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Found 7,641 results

  1. I reinstalled my game and all my addon recently and i don't think my Orbx is activate, here is my screenshot does this looks normal?
  2. I did a reinstall of Washington HD after changing back from US Washington SD . X-Plane crashes and won't start.I verified the files but it still crashes before it loads.Please advise. Thanks Log.txt
  3. Orbx, I know you don't support BETA versions but the reality is I would say a majority of us grab the beta as soon ( maybe more than 50% ) as soon as it drops. Maybe you could just have an open topic so we can add bugs so as users we know its not just us with the bug and maybe it might help Orbx debug for future releases. After the framerate increase on Vulkan I'll live with the few bugs I am encountering but the only Orbx bug is a missing library but I just ignore it and I can't see it causing any obvious problems.
  4. I want to install Orbx UK South scenery on a separate SSD to where X-Plane is installed and use shortcuts to point to the scenery folders. This is the process I have deployed for all my Ortho scenery in order to reserve space on my X-Plane drive for aircraft and airports etc. However, I pointed FTX Central to download the Orbx scenery to the separate drive, but it only downloaded 30+ gbytes of zip folders to that drive and then attempted to install converted uncompressed files to my X-Plane/Custom Scenery folder, where upon it ran out of disk space. The SSD, where I wish to install the Orbx scenery has 250 gbytes of space whereas my X-Plane disk only has 139 gbytes. It appears that I need around 30+ gbytes to download the zip files, but how can I install the three Orbx folders to my SSD drive? Your advice is urgently required.
  5. Hi, So i recently updated some specs for my computer and in conjunction reformated my harddrives and re-installed P3D, Orbx etc. After I had installed Orbx trees and all other landscape addons i have, i noticed while flying that some (the majority) looked very bright-green and dominated on the vegetation side, cities are full of these trees and im just wondering if this is normal? Because it looks quite strange... I will attach some pictures showing how these trees stand out and almost look unrealistic.. is this normal from Orbx trees? Cause i cannot remember it being this bright-green.. previously when using it.. (I have my Autogen vegetation set to max) And as you can see on the pic with pinetrees, the colours also mix which doesn't look realistic either....?? Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello, Why does this installation disable the default Trafficboats.bgl, ? Do I need to uninstall this Pnw Ferries addon if I "fly" outside the region? Thanks in advance Go to C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery and rename the file trafficBoats.bgl.disabled-by-pnw_ferries back to trafficBoats.bgl
  7. I have problems with the ground textures. The airport , runways and taxiways are perfect but some portion of the ground appears white (it seems like snow texture) and others totally black as not loaded. I have Europe LC and Austria pro installed with the relative option in the Orbx central configuration panel for LOWW, flagged. My precedent Fly Tampa airport fully uninstalled. I've just tried to uninstall and reinstall from Orbx central without solving the problem. Any help is appreciated !!
  8. I have a error message that states that my scenarty may have errors due to a problem in my library Orbx (something like that) I dont know how to fix the scenary.ini file...could you help me ? Operating system: windows 10 Simulator: xplane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Grass in the concrete and error message of wrong scenary ICMlog.txt Log.txt central.log scenery_packs.ini scenery_packs.ini.backup-Orbx
  9. Hey all, Got TE GB South today and on a VFR flight i noticed some very bright green lights on the new Severn Bridge. The old Severn Bridge looks fine and the lighting is as real life. I've attached two pics to show the difference and one real life pic to show what it should look like. It could be an intentional texture as 2 other people with TE GB South also see the lights. As a Welsh man who has been over the Severn Bridge many times i can 100% confirm there is no such bright green ufo looking lights.
  10. Using Central v4.1.1 the 74S Anacortes Configure tab has radio buttons instead of check boxes, so I cannot choose more than one option. In past versions of Central, we could choose multiple options. Why the change? Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: FSX and P3D v4 Screenshot: Issue: Cannot choose multiple configuration options. central.log
  11. I opened this thread cause i can't see trueglass working... I got dhc3 MILVIZ and TRUE GLASS TFDi, is there any tip?
  12. I have problems with the ground textures. The airport , runways and taxiways are perfect but some portion of the ground appears white (it seems like snow texture) and others totally black as not loaded. I have Europe LC and Austria pro installed with the relative option in the Orbx central configuration panel for LOWW, flagged. I've just tried to uninstall and reinstall from Orbx central without solving the problem. Any help is appreciated !!
