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  1. I have been flying around Tasmania a fair bit recently visiting the OZx airports. My first flight was from Devonport to Claude Road a distance of just 30 km. 1. Off from Devonport which is a stock airport with not much detail. 2. Devonport and the Mersey River 3. Cannot see the ferry. 4. First view of the magnificent Mount Roland. 5. Following the Sheffield road near Barrington. 6. Claude Road strip comes into view, just right of the starboard wing. 7. I forgot the chainsaw. 8. Coming in to land and true to form there is a bloody great tree right at the end o
  2. Just a few shots of some of the flights I have made this week end. Been based at Cairns and the weather has been so wet. 1. 2. My beloved REX SAAB on it's way to Townsville. 3. 4. This time a flight to Jacksons 5. Great fun flying to Mareeba in this inclement weather. 6. Hope you have all had an enjoyable week end and take care this coming week. It's not long to Friday
  3. A bit of a nostalgia trip here... My very first flight with FTX scenery was right here, taking off from Hobart, in what I think was my first payware AC, the RealAir Scout. Neither has lost it appeal... in fact I'm not sure why I don't fly down here more often [too much choice perhaps] as it really is STUNNING!.. and you can feel the heat of the sun in the textures, which is nice on a freezing day in Eng.
  4. The last of the 3 airports released yesterday for P3Dv2.4 is Broome. A flight around Broome to take in the scenery. Then a look at the beach to catch up with some old friends. Hope the weather is better in WA than it was in Queensland this morning. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  5. Good to be able to fly around Cairns again thanks to the release of the triple installer. So here we are on a steamy tropical morning loitering around YBCS with the intention of sharing with you this fantastic ORBX scenery..........honest officer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Nearly time for the football season here in Oz. Just passing over Collingwood's Queensland training facility. If you look closely you can see some of their players floating around 14. 15.
  6. Waiting to take off at YMML when I saw this RAAF BBJ. 1. Who can it be in the jet? After events yesterday it could be a man soon out of work . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SECVGN4Bsgg
  7. After an extended stop at Horn Island to let some storms pass it is time for the next leg to Badu Island. 1. Departure from Horn Island. 2. Mowaru Island 3. Approaching Moa Island. 4. 5. Abeam of Kubin and it's airport. 6. Lining up for Badu Island Airport 7. 8.
  8. First part of a flight from mainland Australia, across the Torres Strait to PNG. A dawn departure from Bamaga to Horne Island. 1. Northern Peninsular Airport 2. Over New Mapoon with Bamaga in the background. 3. Leaving Cape York 4. Its only a short distance to Muralug Island or Prince of Wales Island. 5. Gialug and Palilug Islands are dead ahead. 6. Passing the town of Thursday Island on the Island of Waiben 7. Horn with Horn Island Airport in the distance. 8. Muralug or Prince of Wales Island is behind. 9 Arriving at Horn Isand 10. Parking next to a Coastwatch DHC-8.
  9. A selection from some of the flights from the long week end that I have yet to post. 1. Flying along the Blowering Reservoir in NSW on the way to a big surprise at Talbingo. 2. Beautiful Mount Rowland in Northern Tasmania. 3. Up to the other end of Australia and crossing the coast at Bamaga on the way to one of the Torres Strait Islands. 4. Loch Sport on Victoria's 90 Mile Beach. 5. Leaving Badir Island behind on the way to PNG. 6. Flying along The Goldfields Way heading for West Wyalong NSW. 7. NSW again this time close to Tarcutta on the Hume Hwy. 8. F
  10. Down to Gippsland in Victoria, an area which I spent a lot of time in many years ago. We shall fly from Latrobe Valley airport and head south to see what we can find. 1. Flying in Ant's excellent T-28 we are waiting for the departing Baron. 2. Latrobe Valley Airport. This area is important with its large deposits of brown coal which are used to run our power stations. 3. The town of Traralgon is in the background. 4. Over the Strzeleki Ranges. 5. Diving down to visit the first POI. 6. Eyes right to see the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. This is
  11. First part of a round the world trip in Ant's Eaglet. 1. Here we are about to set off from Penfield just north of Melbourne. 2. Full tanks for a long haul. One passenger and luggage for our long trip. 3. Up and away, the Eaglet struggling for height packed to it's limit. 4. Reaching cruising altitude. 5. Now descending into Riddle's Creek for our first stop on our epic journey. 6. A safe landing, first of many. 7. Plenty of great detail in these OZx airports. 8. Parked up for the night. After such a long first leg and plenty of flying ahead a good nights sleep i
  12. So tomorrow is Australia Day when we all have roast lamb for dinner, paint our faces green and yellow, wave our Aussie flags and beat the English at Cricket! The best thing of all is that we have a day off work which can't be bad. Here are a set of shots taken, one from each state of Australia with a special one from the Torres Strait Islands. Nearly all of the shots feature that great little plane from Bundaberg, the Jabiru. So here are the shots from around our great land, and have a safe and happy Australia Day wherever you are. 1. Australian Capital Territory - Can
  13. Not really Christmas but we could all break into song and sing Noel Noel etc..... So where is this leading? 1. Noticed an taking off from Penfield that it is spelt out in trees at the end of the runway, but the 'L' has been removed or maybe a pilot has removed it by a bad landing Great detail in this OZx airport. . While on the subject of trees and runways has anyone else come across airports in their travels that have a bloody great tree carefully placed right at the end of the runway? I cannot remember where but one place in particular has barely any trees except for a
  14. Just hanging around YMML when I came across 2 planes from my favourite airlines parked side by side. 1. HS-TKC Thai 777-3D7 which I have flown on and 9V-SKL A380-841 have not travelled on this one but I know 2 of her sisters very well . 2. SQ is my first choice flying to Thailand but my wife HATES flying so we usually go with Thai which is still an excellent way to go.
