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Found 1,625 results

  1. At Malmo ESMS, found a couple of Floaters, Just so happens to be some good old station wagons, oh by the way this is an absolute beautiful done scenery, FYI
  2. Running here P3Dv5 latest version. All Orbx FTX Global files installed into Orbx Library, on my F:\ drive Vector ON = runway 13 starting above water (some terrain missing on this side when checked against Google Maps) Vector OFF = runway 13 starting over terrain Blue skies Vector ON: Vector OFF: Google Maps:
  3. An observation - not a complaint. With my colour-blindness I find it extremely difficult (make that almost impossible!) to see the red font prices against the brown background on the Orbx Central Store front page. The red on black in the detail product pages is much clearer in my vision. Might I suggest that all your pages be designed with a colour-blindness compatible colour palette - please. Thank you and regards Operating system: WIN10 Simulator: FSX:SE Screenshot: Issue: Colour Blindness
  4. I have North America Central Rockies and it works well at all the airports I've visited except this one, Laurel 6S8, where there's a horrible elevation issue. NA landclass is disabled and these hangers are clearly from CRM. I've tried verifying CRM and Orbx libs, and changing the insertion point, I've also tried reinstalling CRM and reducing mesh size to minimum. I've done the rebuild terrain config thing. When I use NA landclass it looks better although the hangers sit above the ground and there are cliff edges on three sides. Default P3D5 isn't pretty either in terms of edges, but nothing like as bad as with CRM. With P3D4, I would have moved CRM up the scenery library but I can't with this because it's an XML addon. I've flown into here before but it was probably with P3D4. Could someone who uses CRM please crank up a flight from here and tell me if it's just my setup or some kind of bug?
  5. YPCC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Airport: Taxiway Signs are in the middle of the taxiway and appears that there are too many of them. YPLM Learmonth Airport: The Civilian terminal model is missing - objects are floating above where it would be. YWMC William Creek Airport: (This is not an Orbx airport however it appears this was included in V5 when LM added & updated all default airports) The Runway is floating and the parts that are not floating are raised 50ft above the rest of the ground. - I believe this is a Orbx Australia V2 mesh issue conflicting with the default P3D airport.
  6. The custom Bridges near Anacortes are duplicated in TE Washington. Until an official fix is released putting the attached exclude file in the FTX_AA_74S\Scenery folder should fix the issue. Also there are duplicate Storage tanks at the refinery and a duplicate Island Hospital. The exclude file should get rid of them as well. All the best, John My_74S_Excludes.BGL
  7. Hello dear support team, If I load a flight in LOWW/Vienna and start there, I have no problems, the floodlights work correctly. But when I come from another airport and land in Vienna, the floodlights do not work and the apron remains dark!? I tested this with several flights to Vienna, unfortunately always without apron lighting after landing I think it's the same problem as with EGPH. I also had no apron lighting there, since the last update the lighting in EGPH has been working properly. I use P3d V4.5 with Hotfix 3 Orbx Global, LC Europe and Vector I use Version 1.2.0 from LOWW Can you take a look at that, please? Thank you in advance for your efforts, Best regards, Markus
  8. Hi, my order number is 5e84d41c81c6b As I landed in WSS I saw this (see attached image). Is there a solution to this? I have not noticed any other anomolies in this scenery but I have had OOMs on a few occasions on approach to Friday Harbour - the only place I get them. Products running at the time of the screen shot are PNW, Squamish, Friday Harbor, AI Shipping and BC Float Bases. I did try turning other things off except PNW and Friday Harbour and Verifying files for both as well. No joy. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi On my first flight from Rijeka, I flew from Rijka Airport right to the next airfield on the map, just inland of the city of Rijka. It seems, this airport (Grobnicko Polje LDRG) has not been edited, though the Rijeka scenery seems to cover the area. Should it look like that? Don´t know if the freeway is from Rijeka scenery or vector. The closed runway is right under it. This is in P3D4.5 HF3. Regards Dan
  10. Hi there, long time user, first post. Is there an airport overlay for Newquay airport in True Earth south for P3D? All other airports seem fine but EGHQ only has the photo textures, no night lights or runway texture overlay. I had deactivated EU England to help with loading times but found that if I re enable EU England in the scenery config screen the airport textures and runway lights appear OK. Could someone pls check as I thought TE GB included everything from EU England so I’m not sure if the airport overlay is missing or whether I have a corrupt install. Fantastic product by the way and can’t wait for TE GB central.
