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  1. I've been doing a bit of housekeeping with the Lorby add-on organiser (I install all my add-on aircraft & scenery as XML 'packages' outside the P3D directory and use the Lorby tool to link them), and noticed that something called FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT is purple. This apparently means that the path is incorrect, or there is no .bgl file in the folder it's pointing at. My Orbx library is exactly as it installed itself, and I have no intention of fiddling with it! Is this something I should be concerned about? My installation is very stable and rarely crashes, although it does take a while to lo
  2. I have just installed P3D v5.1 under Windows 10 and note that whilst all my sceneries (e.g. Global plus a number of airports) have green ticks in Orbx Central (installed) they are not visible in my sim. I have stored them outside the sim in a seperate folder. 1. Are all my sceneries compatible with P3D v5.1. Gothenburgh has a P3D v4 tag for example. 2. How do I activate my sceneries so they become visible in the sim. None of them are listed under sceneries in the sim. John McWilliam
  3. Hi, I'm planning to install both p3d v4 & v5 on the same pc, I would like to check if it is possible to have True Earth GB installed in both p3d versions from a single download/installer? Or are 2 seperate downloads/installers required for TE for each version of p3d? I've seen this topic: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/190948-installing-Orbx-products-in-prepar3d-v5/ which sounds like the p3d v4 version of TE can be used for v5 as well? Thanks
  4. KLZU has the wrong ILS frequency for runway 25 in freeware package. The frequency for many years has been 109.95, but the airport in the freeware package still has it as 111.75. 111.75 is currently in use for KATL runway 28, so when using a payware KATL that adds runway 10/28, the proximity of KLZU interferes with ILS28 approaches at KATL. I run a navaids update package that fixes all of the world navaids, but the freeware airports package overwrites that change and sets it back to 111.75. I have fixed this myself using ADE to fix the freeware airport, but it would b
  5. Hi there, Are there any patches available to use both LFLJ and Ortho4xp together? I've searched through every forum and have not found anything to these two work! There's an old patch released in 2016 but this seems to be for default scenery. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  6. Glad to know Malmo Airport has been released for MSFS. Was expecting a discount for previous owners for P3Dv4.+. Cheers, Ed
  7. I'm getting regular CTDs from EFHK in P3D V5.1 HF1 but usually only at GA parking spots (not all of them just some of them). I checked the compatibility link here: https://orbxdirect.com/prepar3d-v5 and EFHK is on the list as compatible. I did a quick search on this forum for "EFHK" and "Helsinki" but found only one hit that was related to SODE. I'm running the latest SODE version 1.7.1. I'm not seeing anything obvious in the ContentError log nor in the SceneryError log just the usual taxiway width errors. Nothing in the OS Event Log for the CTD. Other airports seem
  8. Hello, I just installed EGPH into my P3D V5. However the dynamic lights dont appear to be working properly. Im on V5 HF2 for content , scenery and client. Im not sure if I had this problem with HF1. Also running true earth North GB. Anyone else having the same issue?
  9. I just started a flight to Malmö at gate 17 with the A320neo. My plane was spawned too much forward. Can this please be fixed? Also would it be possible to animate the jetways? I saw Trondheim (Jo Erlend Sund) updated his scenery last week, making the jetways animated (looks like the same type as in ESGG)...? By the way if you red this today. Really challenging approach into Malmö today with a heavy crosswind! Really enjoyed the short flight
  10. I am following the update tip by Nick for V5.1. The last thing he talks about is to run "P3D\Delete Generated Files batch file", what is this and where do I find it? Thanks, David
  11. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3Dv5 Screenshot: Issue: I just bought Chaseplane via PayPal and then "Bancontact" because I live in Belgium, My account is debited but it's not my products list!! Please, what do I need to do? central.log
  12. I've noticed that there are updates available for most of tthe aircraft in nmsfs. But when I go into Content Manager it tells me that a newer game version is required to update. Does that mean a complete uninstall/reinstall? Also, where can I find my msfs version number? Thanks, Don.
  13. I wonder if some MSFS products of yours might not come to the MSFS Marketplace for some reason or another. I'm asking because I was waiting for Sidney Cityscape and Graz to appear there. Now Notodden and Gothenburg, both of which were released at a later date, have been added to the Marketplace. Please don't think I'm impatient - I can wait (hell, there are more than enough other places to be discovered in this amazing platform). It is just a principal question.
