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  1. I am using FlyTampa Sydney, which has the IKEA modelled near runway 16R. When using Orbx CityScape Sydney also, a building is placed over the IKEA making it partly disappear. Can this please be fixed?
  2. I don't know if it's mean to be in the sim or not, but I'm not seeing the windsock in sim? When you are at a small airfield without ATIS windsocks are obviously very important. The windsock at OG20.
  3. Dear Orbx developers, I thank you very much for the excelent package of the Canary Island. I am happy that I bought it. There are some compatibility issues as posted below or in other Orbx forum posts I would like to kindly ask the developers to release a version with and without static AI. I tried to eliminate the static AI with the standard methods and I could with the exception of the batavia aircraft that I think is imbedded in the dsf file. Maybe someone knows how to eliminate it. Thanks and best regards
  4. Hi! Scenery Orbx ESGG Taxiway, in MSFS2020 the taxi guide dont follow the taxiway right in scenery ESGG. I have load up a video on youtube so you can se that problem taxi guide not follow the right taxiway to the gate 54, about in the video time 1:08:47
  5. Hi All, I have installed TE alongside FlyX GCRR although I am met with this issue https://i.imgur.com/FKmWHZR.png Has anyone managed to fix this? Thanks
  6. Papi lights at LOWI not showing correct sequence, only showing all white at any height. Communication masts missing from the top of The Patscherkofel Mountain. Were in FSX/P3D.
  7. Just purchased EGNM and it suffers from the same lighting problem as EGPH. Just much too bright on the apron and it "whites out" everything. During daytime is a great add-on - but cannot be used at night. Please can this be added to the fix list. Roy Higgins
  8. Hello If I aim to depart or land at Innsbruck add on airport, my Sim crashes to default flight. If I unload the airport, the default scenery works fine for T/O and landing. Other add on Airport OK (Edinburgh). Is this a known issue? Win 10 (build 19042). Intel Core i5-9600K. 16G mem. GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8MB
  9. In a recent review on YouTube for Orbx EGLC for FS2020 I noticed that the green taxi line lighting isnt placed in the middle of the taxi-line and the spacing between the lights is a bit of a mess too. Is this a sim limitation or something that will be addressed in an update because to be honest, as they are the video I think they look a bit shoddy?
  10. Hello @Finni Hansen, i've made a flight on P3DV5.1 to ENAL (departing from ESGG) and once landed the dynamic lights of the terminal weren't present. Once on stand i've reloaded the library and the lights have been successfully loaded. Could you please double check it ? Is there something i can do to fix it? Thanks
  11. Hi Team, Please see attached link showing problem with levitating lights at LOWI. https://youtu.be/jJF-4ZZLdzc Thanks, Sorry, but created the post in the wrong place. Could you please move it on the Microsoft Flight Simulator support forum
  12. It's a minor issue, but was wondering if there's a fix. Two objects on railroad. Thank you.
  13. Hello dear support team, If I load a flight in LOWW/Vienna and start there, I have no problems, the floodlights work correctly. But when I come from another airport and land in Vienna, the floodlights do not work and the apron remains dark!? I tested this with several flights to Vienna, unfortunately always without apron lighting after landing I think it's the same problem as with EGPH. I also had no apron lighting there, since the last update the lighting in EGPH has been working properly. I use P3d V4.5 with Hotfix 3 Orbx Global, LC Europe and Vect
  14. Hello, I am developing an airport (SLUY La Joya Andina Airport) for P3D4 and P3D5, however in P3D5 and if I use openLC SA, my taxi edge lights and other objects are displaced, but if I deactivate oLC SA everything is fine. I found this problem with P3D5.0 HF1, H2 and P3D5.1 HF1, not sure if you can help me with this. I’m using P3Dv5 SDK and Model Converter for the final compilation. By the way there is no problem when I create the Ground Poly. I’m attaching 2 pics to show the problem. [img]https://i.imgur.com/9ooMeYs.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.
  15. Hello, Happy Christmas first of all! Speaking of which : I gifted myself with a little present : EGJA, to discover during my first flight there that the lighting is way to bright in the airport buildings/parking area (see Pic). I guess it has to do with dynamic lighting, and could be a bug similar to the one discussed here ? Thanks for noting and addressing the issue, or tell me what could be wrong with my setup. Cheers, Vvince
  16. Hello, It seems that Tenerife has missing decal textures on the ground, look quite blurry close up. Thanks
  17. Dear Orbx, I would have purchased the addon even if it was only GCLA and the island of La Palma, since this is my all time favourite airport and I have been to it at least 10 times in the past decade (as a passenger), and I am happy with my purchase, but here is an extensive list of minor bugs that I have found. Initial impressions: - Both the overlays, the ortho, and the mesh is nicely done. - GCLA is beautifully modelled, it feels like the real thing, really really 5* job (except for one bug, see below), no debate about that. Runway profile is also properly
  18. Hi I've tried installing this in my library and directly into the Community folder but in both cases the airport doesn't show up in MSFS Content Manager for some reason. Not a big issue as the airport scenery seems to load fine. Just wondered if anyone else was seeing this? Thanks
  19. Hi Team! Thank you so much for bringing us EGLS for FS20! It's already looking great! Here are a few things I noticed at EGLC after the 1.02 Update: - There is a cluster of buildings right south of the Terminal that shouldn't be there - it even blocks the railway. - Right there south of that building cluster should be the Drew Primary School - since this is a rather special building it would be nice to have it there. - Palm Beach County is missing a fire truck. - The ILS Antenna Arrays on both ends of the runway are missing.
  20. Any chance of the alignment of the runway centreline markings being corrected in the P3Dv4 version of EGPN Dundee airport? It's been a few months since I pointed it out...
  21. Hello, I find the ground in the two harbours areas is much too bright, therefore it looks very ugly. Is there a possibility to adapt the whole thing more to reality? Peter
  22. Hi I just recently purchased and installed (via Orbx Central, v4.1.23) the EGNM v1.0.2 scenery for MSFS2020 (running version and have noticed there is a problem with the taxiway being very uneven between the GA East Apron and taxiways G2 and L1. There are several sharp rises and dips here in the taxiway ground textures (see screenshots below), which cause any plane passing over them to wildly bounce around, sometimes veering off the taxiway completely as a result. These sharp rises and dips in the taxiway ground textures aren't presen
  23. The PAPI lights of LYBE's 3d modeling does not work, only the papi lamp on one side works. It has been updated to version 1.0.2, and no problems were found when checking the files.
  24. Dear Orbx staff, im an owner of multiple Orbx products and never had any issues with them so far, unfortunately that has changed since my EGNM purchase. I tried both install methods that Orbx offers (P3D folder and Orbx folder), sadly nothing has changed, i also copied the suggested sim settings, verified the files a couple of times but that didnt change anything at all... Any solution would be highly appreciated as this is just not flyable at all. Transaction ID: 5fcd54d2a5c56
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