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  1. Then comes the day when one has to leave the land of Oz. At least in a stylish plane - just chartered for this special flight. Out of Darwin, ... ... for some seconds following Stuart Highway again, ... ... but soon turning north to the Java Sea. Some cloudy hours later we can spot Borneo´s west coast... ... and begin to descend... ... over Pulau Bintan.... ... and Bataam... ... into Singers. I find Singapor
  2. The second day of our (virtual) Dragonfly Dreaming tour will lead us through the northeast of Kakadu NP. And making the descriptions easier for me, I just take them from a suggested operators´ website. "Awake for breakfast this morning before joining an iconic Yellow Waters Cruise. A must do activity within Kakadu National Park, the award winning Yellow Waters cruise is Aboriginal owned and centres around a spectacular billabong system that is home to some remarkable and diverse wildlife. Spotting crocodiles is only one of the many wildlife viewing opportunities on this unique wat
  3. If you wondered about the final destination of this repositioning after flight 1, ... ... I can give you the answer. VA1459 starts in Melbourne with slightly uninviting weather. At least the TrueGlass effect works as great... ... as precipitFX does. Climbing over Victoria in the rain... ... and over the clouds. Flying northwest, at Danggali Wilderness area the dry center begins. The green-red borderline near Adelaide, where Stuart Highway begins. You can even see the southern ocea
  4. After the Tasmania tour of the past days we now take a jetplane to change the state. And to drastically change the climate... A rainy morning sees us leaving Launceston. Boarding the way I like it. True Glass works, and the weather radar also has a clear message. The first gap in the clouds came right in time to spot Wilsons Promontory NP. But the approach into Melbourne was not so clear. Luckily the curtain went away soon... ... and we could set ourselves. Time to get a coffe
  5. ... to Tasmania. We go from Launceston airport towards the city... ... and descend over Tamar River, ... ... to look at the entry of Cataract Gorge. Left of the bridge should be the famous Stillwater restaurant, at least the name should be well known to some. https://www.stillwater.com.au/ We enter the gorge and chase South Esk river, ... ... towards Trevallyn Dam. Finally we play a round at the Country Club, though its buildings are invisible. Tomorrow we´ll leave the Apple Isle...
  6. Ready for a little hike in the morning? Let´s go to Dove Lake under the iconic Cradle Mountain... ... and stop at the parking lot to walk around it. The weather may not look too fine, but this shot proofs there should be some more trees in the sim scenery. At lunchtime it is a good idea to get back to Cradle airstrip... ... change the equipment... ... and follow C132 westwards. Passing Lake Mackintosh, ... ... and Zeehan... ... on the way to Ocean Beach. Turn
  7. Today we go for another major tourist route along the east coast of Tasmania. From Friendly Beaches, where we stopped yesterday, ... ... heading north, where the small access road meets the A3. A look over the shoulder shows us Great Swanport and the Freycinet coast to the left. Bicheno. A good place for Fish & Chips, Coffee and Sunrise watching. Work for the driver to cross Elephant Pass. Easier for the pilot... St. Helens, beautifully located at a bay. For me this would be a good location for
  8. Not too much to say about the locations on this flight. Unfortunately with some autumn rain. The telescopes of the University of Tasmania were added by TeeCee. I like this light, ... ... but I do not like this weather. Flying down the River Derwent we see the Cadbury chocolat factory, ... ... some industrial complexes, ... ... and finally the harbour. Again, pimped by Terry to my greatest pleasure. Tasman Bridge in its glory. And I can even find th
  9. Another couple of airfields picked-up in the generous sale with some old, but gold scenery - YCNK and YPEC. Really liked how authentic the area felt in this short hop. Aus v2 more than adequately filling in the gap between the 2 airfields. Vineyards of the Hunter Valley departing Cessnock Turning onto final at Pelican
  10. Continuing the Tasmanian Tour (I fear the famous road tour https://targa.com.au/targa-tasmania-competition/ will not take place this season) we depart from Strahan... ... along the B24... ... up to the environmental disaster around Queenstown. Then we follow the A10 along the wilderness mountains, ... ... and pass a lake that is named "Laughing Jack Lagoon". Who has given it this name and why? However, at Tarraleah Falls we can simply fly over the meandering road... ... until we come to the lo
