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  1. Feeling a bit thirsty I deicided to head over to Garaina , which is about 80 miles NW of Kokoda. I hear there is a tea plantation there so I thought I would check it out. 1. Leaving behind the hikers who have come to do the Trail. 2. Taking off from Kokoda Airport. 3. 4. Appears to be very little habitation on our route. Hope the fan keeps turning! 5. Climbing to get over some mountains ahead. 6. Cannot find the names of many features on Google Earth. 7. In the Mount Albert Edward area. 8. Starting our descent to Garaina. 9. The strip is under
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed my first flight in PNG yesterday so I thought I would carry on from Manari and head over the Owen Stanleys to Popondetta. Wasn't sure if the Seneca would get off the ground in time so only 40% fuel. 1. 2. Those trees look mighty tall. 3. Good, cleared the trees and climbing away to gain some height for crossing the mountains. 4. With a relatively light load the Seneca climbs really well. 5. You can just make out Meili strip. 6. 7. Now at 12000ft, you can almost hear the Seneca sigh with relief as we level out. 8. Now starting a slow desc
  3. What intended to be a flight from Manari to Efogi in PNG ended up in me getting totally lost. In trying to fly over some high ground I headed off in the wrong direction. 1. Nice weather at Manari. 2. 3. Gaining height as there is some high ground ahead. 4. Had to turn around and climb even more. 5. I think I am high enough to have another go. The weather had deteriorated very rapidly though. 6. Made it but gave the birds sitting in the trees a scare. 7. Just realised I am lost so according to my map(Google Earth) I have to head west. 8. Just seen this strip be
  4. I have not brought any new add ons since last year , so I thought I had better remedy this unfortunate situation and buy something before the ORBX sale ends. Never flown in PNG so I thought AYPY Jacksons Airport would be a great choice. Looks like top value too with the usual excellent detail at Jacksons International as well as a heap of bush strips. This flight started out as a chance to take a few shots above AYPY but I then decided to go and try out a bush strip. I have chosen a suitable bush basher , namely the Carenado PA-34 , which I was testing after loading it onto P3D.
  5. Goroka Air Services P2-MRN, based at AYGA - Goroka airport, Papua New Guinea, circa 1998 Repaint link here http://meatyskins.blogspot.com.au/ Enjoy
  6. Part 1: It ain´t too easy to start out of EMO either... ... but the flight along Kumusi river to Girua is now pretty pretty (thanks to the freeware add-on...): Part 2: Out of Girua with the adequate commercial service... ... over Kokoda ... ... into Port Moresby, ... ... Jacksons: A DC-3 would also be a great choice here, maybe next time...
  7. Probably the airfield in Efogi needs to be cleaned up in the next days ... .
  8. Just tried the two brilliant new paints by Jankees The first two are from a flight from Mendi past Mout Bosavi And the next ones are from Port Moresby to Manari. According to the information supplied with the paint this plane actually did fly in PNG for a while... Starting the search for the strip Oops - I don't think I'll make it down this time around Approach. Manari can just about be made out over the right wing tip Nice and easy does it! OK - I'll be honest - I did a bit of landscaping and municipal rearangement (i.e.
  9. Not quite in it's home habitat, but I couldn't pass up my favourite colour scheme on the 707 for a trip down to Cairns from Port Moresby (with a sneaky bypass of Murray Island along the way!). Cheers, Jarrad
  10. Didn't realise that the paint was already available... But I grabbed it earlier from over at OZx and went for a spin around Emo Mission and then onward to Port Moresby Bush flyer style landing Didn't even bother switching off the engine Somewhere over PNG I originally had intended on taking in some of the Kokoda Trail strips, but that plan was foiled by the weather So after circling the area for about half an hour I decided on continuing onward to Port Moresby Just a quickie from the offfice And agian: a Bush flyer style land
  11. .... even during daytime? I do not notice this anywhere else currently. Sure somebody knows which setting to tweak?
