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Found 121 results

  1. This is a difficult strip It is very important that you have the natives standing by to put chocks under your wheels so you do not roll town the strip and get the parking brake on quick! Outside shots Greg
  2. Outside shots It sure has been fun visiting awesome PNG bush strips in the DO 228. Greg
  3. Let's try, in my opinion, the best ever Bush plane, the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter Look at the slope of that "runway" Down with an easy roll out. Outside views It just looked like I was going in the trees Another good shot of the stripe's slope. Down Stopped The departure was uneventful. The PC-6 made it look easy. Let's try the Kodiak next. Greg
  4. The DO 228 made it in and stopped. with the help of the natives we got it turned around and poised for take off. Unfortunately, I did not make it. We got off the ground but could not clear the trees at the end of the runway. This is a very difficult strip. It is in a steep valley with trees blocking the end of the short runway. I think this is Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter country.... But that is an other post, Greg
  5. I took these a couple of days ago before updating the DO 228. I am trying for a clean sweep of the PNG bush strips. Outside views Next Milie Greg
  6. Let's try something a little bigger but also made for the bush. The DHC-6-300 Twin Otter Outside shots This one really shows how you have maneuver in the valleys I hope you enjoyed my trips to Milie today. I enjoyed the flying challenges. Thanks to Ken and Tim for creating such outstanding realistic scenery! Family tomorrow Striped Bass fishing Monday and Tuesday, I will try to get back to finish the AYPY strips on Wednesday. Greg
  7. Here we go Outside shots Looks like Quest did it right with the Kodiak! Greg
  8. This aircraft was designed for the bush. let's see how it does. turning Takeoff position outside shots Made in ok lets see if we can get it out...But that's another post. Greg
  9. Had to add power to get up the hill Outside shots
  10. The first challenge was getting down quickly after take off from Efogi To be continued... Greg
  11. Efogi the first of the AYPY series or as Tim said the "Jungles" Outside views Greg
  12. Hercybird from Port Moresby to Cairns Cropped DX10s, nothing else... Cheers Mallard
  13. Qantas B747-200 from Cairns to Port Moresby Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  14. Just love this C-17, a big plane but so easy to fly for me. 1. Getting ready to depart from AYPY. 2. Some breathtaking scenery coming up with a flight planned across the mountains. 3. With a light fuel load and minimal freight on board the C-17 climbs like.....er well a C-17. 4. Heading away from Port Moresby in the Karema area. 5. In the mountains near Kone. 6. Passing over a familiar place, TAP Tapini. 7. Close to Tawuni. 8. Beating up TAP, giving the locals a show. Must be a change for them to see a big plane like this close up. 9. Show over, a chance to throw the C-17 around a bit. 10. Saying good bye to Tapini. Love flying around PNG, with some of the best scenery anywhere on the planet. Hope you enjoyed the shots.
  15. Today myself and Ken Hall would like to introduce you to our Papua New Guinea experience! Dreamed up in the middle of last year, we set out to provide not just an airport, but rather an Experience, to allow the user to totally immerse in the feeling of Papua New Guinea, after 3 months of pain-staking research and another 6 months of late nights, modeling, texturing and designing, countless coffees, and many bent Twinotters........we bring you the first of our Pacific Islands conquests (PI): Jacksons International Airport (POM, AYPY), also known as Port Moresby Airport and and during WWII: 7 Mile Aerodrome, is located 5 miles outside of the capital city of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, it is the largest and busiest airport in the country, and is the main hub for Air Niugini the national airline of PNG, as well as the main hub for Airlines-PNG 10 x terrifying bushstrips and a helipad, following the Kokoda track up and over the foreboding Owen Stanley mountains. Airports included in this experience are: 1. Jacksons International Airport 2. Kokoda Airport 3. Manari 4. Efogi 5. Myola abandoned airstrip 6. Launumu 7. Kagi 8. Bodinumo 9. Timkenumo 10. Boridi 11. Miliei 12. Isurava helipad Other features: - Pristine Papua New Guinea Holgermesh - Hand crafted PRs for bush strips by our very own resident artist Ken Hall - Hand placed Landclass around Jacksons INTL, and the Kokoda track - Many hand drawn landclass polygons covering the Myola plains - Many small unnamed villages following the Kokoda track. - Meticulously drawn Kokoda track - Custom Papua New Guinea AI - via an update to the FTX AU AI package (FSX) - Custom painted Static Aircraft library (FSX/P3DV2) - Custom Papuan GSE library - Large library of custom Papua New Guinea vegetation providing a lush tropical feeling - This product requires the FTXGlobal base pack http://www.fullterrain.com/product_ftxglobal.html - It is also 100% compatible with FTX VECTOR and FSGlobal2010mesh (although not required) OK now for the previews: And last but not least a map showing the location in the world and layout Have a nice day! Cheers Tim Harris and Ken Hall
