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  1. So many people travel to Munich within the next 2 1/2 weeks, Austrian needed to change to a bigger plane for the service from Vienna. Here we get ready at gate F1, ... ... as can be seen with the special livery "Danube waltz". Last checks outside... ... and inside. Off we go at the 16. No doubt: It is autumn in Vienna. We already reach our FL200 five minutes after takeoff, and make the easy navigation from here: Following the Danube river upstream. Coffee is served, and you ca
  2. Taking off from Munich across the Arena... ... and over Oberschleißheim. The Olympic parc of 1972 to the left, Moosach to the right. Some views in western direction... ... and to the city center in the south. You can see the Theresienwiese in the simmed shot in the right background. It is currently being prepared for the upcoming Oktoberfest. The different views are mainly because of the altitude, the Olympic tower pictures were taken from just 600 ft AGL. Turning south over Schwabing with the
  3. Taking off from Speyer on SID CATH1 and transition SALIBRDG, ... ... but turning southwards over NPP Philipsburg directly after. VIP place #1 in the left bottom corner: An ex-colleague and good old friend of mine lives in Westheim. You can see how father Rhine was forced into a straight line for easier shipping (and flooding) here. The industry zones north of Karlsruhe. And this is Karlsruhe city, with its famous layout and orientation towards the palace. Baden-Baden with another castle
  4. Lest we forget. I thought this would be a short flight, so I chose the Mitchellwing from Oberpfaffenhofen... ... and over Kloster Andechs. Famous for their strong dark Doppelbock Dunkel beer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klosterbrauerei_Andechs . Be careful! But moving back north was so slow I took privilege of simming and switched to a faster plane in flight, while turning over the Ammersee at Herrsching. Airfield Fürstenfeldbruck. The location of the final part of the massacre during the Olympic Games of 1972 https://en.wikipedi
  5. Here you can see how EDDM Munich (default) looks in my p3dv4 (currently v4.3). All Orbx stuff for this place is active (GES, Vector, OpenLC), AEC has been executed minutes before the flight. Do you have tips what I could try to get some runways at that place?
  6. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are quickly connected by plane, and luckily some parts of all 3 are already depicted in GES. The rest needs to come with Orbx full-fat or TrueEarth "Alp country pack" (oh what a dream...) . Getting ready in my favourite lounge in Zurich airport, at terminal E. A brilliant place to see the pilots working... ... and if you turn around some other desires can also be satisfied. All free, btw. But no drinks, let´s go! Crossing the Rhine... ... to Schaffhausen and its waterfall.
  7. In contrast to the swiss tourism slogan ( https://www.myswitzerland.com/en/switzerland-get-natural.html ) I will travel over some POIs that are definitively not natural. Basel, ... ... this city is the key railway point when you travel between Germany and Switzerland, it is also the hometown of a number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies, e. g. Novartis, Roche, and Schweizerhalle, BASF, Ciba nearby. Just a short hop to the east you find Liestal. Oristalstrasse, probably well-known to @bernd1151 ? Another facility of Knoll, later DrugOn was located here -
  8. Takeoff in Ramstein AB, ... ... and heading southwards. There should be the "Teufelstisch" rock below us, but I can´t spot it. It should look great: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Table_(Hinterweidenthal) Trifels (three rock) castle (but which are the 3 rocks?) The village below is St. Johann. The right tip of it is a training and workshop center for BASF employees and the board. Years ago I was running through the hills on the right of the picture, got lost and came back to a street in a village nearby. That becam
  9. Getting out of Frankfurt-Egelsbach... ... over Darmstadt, ... ... then westwards to the Rhine... ... until Bingen. This is Hahn, reached by plane after about 20 minutes. Ryanair names this place "Frankfurt-Hahn", what a joke. Wineyards at the Mosel... ... on the way to Trier. With more than 2000 years having city rights, this is Germanys oldest one. Many roman ruins and buildings here, with the most famous one being the Porta Nigra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porta_Nigra . It is just be
  10. Well, this is not really a support request. More a little summary of things that might be corrected in the next update of GES - so the moderators may move this post whereever it fits best. The first group of findings is in the area of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim city: The picture shows Ludwigshafen city in the middle of the picture, and Mannheim to the left of the Rhine. 4 things are totally wrong here: 1. Mannheim city is a SEVERE mistake in Vector. The famous "squares" are not depicted. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadratestadt 2. Ludwigshafen city has squared roads (in t
