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Found 98 results

  1. My last flight took me to Leongatha, and from there it is not far to come back into my own footsteps. Heading west ... ... towards Philip Island with its lovely little airstrip... ... and the museum. Not much time to spend, as it was already dawning, so we took off... ... headed across the Philip Island Race Course... ... towards Penguin Beach. I have been there in 2003. Time flies, in contrast to some birds. These make landfall every evening. Not sure if this PenguinFlow needs to be seen from an airliner - but isn´t it the same with any NatureFlow? We went on to Mornington Peninsula... ... followed one of Hendriks ships heading out of Port Philipp Bay... ... and turned just left to Point Nepean Airstrip for the night.
  2. Following my first trial in OZX-land ... ... I was keen to immediately go west. From Katanning... ... with its very individual vegetation... ... I escaped the dark clouds and headed slightly more to the west. You know what comes next? Norring Lakes... ... and the city of Wagin. Good that I have Tundra tyres... The angle of this shot is not good, but the scenery never looked better on my PC - I could not resist to V. Plenty to do for the rest of the day. Plus a brilliant map for flight planning!
  3. When I started my first virtual Australia tour in FSX years ago, this was my first flight out of the Melbourne area: Starting from Avalon... ... over Geelong... ... and towards YCES Ceres. The curved runway impressed me a lot, but I do not plan to land here today. Going on to YGLG Geelong... ... towards today´s destination: YTMW Tiger Moth World. A place well suited for @VH-KDK due to the static plane, and to @Jack Sawyer due to its color. Did you recognize the purpose of this flight? Kudos to Jorge @aeronauta, who has obviously done a magic job. Download the current libs on http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/27004-ozx-p3d-libraries-open-beta-updated-27112017/ and please report any problems with relevant info and pics THERE.
  4. The spring tourists leave Down Under on a longish flight, so this needs to become a longish post. Australia time was over when they reached Gold Coast to take a regular liner up to Singapore. My Navigation & ATC programs told me the runway was too short for a 777, so I maxed it out... ... and did a carrier-like start with TO thrust already set while the brakes were still trying their best. As you can see this worked out by far. ATC made me climb in a 360° turn, so we can have another view of the Gold Coast scenery. In RL this flight is no longer executed by Singapore themselves, they have moved it to their cheaper daughter Scoot (do not think bad due to my wording). PMDG did not follow this move and offered only the real livery. A little view on Brisbane... ... before my first officer takes a rest. After 1 hour we pass Longreach, one of the possible alternates in case of trouble. Queensland is not always green... ... as could be seen around Mt. Isa. 101 minutes from start, and just in the middle between some of my Orbx favourites. Passing Tindal, NT. The last views of OZ, Daly River (possibly no sharks around here)... ... and Cape Ford. Here we pass Flores Island / Indonesia... ... and the western end of ... stop. Guess the latitude of this location! OK, that was obvious. Approaching Singapore over the Gulf of Tambalan... ... Johor, ... ... and into final towards the 20R. Autopilot off... ... and here we are, ready to spend some fun days in the city. Pictures (still) taken in FSX.
  5. I wanted to do just a quick evening hop down the coast from Brisbane, so I chose the Lancair - in a colour that will be welcomed by some. A little look at the fabulous detail of the YBBN scenery... ... before turning towards the M1 Gateway Bridge. The obvious, part 1. The obvious, part 2. And now down to Gold Coast, just OZxed, despite of current rumours there might be an update in the making... But just after spotting the runway... ... my FSX hung up. OOM, the first after a long time. Reminds me of two things: 1) Never fly Brisbane with more than default planes in FSX. 2) Quickly proceed installing last weeks purchase, which runs in 64 bit. Good motivation! But for the sake of this post, I just restarted from a tiny airfield nearby, YSPT Mason Field, flew downwind... ... and enjoyed the massive AI traffic at YBCG.
  6. I followed Martyns advise and left Noosa Heads quickly, though my ladies did enjoy the Café Latte bars up there... Should be space enough for a German towel on Peregian Beach... Mooloolaba. Has there been a discount on O´s when these Aussies named their cities? Toowoomba or Mooroopna or... ... Caloundra. OK, just one O. But always worth a stop. ... and an equipment change, as my next destination is one of the most famous frame rate- and VAS-graves in FSX... A short look at Glasshouse Mountains... ... and OZx´s Caboolture, ... ... before arriving at the endless sea of houses of Brisneyland. The plane change to the default C172 pays off, no trouble arriving in YBBN.