  16. Took advantage of ORBX sale and purchased AYPY. I installed it but find that the apron parking seems to conflict with objects. I have Global installed and have hybrid mode set (also tried with it unchecked). I did a folder/file scan of my dedicated Prepar3D v3.2 drive using AYPY, with the result showing only those files included with the FTX/ORBX AYPY. The scenery order is as per your guide. Just can't find why this is happening. The A320 is parked at Gate 4 at AYPY Would appreciate any help Steve S
  17. The whole PNG area is one I haven't played in much, so thought I'd have a look. Took off from AYPY and thought I'd head off towards Kokoda. Then it was time to do various domestic stuff so I left the machine, but I guess I hit the wrong key and didn't actually pause the sim before I minimised it. Came back a couple of hours later and it's all blue everywhere (above, below and every direction). Zoomed out on the G1000 and saw a big lump of land way over where and adjusted to head for what turns out to be New Britain. Landfall and heading NNW, and spot an airport on the display so head on in. And eventually, there ahead of me is AYTK, Rabaul Airport - Parked up and had a look around - Then I remembered I still had to feed the cats so I had to rush off to get back. I was really very impressed with this little landing strip/airport. I looked it up on Google Earth and it's pretty much spot on. I saved this flight and will definitely explore this area a bit more - looks like fun and the KMZ file shows all sorts of out of the way strips to explore. It's like I always feel with this stuff - there's too much out there! How's a poor boy ever going to get to explore it all?
  18. Leaving the PNG playgrounds ... ... to reach Queensland. In ugly rain! If it is so wet, maybe this is the season to find Barron Falls? The gorge is there. But the river is still small... . Have to check it another time again.
  19. After practicing with the C185, I felt prepared for transporting a little bit more freight / hikers with the Twotter. Entering the playground... ... to Ononge, ... ... next to the colleague in Woitape, ... ... leaving Fane. Not really an area for a quick walking tour. Ready to circle down to Tapini. Ononge, again (I forgot the lawn mover there...). Oh, oh, Ononge is a bit tricky... Finally, Yongai. The curved approach really is a challenge to me... ;-( ... before resting in Kokoda "international", so I call it, as you can land totally relaxed there. Can you see Isurava below? And the entire playground along the Kokoda track? But I skip them all now, and head back to Jacksons... Survived with only neglectable virtual damage. A good day for a bushflying amateur... ;-)
  20. An early start at Kokoda before setting off for Tapini. 17.
  21. Out of Jacksons... ... into the mountains. Maybe "real weather" was not such a good idea... ... so after landing in Ononge I changed to Orbx weather 2. Going on to Woitape (a relief to land after that first one)... ... and Fane. With GoogleEarth proving the scenery is authentic. Great to see, after the thrilling flights.
  22. Out of Frankfurt to Mumbai, ... showing a lack of light in the simulation over Tehran... ... and also over Mumbai. Can you even see the plane? Switch the light on, please! And on we go, towards Bangkok. Next leg: The short hop to Singapore. Well suited for a bigger plane, I think. And the final part: Equator crossing... ... hmm, not to good visibility on the approach... ... but finally it gets better! What a nice view. And the right place to change for some smaller equipment... Sorry for the high number of pics. But it was quite a way to go!
  23. FSX Medivac flight from Kokoda. PNG to Jacksons, PNG in a Quest Kodiak flying into airstrips created by Orbx's developers into a package called AYPY. Included in the Jackson's International Airport are 10 remote strips into the bush country.
  24. I remember we had the same issue in YBCS Cairns also, and there was a little patch Jarrad had created to "shrink" these lights. Has anyone found / made a similar solution for Jacksons?
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