  11. Hello! I could do with a bit of help, because my Orbx scenery is messed up and after hours of trying, it's still can't manage to fix it... the problem : the autogen is all misplaced on the ground textures. For example: if some ground texture shows a street with houses, the autogen buildings are not put on the right places on top of it, but are placed as if a very different ground texture was meant to be there than the one I'm seeing... just like on this screenshot I just took: When only Global Base Pack is installed, everything looks ok. The problem occurs after installing OpenLC Europe. I tried everything: Verifying files, Sync, Uninstalling and re-installing the scenery in Orbx Central. And since that didn't work at all, I uninstalled P3D and Orbx Central, removed the corresponding folders out of %appdata% and %programdata%, and I reinstalled P3D and Orbx Central again. But nothing helped, I keep getting misplaced autogen as soon as OpenLC Europe is installed. Maybe relevant: it all started today after I updated p3dv5 HF1 to the new version p3dv5 HF2. Of course I also tried to switch back to HF1, but that didn't help either. Any idea? My specs: p3d v5 | Win 10 | CPU: i7-9750H | 16 GB RAM | GPU: RTX 2070
  12. Is there a fix yet for the Police cars driving backwards on UK roads in TE GB?
  13. Good afternoon, I recently purchased and installed KTIW and attempted the runway 17 ILS approach. I was able to capture the localizer, but was unable to capture the glide slope and my plane's instruments never detected it. Also, I did the approach at night and noticed that there were no sequenced flashing strobes (should be five of them) on the MALSR approach lighting system for runway 17. According to the airnav.com approach charts, there should also be REIL flashing strobes at the end of runway 35, as well. When utilized, REIL strobes should be located on each side of end threshold lights, one on each side. These are important for identifying the runway in IFR conditions, and in the case of runway 35, would help in flying the RNAV(GPS) 35 approach to minimums. I have noticed that REIL and MALSR strobes are also missing at many other Orbx airports, such as KSBA and KWYS. At KSBA, the charts shows REIL strobes on at the end of runways 25 and 15R, while at KWYS, the charts show REIL strobes should be at the end of runway 19. Both MALSR approach light systems at KSBA and KWYS are also missing their respective sequenced flashing strobes, as well. I have taken a couple of screen shots of the stock version of KTIW, which shows an example of the strobes in action in default P3D/FSX. Thank you for looking into these issues. Best regards, Jim
  14. THERE IS NO LOG FILE AS REQUESTED ABOVE Operating system: Debian Bullseye Simulator: X-Plane Screenshot: Issue: I can't even get started sudo apt-install libc6-dev - no problem already installed wget https://web.goog.cdn.orbxdirect.com/software/central/4.1.14-17b6cdce/Orbx-central-4.1.14.AppImage - no problem download 132853931 bytes chmod +x Orbx-central-4.1.14.AppImage - no problem worked = permissions now 755 owner is me. ./Orbx-central-4.1.14.AppImage [124632:0723/150523.698062:FATAL:setuid_sandbox_host.cc(157)] The SUID sandbox helper binary was found, but is not configured correctly. Rather than run without sandboxing I'm aborting now. You need to make sure that /tmp/.mount_orbx-cqVGkCi/chrome-sandbox is owned by root and has mode 4755. Trace/breakpoint trap I haven't touched /tmp its the standard debian installation. Note the directory /tmp/.mount_orbx-cqVGkCi directory does not exist permissions on /tmp directory is drwxrwxrwt
  15. I a missing the famous Lion's Gate bridge connecting Vancouver City to West Vancouver. Can someone, please, check if it's indeed missing in FTX PNW Prepar3d5 or if this is a flaw in my installation? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Michael
  16. There's not a whole lot more to say. I've always enjoyed flying into KVNY. Of course it's an iconic airport. And when I read that the new KBUR scenery would include a 'lite' version of KVNY I looked forward to seeing what that would entail. I'll let those of you who have purchased this scenery be the judge and comment for yourselves, but I didn't realize that the term 'lite' version basically means no version. I'm going to see if there's a way to fly the KBUR scenery along with the previous FTX_NA_SCA version of KVNY. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
  17. Not sure if this has been reported, but flying from KRDD to KSFO over the western mountains, I ran into two black textures: LAT: N39 27.26 LON: W122 58.02
  18. Heya. Bought Orbx ENAL today and installed it, loaded into the airport and ran into a issue with the ground texture at certain parking stands. Screenshots included too show what it looks like, judging by the screenshots on the product page. It looks like the ground texture is suppose to be different then what it shows up in my sim. I have tried the following trouble shooting: reinstalled the scenery and later verified files. I have also tried adjusting my mesh and texture setting in the sim, but still the same ground texture issue. - Chris
  19. Hi all After using for some weeks LOWI with no issues, today I have had a strange occurrence I have been able to reproduce. I was flying from LEZL to LOWI in the NGXU and I performed the RNAV Y Approach into RWY 08. It is a wonderful approach with this scenery. However, after landing my plane crashed. At first I was annoyed with myself, I thought I might've landed slower than needed. However, in order to train this approach, I started a couple of hours later a local flight in LOWI, with the very same aircraft, in order to depart via a SID, and go back via MADEB1B approach and repeat the RNAV Y app. What is my surprise when, during the take off run, the aircraft crashes despite being perfectly centered on the line, with TO/GA enabled and near no wind. Is there any way to debug the scenery in order to find for some hidden object that might cause this? I have landed in the recent past (last week) with no issue, but some of my scenery has been automatically updated since. Thank you in advance. EDIT: I have just tried with any other aircraft, and now, after Orbx Libraries update (first thing I did was to check all files), I can't even start on LOWI, no matter if on the apron or runway, immediate crash.