  14. The LOWS airport and surrounding scenery for MSFS is great. However, I have photogrammetry for Salzburg that I am really fond of. Is there a way to use the LOWS scenery, and only and Photogrammetry for the city? I miss the scenery precedence order from FSX where we could place scenery over other scenery. Is this possible in MSFS?
  15. Good day! I simply love your products and have most of them installed in my P3D v4.5 simulator. But that SSD is getting very full and I would like to migrate all your scenery from the P3D library to a new SSD drive I have installed in my very advanced flight simulator computer. What is the easiest way to move all installed Orbx scenery from the C:\ disk to the new one that is D:\ with a lot of free disc space? Is there a migration tool or do I need to manually move evry single installation I have to the new disk? Thank you in advance for your sup
  16. I and others bought Vienna for X-Plane via Orbx Central and have found several issues/bugs with the product. When we've tried to get the developer's attention to address these issues, both via forum posts and filed support tickets, we have either not received a response at all or the developer said there are no planned updates at this time. Here's two examples -> https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/197148-gaya-loww-runway-approach-lights-totally-misplaced/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/200658-x-plane-11-loww/?tab=comments#comment-1715122
  17. I read carefully your Microsoft Marketplace and Orbx Direct - FAQ thread and I have an additional question: I have understood that their is no connections between both systems and I have remarked that the LIRQ airport I have bought on Orbx, is installed into the Community folder. Now, suppose I simply move the LIRQ folder from this place to the official/Steam folder, where are, apparently, systematically installed purchases from Microsoft Marketplace, will the game recognize LIRQ and mark it as owned, like it would have been bought on Marketplace ? Of course
  18. Hi, I made 2 flights with arrival to ILS15 and ILS seems misplaced: I finished in CFR mode.
  19. Good evening, I just bought The Vienna scenery from gaya simulation. Look Nice at first sight, but I suspect it hides a lot of unfinished or quickly done jobs. My apologies if it soundd rude but I never experienced this when paying 30 euros for a scenery in more than 10 years of flight simulation. First question, Can you confirm that the scenery is compatible with GSX ? I ask because on the current Afcad, GSX miss a LOT of gates (quick exemple F09, F03 and others), is it due to Unfinished Afcad ? Second Questions or Request, Is it possible to get a correct SODE
  20. I really like the Dundee scenery, especially the custom stuff around the airport, including the bridges and along the river. Did notice the Mill's observatory, that while modelled, was hidden in trees!
  21. Noticeable in major cities like downtown San Francisco and Los Angeles, certain buildings are very visible and will stick out through the haze of enhanced atmospherics of v5.1. They seem unaffected by the new haze system. Here's a screenshot for your review
  22. I'm seeing double structures in KPSP with 5.1. It looks like blending is not working for this and other airports. Also a suggestion, consider adding a preset for True Earth in Orbx Central for FTX Airports. You already have one for SCA or Global, but why not True Earth? Right now, the demarcation line between FTX KPSP and True Earth SoCal is in the mountains, obvious, and ugly. Please fix integration and blending between your products.
  23. I am trying to set up a new Xplane 11.50 (VUlcan) system running scenery only on a second computer with an Nvidia RTX2070 graphics card. I have Orbx loaded on this machine only. When I run Xplane without Orbx scenery the system works just fine. When I run Xplane from an area covered by Orbx, the scenery loads fine, then burps and the view flips or shows only sky or shows only half o buildings floating above the airports. Do I have to install the Orbx scenery onto the Master computer also? Is there something else I need to do to get this working properly?
  24. So, I’m using FSX:SE and have Global Base and Vector, in preparation to getting all the PNG products. I then bought and installed AYPY and TAP, along with the freeware Emo Mission and PNG mesh. After getting stuff ordered in the scenery library screen “correctly” (with airports high), I can see all the airstrips that came as part of TAP (e.g. Woitape), but not any of the ones that came with AYPY (e.g. Efogi, Kagi). The two entries are right next to one another in the scenery library list, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Help! I spent a lot of money getting to this point an
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