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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. I have tried 5 times to install the Califonia scenery on my computer, but unfortunately the installation is half done each time. Please let me know how I can solve this problem. I enclose the photo of my screen on which the installation hangs. Sincerely yours. Farhad
  2. Hello! When having Vector active and taking off from ESGP runway 19 I have 5-15 second freezes and stutters only by doing a standard 2 min turn. The Freeze can come from panning left/right and returning to a forward view. I launched the sim in KLAX with the same slider settings and sure I got lower FPS but not the freezes. Also tried at EKCH (FlyTampa) and in ESSB (Stockholm Bromma airport) without any freeze issues. As soon as I deactivate Vector in the scenery library I can fly in the Gothenburg City area without any issues. Best Regards, Kristoffer
  3. Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone out there has experienced the issue I've been having for the past couple of months. It is most frustrating as it goes away for a while only to return unexpected without any changes to the sim. I'm running FSX boxed version with the Acceleration add on. OS is Win7 64bit with a I7 based computer with 12gb RAM and a NVidia 580 with 3gb RAM. I have plenty of disk space and keep it tidy and defragmented. I don't run other software, apart from the usual antivirus and defrag software, on the computer to keep it efficient for the sim. When the sim is working OK I have no issues with performance or the FSX, FTX, Active Sky or aircraft installed. I get excellent framerates sometimes exceding 200 in places. I have comfortable frames in airports like Melbourne, Brisbane to illustrate the impact of Orbx scenery in those areas as an example. Therefore, I don't believe any of my software is behaving badly (apart from the issue I'll outline below - that comes and goes without any pattern I can discern). As a further comment, I have ensured all my Windows updates are correct and that all device drivers, e.g., graphics etc, are up to date. I also clear the TEMP folder of unnecessary files and "Clean up the drive" as part of the Drive maintenance options. The problem: When it occurs, I use one of the default Cessna aircraft in Cold and Dark config as the Default load for FSX. This is a starting point for loading the aircraft I want to fly ( a common technique for using more complex aircraft). On selection of the aircraft (and this can be as simple as selecting BOB, the cockpit or aircraft textures start to display but for external views only a black silhouette appears or for internal, the gauges are all missing and some of the internal textures are just black. Then the simulation freezes, with no choice but to reset the computer if in full screen or kill the application if in windowed view. If it load the desired aircraft in the opening screen (as opposed to accepting the Cessna) the simulator functions as expected, i.e., there are no issues. I've searched other forums but can't find anything that matches my issue. Haven't found anything on these forums either. I did post this issue when it first appeared after I installed FTX Global thinking it was caused by it but it has returned on a number of occasions and has disappeared many times after all Orbx products have been installed correctly. I don't believe the scenery software is at fault here. Can anyone advise if they have experienced this issue and how they fixed it please? Regards, Paul
  4. Hi- I'm a huge Orbx fan, and own a great many of their very fine products. I recently noted a possible VAS issue when flying from KSMF (Sacramento CA) to KPSP (Palm Springs CA) with both NorCal and SoCal products installed and active. My free happened about 98 NM from KSMF Sacramento. Does anyone know if this could be a possible issue when transitioning between the two? I am now running Orbx Direct FTX Central 3 with all updates. I don't think this is a tech support question... but if it is, I apologize. Appreciate any comments.
  5. FSX-SP2 with Orbx Southern Alaska and RealityXP GNS 530 - 80% stutters and freezes. After removing Orbx Southern Alaska from the FSX Scenery Library, the problem resolves completely. Any ideas? Win7 i7-2600 machine @ 3.4 Ghz with 12 Gb RAM & 1 Tb hard drive (50% free). Nvidia Quadro 600, 2 monitors. diagnostic reporter: ota2645c2e14268dc70d4fabd443887081 Order Number: FSS0457365 Order Date: 2016-01-30
  6. All, I just purchased FTX Global Base. After extracting the files to a temporary folder and running the install application "As Administrator", it seems to unwrap properly and then does nothing else after the "Do not click finish until the installation has finished" message. The installer never runs. Everything just stops at that point. For support people: Order number is FSS0452761 Thanks in advance
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