  20. Scenery is ok except for the ennk_ships_Objectflow.xml The ships are lying 20 meters above the water. Switching the xml to off solves the problem P3DV5 hf2 Cheers Pierre
  21. At Alpha airport the runway disappears at half the angles when close to the departure end of runway 36. I am running Orbx Australia V2 v2.1.2 with no conflicting scenery (ozx / ant didn't do this airport). Below is a video showing the runway disappearing. c12d392f0a938ef360a07133659ea39f.mp4
  22. In the last time I more and more find little parts without outogen in my Orbx world. Perhaps after the last update for 05S via Orbx central I found lack of autogen in 05S Vernonia see picture. I have no other airport in this area, dont have any of the problematic non Orbx addons/ no extern autogen merger, I reinstalled the scenery as wall es the Orbx library and object flow, synchronised the simulator without any effect. Can anybody check this little corner and verify the lack of autogen? I use Prepar 4.5 last version, regards, Thomas
  23. Just started using egph as a hub in the VA I use and I cant get the atc to tune in from the stand. I feel like Im making a simple mistake. Any help or advice is appreciated
  24. I am having major scenery problems at both 0S9 Jefferson and 11S Sekiu. In the case of both airports, when I load up over half of the airport is missing, as well as surrounding trees, vegetation and buildings. It looks like an explosion happened and flattened everything. Also, half of the length of the runway textures are missing or just a blurry mess. I will further refer to this 'problem' in this thread as the 'explosion issue' for ease of reference. Here is what I have tried: 1) Uninstall P3Dv5 and reinstall P3Dv5 HF1, step by step as per Nick sticky post this forum, and also, verbatim according to the P3Dv5 install and reinstall document. I have conducted this full process THREE times in an effort to try and fix this. 2) I have ONLY P3Dv5 with HF1 installed along with Orbx Trees HD, Orbx Global Base, Orbx PNW Region, and 11S, 0S9 and 05S airports installed. I also have FSUIPC 6 installed and Chaseplane. NOW, before installing FSUIPC 6, Chaseplane, Orbx Trees HD and Global Base, I tried running P3Dv5 HF1 with JUST PNW Region, 11S, 0S9 and 05S installed. In any of those situations, the problem still exists. In contrast, there are no problems at 05S, it works correctly in all situations. 3) I have no add-on aircraft installed. I have set my P3D default aircraft to the Commander 114, and I also always load up into a default P3D airport first, before trying to load one of the Orbx airports. 4) I have ensured that Orbx Libraries and Orbx Objectflow and installed correctly, and ARE enabled in the P3Dv5 add-on menu. This was further ensured both before FSUIPC and Chaseplane were installed, as well as after. 5) I have disabled all options in the control panels for both 0S9 and 11S, trying to eliminate any possible causes. Things I have noticed regarding this problem 1) If I load up P3Dv5 to a default airport, and then I load either 11S or 0S9, they will sometimes display correctly. If I then exit P3Dv5, and then run P3Dv5 again, loading up at a default airport, and then load 0S9 or 11S, then they will look like the explosion issue. 2) If, for example, I load up P3Dv5 to a default airport, and then load up 0S9, and IF it displays correctly, and THEN, I load up 11S, I will get the explosion issue at 11S. This works the other way as well, if I try and do 11S first and then 0S9. 3) Thinking that maybe I ALWAYS needed to go from a default P3D airport to either 11S or 0S9, and then go back to a default airport before going to the other Orbx airport (either 11S or 0S9), I tried that. Still experienced the explosion issue even in this manner. 4) It seems that no matter what I try, I can only get either of these two Orbx airports, 11S and 0S9, to display properly in P3Dv5 10% of the attempts, and then never at the same time as the other one. I know Orbx is busy trying to sort out all the support inquires, so I have tried to troubleshoot this problem myself. I just keep failing to solve this one. I am sure others are running these two scenery packages in P3Dv5 HF1 without issue, as I have not really seen anyone else post issues about this airports lately, since the Hotfix came out. I just can't figure it out. If anyone can offer some ideas, help or otherwise, it would be greatly appreciated. I am at a loss. Here are a few example screenshots of what I see: These screenshots are of 0S9, but similar results at 11S Regards, Landon
  25. I noticed a problem: incorrect loc in sim map course 116(should be 114) no DME... no marker MM for rwy 11 old airport name Dubrovnik(should be CILIPI) PAPI on both sides of each runway, should only be on one side of the runway... no runway center lights
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