  7. While preparing for the big move (to p3d I mean), I still enjoy FSX at its maximum level on my way down the Australian coast. From Hervey Bay... ... taking the ferry at River Heads... ... to Fraser Island. 75 Mile beach, long enough for a walk... ... or better a drive. Nice views along this coast, with Rainbow Beach ahead... ... the tip of Double Island Point... ... and Noosa Heads. A good place for another stop.
  8. RAM upgraded to 16 GB. GPU upgraded to GeForce 1060 (6GB). Additional SSD installed (my old 128 GB). Hardware check done above Hervey Bay: Now my plan is to uninstall FSX on the D-drive and have a new barebone installation of FSX on the small E-drive (Just FSX and orbx) - as a fallback. Next step will be installation of P3D on the empty D-drive (as much as P3D allows to be on another drive than C). Any hints from you how I can do this setting up in the quickest way (especially I would like to avoid downloading my 224 GB of orbx stuff)?
  9. Leaving Bundaberg we needed a slightly bigger plane, you know why. A short look at Burnett Heads, ... ... before turning south over the cane fields... ... towards Hervey Bay. Another good place for some short trips into nature.
  10. The money ends fast here on Hamilton Island, so I have to proceed southwards. Reaching the mainland over Mackay, ... ... just to see Hay Pt. Coal port, ... ...before making an intermediate stop at OZx´s Rockhampton. Climbout... ... and watching the industrial zones of Gladstone. Lots of chinese ships exporting Australian goods from here... ... but I focus on other beauties of Australian industry. At Bundaberg. Guess what?
  11. I have left my planes in the virtual hangar for nearly 4 weeks now, but it is time to move them again. Heading south from Cairns, following the spring closing in... ... southwards along the A1 to Innisfail, ... ... Kurrimine Beach, ... ... and Ingham... ... into Townsville. The usual test flight of @Mallard...!
  12. After some days in the red center it is time to leave. QF1854, departing 15:15 hrs from YAYE (again sorry, I use the 320 instead of the original 717). At Conellan the ladies wear correct biz dresses. MacDonnell Ranges, ... ... Mt. Isa, ... ... and into the night. Landing was 6 minutes late compared to QFs original flight plan. First thing to do next morning is a short hop over the town... ... to the beautiful promenade... ... to meet old friends.
  13. The wealthy tourists can do things like these... https://www.uluru.com/activities/Uluru_Scenic_Flights.html, we have to make this in virtual. But this is also some kind of pleasure... A good preparation is essential. That looks like a plan: And off we go froom Conellan over Yulara... ... with Kata Tjuta in view... ... and Uluru. Starting the round @ 4000 ft. ..., ... climbing to 4500 as required. Moving over... ... and descending to 4000 again before flying back to the airport. Difficult to land with such a view! With my kids this tour would be about 1200 AUD. Better buy a plane at these rates!
  14. Mates, I can´t get to posting or even simming, there is so many funny discussions going on here today. Let my try to get one thing done: Continue the touristic exploration of the NT. Ready for boarding? Bye, bye, Alice. Pine gap tracking station & the Alice correction center. From here there is only... the outback. And a certain rock. In real life QantasLink does this flight with a 717. My AI does know this - I just had to use a subsitution. Deboarding the luggage, ... ... and the tourists. Choose your accomodation!
  15. The OZ tourist leaves Kakadu NP from Cooinda airfield... ... crossing Adelaide River... ... and heading over Palmerston .... ... into Darwin. This airports reproduction and its airacs are totally confusing to GSX and PRO-ATC/X, can´t get it all working together. For the ongoing flight I followed the RL flight schedules again: Leaving at 07:05 with QantasLink. Unfortunately they use a 717 for this flight, and I don´t want to install it (again). So I took a slower regional bird... Tindal AB below. The landscape around Alice Springs. Quite red here. Checking the settings on downwind approach... ... and here we are (45 minutes late compared to the 717 schedule). The AI is totally correct here, as I said QF is using lots of 717s (still). And here is the road for a quick visit to the city, during a longish layover...
