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  1. Did a circuit & landing at Van Nuys in a Delta liveried PMDG DC-6B. Take off was smooth & controlled, landing was LYLBB. LYLBB for the uninitiated is a landing in the category, 'Lose Your License Bunny Bang'. A Bunny Bang landing is one where you come in too high & too slow & from about 10' above the runway, drop straight down on the mains. Of course the mains will have none of this & they promptly pivot the aircraft very hard in a forward & downward motion, thereby banging the nose wheel onto the tarmac. The nose wheel reacts & rear
  2. Stearman PT-17 leaving Catalina Island. JKB livery & SoFly UK Spring Day weather. TTM (MSFS)
  3. A Russian in Japan...Scenes of Airport Life. Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  4. For those who love a collection of modern and futuristic buildings close together on a relative small area --> La Defense NorthWest of the pure city Centre of Paris is the spot: I suppose I have scared off some office employees who accidently looked outside....
  5. Men's Tennis-Final today at this location between Djokovics and Tsitsipas
  6. Not only the center of UK's Capital but also the wide area around is worth to discover. Sightseeing starts from London City airport EGLC:
  7. Iain's use of the checkerboard & red livery inspired me to try it out of Wanaka Airfield in the South Island, NZ, in conjunction with Orbx NZ Mesh. Using different SoFly weather scenarios. TTM (MSFS) SoFly Calm Winds Calm Winds again. SoFly UK Light Snow. SoFly UK Spring Day (One of my favorites as it always gives a mix of distant light rain, clouds, blue sky - a bit of everything)
  8. Such a beautiful place
  9. Orbx NZ Mesh, Optica, in the vicinity of Lake Tekapo, South Island of New Zealand. TTM (MSFS)
  10. Exploring shortly the Capital of the USA and a look at the airport Ronald Reagan KDCA, both enhanced as scenery by Drzewiecki:
  11. SoFly weather theme: hot and humid. We depart from Taipei’s city airport, called Sungshan, which is usually reserved for domestic flights The famous Grand Hotel, owned by the Taiwanese government. More popular is the white building to its lower right, it's the Taipei American Club, gathering place for many foreigners, who work in Taipei Slowly, Hong Kong comes into sight It looks also good at night Approaching Macao
  12. I noticed that AUScene YAYE Ayers Rock for MSFS has been updated to v1.0.2 in Contrail. However, Orbx Central seems to stay at v1.0.1. The update from Contrail removes it from Central. If I reinstall via Central I get an earlier version. I hope Central can get the new one too to show it as installed.
  13. Had a look around Bella Coola after a SoFly UK light snow fall. As nicely done as in the other Sims. TTM (MSFS)
  14. I decided to take a chopper over to Avalon & have a look at the inhabitation either side of the town. It did throw up some graphics issues, which I refer to in the last shot. TTM (MSFS) Surely the banner on the Porta-Loo is not a commentary on MSFS?? Ridge running towards Avalon Past Avalon, at dawn. Same shot, set to dusk. This is the issue I came across when I got closer to the storage tanks. Obviously the housing should be wider than it is & I think some foreground items are missing. I don'
  15. No more today after this, I promise. Took the Seneca for a quick run around Catalina, looking for the rarities. I found one item that to me, epitomizes the dedication & detail Ken & Tim put into this island. A fan. TTM (MSFS) Not sure what this, but I found it! Looks like a Boarding establishment. Now this is dedication. At the back of the Boarding House?, where maybe 1 in a 1,000 tourists would wander, there is a fan, & it is weathered!! Yes, they took the trouble to weather a fan in the middle of nowhere!!
  16. A lot to discover at the iconic airport Bella Coola in the Canadian Wilderness:
  17. I took the Caudron from KAVX, around to Avalon. Used all the runway to take off, & had a closer look at the town using the Drone Camera. TTM (MSFS) This shows much of the character of Catalina Island that has been captured so well by Ken & Tim- windswept, with sparse vegetation. (The Island I mean) The nose is obscuring the cruise ship at Avalon. I like the way MSFS does cloud shadowing on the water. A nautical trio. The Boat Club. Stunning tile work. They look like painted cerami
  18. It has been a somewhat expensive long weekend & I am grateful for Orbx's discounts & sales. I started with Catalina Airport, then I had another look at EGKA, (Shoreham), as I liked the look of it & the 3 runway set up, which, I understand, goes back to WWII to allow landings regardless of wind direction. Then there is it's Art Deco heritage & it's location by the sea with a river flowing past. So it is an interesting airport to operate from & handy for jaunts to France. I also added LPVL, (Maia-Vilar de Luz airport), near Porto, as I discovered it has a
  19. Undeterred I ventured out again & remembered something from flying the Spitfire - take off with no flap! The C430 flaps are a pair of French stable doors worked into the wing. Massive. So a ton of drag is provided. I departed with zero flap & successfully lifted off. I don't think the engine is overly hot rodded so the take off run was reasonably lengthy, but I cleared the fence at Shoreham & did a circuit & landed. TTM (MSFS) Up & away! The rail bridge. Do Orbx trains traverse this?? A room with a view. I wa
  20. Rotorua with Lake Rotorua in the background Passing by Tokoroa Over the Waikato River And here is the Te Mapara airstrip. Hmmh, seems to be a bit of a challenge, me thinks... Nice view from up here
  21. I took a Goose out to find Avalon on Catalina Island. (I wonder if the name influenced the Roxy Music song?) Went the wrong way & circumnavigated most of the Island! It's big, & a there is lot of scrub that has been nicely represented by T&K. A few shots from the adventure. TTM (MSFS) Heading anti-clockwise around the island. I think I have Hendrik's boat collection installed. Cutting the corner up a gulley to locate Avalon Over the top & Avalon is on the RHS. Landing near the cr
  22. Having unknowingly loaded the wrong Catalina, I dispatched it to the Bin & brought forth the correct Catalina, Orbx's version. A few shots from around the Airport. TTM (MSFS) Ken & Tim do some of their best detail work behind buildings. I can confirm the waste & recycle bins are genuine Waste Management items. The 2 door building behind is probably chiller storage. The blue car is a Dodge Challenger SRT, perhaps a Hellcat? The question is, is the lady on the righ
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