  11. Some years ago you could take a scenic flight from Strahan... ... over Sarah Island (a very unconvenient place for convicts in 19th century)... ... and heading inland. Do not take the wrong inlet, it is the left one! IFR flying at its finest... Not easy to find a safe place to land. At least not for me, that is the difference to the professionals... After lunch it would be time to head back over the wilderness. It should be difficult to access these beaches: There is no stre
  12. Time to start this autumns Tasmania tour, and, like most times from Launceston. Did I ever mention this airport look is as outdated as chinese sceneries would be, because the buildings and streets were complete overhauled during the last 10 years? A short view over the fields of Sharman´s Wines... ... and the golf course of the Country Club Casino. The buildings should be northwest of the little lake. Following the NH1 we find ourselves near Carrick. Some VIPs here know this village well, am I right, @teecee
  13. My preferred domestic airline is getting ready in Tullamarine to cross Bass Strait. Having no advanced 737 in my hangar I have to cheat a little bit... Those passengers on the left side can enjoy a little view over Melbourne. "No, do not all move to the left side at once!!" Quite cloudy today... at least those on the right side could get a glimpse of Philipp Island. And soon after we approch Tasmanias north coast... ... with the mouth of Tamar River and the harbour of Bell Bay to be seen here. Turn
  14. The second part of my Victoria tour leads me from Warranambool... ... across an OZx highlight, Cobden, ... ... to Halls Gap. A very prominent entry point to the Grampian mountains. Hard to spot: below us is (should be) the famous rock formation "The Balconies". For a more intense exploration I landed at the nearby OZx airstrip and walked up the hill, but no screenies to prove. Instead, I can only show you the return flight next day out of YGMP... ... crossing the Balconies again, .
  15. After arrival in Australia it was now time to explore the surroundings of Melbourne. Getting ready... ... and airborne. Two airports in a row. It seems that the Essendon elevation issues are solved now? A little Melbourne overview. Don´t get sick! "This is ReinAir, we do not have bags for you." I can´t name all the icons here. Therefore let´s follow the M1 southbound... ... passing Avalon, ... ... Torqay´s Tiger Moth World, ... ... and joining
  16. Directly following the previous night flight... ... I added flight SQ227 Singapore-Melbourne to test the full virtual exhaustion. 18 minutes after takeoff the equator is crossed and the lucky ones anong the passengers fall asleep. Not much to see from the continent; even over Adelaide it is still night. But soon the sun sets, ... ... and one could spot Birdcage Reserve. Good morning, Victoria! It took me some time to load the autogen of Melbourne. At least la
  17. Hi, came across several black textures whilst flying East Coast segments. As these anomalies didn't look identical to some of the other reports of Black Tile textures etc - I thought I'd raise it here to see if this issue is on my end or not. Coordinates (P3D) are; Pic 1: Lat - S 34 10.56 - Lon - E 150 8.18 Pic 2: Lat - S 33 13.18 - Lon - E 151 2.57 Thanks & regards,
  18. In the upcoming weeks I will bother you with some flights and places we have visited during our holiday in September. Maybe boring to you, but for me this is one of the bigger pleasures of sim flying... Here we go, and I´ll skip the night flight with Singapore´s A350 into their home town. We start with a budget flight in the morning (well, the worst was the check-in procedure, the rest was as expected and therefore reasonable). Ready for boarding. Engines started... ... and off we go. The usual ship meet in front of Singers.
  19. Hello Ive started having issues where the scenery isnt loading properly in Tasmania. I have uninstalled the demo so it doesnt clash with AUv2. I have also redone the terrain cfg without any luck using P3Dv4.5. I use tomatoshade...could it be a corrupt shader cache? Seems as though its not just Tas but the rest of Australia. Any help appreciated.
  20. Bit early for the footy to start unfortunately...
  21. I was wondering if the scenery-add 'Gold Coast' fits well in the Australia-V2 scenery. It does without any issue, hereby the proof via some screenshots flying in Embraer 120 with a special australian livery:
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