  16. The classical NT tourist tour continues. First, we avoid seeing the Jabiru uranium mine - she should be there, but is just not present in the sim. Next, we fly over Jabiru city, seeing that the famous crocodile-shaped hotel is also not there... Then we fly over Ubirr rock with is aboriginal cave paintings... .. towards East Alligator river, the border of Kakadu NP to Arnhem Land. ... and back the same way to Jabiru for the night. Next evening, heading south... ... across Gubara rocks, ... ... facing Arnhem plateau ... ... towards Jim Jim Falls (missing, but it is dry season anyway)... ... and Twin Falls. Finally heading slightly north across the Billabongs... ... towards a totally simple default airport, Cooinda. Obviously OZx did not pay any attention to Kakadu NP. A pity, as we know so many great details created in virtual Oz!
  17. More or less the closest point to Asia where the tourists could start: Darwin. Now the IFR part of the day, Arnhem Highway... ... that leads us over Adelaide River... ... into the outback. Some (dry) Billabongs around... ... and here we should see East Alligator River. But... no water in September. And where are the name-giving animals? At least the touristic AI is installed & flying. Let´s see what´s around!
  18. Mimicking a real Jetstar flight (3K161), departing Singapore at 23:05 local time, means not much scenery to be seen for a longer time. So we enjoy boarding... ... the "on runway" callout... ... and, after about 23 minutes, equator crossing. Some 4 hours later, the land of Oz comes into view... ... mainland! And here we go into final at Darwin... ... an airport that is slightly enhanced by OZx. Though not fully working today (nor GSX or AI, and surely no PeopleFlow or even the red lady ). 32°C in the morning (a delayed landing after strong headwinds). Looks like a good continent to stay over winter.
  19. Unfortunately I could not get my GSX ground services to push back the intended 777 anywhere in Cairns (no parking position for heavies?), so I had to do a commuter flight down to the next major hub in order to use heavy iron. At least, I could test the Airbus once again after some time of rest in the hangar... As usual, when approaching Brisbane the sim turned into a slideshow. So I tried to keep life simple and did not move to an outside view for photos - at least this paid off and I could finish the flight. Sorry for the incomplete documentation...
  20. .. in our local supermarket was the inspiration for this flight: So I took off to look for the Ginger... ... but found only sugar cane. And even on the front door the Bundy works hide the special alcohol free product, they only promote the well-known one. After drinking I can say, not promoting the ginger brew is a good tactic. I´ll never buy it again...
  21. Qantas B747-200 from Cairns to Port Moresby Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  22. ... in my personal history started in Launceston on a Saturday morning, leaving the hotel at 07:00. After a coffee with a friend at YMLT take-off was 08:40 hrs local time. Did I ever mention Lainceston airport has changed significantly since Orbx created the epic freeware? Leaving Tassie behind... Stopover in a rainy Melbourne. I have to admit the real flight was a 787, but as she is lacking a good representation in the sim, the 777 was my choice. Adding a bit more realism, I followed the correct flight plan. Nice to know the alternate airports on the way, as well as the ETOPS turning points. And good to know that Tim & Ken have already upgraded the Alternate which is nearly halfway... Greeting Sydney... ... and waving goodbye to OZ, at around 14:15 h local time. Which means you head into the night soon after. Here we find ourselves just about 200 mls out of Pago Pago. Now that is just a short hop! Still 4000 mls to go... Changing the hemispheres, for me this means from down under to upside up. Let´s summarize this view: In India it is still daytime, Saturday. In Brazil it is already daytime, also Saturday. And we are in the middle of the night. Good to repeat and realize this craziness in the sim... Good morning! The real wind (compare with the routing map above, it matches!) makes us gain lots of time on this route. Get up folks. I think I may post this blurry picture here with the impression of the 787´s mood light. A great plane, but stay away from the noisy galleys! Here we are, well prepared for the lovely approach into Los Angeles, with Catalina Island ahead. DX10 has given a lot to FSX... ... as well as Orbx SoCal. Ready for final, and into full brakes. Here we are. After 22 hrs of travel, started on Saturday morning, we have now arrived ... on the same Saturday morning. And when you see the lovely breakfast in United´s business longe, you know you have arrived in the USA. A long day makes a long post. I can not apologize for 31 pictures selected...
  23. ... trying to escape the rain, generated by my weather program. From Cairns ... ... across the famous reef, ... ... having a look at Townsville ... ... and, hours later, watching the "Men at Work" in Melbourne.
  24. Test flight to see, if i get some OOMs with the Just Flight DC-10 HD Coffs Harbour to Brisbane No OOMs (this time) Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  25. That was not a great landing ..... but love those shots Have a good flight
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