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  1. Dorothy from L Frank Baum's Wonderful Wizard of Oz said "there in no place like home." I agree with her as despite having a pretty good holiday it is nice to get back to Mooroopna amongst familiar surroundings. While going through my many emails I saw that JF has released the BAC 1-11 and being on a special introductory price I could not resist. 1. Shock horror, it is not a CTRL+E start. 2. A very easy follow blow by blow guide in the manual make it a breeze to start. Written down all the starting procedures to make it easy for the next flight.
  2. I like this beasty! And I even managed to figure out the autopilot once I'd left ESSA at the other end! There may be hope for me yet. Heading out from Heathrow, aiming for Schipol first. (some of these a bit dark, all 4k, best seen full screen) London in the distance Over the city now, heading out down the Thames Heading out past Southend, where I lived from 5 to 20 and sort of what I think of as my home town. You can just about make out the pier if you look closely. Coming in to Schipol
  3. Here are ten recent shots taken with my own skies and clouds and using different settings. I have a darker setting that also uses the day exposure of .38. Its: brightness .70,bloom between 1.2 and 1.45 and saturation at .75. you see that in shots 3,6,7, and 8. the bloom can change the hue of the sky. The first three pics use the same sky and all of these pics use basically the same texture but a few use white lighting and others use yellow. thanks for looking.
  4. Between London, Frankfurt & Rome, in no particular order: London-Barcelona on Ghana Airways next. Not quite got the RW schedule that allows for the long hauls down to Nigeria or Ghana.
  5. In this case, rhubarb... over Pas-de-Calais: I had grand plans of returning to England in an effort to find an airfield under the cloud, however the PC decided to throw a hissy and maxed out the core use for 10 out of every 15 seconds soon after this was taken, freezing the sim for those 10 seconds. So I landed at Calais-Dunkerque, where I would have been promptly captured. I suspect it was caused by too much external view-cockpit view switching in a complex aircraft. I'm hoping it's not from the update (I very much doubt it)... I'll see on the next flight. Thi
  6. Blowing off steam after too long a final and a long taxi
  7. A change of paint job (and starter method, which threw me for a bit) Oxy on. Higher than I usually go... That wing is sooo cool Contrail at 20k That wing again. Did I mention I like the wing? The canopy is starting to freeze up. De-ice is on, but only does the bulletproof bit in front. Really cuts the situational awareness. Have I mentioned the wing? The locals will know the name of this lighthouse: Lands End Just before flaps out into Land's End. I haven't worked out h
  8. It doesn't like doing this Fairoaks: Here be dragons: Probably not legal... EGML Grey... Stapleford beat up EGML (again) EGHI Heading south west
  9. One of Rons repaints. :-)
  10. this is sort of a shot clearout. I was holding one of these for the screenshot contest but I'll just post it. so here they are...in a particular order. no flying cows though thanks for looking. there really should be an aimless pig over England though. tethered maybe?
  11. NZNP to Welly: Turning at JONAH, bound for UMAGA then the ILS Aberdeen to Humberside: And a couple of the North Sea in the fading light: All plain Vs. ps... oops... missed one: descending into Invercargill:
  12. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  13. Folks I've been criss-crossing the British & Irish isles for a change of scenery: Departing Goodwood: Just passing through (Elstree): The Cherokee wasn't appropriate for the water crossing in this weather, somewhere near Hawarden: Near Strabane, looking north, enroute to Donegal airport: Thanks to Ron A for the Baron repaint. Mike
  14. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  15. Compton-Abbas Airport Weymouth Portland Heliport Poole Harbour Salisbury Cathedral Popham Airport Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  16. ... a bit rainy and a bit foggy. Cardiff Southampton Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  17. A short hop from Southampton to Cardiff with an Airbus A318. Parking at EGHI Taxiing to Runway 02 Ready for takeoff Eastleigh Railway Yard Isle of Wight in the background English landscape Near Weston-super-Mare Approaching EGFF Runway 30 Spotter's view Reverse thrust Taxiing to Gate 4 Parking at EGFF Enjoy and thanks for looking! Again, you can find this bird here: http://www.rikoooo.com/en/downloads/viewdownload/6/674
  18. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  19. It was waiting for some time on the HDD, now I checked it: My first encounter with ORBX EU scenery at Harwich: Looking south from the same point - seems to be a windy place... Changed planes in Stanstead. Many buildings are missing here (hotels, gas stations), but the streets are pretty accurate. And here we are. London City, with typical weather. Not sure if it was possible to fly this route in real life... ORBX England w/o any further additions. For me that´s ok: It´s 09:40 h, but I fear Big Ben´s clock has not received Jarrad Marshall´s fine tuning like the
  20. Still testing Shoreham Carfiff and Dundee Some cropping, but nothing else. Cheers Mallard
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