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Found 1,581 results

  1. The new CAC8, CAE3, and CAG8 freeware harbor airports are great to have in V5 and they look terrific. However, there's a glitch in each and everyone of them when sitting at the start dock. The FPS drops drastically, just at the dock. Once you taxi away from the dock everything is fine. I am wondering if that could be checked for any anomalies. I've done fresh installs with each one of them and per Central, they are all installed to the library, like all my other Orbx sceneries. All my other sceneries are fine, these are the only ones with this glitch. Lee
  2. The attached pics show the Windsocks I see in P3D V3, Irish airfields in EU Ireland. Orbx Central says that all is ok with my installation. Anything I can do to fix this?
  3. Hi I am facing this issue at LOWI in P3DV5, at some view angles I lost the ground textures. Please check attached pics.
  4. Hi, I'm traversing South America atm and stumbled upon this problem: At day, the Santos Luzardo National Park looks normal But not at night! The coordinates are in the screenshots. I tried the "lazy reinstall" (deleting the .txt), but to no avail. Also might be right to point out that they look like day textures. Frozen Water Surface is set to off.
  5. I am having major scenery problems at both 0S9 Jefferson and 11S Sekiu. In the case of both airports, when I load up over half of the airport is missing, as well as surrounding trees, vegetation and buildings. It looks like an explosion happened and flattened everything. Also, half of the length of the runway textures are missing or just a blurry mess. I will further refer to this 'problem' in this thread as the 'explosion issue' for ease of reference. Here is what I have tried: 1) Uninstall P3Dv5 and reinstall P3Dv5 HF1, step by step as per Nick sticky post this forum, and also, verbatim according to the P3Dv5 install and reinstall document. I have conducted this full process THREE times in an effort to try and fix this. 2) I have ONLY P3Dv5 with HF1 installed along with Orbx Trees HD, Orbx Global Base, Orbx PNW Region, and 11S, 0S9 and 05S airports installed. I also have FSUIPC 6 installed and Chaseplane. NOW, before installing FSUIPC 6, Chaseplane, Orbx Trees HD and Global Base, I tried running P3Dv5 HF1 with JUST PNW Region, 11S, 0S9 and 05S installed. In any of those situations, the problem still exists. In contrast, there are no problems at 05S, it works correctly in all situations. 3) I have no add-on aircraft installed. I have set my P3D default aircraft to the Commander 114, and I also always load up into a default P3D airport first, before trying to load one of the Orbx airports. 4) I have ensured that Orbx Libraries and Orbx Objectflow and installed correctly, and ARE enabled in the P3Dv5 add-on menu. This was further ensured both before FSUIPC and Chaseplane were installed, as well as after. 5) I have disabled all options in the control panels for both 0S9 and 11S, trying to eliminate any possible causes. Things I have noticed regarding this problem 1) If I load up P3Dv5 to a default airport, and then I load either 11S or 0S9, they will sometimes display correctly. If I then exit P3Dv5, and then run P3Dv5 again, loading up at a default airport, and then load 0S9 or 11S, then they will look like the explosion issue. 2) If, for example, I load up P3Dv5 to a default airport, and then load up 0S9, and IF it displays correctly, and THEN, I load up 11S, I will get the explosion issue at 11S. This works the other way as well, if I try and do 11S first and then 0S9. 3) Thinking that maybe I ALWAYS needed to go from a default P3D airport to either 11S or 0S9, and then go back to a default airport before going to the other Orbx airport (either 11S or 0S9), I tried that. Still experienced the explosion issue even in this manner. 4) It seems that no matter what I try, I can only get either of these two Orbx airports, 11S and 0S9, to display properly in P3Dv5 10% of the attempts, and then never at the same time as the other one. I know Orbx is busy trying to sort out all the support inquires, so I have tried to troubleshoot this problem myself. I just keep failing to solve this one. I am sure others are running these two scenery packages in P3Dv5 HF1 without issue, as I have not really seen anyone else post issues about this airports lately, since the Hotfix came out. I just can't figure it out. If anyone can offer some ideas, help or otherwise, it would be greatly appreciated. I am at a loss. Here are a few example screenshots of what I see: These screenshots are of 0S9, but similar results at 11S Regards, Landon
