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  1. Good Evening. I just recently purchased the Milviz P.180 EVO through Orbx, and installed it to Prepar3D v5.1 using Orbx Central earlier today (which automatically installed the Milviz Dependencies, too). Unfortunately, once installed, I encountered a few (though severe) issues. When the aircraft loaded up, the engines, while running (and making sound) were not animated, and the propellors were stationary. As well, when increasing the throttles, the aircraft responded, but the throttles in the VC did not move, and, more bizarrely, the aircraft was moving "in-place"; the wheels were
  2. I understand that people get off topic, but I don't know why every thread on this subject is quickly locked to new comments. Until there's an update released this topic is not "complete" or "answered", it's only begun to be addressed. We've been through this with London and I'd expect it to be handled better the second time around. But there's even less communication about when an update will be released this time? My memory of the London plan was a first update to simply address conflicts asap, then a later release with additional new contents. And I seem to recall there being two version
  3. Hello , I just purchased KBUR for my msfs2020 and i noticed that i am missing Autogen around the airport ! Please have a look at my shots below and advice me if this is normal or not . Thank you
  4. Hi, are we still waiting for a new version of Paris landmarks to be compatible with MSFS? Thanks & regards, Fulvio
  5. Hi all, in my installation using Northern California and TE Northern California I have an elevation issue at KRDD. Cannot find any relevant files, there is no elevation file active and in TE scenery are 2 bgl deactivated by krdd. As soon as I deactivate the TE everything is perfect. Looks like this: And than at KTVL the watermask doesn't work and this looks ugly as it's a nice coastline of Lake Tahoe in the region scenery, so same thing, deactivate TE and it works. Cheers Andreas
  6. Hi guys can someone here check this one please??? Missing a lot of autogen around O60.
  7. Hi folks, I bought LOWS Salzburg from digital designs through SIM Market, I received a key all good. Now it's a part of Orbx and the key will not work in Central. I have tried to reach out to the developer directly, also added on Facebook and nothing, it's been two weeks and nothing I just want to merge it with Orbx. Orbx are you able to contact the developer in my behalf or something or does someone know a way past this issue? Thank you in advance
  8. I have large terrain spikes just south of ENCN. I am not sure which product from ORX that is the source for this, but I have this installed: Orbx ENCN, Vector, OpenLC Europe, EU Norway and Global base installed. Latest installed was ENCN. Can anyone check if they have it too?
  9. Super happy about KTEX being ported to V5, but after flying in the rockies area I realized that the amazing gem of 65S is still missing from the roster. Any chance of seeing it in the near future? Best Regards, Alessandro
  10. Is there any update on when this will be compatible with world update 4? It seems to be taking longer than the London fix. I bought this scenery so at least I'd appreciate some update on when I'll actually be able to use it again.
  11. I recently reinstalled FSX, to my C drive, & Orbx Central picked it up straight away. Due to space limitations I have relocated FSX to a plug in SSD. (Which also carries XP11 & Orbx Central finds that without issue) After moving FSX, Orbx Central no longer shows it in my drop down list of Sims. (I suspect it is looking for it on the C drive) Is there a way for me to point Orbx Central to the new location of FSX? Thanks you TTM
  12. Hi, I have noticed that in LittleNavmap the runways are labelled the wrong way round at Compton Abbas. Has anyone else noticed this? Checking the BGL file runways shouldn't ID 26/08 Heading 076.9 be ID 08/26 Heading 076.9 Is it possible to update this if required?
  13. Hi, I have zu following issues with Mesh and polygons with openLC Africa. The products has been installed twice, the verify files and sync buttons have been pushed in the way suggested in FAQ (Block issues). The only product installed in this area is Pilots FS Global 2018 FTX P3D and FSDG Cape Town. Do you have any suggestions? BR Jeehan FYOG Oranjemund Namibia, polygon issues : Mesh problems with lakes at Ivato Antanarivo Madagascar (FMMI): FKVS Yaounde Cameroon:
  14. Hello I'm using the Ikarus C42 quite a lot and with 1'500 airplanes built there are many more people that use this airplane for flight training and many other purposes. I was wondering if you guys are thinking about developing this airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? Best, Mike
  15. Hello, I currently have FSX with SP1&2. I have FTX Global Base, Vector, and numerous OpenLC regions, full fat regions, and airports - mostly all Orbx. Also running UT2 and REX Essentials. Everything Orbx is up to date - scenery and Orbx Central included. Prior to Christmas I purchased Orbx AUv2 and Cairns Airport scenery. I then installed all of the Australian freeware airports on the Orbx site along with a few Ant's Aussie Airports. All of this installed flawlessly, without issues in sim. Yesterday, I opted to purchase 2 scenery addons, Gold Coast Ai
  16. I've attacted the log, a screen shot of the registraction window and also proof of purchase obviously blured out the serial key,address and 5 of the 7 digit order number from sim market. I purchased the software at 10:59am ( 5-3-2021 ) and at ( 11:24am ) i made this account on the forms. This account asked me for transaction number and i think i put in the correct one. I have everything installed on my external SSD and all other mods and game's run correctly. I purchased software from simMarket wxforce_20210503_122003.txt
  17. Is the release of Bella Coola days,weeks or months away? King regards Steve
  18. After seeing a YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fym5z7_ANE) of the Orbx Landmarks London City Pack I added the pack to my flight simulator (updated to - no UK update). I'm pretty happy with the Orbx scenery, but am a bit disappointed in Buckingham palace. The demo (see attachment) showed a more faithful rendition of the palace but with the version I installed this week, the only improvement over the MS imagery seems to be the addition of the (Victoria Memorial?) fountain - the actual palace buildings seem unchanged. Did I somehow only get a partial install of the Landma
  19. I just installed Palma and When on the ground i’m getting this continuous wheel touch down noise. i have posted a link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/grp48bjzr0kypi4/Video 06-05-2021%2C 10 07 03.mov?dl=0
  20. I just landed at KTEX and the scenery is missing. I checked Orbx central and it is missing from my Products and Store Page, no where to be found. I purchased a while ago.....I am running P3D v5 Hot Fix 2 Bill Clark
  21. I have noticed that EGHI has some display problems in my setup. I have verified, uninstalled and reinstalled this addon and it still seems to be missing a massive number of trees and autogen. I can imagine whats causing it
  22. Just tried to run MSFS and also to buy something and nothing is happening. Just trying again well the sim loaded. But I have 43 items not installed it seems. Plus one of them is Shoreham Airport which I believe I bought and when I click on the I formation bar to the right it says it’s waiting and then does nothing. Plus all the items seems to have something to do with community. What’s going on. Thanks Derek.
  23. as it was just released for MSFS ... is there any little chance that this will come to P3Dv5 too?
  24. How do I change my email in 'Orbx Central'?
  25. Hi guys, so I was having BSOD's all the time yesterday (video driver issue it seems), then my FSX went crazy (couldn't load a flight) and I had a sort of repair made to FSX. Now it works, but I'm not sure what to do with Orbx global products (as the other ones have their folders active). I made a "verify files" for global and it downloaded about 3 gb of data. Same for trees and buildings (verify, I mean). Because I suspect those files were overwritten by the repair, weren't they? Thank you Federico
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