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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Orbx Team, Did you guys hear about the new sim announcement by Flyinside Guys Pics are here http://forum.flyinside-fsx.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5626 Apparently it will take FSX addons - I assume p3d addons could come into it. We all know by end of the year. Man, this sure is exciting time. Before that, I will try IPACS/Orbx partner sim Aerofly FS2 in few days. Excited about the new upcoming release. 64Bit comes and everyone is making sims now. This is nuts and awesome.
  2. I'm building myself a new PC in a few weeks. Specs: • EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb video card • Intel Core i5-7600k 3.8GHz, Overclocking to 4.0 GHz • 8gb DDR4-2133 ram I know a lot of those are probably unnecessary for this question, but I listed them anyways. I'm getting REX Texture Direct, FTX Global, and FTX North America. The bad thing is my monitor is only 1366 x 768. The model is: Insignia NS-19E310A13. I would've gotten a better monitor, but I already had this one and I spent my money on the addons and computer parts. I may be getting a 1050p or 1080p moni
  3. Hello everyone, We've been thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the enhanced city lighting tech I announced and previewed last month: So we've hired a new developer who is now adding this to all the major cities in FTX Germany North (due in beta next month) and will then add it to all of openLC NA (Greenland, Alaska, Canada, USA, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico) and then to openLC EU. Once that is completed we'll upgrade all our FTX regions. Please note that this is not an instant fix, it will take time and we'll progressi
  4. Hello friends Windows 7 has been extremely stable and trouble-free to me but now I cant ignore the alerts to get Win10 Pro for free. Any change (specially when it comes to our beloved FSX and its excellent 3rd party addons) is filled with nervousness. But Im now ready to get Windows 10 and just wanted to hear your thoughts on this. I recently discovered that its possible to download an .ISO of Win10 burn it to DVD (or create a mountable USB) and install a factory-fresh Win10 (it will erase the drive). This is the alternative to just upgrading. When it comes
  5. Folks, Here are some suggestions I believe would be awesome additions to your product line. KTIW- Tacoma Narrows Airport(Corporate/GA) KOLM- Olympia Regional Airport(corporate/GA) KBLI- Bellingham International Airport(Airline/corporate/GA) CYYJ- Victoria International Airport(Airline/GA/corporate) Thank you for your time -Roger
  6. I love the FTX products I think you guys have turned FSX from being a boring flight simulator into almost reality! I have an airport around where I live that I fly from. Its a medum sized airport. Its Groton-New London Airport (KGON). This airport is located in Groton, CT. The area around where the airport is an amazing place. Unfortunetly in FSX it doesnt look anything like the real airport. There is only one update/fix for it and well it still makes the airport suck. Groton is home to the US Sub Base, Pfizer, GE, General Dynamics, Groton is know as the submarine captial of the world. I d
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