  6. I don't normally do this, but I wish to report a problem with True Earth England Central. I was flying around EGOM and came across a Trench in the mesh. Pictures to follow. I followed the trench both ways, and it actually covers quite a large area in a pretty straight line across the Country East to West (ish). Not North/South. I do have the EU regions for the area, but they weren't active at the time. I disabled True Earth and activated the EU regions for England Wales and Scotland, the trench was NOT visible. I disabled the EU regions, and left Global activated, again the trench was NOT visible. I can only conclude there is a problem with True Earth. I also noticed floating buildings along the Trench. The area within the light blue marking is the length of the trench from Little NavMap. On the left of the picture, where the blue line starts to go South, there is a spike, and the trench changes to a raised peak for the remaining length South. The Longitude and Latitude are in the Sim screen shots, but just in case you can't read them, LAT: N55 1.14' LON: W2 53.11' My PC specs are P3D v5. i7-7700 Kaby Lake CPU @ 3.60 GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Cores (Liquid cooled). Gigabyte B250M-DS3H-CF M/Board. 32 Gig DDR4 Ram. Nvidia GTX 1070 8MB GDDR 5. Win 10 Home. Acer Predator XB271HU @ 2560x1440, 143htz. I am using recommended settings for True Earth. I hope this is sufficient information for you to this check out?
  7. see this issue at EGBP thought it was a conflict with having eu england and te installed so uninstalled eu england still same issue. unable to find any other reference to this airport in folders. a 747 sits with no textures on it and the ground has texture issues?
  8. Hi Sorry posted in wrong forum, but while I have your attention... Can we please get a proper representation of the San Francisco & Oakland Bay Bridges? No less than the one shown in your advertising photo (uploaded). The bridge shipped in v1.0 looks nothing like it (also uploaded). I have tried posting in the "Bug Fix" forum and have gotten nowhere. I'm hoping this post might get some attention so we can have a fix like the swift recent v1.1 So Cal scenery update to fix KSAN.
  9. When flying the ILS LOC approach into YBCG Rwy 14 on autoland in the the AS A320 and PMDG NGX 737 the aircraft touch down well left of the runway threshold onto the taxi way. The published heading is 139 deg from REGOM - which was dialed in on both aircraft but the aircraft still wants to land left of the runway. I know YBCG is not rated for autoland Cat III approaches but the heading should still steer you to the DH at the threshold . I tried to check the ORBX YBCG afcad ILS course in ADE, but couldn't find it to open. The diagram shows the actual course flown. Could this be because of outdated Prepar3dv4.5 Navdata. Is anyone having this ILS discrepancy at Goldcoast? Steve
  10. First of all many thanks for producing this fine scenery of one of my nearest airports I have, however, found a few problems in the surrounding area. 1. The bandstand to the East of the airport has an autogen house on top of it. 2. The custom models for the car salesroom and the Tesco store to the East (before and after the bridge respectively) are sitting on top of TEGB style default buildings. 3. When used with TEGB North there are duplicate versions of the Mill's Observatory to the North of the airport. 4. When used with TEGB North there is a band of missing autogen to the North of the photoscenery provided with the airport. This can be clearly seen using the annotator together with a much less noticeable area missing some autogen buildings just to the West of the photoscenery. All the best, John
  11. Jetways at the KFAT terminal are in random locations, not connected to the main terminal building. Please add KFAT to the list of airports to be realigned in NA Northern California.
  12. The rectangular blocks for the taxiways at Campbell River are about 25' off the ground. Not all, but most. Flew down from Bella Coola and the scenery was fantastic. Had the new Pilot's Mesh and Weather software adding to your fantastic graphics. P3DV5! High settings on most graphic options. Entire flight done above 57 fps. Awesome!
