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  1. A very short flight from KTVL to Chuck Yeager's home airfield.
  2. From Brough actually which is very close to Hull. 1. Home of Blackburn Aircraft, then BaE, now shut with plans to redevelop the airfield away from aviation. 2. Flying down the Humber Estuary past the Humber Bridge, once the longest suspension bridge in the world. 3. The power station and chemical works at Salt End. 4. More industry at Immingham on the southern shores of The Humber. 5. The Dock Tower at Grimsby. 6. At North Sumercotes 7. Mabelthorpe 8. Skegness, another holiday resort. 9.
  3. Hi There simmers! Today I was flying around the Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Airport. Here is some shots: Cheers Almedin
  4. Just a very quick test flight out of KOAK. Finally coming to grips with this absolute beauty of an aircraft, and I'm still tweaking the P3Dv4 settings. Gonna need a new PC for all the real eye candy.
  5. My first flight for 3 months. The usual trouble upgrading Central in P3Dv2 but a look on the forums and the problem is quickly solved. Plenty of updating to do but made so easy with Central. So here we are at Bilbao and a first flight from there. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Wonderful scenery with plenty to discover at LEBB and the surrounding area. Many thanks to Marcus and Philip for this wonderful scenery.
  6. Before I left Australia I prepared a few shots to post periodically. This one shows an L-39 of the RTAF taking off from Takhli AFB in Central Thailand, which is the home of Wing 4. F-16s and L-39s are based here although the L-39s will be replaced by 4 KAI T-50s next March. C-130s and DA-42s regularly visit and quite often do circuits. 12. Where I am staying is less than 200m from the SE corner of the base and I am getting some wonderful shots of the C-130 and DA-42 planes as they fly very low over the house.. The F-16s though are exceptionally quick and a
  7. Well today is the day I start a 2 months holiday to Thailand leaving YMML at 3:15 this afternoon on TG773 HS-TKA. 28.
  8. I have been meaning to do a flight around the coastline of Catalina, so what better aircraft than the Helldiver. Quite a few caps as it is an excellent piece of scenery. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. BTW this is the F8C Helldiver from the 1920s!
  9. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the airport. 1. A few elevation problems at YMML. 2. Then the Vectors airport elevation corrections thingy would not run. A quick search on the forums found the problem, deleted the 8 files as suggested and all is fixed. I do get worried when problems are so easy to fix.
  10. After landing at Albany last night, I jumped into the P-40 and headed off down the Hudson River for a few minutes. Here is just one view while my P3D is loading for a few flights tonight. 37.
  11. Well last night I decided to go for a rare flight using P3Dv3.4. Loaded up the Helldiver and went to Gisbourne in NZNI but it didn't look right. Central told me that I had nothing from Oceania installed. Duh! 1. So here we are at Cork and one of the FAAs Helldivers before they were sent back. 26 out of the 450 ordered were delivered before they were returned and the rest cancelled. 2. Their dreadful handling was the reason for their rejection. The same can be said of those bloody awful waves in the river and lake, but I will not be sending V3.4
  12. U-Tapao is a Thai Navy air base in the Rayong district about 130 miles south of Bangkok. I have only travelled past here the once to this very industrialised part of Thailand. This flight takes us in the other direction towards the tourist town of Pattaya and then returning to VTBU 1. A big thanks are in order for Jankees for this wonderful RTAF Helldiver, taxying out with the Thai Airways maintenance complex in the background. p.1 Grumman Albatross gate guardian at U-Tapao 2. Ao Kong Kang at Sattahip, where the Thai Navy has a dockyard.
