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  1. I wasnt here for a while. But now i am and for now i post some more randoms. SOme more topics/posts will follow soon :-) I collected some nice stuff over the last months. Enjoy. LOWS Ulm, Germany Alps Lousville arrival
  2. Experimented some more with P3D the last days (who needs sleep anyway ) but taking screens with Reshade didn´t really work out. Got it fixed yesterday added the L-049 and LOWI into my FS shopping spree and took the old lady straight up to visit LOWI. EDDS, early spring day, weather looks promising. Climbing out. She truly is the queen of the skies. Went back for a sneaky shot of the office. And here we go, into the mountains on descend, ILS approach. First sight of the runway, lined up quite fine. Home st
  3. After I have visited it so many years ago(I think 20 years), I was pleased to find it back in the Orbx 'Germany-South' scenery. I did a nearby flight around the gorgeous castle Neuschanstein above the village of Hohenschwangau in the Bayern Alps :
  4. Inspired by "IKBENIK"
  5. Finally got some flying time. Came out of Munich, but weather a bit grim so screenshots don't start until we're quite a way towards the mountains. I really rather like this XP-56 - it's fun to fly, has a great cockpit view, and really feels like it's zipping along. Side on is not its best view, particularly with the wheels down - it really shows its stubbiness. In flight though, and from other angles, I think it's really rather pretty! Somewhere down the line
  6. Well, as I said in my last post, it was time to switch to P3D V4 from my old FSX install. This is my first test flight with the A2A Harvard, REX Texture direct and Orbx GES scenery. It ran totally smooth after some optimising, looks awesome (still need to fiddle with lighting and contrast) and had no OOM. Preparing the old crate at EDKA, plan is to head into the Eifel region, find the Nürburgring and than head on to Koblenz to land at Koblenz Winningen airport. Leaving Merzbrück. Good old town of Aachen again. Begins to look like the Eifel r
  7. It´s been a while since I´ve had real flight with some shots in FS, mainly due to OOM issues. Got myself some new parts for the PC and since than I can´t really fly the Connie anymore for example. Had to restart FSX twice on the way from Cologne to Frankfurt, even with settings lowered quite a bit. Maybe it´s the change to DX10 and cloud/cockpit shadows, don´t really know. Will change to P3D V4 soon, just need to have some spare change to rebuy my planes from A2A as I wasn´t as wise as to buy the FS/P3D bundle. Well, here´s some shots from my current location: Taking of
  8. Starting in Stuttgart from under the ground ,either with "elevation tool" or without. Feeling home@LOWI
  9. When I started simming 25 years ago, I couldn't even imagine something like this P3D v4.1 with PTA
  10. Considered using these for the screenshot contest but decided to go with something else. Just a couple of shots to show that Orbx landscapes enhance not just low and slow Cessna flights, but also flights with the big birds. A glacier on the south side of Vatnajökull National Park in the Freeware Iceland FTX demo: Early morning departure from EDDL. The Upper Rhine between Eglisau and Buchberg in GES, A430 departure from LSZH. Misha
  11. ... from Eisenach to Jena Burschenschaftsdenkmal and Wartburg at Eisenach Wartburg Inselbergschanze Inselbergschanze Oberhof Hohenwarte-Staudamm Leuchtenburg at Kahla Jena P3DV3 - ASN Weather Enjoy and thanks for looking! Cheers Karsten
  12. I found a few small problems in GES while tooling around the Rhine valley yesterday. 1. There's an island in the Rhine at Mainz. It looks like this on my sim: That hollow area should probably filled in. The only other addon I have in that area is Aerosoft's EDDF. 2. On approach to Koblenz-Winningen, the PAPI lights show red, no matter the approach angle. PS: Congrats on a really nice rendition of the Frankfurt area. Sadly, this is now the first region that pushes my machine into OOM errors. I have to disable all AI traffic to be abl
  13. Hi there, finally, I may now fire up the Turboarrow4 and go low and slow to explore the ORBX world from my virtual homebase... Thank you to Sascha and the whole team for this masterpiece of flight sim scenery. The following V-key- strokes are not as spectacular as Munich or Bamberg, but it reminds me of the time back when I sit down in the CESSNA C150 with my CFI and became a new perspective of life as I learned to bring a package of aluminium and electrics into the third dimension. I have my VFR charts here on the desk that I used back in time in the real thing, l
  14. We're currently finalizing our list of POIs (on other words: VFR models) for FTX Germany South. To make sure we are not missing anything essential here: Which POIs would you like to see in FTX Germany South? (coverage map attached) Conditions: Please understand that suggesting a POI here does not mean it gets included. However your suggestions will help us to get a balanced set of POIs. POIs suggested should be less than 100m/300ft in height (from ground). Why? Because we already have everything of 100+ meters listed. Please only suggest POIs that stand out w
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