  13. You may already be aware, but there are (2) two windsocks at S43 (Harvey).
  14. The duplicate appears near the approach end of runway 6- one is working, the other is static.
  15. I´m really happy with TE Wahington for P3D. I have a fresh installtion of P3Dv5 with allORBX stuff, but get some misplaced autogen in the Seattle area (see attached screen shot). I de-activated all sceneries, except for the libraries and TW Washington, but the Autogen in the yellow circles remains there. Does someone have an idea where this comes from ? I haven´t seen it on other screenshots here in the forum (the bigger building in the water is alreay in one topic here in the forum and will be removed in a service pack, but the autogen in the yellow circles is obviously only my problem?). Thank you Christian
  16. LIEO show standard P3D terminal above FTX scenery. Unistalled and reinstalled. No changes. Tks for help Enzo
  17. Hello there, Just did a short hop in Scotland to the Isle of Skye (Broadford) in P3D v5 with TE GB North. There appears to a duplicate runway overlaid, one as EGEI and one as XBRO, with some people and vehicles partially sunk below the ground. Looking at my files XBRO is the Orbx airfield, but I can't for the life of me find the file in my scenery folders to turn EGEI off. Most grateful for advice please. Many thanks, Robert
  18. Good morning. I bought Globe onpen LC Europe in 2018-11-27. I Check in the Scenario of Portugal and are missing the dams of Montargil and Castelo de Bode. This is two dams with some extention and impossible to ignore; Just see Google Maps/Portugal to see clearly these two water extensions (DAMS)!!! Your product announces "Covering an area over 10 million sq. km ", "creates a more varied and accurate terrain with FSX or P3D "!!!!??? Also bought FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector!!! My question is: for when the repair of the Globe Onpen LC Europe with the inclusion of these two dams! As shown in the UTX Europe V2???? Thank you
  19. Saluté I´m sure this bug is well known. I have this for years! It occurs on TE Great Britain Scenerys. No Shader mods/tweaks are active. If I turn of the scenery shadows, the issue Is is gone. But,to be honest, this can´t be a solution for those who want to fly with scenery shadows on. Thats why I try find out if this bug is an X-Plane or a Orbx issue. Thanks in advance
  20. In P3Dv5 (HF1), some default buildings are showing up around the ramp area at AYHK (part of AYPY scenery). One (tall) building intersects with the much nicer Orbx model. Thanks,
  21. Man this one is weird.... Yesterday everything was fine in the sim....used it with lovely fps and was performing as expected. Today I climb into the sim after updating windows to 2004 build and the sim is still flying fine, in fact, getting smoother steady frames now and not as intensive gpu and ram loads.....its all balanced and running fine.... Doing a flight around my local airport and everything is fine..... out of curisoty of if some Orbx add ons are loading, I look in the add on cfg file...... I go into the add on.cfg in program data and its totally empty! Not a single package is in there..... I look in the add on library within the sim and all the products are there and working..... I head into Central and they all show green...... Three flights in the sim later after trying to activate and deactivate certain items that were in this index and everything is working as is..... Have I fallen asleep or something?? Is this even possible? Looking in the add on.cfg within app data and the add ons Im using sit in there....but nothing in the other add on cfg....... I have tried syncing the sim and I always start the sim with admin rights..... the only pc changes have been the 2004 update and a plane install and uninstall.....but it wasnt installed as an add on.... again, the sim performs fine... AM I MISSING SOMETHING?
  22. exe.xml entry <Launch.Addon> <Name>VFXCentral</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>D:\VFXCentral\VFXCentral.exe</Path> <CommandLine>P3Dv4</CommandLine> </Launch.Addon> was not removed when transitioning to Orbx
  23. Hi Crew, Just logged into Central, saw quite a few updates for APs and went for it. Then started P3D took a test flight around one of my favs - Sekiu 11S. I can see the logged areas now have trees, great ! Unfortunately the prison area has autogen overwriting some buildings and also in other seemingly unexpected areas... Didn't do anything unusual, just noted there were downloads in Central, kicked them off and let them do their thing. Running P3D v4.5 hf3 Any throughts before I roll up my sleeves? Cheers Pics:
  24. I a missing the famous Lion's Gate bridge connecting Vancouver City to West Vancouver. Can someone, please, check if it's indeed missing in FTX PNW Prepar3d5 or if this is a flaw in my installation? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Michael
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