  12. Right - so after the first leg I changed planes in Manila. On to Port Moresby in another classic Global kicking in and doing it's thing The last of the Philippines Here we're already over the Bird's Head-like peninsula in north-western Irian Jaya. The two lakes are Giji and Gida The Baliem Valley I did forget that I was travelling three time-zones east - so evening was kicking in really fast You can just about make out the peak of Mount Bosavia in the background A few minutes later it was pitch dark. So no pics of the arr
  13. In contrast to my recent post of the failed landing in Efogi, the rest of the flight (which was a return to PNG after some months of OpenLC_EU-flying) was a pleasure. Leaving Port Moresby ... ... to Launumu. The short jump to Kagi went well... But the attempt to drop some boxes in Efogi caused some major repairs... . At least, this works easy in the sim. I thought I better leave the bushstrip area... ... follow the trail to Isurava ... ... followed by a relaxing landing in a relatively big & easy airfield. Hope the barbie is ready?! OK, time to put the
  14. ...not that I noticed anything wrong with the original instal - but it's nice to know that an eye is being kept on this great pack Just went for a quick flight around Port Moresby More or less cropped DX10s with SweetFX Cheers Mallard
  15. Ken mentioned two plane wrecks at Emo - so I set out in something that would give me the chance of actually checking out the area: my trusty Squirrel Coming to the valley - time to keep the eyes peeled So far not much... Waidaminnit! Got one! Yep, certainly is a wreck... Ok - I looked and looked, but did not find the second one... Anyway - the fuel was starting to get low, so it was time to head back to Jacksons The Sirinumu Dam (in the background) always makes for a good reference point when making for Port Moresby from the Kokoda area And safely back
  16. >http://vimeo.com/109562453 Matt's latest indopilot video, this ones based out of Nabire, Papua Make sure to go to Vimeo website to watch it in HD, and you can follow Matt's ongoing adventures on his blog here http://indopilot.blogspot.com.au/
  17. leaving AYPY... Ignor the paint... non extened version, so I can't use Tim's png scheme.
  18. Cranked up the trusty old Cargomaster and headed to Kokoda Quick stop-over at Manapi Dropped off the pack of sugar for the campsite cookie and preparing to head on to the first main destination of the day. Kokoda approach I actually did land there - here's one from the departure for the next leg: Emo Mission Finals Unloading And now for the final leg back to Port Moresby. Cropped straight DX10s Cheers Mallard
  19. Papua of course! New TV show kicking off featuring the Indobushpilot himself http://indopilot.blogspot.com.au/ Ep1 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqkjRxzztJQ Ep2 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fANLpftuC9A Ep3 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJDKAx_kRak Ep4 >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jFsVRQyhlg
  20. Thanks a lot for the Emo Mission, Tim & Ken! I had already set off on a little trip from Port Moresby attempting to find some of the Kokoda strips... Probably should have called ahead to get a weather report Not a chance of finding anything in that soup, so I ended up In Kokoda itself... (a bit frustrated, if I may say so) Actually that was going to be my screenie-set. But then I logged on to the FTX site and saw the announcement that Emo Mission had been released! *Joy!* So "bright and early next day" I took off from Kokoda and went explor
  21. Welcome to Papua New Guinea! So we had to transport four people today, two needed to go to Kokoda, and the other two to Emo Mission. Since our C206 needed to be serviced, we took the faithful Skywagon. At company hangar at Jacksons Airport And off we go! Take off from Port Moresby A second before touchdown at Kokoda Field Entering the Emo Mission valley A quick look at the beautiful waterfall before making a sharp turn to the right to line up with the strip at Emo Mission Watch your speed, you don't want to bump all over the place! Welcome home! Emo Mission is peace
  22. Showing off some more of the talented Talair-repaint Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  23. Well - I finally found the monument on the Kokoda Trail... It wasn't here Nor here, either I was about to give up when I suddenly discovered it Probably won't be allowed to retrun, though - after all that dust I kicked up Back to Kokoda ...and off for a cup of coffee with the fellas in the background Then I hitched a ride with a mate back to Port Moresby Yeah, right, smarta%& - I know where it is now... Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  24. Returning to Goroko, Papua New Guinea after a long hot summers day - 1977 A 'retro' for TerribleT Repaint here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/2920-aerosoft-twin-otter-x-p2-rdb-talair/ http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/4927-aerosoft-twin-otter-x-p2-rdb-talair/
  25. Hevilift P2-KSU based out of Port Moresby International, PNG Link to repaint http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/2900-aerosoft-twin-otter-x-p2-ksu-hevilift/ http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/4923-aerosoft-twin-otter-x-p2-ksu-hevilift/ And thus concludes my PNG Twinotter repaints, along with Jankee's fine AirlinesPNG repaint you should now be able to fly all of the static twotters found at AYPY, perhaps we'll have a nice C207 soon??? If you wish to support me and ken's 'pacific island' conquests, pick up the 30+ airstrip PNG bush 'Experience' here: https://www.fu
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