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Found 8,962 results

  1. Hi, I absolutely love the Newcastle scenery. However - I am unable to pick Gate 8 to spawn onto? Thanks, Adam
  2. I think Orbx continues to develop or migrate the elevation repair tools in Vector to solve the problem of texture loss and invisible walls in P3Dv5. This problem occurs frequently after installing Orbx products and may occur at airports around the world.
  3. Hello.I just have installed vector for v5...Africa is bettwen CVX and EXX or sholud be below Asia?
  4. The Freeware Nanaimo etc sceneries by Larry R. have been updated, and are now compatible.
  5. I know that there are the following helipads are supposed to be included with LOWI (as listed in the user guide for LOWI): Innsbruck Air Rescue Heliport (LOJO) University Hospital (LOIU) Hat Tux Heliport / Alpin 5 (LOJT) Fire Service College Heliport (LOIN) None show up in the airport menu. I understand that Petfy had posted a .zip file with APX's to fix this. I finally found reference to it in a forum post, but the link for this file (mentioned in Petfy's post about it) no longer works. These helipads are listed as part of the scenery. Can anyone assist with this? Thanks, Pete
  6. Short sightseeing flight around Portland. Looks good! There are two issues that I've noticed, however. First: The Portland Aerial Tram cables stop in the middle of an empty space. Is this a problem with my install or is the lower terminal missing? Also, the cables pass over the central tower and dive into the ground just across the highway rather than continue to the upper terminal. Please see the areas within the 2 yellow circles in the pic below. Second: I have Bill Womack's / Flightbeam's KPDX and Bill's / Orbx's KVUO installed, however it appears that autogen buildings and vegetation are excluded around KPDX. Is there a fix / workaround for this? Thanks.
  7. Hi I am getting this weird texture through my EGNT scenery? I have tried looking on the forum but nothing? thanks james
  8. Potholes with dams or lakes or on a little hill of its own ... they are all over the place. Vector not installed. No potholes or water hills without Orbx Africa_LC. What is interfering where with who ...?
  9. I have come across vertical waves in the past and applied the fix explained in the post below. Since updating all my products to the new Orbx Central they have returned but the old fix doesn't work as to the best of my knowledge "FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS.TXT" is no longer part of the ORBX setup? I have re-installed the main libraries without success.
  10. Hello , Today I installed TE Oregon and I realized that I am missing trees in many areas ! This is a flight from S45 To 77s : And another flight from 7s3 to Vernonia : Downtown Portland : I Tried to Verify TE Oregon files , Uninstalled and Reinstalled : Orbx Libraries , HD Trees , Terra Flora V2 and Object Flow Sync my Sim ! Nothing happened ! Any idea what is going On ? Thank you , Mike
  11. Been checking out the Portland Scenery and it is amazing. When changing the view to outside the plane such as chase mode everything looks great. From the cockpit however it's not as exciting, like not as much autogen or less detail. Is this normal or am I missing something. Thanks. Steve
  12. I Keep getting "communication error" when trying to update my products. Thanks,
  13. Marshaller concreated into apron and some floatily light people.
  14. I am getting an error that I'm missing a texture called AURORA_LIB_BUILDINGS_INDUSTRIAL_01_LM.DDS. I have run the Verify Files option in Orbx Central and it went through the installation scanning but the file is still missing. I have actually gone to the directory in question and it is not there. Please advise how to proceed.
  15. Very disappointed with the Monterey area. The runway at KMRY is almost unusable. There are floating buildings at the airport, particularly near GA parking. The ocean "shimmer" reflections are "boxed" (i.e., they end with an abrupt line) which looks awful. I realize the airports in TrueEarth are default, but TrueEarth makes KMRY worse than default.
  16. I have noticed a little issue when flying over Orbx PNW. Some buildings appear to show through the haze/fog when using the enhanced atmospherics. Is this a known bug? Screenshot taken at N48° 25.63' W122° 25.81'.
  17. Hi Nick and Mitchell, Previously I had to install True Earth GB to a library on my HDD, because my SSD was too small. Now I bought an additional SSD, and I want to move my orbx library from the HDD to this SSD. Is there a way to do this without having to re-download a whopping 356GB worth of scenery? Thanks, Eric Operating system: Win10 Simulator: XP-11 Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  18. Hello, I use prepar 4.5 last version. With al Orbx modules on or off I dont get rid of this lack of autogen if 61 Boulder City is on. I found out, the boulder city scenery file "boulder_100cm_N.bgl" causes the problem. The picture below shows the problem- boulder city is above, las vegas below, it is located on the north-west border of the scenery to the las vegas city region. Fly Tampa Las vegas is not the problem. I use no other sceneries in this area. As I said I tried evertything with scneries/modules (incl. vector) on/off with no succes. kind regards Thomas
  19. Hello I bought US Florida HD for x-plane 11 and I am not impressed. The scenery was not what I was expecting and I live in florida and all of the colors are way off. (Yes I know my display settings can change it the whole state looked like a dark brown compared to other Orbx scenery's) Can I get this switched for True Earth US Oregon HD? They are the same price so I hope it would work. Just looking at them I think Oregon is done way better from Florida just based on photos alone. Thank you for your time.
  20. Operating system: Win 10 V2004 Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  21. Hi, Just going through cleaning up and found that I have two Centrals installed. They are 4.0.39 (231MB) and 4.1.13 (291MB). Can i safely uninstall 4.0.39 without upsetting anything? Operating system: Win10 Pro Simulator: P3Dv4.5 HF3
  22. I read a couple of posts regarding similar elevation issues , however for Northern California HD I can't seem to find the solution to correct this problem. It seem it is mainly at KMRY the elevation is y altered. I check other airports like SFO ,SJC and other Bay Area airports seem to be fine. Why is this happening??
  23. Hi there, Can you tell me what airports are included in your freeware PNG package? I can't get access to the manual. Thanks
  24. Hi all, I just purchased P3Dv5 today and i got it up and running. Got a few test flights done. Now i want to install my Orbx compatible products, but for the life of my I cannot get the Orbx Central to update to 4.1.5, it keeps on telling me there are no updates available. Any ideas? Much appreciated!! (I have opted into Fastlane, and I shut Orbx central down and signed back in, it says i am a Fastlane user, but no updates available. Richard
  25. I'm currently running MegaScenery Washington in P3D v4.5. If I download Orbx Washington does it completely overwrite MegaScenery or does it compliment it? Thanks. Steve
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