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Found 15 results

  1. Still playing with the different recorders. Did a circuit from Stapleford, but on the playback the wheels didn't come down so can't grab any shots of that or use it to make a video. Nevermind, got some pix. So, out from Stapleford in the new Spitfire Headed west over Enfield (another old home patch for me) turn towards the smoke gonna head back down the river first Southend Pier Coming back in to Stapleford
  2. Hi All. I have noticed since the updates for TEGB South, Central and North that the iconic treelines at EGSG Stapleford (XPlane) seem to have a slight texturing problem. Thought I should pass it on as a report. Many Thanks.
  3. Hi, at Stapleford I have this blue surfaces under the hay bales. Does anyone know where this comes from? A piece of advice would be very appreciated. Thank you very much. Cheers Mike
  4. Not LOWI but a very pleasant Spitfire flight over the east of England 1. Arrowing out of Stapleford, no destination as yet. 2. Over the M25. 3. Passing Chelmsford. 4. At Silver End with Blackwater in the distance. 5. At Earl's Colne airport with Colchester on the right. 6. We are at Assington! Yes really, with Wattisham, our destination, just visibule, centre left. 7. Not much habitation here but Lavenham is a couple of miles to the right. 8. Descending over Monk's Eleigh and Clay Hill Road.
  5. Some of a quick flight from Stapleford Abbotts to Elstree More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  6. Hi, I can see some strange shadows next to the runway in Stapleford, although I unchecked shadows in FSX. How can I fix this?
  7. Hell Everyone! After a complete reinstall of FSX and real life keeping me away from simming, i finally had some little time again recently to go for some small hops with the Milviz Bell 407 - and while doing so i took some captures in between occasionally. Now here we go! ... into a rather rainy day around Milford Sound A slightly edited one here directly from NZMF Around Queenstown and Glenorchy here now the other day You want to come on board? And once again with a little editing applied Back to the UK here, hovering around EGTF and EGSG
  8. Thanks to the link that Amentiba pointed out in the Pilot's Lounge I got hold of the freeware Cessna 150L. And there's even a G-reg version included. So I thought I'd do a test flight from Elstree to Stapleford Abbots Really a fine little plane and excellent for flying between the smaller English airports Cheers Mallard
  9. ...a quick flight from Elstree to my newest addition (I just had to take advantage of the new prices) - Stapleford Abbots. Warming up What? We're already there? Ok... Came in too high and too fast - so I had to go around Almost made it to a full stop on the tarmaced part of the runway... Passing the buildings close to the apron was a tight fit - but I made it. Looking for a spot to park the plane. Some minimal cropping - otherwise straight v-keys. Stapleford Abbots certainly is a nice little field - and I'm sure I'll be doing s
  10. Hello Everyone! My first "crosscountry-flight" over EU England and Wales. Another most impressive scenery package from ORBX. The details which can be found at the aiports are fantastic and make each of it worth a visit. But it's also just beautiful to look out the window and enjoy it all from above! That being said: Everyone, please enjoy, Christoph REX natural ENB-Mod in use here. All captures only resized and cropped. Rolling all the way comfortably to the runway … … watch out carefully where I am rolling though: These “S-Turns†to gain some better view from the cockp
  11. Thought I'd take advantage of the realtively clear weather today and do a bit of IFR (I follow roads) from Stapleford to Goodwood via the M25 and M23 Departing EGSG RWY 22R Turning east to intersect the M25 just north of the airlield Passing Harold Hill... Following the M25 south Approaching Junction 30 on the M25 (A13 intersection) The cloud base is pretty low today at about 2,100 EGHR sighted, entering left downwind RWY 14R Final RWY 14R
  12. I just need to say, that this little airport is a gold mine! I spent much time at small GA airports similar to Stapleford in the UK , and have to say the spirit of such airfield has really been captured here! Now where's that Spitfire so I can give those people of "people flow" a spontaneous solo display to celebrate such a fantastic ORBX release.
  13. On base for RWY 4R EGSG This part asphalt\part grass strip is a little disconcerting Taxiing in The club house - time for a spot of lunch!
  14. Dear Support, After the installer has validated my details, it launches and completes almost immediately - I can't see that any files have been installed. I have validated with tweakfs.com that FSX is correctly found in my registry. What else can I try? Richard
  15. Thank you Russ for your outstanding work on this master piece. I had to pinch myself as I thought I was back there in real. Could almost smell the musky damp grass
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