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  1. I hope maybe someone from Gaya sees this. The new airport ist really great looking and almost perfect but some ground surfaces of runways and taxiways are extremly uneven and makes it difficult to taxi on. You can see those bumps on the surfaces which make it impossible to touchdown easily on it without swaying to the sides. Maybe it can be fixed in a next update :D
  2. Hello, I just bought Orbx ENAL but had an loading issue (couldn't complete loading) But after disabling AS ENVA scenery, ENAL loading succeeded. I think one or both scenery developer should fix this confliction. Thanks!
  3. Dear Orbx support. I just purchased the London landmark addon to MS FS 2020. I took off at approx. 21:30 from city airport and followed the river Thames. I was flying low and noticed car lights under the bridge yet there where no vehicles on the bridge. Could you please look at fixing this bug? Cheers F. https://youtu.be/9BfhCAypDWw
  4. Hi, I have missing buiding (including part of the tower) at EU England EGLC. I have already done "resynchronise simulator" Any suggestion or other check - No TrueEarth, no other addon in the vicinity (except some Orbx airports). Thanks - Gérard
  5. Dear all, I tried to sign up for an store account several times but not getting any validation email. Please could you help me. Regards Marcus Anton
  6. Hi Is it possible to have Orbx weather themes in MSFS? These are great pluses and it would be awesome to fly MSFS under those conditions. Also would it be possible to create a weather that goes from clear days to storm in both P3D and MSFS? That would be an amazing fly, to pass through all that evolution from clear skies to a major thunderstorm without needing to change the weather. (done automatically) Thanks Carlos
  7. Hello, I am not sure if this is an Orbx issue or a p3d scenery issue, but it appears the runway is floating with no terrain underneath it at Telluride Airport. This is the default airport with no modifications to the afcad. The only Orbx scenery affecting this region would be Global that I know of. Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. Hi there It happens that I found some issues 01.-I found some sort of small hills in the Thames river 02.- When flying near to London city airport the plane struggles to make it 03.- Some of the buildings in Canary Wharf stretch and then shrink , I mean they jump and then go down. Is a matter of seconds but if you are making a video that movements spoils it Any explanation? PS (Actually these two front ones and the two tall towers that are on the back side) Thanks Carlos
  9. Hi there, first of all I think it's great that you guys keep on releasing such excellent sceneries for MSFS, the new Tegel airport being one of them. On a few test flights I noticed there is a serious bump on both runways towards the middle that needs to be flattened out. I hope this is the right place to put this. Cheers
  10. How do I move my Orbx Scenery from my old computer to my new one? John
  11. Hi! Just purchased the bundle of Vienna & Berlin for MSFS using Sofort. Payment went fine, money deducted from my bank account, but no confirmation e-mail and products are still shown in my cart. Is there like a delay, or has something gone wrong? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, While contrasting between XP, MSFS and P3D; noticed that the mesh in XP is much poorer compared to P3D. Have I made an error with install or is this a limitation within XP? Can't find a setting for mesh complexity. Cadair Idris Pass (A487), Mach Loop, Wales Many thanks Andy
  13. Hi I currently own EGNM for MSFS2020 and X-Plane however I've noticed that a few VRP landmarks are missing in MSFS2020 namely Cookridge Tower aka Tinshill Tower https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinshill_BT_Tower it isn't a tall structure in the current autogen nor is the local area recognisable outside of the airport pack. I have True Earth GB in X-Plane and everything has been faithfully reproduced which is great for VFR flying. Does Orbx have plans for either True Earth GB or a landmarks pack for EGNM Leeds/ Bradford area for MSFS?
  14. I installed some of my XPlane scenery in the migrated library. That drive has become too full and I want to move that scenery to the XPlane scenery. Can I just copy and past from the migrate library back to the XPlane scenery? Thank You. Bill McCracken
  15. Can you please have a look at my ini file and rearrange it as needed? Thank You..... scenery_packs.ini
  16. hi. I purchased London City Aiport directly on MSFS market place. It installed 100% done and all good. When i go in to go and fly at the aiport it is still the old default aiport. Please help
  17. Hi, I already own EGTB for FSX/P3D, and was under the impression that those who already own scenery/airports for FSX/P3D would be getting a 40% discount if they purchased the same MSFS scenery/airports. That's been the case for the scenery/airports released so far that I've owned (for which I'm very thankful!), but when I just tried to purchase EGTB, no discount was offered... Has this discount offer now finished? Thanks, Nick
  18. hello everyone, i noticed some significant differences when looking at my ground textures as compared to the advertising pictures provided by Orbx (picture "77s Orbx ad"). now, before i scratch my head looking for a solution (actually i already did without success), when in fact there isn't one, i'd like to know what kind of results you guys are getting at hobby field. so: are my settings wrong or does everybody get these blurry textures as shown in the picture "77s blurry" ? (config file attached, in case someone wants to take a look at the settings i am using.)
  19. If a add on airport has a option to add/blend textures if using FTX global. That means I should enable this if using Orbx global textures correct?
  20. Hi, I just purchased LOWI from the Marketplace and set up a flight. I selected Gate 5 and the aircraft was spawned on top of a TUI Flight A320. I could only see 1/2 of the cockpit. After the installation it said go to Content Manager and I saw LOWI from Asobo Studios as well as LOWI fro Orbx. Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  21. Hi, Products: FTX EU Scotland, FTX Global openLC Europe, FTX EU England, TrueEarth GB North, Global Vector - Prepar3D v5, TrueEarth GB Central For the past month or so I have been working with another Developer to identify the cause of a display error on my Prepar3D V5 (HF2) setup. His product requires the scenery and texture folders in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM and FTX_EU_!GBC_08_CUSTOM to be turned OFF to disable the Orbx Vector Data files. In each case, 2 dummy folders (scenery and texture) are substituted and each contains an empty text file named 'Do_Not_Remove.txt'.
  22. Moved Orbx library to a new drive for room from C by cut and paste. Now Xplane is not loading it. Xplane is is still in C and Orbx is in G. When I load ORBSX central, I don't see my Xplane 11.5, only 11.4, old version (both on C drive). Any help, please. Thanks.
  23. Some textures seem to be unaffected by the fog/mist/rain and instead show as black objects. Great otherwise though.
  24. Hi, Firstly, I just wanted to say, good recovery on this product guys. I waited for the updated version before I bought it, and did not have high expectations, but London is looking really good now. I noticed a couple of small issues. There is a water hill in the Thames West of Canary Wharf. Also, the Albert Memorial seems to have had an autogen office block dropped on it, the top of the monument is there sticking out of the roof.
  25. Hi, After todays London City Airport updates the Tate and Lyle building seems to have disappeared. (I can't remember if this was in the Landmarks or the Airport DLC, but I'm guessing the airport, as it was that update which changed it). Cheers Jon
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