  15. Nagambie, in Victoria, was until recently a busy stop on the Goulburn Valley Highway between Shepparton and Seymour. I hated this old stretch of single road, the rest of the journey from Shepparton to Melbourne being dual carriage way. Late in 2013 the Nagambie by pass was opened making the drive much more pleasant. This means though, the town is now very quiet. For those who like to stop there is Lake Nagambie which is used for water sports. For the horse racing fraternity there is a statue of Black Caviar who was born in the area. 1. Nagambie also has a strip which is used fo
  16. The second attempt at flying from YMLT to YMML. Here is a link to the first flight http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/89534-launceston-to-melbourne-in-red/ The first flight ended in disappointment with the jet vanishing through rwy 27. Ran the auto config tool and with fingers crossed set out from Launceston again. Shots 11 and 12 are from the first flight. 11. Looking back towards Cape Liptrap. 12. Anderson Inlet at Inverloch. 13. Now picking up shots from the second flight, with Westernport Bay. 14. Turning towards Melbourne. Healsville and The Black Spur are
  17. First part of a flight from Launceston to Melbourne. 1. 2. 3. 4. Heading down the Tamar. 5. Looking back at Launceston. 6. 7. 8. 9. Wilsons Prom. 10. Shallow Inlet and Sandy Bay. Part 2 to follow. Elevation problems at YMML so I have run the Auto Config Tool and try again!
  18. Following on from http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/89510-hervey-bay-airport/ we shall fly on to Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the world's largest sand Island, the 6th largest island in Australia and the largest on the East Coast of Oz. It is appx 120 X 25km in size. 4wd's are the only way to travel around the island. For those planning to visit Australia I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Fraser Island. 1. 2. 3. Hervey Bay is the whale watching capital of Australia. 4. Over the Great Sandy Strait. 5. Cannot see any whales today. Cummon ORBX developers, how about "wha
  19. A few shots from around Coffs Harbour. The weather is more like an English summers day than Australia. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. An excellent add on airport from ORBX. Some wonderful detailed scenery both at the airport and the surrounding area. Don't have it? Buy it while the sales are on!
  20. Blooming heck, been toying with buying Virtualcol ATR-72 for a while but a couple of bad reviews had put me off. Too many sales on at the moment and a lot of great stuff out there Just under AU$9 I thought I would give it a go. Here it is at YBLN for a quick try before having to turn my attention to non FS duties.....life is unfair. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Well for the $9 I reckon it is great value. Now rumour has it that the ATR-42 is on sale too. Who is that man in the white coat and what a strange jacket he is making me put on.
  21. Hi Guys, I have purchased FTX AU recently and I purchased FTX YMML last year unaware of the requirement for FTX AU to use the scenery. Anyway I finally got around to getting FTX AU. I installed the add-ons. And now I'm having issues with the Taxiways and Gates at the Airport. Gate scenery textures flicker. Help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry I'm a newbie on this forum so if my post is not up to standard apologies in advance. Specs: Windows 8.1 AMD A 10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 4 CPU's 3.7ghz 16GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 8570 5GB Memory Help would be greatly a
  22. Take-off at Rockhampton (YBRK), landing at Lady Elliot Island (YLTT). Enjoy
  23. Hi mates, Some shots over Australia under P3D2. Enjoy
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