad Maly for developping and releasing this airport-scenery.
  13. I forgot to visit some highlights of the southern part of NRM. But the music theme made me aware again - so lets fly... From Butte, Montana towards Berkeley pit copper mine. Looks nice in the Sim, but is not so nice in reality: The pit and its water present a serious environmental problem because the water, with dissolved oxygen, allows pyrite and sulfide minerals in the ore and wall rocks to decay, releasing acid. When the pit water level eventually reaches the natural water table, estimated to occur by around 2020, the pit water will reverse flow back into surrounding groundwater, pollut
  14. As Amentiba suggested in my earlier post ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61703-helmcken-falls/ ), I took a closer look to the falls west of the rockies.
  15. One of the attractions in NRM I had left out. Pay a visit there, it looks much more impressive in "movement" than on a static picture! Will come back in winter...: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmcken_Falls
  16. Well, this can´t be Chicago (with FTXG still under preparation). But I was asked to inspect some windy places on my trip today. Taking off from Claresholm to the west... ... first waypoint was the Frank Slide. "The Frank Slide was a rockslide that buried part of the mining town of Frank, Northwest Territories, Canada, on the morning of April 29, 1903. It occurred at 4:10 AM, when over 82 million tonnes (90 million tons) of limestone rock slid down Turtle Mountain within 100 seconds, obliterating the eastern edge of Frank, the Canadian Pacific Railway line and the coal mine. It was
  17. Has been quite some time since I posted a screenshot in the forum, but having just finished setting up my new laptop, thought I would celebrate with a quick shot of one of my favourite aircraft - the Alabeo WACO. For a fun, light aircraft to throw around during a short sim session, these guys have nailed it on the head. Cheers! Jarrad
  18. After spotting some uncommon structures on Athabasca Glacier ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61507-summer-to-winter-and-vice-versa/ ), I learned from Kasi these should be some tourist buses ( http://www.outdoor-magazin.com/sixcms/media.php/6/OD-2013-Adv-Explorer-Brewster-Ice-Explorer.jpg ). I could not resist returning with STOL equipment... Started from Jasper, over Maligne Lake: And here we are: Columbia Icefield Chalet. Looks like quite a crowded place in the expected wilderness: "Follow this car." That is the proof: The outdoor-magazin is correct.
  19. For this BC trip, i took the good old Grumman Goose out of my hangar. Two from Tipella Heading north after takeoff from Tipella Livingston Peak (left) and Gowan Peak (right) Big Bend Peak Nahatlatch Lake Fraser River looking north Fraser River looking south Somewhere between Boothroyd and Merritt Merritt Nicola Lake Brenda Mine and Highway 97C William R. Bennett Bridge, Kelowna Okanagan Lake near Vernon looking south Vernon Airport in the background Vernon/Wildlife SPB Enjoy and thanks for lookin
  20. When I started my working day as a commuter pilot in Revelstoke it appeared to be a beautiful Summer evening: Clear blue sky, mild temperatures... Some ice left on the mountains, adding a bit of contrast to the views: Mica Dam just below, which generates more power than a nuclear power plant ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mica_Dam ). Well, the settlement named Mica did not take much profit from that - it is now in the middle of the next picture: under Kinbasket Lake... Climbing on the way to Jasper: Mt. Clemenceau: Columbia Icefield... ... and crossing
  21. OK mates, for the short mountain patrol from Golden to Revelstoke some powerful equipment was needed once again. Kicking Horse Ski area in Summer - a quiet place... Uuuh, oooh - deep hanging clouds! Low flying required... ... to check Purcell Lodge. Crossing Duncan Valley... ... towards Illiciwat Glacier. Landing on the glacier was unspectacular, but upon starting the mountains came closer... ... before I spotted Illiciwat River and Hwy 1 again: Revelstoke, in the beautiful Columbia River valley: No emergencies today, and the weather
  22. After the rescue mission ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61413-emergency-call-in-banff/ ) the hiker´s wife was very thankful. Not what you might initially think - she dropped a pleasant tip for the heli crew. So I could afford to take a day off, and do a mountain tour with the 185. So I took off from Banff "International"... ... climbed over Castle Mountain ... ... towards Lake Louise. Another nice resting place for the luxury hiker... . Up into the mountains... ... across Crowfoot Glacier ... ... and exploring Takakkaw Falls. As you can see, t
  23. While cleaning my equipment (especially the inside area of the coffee mugs) an emergency call came in: A hiker had suffered a broken leg somewhere in the mountains west of Banff, and his spouse just managed to get them both to a small hut. Unfortunately they did not know the exact location, and their mobile phone batteries were low... very low ... down. So it was up to the rescue team to follow their proposed trail, and bring first aid. They had started at the Banff Springs (probably luxury hikers)... ... so we left Banff in the assumed direction: Difficult to see the huts, lod
  24. Took the early morning flight from Claresholm, with a plane already selected for a challenging landing strip ... ... a little stopover to fill up the coffee cups in High River ... ... and across Calgary. I have to mention, this is the scenery without Vlad Maly´s Airdrie add-on - I took the shots to evaluate the difference. And this is Airdrie itself, NRM default. OK, now towards the Rockies and along the Trans-Canada-Highway: Bow River at Seebe... ... and a little further at Canmore: Passing Banff City, ...downwind over the airstrip. That lo
  25. Very dry conditions with risk of bushfire were reported for the plains west of Claresholm. So I took the Goose and went to work. Indeed, the area looks completely dried out. So I crossed Hwy 22 and moved to Chain Lake... ...filled the tanks with water... (ok, the Goose can´t do this...)... and headed to High River Airfield to report. No fires today, but we are prepared. PS: When preparing flights I found this picture on Google Earth, taken exactly on Chain Lake. I could not resist.
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