  13. A very welcome addition to my hangar is the Trinidad and Tobago. A beautiful plane which was a fairly common sight when I lived in Mildura with the TB-10 trainers making their way up from Adelaide. So using my accumulation of reward points and it being on sale made this plane an extremely reasonable buy from JF. A circuit around tropical Sumburgh, all self explanatory. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  14. I did a flight down the Mithithippi(don't try and say Mississippi with a lisp in front of your monitor unless it has windscreen wipers!) latht year and came acrothht thith pretty lady at Vickthburg Tallulah Regional. . 1. She told me her name was Ruby and she travels the ORBX world and enjoys looking at the aircraft 2. 3. She was even there waiting in the rain next morning when I departed for Batton Rouge. 4. Amazing how I can go to the supermarket without a list for 3 things and forget one but I can remember this flight from last Augus
  15. Aeroplane Heaven have, as you all know, just released the Helldiver. I was very pleased when I visited their site to see that the F3F was included in a special deal when you brought the Helldiver. So I treated myself to a little Easter present and here is the start of my first flight in it. 1. I don't know too much about this plane but an important thing for me is that it will start with Ctrl+E and it has a GPS. 2. Along with that is a pretty convincing Wright R-1820 sound set. 3. Another good thing is that I have got my AI traffic running again but
  16. Just installed the new update for the Aeroplane Heaven B-17F. It now includes the most numerous Fort, the G, with it's distinctive chin turret. Only a pair of comparison views for now as it is soon time to go out. 1. Every Good Boy, 2.. Deserves a Fort
  17. Well it all started in the hangar. 1. Well maybe half in and half out of the hangar. 2. It did say parking spot 1! 3. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngrh POP. There out of a tight spot. 4. Shirely that is all the trouble over and done with. 5. This is Welshpool and don't call me Buttercup. 6. That's enough, I'm off to try out my new toy.
  18. The Douglas B-18 Bolo was the immediate predecessor to many of the famous American WW2 bombers. It was however totally obsolete when it entered service, with it's lack of speed, defensive armament and bomb load. It ended up as a useful anti-submarine plane for the US and Canada sinking 3 U-boats. 1. Cape Blanco Airport is on the very south west edge of PNW. 2. Floras Lake Beach with Floras Lake. 3. At Bandon. 4. The Bolo's bomb bay. 5. Near Bandon Dunes with the turret ready for action. 6. Coming into Coo
  19. On the 8th of April 1967, 50 years ago today, the Beagle Pup made it's first flight from Shoreham Airport. Just over 2 1/2 years later the Government withdrew it's financial backing and Beagle Aircraft went under despite having over 200 on order.. Here is Henry Ford's nightmare, an array of Pups in various colours except black. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  20. .......with the sound of Rotax. Eat your heart out Rodgers and Hammerstein! A short flight from Lowi towards Lisenser Fernerkogel 1. 2. Climbing away over Vols. 3. Heading into the valley at Sellrain. 4. Spot the crazy road zig zagging up the mountain at St Quirin 5. The Foxbat has run out of puff so time to turn back at Lusens with Lisenser Fernerkogel dominating the horizon on the right 6. At Praxmar with Lamsenspitz on the right. 7. Looking down the valley at Stallwies 8. Innere Z
  21. Gerold suggested a move south for some nicer weather when flying. So it is down to KBLU and his forecasting was spot on. 1. Yak-52 speeding down the runway at KBLU. 2. Heading east and following Route 80 towards Emigrant Gap. 3. Yuba Pass. 4. Lake Tahoe North Star. 5. At KTRK Truckee 6. Carnelian Bay on Lake Tahoe 7. Rubicon Peak is in the distance. 8. South Lake Tahoe 9. Now that was a nice landing. 10. A different parking spot. 11. VH-XSU "Red Alert"
  22. Thought I would take a look at the flights I was doing one year ago while my sim is loading up. 15. I can remember very well this flight out of Kokoda
  23. Avro York G-AGNP "Manchester" is taking a trip from Berlin to Hamburg. 1. Leaving Tegel over the Maselakebucht with the island Eiswerder. 2. The Havelkanal at Seidlung Schonwalde. 3. The junction of Autobahn 10 and 24 at Neu-Vehlefanz 4. Autobahn 24 again at Walsleben 5. Cruising near Rosenwinkel. 6. At the city of Grabow and the River Elde. 7. Passing the 304m mast at Billbrook. 8. The Mundsburg Towers are on the right, plenty of landmarks to see in Hamburg. 9. Stadtpark and the Ham
  24. A beautiful BOAC Douglas DC-7C, Seven Seas. Setting out for a Trans Atlantic flight to New York with the south west tip of Ireland just in view. 14.
  25. My favourite US airline just got a whole lot better. 1. This beautiful 737 is about to run up the west coast to it's home. 2. Sadly as beautiful as it is there are many dangers on the way. 3. The weather may be a problem. 4. The weather does look good at the moment, but still many miles to go. 5. Could be hungry bears, they love to snaffle a tasty Salmon. 6. Possibly a Bald Eagle with dagger like talons. 7. There are plenty of anglers who like to tangle with a big tasty salmon. 8. Maybe some net
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