  11. I know many love-hate relations between (rivaling?) cities in Germany, not to name them. But in this short flight we encounter two of the most famous ones. Starting in Mainz-Finthen (well there are even many jokes from Mainz about their subcity Finthen!), ... ... over the studios of german television ZDF at Mainz-Lärchenberg... ... and Mainz city, with the Dom behind us. Directly under the 185 should be the elector´s castle of Mainz, where they celebrate the biggenst annual carnival meetings - and cultivate the hate-love to their sister city on the other s
  12. Aachen gives us an unspectacular start to a classical touristic tour, which is oftenly done by ship. But it is far better done by train and bike - or by plane. A Cessna 337 is safe and fast enough - and even able to start in Merzbruck on its 518 m runway. Weisweilers coal power plant ahead. On the western side of the Rhine you can see the huge Wesseling refinery - but there are many other industrial zones around. The one on the left might be Chemical parc Knapsack. Approaching Bonn. I am sure you all know this has been Germanys capital from 1949 to 1990. We ha
  13. I took off in Cologne and headed over the city center, with the Dom below. It was the worlds highest building until 1884, and you can be sure there were no computers to calculate the statics. Its building time was a bit longer, from 1248 until 1880. Many other sights of Köln in this picture, from the indoor arena (to the left) to the Müngersdorfer Stadion (to the right). Köln was bombed from June 1940 until March 1945, and about 90 % of the city center were destroyed. PS: The bridges are just there for Jack. Düsseldorf in the background, east of the Rhi
  14. I will start my exploration of GermanySouth in Cologne - "Kölle" as the locals say. Getting ready at my home airport... ... and off to the east. The small squared lake below the belly may be quite famous, since a well-known man was staying there for some days in 2016. But we go on and turn to the right over the Altwarmbüchener See. Travelling in style. The Sauerland around Winterberg. Whenever I was there it was winter. And the mountains covered with snow. ATC had instructed us to use run
  15. Heya :-) Im lazy today.... and made only one ^^
  16. Thank you ORBX,for such nice sceneries!
  17. I miss the beautiful town of Mittenwald in the new GES. It is near the Austrian border in the shadow of the Karwendel mountain. Any chance of this being added in a future update? Great to have the German Alps though with such high quality scenery.
  18. Beautiful scenery,combined with beautiful clouds.
  19. Well, I hope you´re not too tired of Connie screens from me, did another trip last night, a short hop of about 100 miles from Innsbruck to Manching, home of the Messerschmitt Foundation near Ingolstadt. Cruise altitude was set for 11.000 feet due to the mountains around Innsbruck. Weather was put in from FSXWX. Firing her up. Passengers are seated allready, full cabin for the short trip. Weather looks interesting with the low clouds in the valley. Yeah, climbout will be interesting, plan is to follow the valley until around 9.000 feet, that should clear the mountai
  20. Hello, At EDHE in the GEN area one issue caught my eye: the buildings north of the airfield (German Air Force NCO Academy) are missing (in the red circle of my screenshot, see Google Maps for comparison to the screenshot). I noticed in your GEN/GES patch announcement that you were also fixing quite small details, so maybe you can include this missing detail in the next patch? It's my home airfield, so that would be great! The second point concerns the runway lighting of smaller airfields. At some airfields (e.g. EDKB, EDXF) there is no runway lighting, even though my I
  21. Decided to use the night to check out GEN / GES post patch and selected a route I´ve recently traveled by car, from Aachen to Bielefeld. Aachen is GES and Bielefeld is GEN. Off we go, over Aachen, looking for Highway A4 to Cologne first. Passing the huge open pit mines once again that are very specific for the region. You can see the biggest one on Google maps even when zooming out until you can see most of Europe. Above Rastplatz Frechen, with the car, this is the first time Cologne comes into sight. Leaving Cologne behind, following Autoba
  22. Still my system drives me somehow crazy with P3D, I frequently get no menus but only an additional cockpit view window. Which brings usability to zero. Deleting all dll.xmls or shaders does not help, but frequent switching between full screen view / window view / other program windows. I suspect it has something to do with my computer / GPU settings... The lack of reliability / confidence keeps me a bit off installing any other stuff than the (convenient) Orbx one. So my test flights go with Orbx only, not even REX, weather, traffic, planes. Here we go from Munich EDDM...
  23. Managed to get FSXWX installed into P3D today and took the C-47 out for a hop from LOWI to Kempten/Durach in real weather. Pics are a bit on the dark side, but that was the winter dusk lighting. Fired up and ready Off we go! Climbing out of LOWI Had some struggle to get her up here, but she made it. Passing the Zugspitze. And back down. Looking at Durach airfield, all snowed over. Had to find the runways among the snow. Might not have been permitted IRL this late.
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