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Found 9 results

  1. Man...... what on earth ^^ Just made some London roundtrip with the City update from Orbx and EGLC. Pics are a bit blurry, not sure why. In the sim its very crisp. Looks sweet anyway ^^ But i had to load in 3 times to be able to fly, the other 2 times i got a ctd here. Not sure if thats related to the scenery.
  2. X-Plane. Orbx EGLC London City Airport. But it's killed my frame rate. First, let me apologise again for the far to frequent use of the word fantastic. I will put a large yellow post-it on my monitor to remind me not to use it! And so we have a new Product from ORBX ie EGLC London City Airport. the download has a small error that they are working on regarding a Land rover file. I was so excited to see this airport arrive as it's my second home for Heli flying being the inroad to the great city of London. Now I will start by saying it might be me but with the same graphics settings that I usual
  3. During this terrible time of the Corona virus a lot people work at home. For me it was already quite usual, because I am retired. Nevertheless I walk around in my neighborhood (Netherlands - Enkhuizen) taking all necessary precautions. At home I do some drawing and fly around the virtual world using Prepar3D and the fantastic Orbx products (I on a lot of it). I create YouTube videos which are enjoyed by some people. The creations is really fun, because after flying I edit the movie using Screencast-O-Matic, a great product which is not expensive (I use it already about 6 ye
  4. Joshua Cowan UH-1 Police Helicopter, Nimbus UH-1. And more rooftop landings in VR. Wonky's Blog! 90. So this week, as you will see from the Blog. I am trying to get to grips with why I can't land on Rooftops without a fair bit of practice. This VR episode is the Royal London Hospital and You can download the building for just £1.00 from the link below, and it works with Orbx South ie. London. One outside view at the end. More practice required. Being in lock down with the family, I think it might be one Blog a day for a while. could see that 100 videos a bit faster than expected. Also, the ama
  5. All the other England airports work fine but London City doesn't show, in fact it disrupts/blocks default scenery. Is there a specific issue, I also have Global Base Pack, True Earth GB South and EU England.
  6. It's all about the location. London City Airport comes to life for Prepar3Dv4! Located a stone's throw away from Canary Wharf and the financial heart of the city, London City Airport is one of the last remaining true inner-city airfields. With one of the the most exciting approaches in Great Britain, flying into EGLC takes you over the iconic centre of downtown London. Servicing destinations across the UK, Europe, and until recently (and rather famously), New York via Shannon, the airfield hosts a bevy of airline and corporate types up to A318 in size. The short and narrow runway, coupled wit
  7. I am having to delete the x plane preference file for every session after installing all the new library, London City Airport, and the update on true earth south. 9 to 10 FPS and the delete the file x plane preference file and restart 36 FPS for that one x plane session. But when it runs at 36 FPS London city airport looks fantastic. Posted a few screen shots in the screenshot group. and here is a a low down under London bridge to shows it does run at 36 FPS after deleting the file and starting again. It could be steam, It could be X Plane Beta, It could be Orbx. I dont think it's me as DCS
  8. Gentlemen, Background: I recently discovered that when I am on approach to EGLC, runway 27 my sim (FSX as well as P3D) literally freezes for a few seconds, over the river, on short finals. Furthermore i have 2 more stutters before landing and the last one usually messes up my landing rate making it impossible to use EGLC for the virtual airline i want to use it for. When i approach EGLC from the city side, all is well and I have no problem. I have lots of autogen on the EGLC apron but I am not too concerned about it currently. What I found on my system: B
  9. A wee glimpse of this new bad boy. More to come once I've gotten to grips with it.
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