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  1. Palm Springs to Lake Tahoe Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, CumulusX
  2. early morning after breakfast i take the "rebel" Republic XP-47j to go to Reno Air Race Course ,which is only 47 miles away,for a training day turned a few rounds and rounds and rounds . . . until the sun goes down started back to Lake Tahoe and now a round of beer Cheers, mates FSX DX10's slightly cropped thanks for watching Bluebear
  3. Flying from Redding to Lake Tahoe - in style First a quick scenic circuit of Redding And now of to Lake Tahoe A quick fly-by over the casinos It's cold! So I better keep the engines tucked up nice and warm for the night Cheers Mallard
  4. After the -32 series pics in the "Western visitor" set I chose the -73 for some air hauling between Palm Springs and Redding Passing over Yosemite National Park So sue me - I'm taking the scenic route past Lake Tahoe Redding in sight If the Air Force One can land there, then I can as well Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  5. It is just a short hop from Minden, Nevada ... ... to Lake Tahoe with its ski resorts: I couldn´t wait to ride, and luckily enough the USGC gave us a lift: But you can get up the mountain even without an helicopter... And you can go skiing even without ski boots: Among so many frozen lakes around... ... this one seemed solid. But at some point, winter holiday must come to an end, ... ... and California is not completely covered with snow, e. g. not here at Folsom Dam:
  6. Redding to Lake Tahoe Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
  7. I went ahead and took advantage of the sale, and picked up Lake Tahoe, Redding, Monterey, and Squamish...so... ...ORBX Tour - Part 2: Lake Tahoe to Redding
  8. Click to enlarge. Real weather dished this up to me..Opus and Rex doing an awesome job,Amazing lighting also. Stu
  9. KTVL a certain day in late spring P3Dv2.4 how it is: the colors are not as FSX, but they are very close ... with Rex, of course. All without retouching. However, Lake Tahoe is always beautiful! I love to make this machine work automatically ... Thank you gents for watching!
  10. Area of Micha's masterpiece Thanks for the view
  11. Can anyone assist: There is no buildings present at KTVL Lake Tahoe. I have done the Service Pack 001 patch for Northern California. Regards Chris
  12. Time to check out this odd little twin
  13. Late afternoon flight from Lake Tahoe to Monterey in the A319 (more or less) cropped straight DX10s Cheers Mallard
  14. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  15. Finally had a little spare cash so picked up the three NCA released fields. On to the delicate summer climb out of Tahoe......
  16. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - CumulusX, edited with Google Picasa
  17. ..That looks **SO MUCH BETTER** in P3D 2.3 than it does in FSX. The SibWings Cessna Bird-Dog. No P3D migrator is required as the installer lets you install to the directory of your choice. Doing so has no impact on your license for FSX and/or P3D, you can install it into both sims with no issues at the same time. It looks absolutely awesome, *especially* the cockpit lighting and shadows from the sun that change colour depending on what time of the day it is. Awesome aircraft, even after 5 years.
  18. PAX on board for the scenic flight - ready to roll. I'll let the pictures do the talking Cropped FSX DX10 with SweetFX Cheers Mallard
  19. I made two purchases the last couple of days, the beautiful Lake Tahoe and the Just Flight BAE-146 (huge discount at simMarket!). The test flight took me from Redding to Lake Tahoe. The first flight was ok, but i have to practice a bit more. There will be some more shots from the BAE-146 soon. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  20. Redding -> Lake Tahoe -> Monterey Into the dusk over the great North California landscape Was dark by the time I reached Lake Tahoe - so on the next day during daylight hours To the moon... Not the most direct route to Monterey, I know... Must confess - I like that Turbo Mallard Cropped, nothing else. Cheers Mallard
  21. PMDG Boeing 737 NGX takes off and lands on KTVL (no editing) Cheers,
  22. These shots are as they appear on my monitor: no retouching, only v-key [http://i.imgur.com/guzaemw.jpg Thank you for watching.
  23. Thought I would say a very big thanks for the amount of hard work that must have gone into creating this gem of an addon. The custom autogen placement alone must have been an enormous amount of hours, never-mind having to change that same autogen placement for multiple seasons and satellite imagery. A tremendous release Misha, me and a fellow friend that fly on-line together in 'bush planes' had an absolute blast last night finding places where we could practice STOL, and there's so many places we lost count. Great work!
  24. First glimpse of Lake Tahoe Passing the ski lifts and the Heavenly ski area which is to the left of the plane Really like this place. But for my next trip I might need something with a bit more power. I didn't realise how high up the airport is and was wondering about the lack of power - until I took a look at the altimeter... Cheers Mallard
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