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  1. Just found Ant's latest release on the Simmarket site. This is just the demo version, I will buy the full version when I get back from my holidays. A great Australian trainer which are still a common sight on the air show circuit. 45. Plenty that opens and shuts, shall try and fly it now! Well done Anthony, another great plane by the looks of things.
  2. I have been enjoying Jack's escapades around New Zealand in his Staggerwing. I thought I had it installed in P3D but it was only when John asked if I had it running that I realised it was not installed. So it is now going well and I am enjoying a flight down to Wellington. 34.
  3. A flight around Plymouth to see if we can find The Hoe. 1. No not you, wrong flight. 2. Nor you, but tempted. Here have you got a twin? 3. Oh, only this twin, although the Twin Pioneer waiting at EGHD is beautiful too. Let us see what we can find. 4. Here we are at Saltash on the River Tamar with the Tamar Road Bridge and the Royal Albert Rail Bridge 5. Two in one go. 6. One of the ferries that operate to Santander and Roscoff at Millbay Docks. 7. Right by the port wingtip is the area known as Plymou
  4. One of those flights where I made it up as I went along. 1. Early in the morning departing from Nice. 2. Flying up the Gorge du Loup. 3. Not sure if the Jodel was meant for mountain climbing but it is performing very well. 4. Over the Gorges du Cianes. 5. Avoiding some stormy looking clouds around Mount Raton. 6. Spotted a crazy zig-zag road at Guillaumes with an interesting clear area on the centre right of the picture. 7. The commune of Sauze sits on top of the mountain although it is not depicted
  5. Illinois and on the left bank of the river. 18. Although the plane is over the state of Missouri.
  6. ................but I have found The Needles. 35. They can be found standing off the western end of the Isle of Wight along with the light house. A familiar sight to me when I lived in the area so long ago.
  7. Here is a twilight flight from Compton Abbas to Southampton. 1. A few of the happy passengers waiting to enjoy a memorable flight. 2. Taxiing out this magnificent old DH.89 Dragon Rapide at Compton Abbas. 3. Trundling down the runway and about to lift off. 4. Close to Sixpenny Handley. 5. In the distance are the lights of Bournemouth, here at Ringwood we pick up the A31 at it's junction with the infamous A338 Spur Road 6. On the western fringes of the New Forest at Picket Post. 7. Approaching Emery Down, on the h
  8. G-AMAE is making a trip from Cardiff and heading south to Guernsey. 1. Setting off from Cardiff. 2. Across the Bristol Channel approaching the Somerset coast. 3. The Quantock Hills, Somerset. 4. A few interesting things here, semi square windows and a pressurised fuselage, we all know what that can lead to. Curtains on the windows, nice touch! Lastly the first three rows of seats face to the rear of the plane. 5. Now at Abbotsbury, Dorset. Chesil Beach, a huge shingle beach with the thin strip or water called The Fleet. 6. Leavi
  9. Flying in England over Dartmoor. 34.
  10. Heading north and 28 km from Tegucigalpa in Honduras is the village of El Ocotillo which you have never heard of or will probably never hear of again. 36. Flying over El Ocotillo. That's it now return to anonymity.
  11. Flying from Southampton to Bristol via Bournemouth. 14. Just passing Everley which is 7km south of Compton Abbas. Alright, I flew via Bournemouth because I got lost.
  12. A dawn flight down the eastern side of Cape Cod to Nantucket. 1. Departing from KPVC Provincetown. 2. The town of Provincetown. 3. North Truro and Pilgrim Beach. 4. 5. Eastham and Salt Pond Bay. 6. Chatham. 7. Great Point Nantucket Island. 8. Siasconset Beach 9. Coming into Nantucket Airport over South Pasture. 10. Another wonderful Global Freeware airport. Hope you enjoyed the flight.
  13. Needed a bit of the old Dutch Courage for these antics in St Louis. 1. 2. 3. 4. Thoroughly enjoying the OLC NA experience.
  14. As requested here are some shots from Rhode Island. Never flown here at all but passed through in RL in 1958 on the way to Cape Cod, even though I was too young to remember it! 1. Starting out from KUUU Newport State, a global freeware airport. 2. The Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge. 3. Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge, Connanicut Island. 4. KOGU Quonset airport, another Global airport. 5. Flying up Narragansett Bay towards Providence. 6. Pawtucket. 7. Crossing Route 295 near North Attleborough. 8.
  15. Booked our tickets for a trip to Thailand and 3 things made me feel good. 1. Just going to Thailand makes me happy. 2. Booked in the Thai language and got an even better price. 3. Looked to see what planes they had on the flights. 772 or 773 on the flight out and on the way back flying the A350XWB. Just love the 777 but the chance to fly on a brand new type of plane, yay!
  16. Close to Murmungee in North Eastern Victoria. 42. The clue to the title is written on the side of the Auster
  17. Stewart went over the bridge and the other night I went under the bridge. Not the Severn Bridge but the one at Anacortes, Deception Pass. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  18. I have just acquired a couple of 737-900s from the Simviation site today, they both work and look really good. The haves. 1. Leaving Juneau banking over Shelter Island in the Favourite Strait. 2. The Boeing 737-990ER(WL) is painted in an adaptation of Alaska Airline's new colour scheme celebrating 100 years of Boeing. The have nots 3. Out of Shenzhen this 737-97L is passing over Dongguan. 4. ZGGG Guangzhou can be seen under the tail. As I type this the 11 year old 737 is awaiting departure from Shanghai to Shenzhen ZH9816, I a
  19. Heading east climbing out of SCTE El Tepual Chile. 17. The recently active volcano Calbuco is on the horizon below the tail of the Dash-8
  20. Please don't tell the boss in Hong Kong but I was too busy setting the AP and only just made it off the ground. 28. Hope you enjoyed the shots more that the passengers did the take off.
  21. Picardie, France. 1. Leaving Bray airport near Albert. 2. Dawn breaking over Maricourt. 3. Near Hardecourt-aux-Bois. 4. Towards Bray LFAQ and Albert. 5. Ovillers-la-Boisselle. 6. Beaumont Hamel. 7. Hamel 8. Puiseux 9. Gommecourt. Today a dawn flight above the beautiful Picardie countryside. 100 years ago today the Somme Offensive began here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Somme#First_day_on_the_Somme.2C_1_July
  22. Now got my beloved Invader working in P3D and as happy as a pig in ........ 14. Setting off from KEGE for an enjoyable flight to KAPA.
  23. Just annoying the locals at Gustavus before heading off to the north. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  24. Here is the continuation of a flight I did last week and had forgotten about. 1. Being blown along by the Te Uku wind farm. 2. Hitting the coast at Aotea Harbour and heading south. 3. The entrance at Kawhia Harbour. 4. Looking back at Kawhia Harbour. 5. Marokopa Inlet. 6. Nukukahari Bay. 7. The Awakino River on the left and Mokau River. 8. The Waitara River at.......Waitara. 9. Coming into New Plymouth. 10. Landing after a very entertaining flight, such beauti
  25. A quick trip from Compton Abbas to Exeter via Bournemouth. 1. Too busy taking shots and nearly ran out of runway. 2. I like the contra-prop Spitfire as is does not swing on take off. 3. Rapidly climbing out of EGHA. 4. A last sight of Compton Abbas through the clouds before heading for the coast. 5. Over Ferndown with EGHH in sight. 6. Crossing the coast at Boscombe with Wessex Way snaking through the suburbs. 7. Passing Anvil Point and Swanage. 8. Too much low cloud to see Weym
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