  13. Hello, is this normal when Ground Poly is ticked in the Configuration Manager? Aiport YMML It says, Taxiways and Aprons have an Groundpoly. Aprons are ok, taxiways not. from the Manager: This uses a FSX Ground Poly to cover the entire runways, taxiways and aprons. Regards
  14. Hi Team, Just purchased ESKS and was hoping to install to a library outside P3D but I cannot. With P3Dv5 on immenent release next week, when can I install this package outside P3D? Cheers, M
  15. Hello there, I`m new to this forum and to Orbx for XP11. Just bought the London City Scenery and noticed the Runway Edge lights are "under the Earth" The Light it self is weak to recognize at night. At daylight there are no Components of the Runway Edge lightning system shown. regards, Tome346
  16. Hi I wonder if you could answer two questions please. 1. Can I "easily" install the GB True Earth files on a hard drive labelled D: when the xplane installation is on the C: hard drive? 2. What sort of frame rate loss will I expect over the standard xplane scenery? regards Trevor
  17. Hi, I've been flying exclusively in TE GB for quite a while, and since the update got rid of the blurries it's been great fun flying around my home country. However, yesterday I went back to PNW and took off from Concrete Municipal, heading down the valley to the coast. Despite getting pin-sharp scenery in TE, the ground textures in PNW are horribly blurry. I've tried setting max framerates to 24 (they were on unlimited), as per Nick's advice, but this hasn't made any difference. I'm flying the same aircraft (Carenado Bonanza V35) and using the same graphics settings, but PNW is consistently much worse than TEGB. I would have thought TE photoscenery would have had worse performance than non-photoscenery. Any ideas as to why this may be the case? And any solutions spring to mind? Many thanks, Steve
  18. Hi there, Are there any patches available to use both LFLJ and Ortho4xp together? I've searched through every forum and have not found anything to these two work! There's an old patch released in 2016 but this seems to be for default scenery. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  19. Testing 11.50 and fps has significantly improved in TE FL and everywhere else. I'm hoping Tony can look into why TE WA is the only region that doesn't want to load. Many users are having the same issue. Thanks.
  20. Hi Everyone So as I say in the title, I have 2 hard drives on the same computer and I just recently installed 11.50 Vulkan onto one of them, I have a lot of Orbx scenerys installed on my original 11.41 installation. So yesterday I copied and pasted true earth north into the 11.50 custom scenery Folder and it works flawlessly, the frame rates are truly incredible for my i5 processor 1060 6GB card. So what I am asking is this.........is it ok to do that ( can I do that with my other Orbx scenerys) OR should/can I go through ftx central and install them the correct way, would I have to download another copy of ftx central for 11.50 copy of XP11, advise would be welcome please. I dont think I can go back to 11.41 now, I was mega impressed with Orbx and Vulkan quite unbelievable frame rates! Thanks Regards Paul (York UK)
  21. I've noticed with some of the North American add on airfields I can only land from one direction due to high trees at one end of the runway. Surely in the real world the trees would be kept down so you can land from either end? I love the Orbx scenery but are there maybe too many trees in some cases?!
  22. Hi, i see two gaya Entries in scenery.cfg How can I fix it? Best Michael
  23. Hi I have used AU 1 and now I switched to AU 2. Usually i m using SIMSTARTER and deactivated many scenery for quicker load. Now I have activated all Orbx sceneries. I have noticed 3 activated Folders: FTXAU18_CUSTOM FTXAU28_CUSTOM FTXAU38_CUSTOM In these folders are another folder, only texture. Is these folders nessasary, or can I delete it. Maybe Orbx Central has not delete them. Best Michael
  24. Hi, could I ask for some guidance regarding Orbx Library management? In summary I've had to rebuild my P3D v4.5 sim from scratch. On the same drive as my sim a library already existed (Main Library originally in E:\Orbx Library) As part of my sim rebuild I've just added another drive, so that I can run P3D from one drive, and reserve the new drive for addons such as scenery. What I was hoping I would be able to do, is create a new library on the new drive (G) via Orbx Central v4.1.1, and then move existing download content across from my sim drive as described above, without having to download it all again. This may not be the best way, but my thinking was that there is no "move" option in Orbx Central so thought it would be ok to do that, and then verify products so the sim can see them. I have not carried out the move of content from one drive to another, but in using Orbx Central to edit library details discovered it will not delete the new library, which is just a folder, no content. If I try to delete it returns the error "an error occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator" and the library remains in Central, as does the (empty) folder structure. If I then start my sim, I am prompted to enable Orbx sceneries, which I declined as I want to have sceneries pulled from the new drive not the old one, and the new library is not yet built. Can you help me unravel whatever may be amiss so that I can get Central to clear what it sees as a new library but will not delete, and if it's possible, advise how I move content from one drive to another, creating a new main library as I do so. I'm sure I've probably done something stupid without realising... I've attached a logfile here. Kind regards, and stay safe Dave Operating system: Windows 10/64 Home Simulator: p3D v4.5 Screenshot: See attached, plus error info in text body Issue: central.log
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