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  1. I just took a look around SJC after install and and roadway textures where it meets NCA are very messed up. Also it seems there are places where it looks like incorrect autogen is located. Uninstalling SJC brings all the roads and autogen back to normal. Are we sure there isn't to large an exclude that is cutting off NCA features outside the photo area that comes with SJC?
  2. Hi folks, I bought and downloaded SoFly Weather Preset Pro today (5f8ee343b373e). It doesn't seem to be working correctly. I have tried four short flights from Liverpool to Manchester all with different weather conditions, one was heavy rain, two were snowy scenarios and finally Autumn sunshine. The Autumn sunshine seemed fine but the other three were unflyable, as soon as i took off my TBM 930 was going crazy, it was like i was a puppet on a string with my aircraft acting like a bucking bronco. Something is not right, its definitely not turbulance. Any ideas what might be up? Thanks in
  3. Hi Ben Gurion brings an autogen folder and the product is added by the xml method therefore the Auto Configurator Merger does not do its job, this means you'll lose autogen and trees in some Orbx products Regards Carlos
  4. Hi there , First of all , thanks for this beautiful Airport. Very nice work :-) Yesterday while ILS Approach on the 35C i noticed that the ILS Path is too far left near the Runway. Is it an Problem from the Sim himself or from the Scenery ? Thanks
  5. In the PDF user guide page 40 only has one line of text and then the rest of the page is blank and then pages 41 to 54 are completely blank. I tried opening the PDF in both Adobe and SumatraPDF Those blank pages seem to cover procedures which are pretty important!
  6. Hello, P3Dv5 HF2. I only bought it a few days ago so it is a complete fresh install. Having installed LYBE via Orbx Central, I've noticed the dynamic lighting produces some very strange effects. It is very very bright and makes the entire apron / terminal area - as well as the virtual cockpit of the aircraft - yellow. This is completely different to the look produced in P3Dv4. The green centre line taxiway lights are also much brighter in P3Dv5 and much more noticeable further out. I have attached 6 screenshots demonstrating this. The first 3 are from P3Dv4. The
  7. Hello! I could do with a bit of help, because my Orbx scenery is messed up and after hours of trying, it's still can't manage to fix it... the problem : the autogen is all misplaced on the ground textures. For example: if some ground texture shows a street with houses, the autogen buildings are not put on the right places on top of it, but are placed as if a very different ground texture was meant to be there than the one I'm seeing... just like on this screenshot I just took: When only Global Base Pack is installed, everything looks ok. The problem occurs after
  8. I created this forum account just to post this/get some help out with it. Bottom line is that Orbx KBUR has caused the largest FPS hit/difference out of any sim and addon combo I have ever run. Is anyone else experiencing this? It was the airport I was most excited for in MSFS so I am hoping to have the performance issue figured out ho(hopefully without taking out the details that make it a nice addon in the first place).
  9. After the fs2020 latest update the Fairways OG20 airport scenery doesn't show the trees lining the runways anymore. I used the Orbx installer to download and install the updated OG20 and still the trees no longer appear that line the runways. There are trees around the airport but not like there were prior to the update. The runways appear fine.
  10. Just installed the beautiful KBUR scenery MS2020 and now I get a no pushback available all the time.
  11. A very nice rendition of this Airport. Thank You to everyone involved. One question though: one of the visal highlights is the animated text on the tower. I have to confess I haven't been to LOWG recently but I am very confident that the text is still going from right ro left to make reading easier as text shows up in reading direction. The scenery is showing the text from left to right, so first the last letter is showing and the first letters come last. A minor glitch that might be present IRL as well, but if just in sim, I hope this can be fixed at some poi
  12. Hello. Just installed this and noticed cars on the harbour bridge drive over the edge to join the road that goes under the bridge. On another subject, does anyone else get emails coming in saying "Click this mail to see all my pictures" ??
  13. Order: 5f422fad59cea Have re-installed into main MSFS folder, seems to be the Orbx scenery but there are texture issues, see attached
  14. Operating system: Windows 10 2004 Simulator: MSFS 2020 premium deluxe Screenshot: Issue: After the authomatic update to version 4.1.23 Orbx central does not detect MSFS 2020 (acquired through MS Store) and installed in the default C: path With version 4.1.22 I have installed KBUR KORS KTIW KSBA LOWI central.log
  15. I am seeing this issue with all Orbx airport releases for msfs, and infact not only Orbx but with some other developers as well. The taxiway centreline and edge lights are disoriented and arranged in a random fashion. I mean some of them are too closely spaced while some are too far apart. Some of them even don't follow the taxiway centre line as well. Sometimes blue edge lights are placed on taxiway centreline and vice-versa. Especially for EGLC, these lights are a complete mess. I have attached an image for reference. Is that a limitation with the present SDK? W
  16. Hello, I need help with the Orbx products for MFS2020. I have purchased KSBA and KBUR airports through Orbx Central, the KSBA has all taxiways marks wrong, not sure if there is an update available, Central doesn't give the option to update. According to MFS content manager I have KBUR V1.0.0 and KSBA V0.1.0. Please let me know if these are the latest versions, if not, please let me know how to update. On the other hand, I have purchased EGLC London City Airport and London City Landmarks through MFS marketplace (the landmarks were not good quality), just couple of days ago I noticed
  17. I'm noting this because the previous post is considered resolved and I have the same problem when I try to run it to update airport elevations. I did a lot of updates over the weekend from Orbx and installed some new Orbx airports as well. I've been flying all over Africa since it was released and I just installed the Africa Mesh and Photoreal as well. I noticed tonight when I flew into Overberg (FAOB) some of the runways were under the mesh and there mile high elevation spikes at the airport. I have MAIW airbases installed as well and that's one of the "upgraded" airports. Anyway, as a result
  18. Hello, Is the issue with the buildings in downtown San Diego ever going to be fixed? I'm using 11.50 and the problem was also in 11.40.
  19. When i start at Night in LOWI there are strange , maybe Streetlights inthe Sky . Please can u check this . Thanks Michael
  20. I purchased KORS through the marketplace, though at the time I did not know that products would be made available through Orbx Direct. Upset about that, but I also purchased KTIW. Both were working just fine when initially purchased. Now any time I start at KORS or fly near it, I get a CTD. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it hoping it would fix the isue. No. Still have a CTD. But now I cannot uninstall it any longer. Not a happy customer with this right now, but my long time experience with Orbx and thousands of USD in purchases tells me someone knows the answer to my
  21. Hello, EGNT, the starting point to the RWY 25 is more then 1000 meters on the right side. so the sings not correct? to go to RWY 25, i should turn to the rignt, the sings says to me, i have to go to the left? the marker on ground seems to be correct. Scenery EGNT with true earth is installed.
  22. The attached pics show the Windsocks I see in P3D V3, Irish airfields in EU Ireland. Orbx Central says that all is ok with my installation. Anything I can do to fix this?
  23. I was parked up ready to go, asked tower for take off. Tower sent me to 24R but the taxi ribbon decided to send me to 06. You can see this from the ATC comms and images attached. Ordered through the Orbx shop, e-mailed order number 5f6fad9511bfd Also - for landing tower said clear to land on 24 R but gave clearance to land as I was level with 06 on my left - on approach to downwind (still about 1 1/2 mile out) for left base approach and landing . And then taxi to parking sent me down to the two small hangars out in the sticks, near t'hold 06 instead of sending me to the more poulated ar
  24. Hi all, have the same problem as others, Orbx Central cannot see the sim. I already did a new installation and deleted all old files in appdata before. It's Win 10 64 2004 and the new installer for version xxxxxx23. Cheers Andreas
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