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Found 380 results

  1. Old Time New England This is the second release for Orbx by Matteo Veneziani following on from his debut release of KSAN San Diego International. Located 5km southwest of Chester, Connecticut, KSNC is a public use airport and is privately owned by Whelen Aviation. The airport covers an area of 146 acres and has an asphalt paved runway 2566ft in length. The airport is a General Aviation facility with 80% of flights being GA and the remainder as air taxi. The runway has a moderate slope which has been has modelled as well as the apron which sits about 3 metres below the runway. Access from the apron to runway makes use of sloped taxiways which has also been modelled by Matteo. We hope you enjoy the charm of this quaint little airport. Features: Features sloped runway and apron 7cm & 50cm per pixel photoreal all seasonally adjusted Blended for FTX Global and FTX openLC NA Realistic specular and lightmaps ObjectFlow and NatureFlow Custom mesh Dynamic lighting in P3Dv4 By Matteo Veneziani https://orbxdirect.com/product/ksnc
  2. Hi all New pack is ready for the Global Freeware airport featuring 25 new airports Airports by Larry Isenor CBX7, Tumbler Ridge CCA3, Cable Head Airpark CFU3, Chipman CJJ5, Cabri CJK5, Gull Lake CJL6, Altona CJP2, Kerrobert CYAY, St. Anthony CYCL, Charlo CYCO, Kugluktuk CYQK, Kenora CYRI, Riviere-du-Loup CYPD, Port Hawkesbury Airports by Neil Hill 70N, Spring Hill, Sterling KAPN, Alpena County Regl, Alpena KFWQ, Rostraver, Monongahela KGEU, Glendale Muni, Glendale KHTO, East Hampton, East Hampton KHWV, Brookhaven, Shirley KHYA, Barnstable Municipal Boardman Polando Field KSUT, Brunswick Co, Oak Island KTRL, Terrell Mun, Terrell Airports by Tom Campbell (new contributor) KFDW, Fairfield Co, Winnsboro KMNI, Santee Cooper Reg, Manning KLKR, Lancaster Co-McWhirter Updated: KAGC - added beacon CYQK - update for better AI activity
  3. Hi all, Small update to NZWR Whangarei has been released. Adds in some missing effects files for Dynamic Lighting in P3Dv4 as well a clean up routine to remove the NZNI files for NZWR.
  4. Well then chaps Thank you all for entering this contest, Some fantastic shots again in the contest. Now the winner is..... Paulb. Well done one fantastic shot this Paul. Now if you shoot Ed an email ed@orbxsystems.com with your Orbxdirect account details and what prize you would like he will add this to your account. cheers Iain
  5. Rules 1. One entry per forum member. 2. You can submit edits whatever you like. 3. The shot must be using an Orbx region or Orbx Airport no restrictions on aircraft. 4. The shot must show some Orbx scenery in it that can be identified as Orbx. 5. Please only submit your screenshot via a reply to this topic , No comments from any other forum members please. 6. Any no screenshot post ie comments will be deleted. 7. Entries close at midnight 31st of December GMT. 8. You can not vote for your own shot. 9.Winners will be chosen by a poll by you the members who have entered the contest. 10.When the contest closes on the 31st of this month everyone that has entered a shot will have one vote each to choose the winner of the contest, i will open the voting soon after the contest closes.You will then have six days to cast your vote until the 6th of January 2018 11. The winner must have an OrbxDirect account to claim your prize. cheers Iain
  6. Chester airport - KSNC Welcome all to my next project! This time is the turn of KSNC Chester airport. Chester airport (KSNC) is a public use airport located 5 km southwest of the central business district of Chester, a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut. Chester airport has a runway (17/35) measuring 782x15m. The airport is sourrunded by very big forest and to many lakes. The particularity of this airport is it's runway and apron, in fact the runway has a moderate slopes and one part of the apron is about 3mt under the runway level, and to acces to the apron zone there are two sloped ramps. The airport has been recreated carefully, the runway is not flat but i have recreated every single slopes! The same is for the buildings which they follow the terrain slopes and them are not flat. Compatibility: Available for FSX, FSX:SE, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3, and 4 Requires only FTX GLOBAL Coverage: The photoreal it's composed by 7cm/px near the airport and with 50cm/px for the sourrounding. The coverage area is extended untill Essex City and is present the part of river running along the city with the marshy area. Features: Carefully reproduction of Chester Aiport (KSNC) with sloped runway, apron and buildings. Realistic night illumination of the runway and apron. Dynamic lights (P3DV4 only). Realistic specular map over the entire runway and apron ( FSX and P3D ). Orbx objectflow controlled, which change the colours of the trees, terrain, buildings etc.. due to season. Volumetric grass with different colour for every season. Different colours of the terrain for every season. Snow covers airport runway, apron and buildings during hard winter season with unique specular effect. 3D rocks ( deactivable ) on the runway hill. Animated trees. Smoke from the terminal chimney's. Animated peoples. animated flag with different speed and angle due to wind. animated windsocks with different speed and angle due to wind. animated insects . Maining POI's of the zone, example: Essex''s station with trains and Luna park . Blended extremely well with sourrounding. Custom mesh of the zone. San Diego airport - Service pack 1 This is the much-anticipated update for San Diego! I have done my best to improve this scenery, first i'd like to remember to all, the San Diego region is one of the most difficult area of the sim to develop. I have done my best to improve the grapich and in the same time improve the usability, I hope you appreciate it!. This update includes: New GSE vehicle, much more optimized than old and unique for Ksan with the iconic purple-blue luggage vehicles, TUG, push-back vehicles etc.. Dynamic lights (P3DV4 only). New Jetways. Now you could decide if you want to use the old animated jetways or new high detailed static jetways with 3 different kind of jetways in the airport ( like in the reality ). Fixed autogen xml. Removed some bugs ( misplaced apron light, removed the block that did not allow to see autogen trees in the city, bigger guardlights etc..) better blending of the photoreal of the airport zone with the photoreal of the sourrounding better night illumination near the aiport ( removed red colours and added more realistic tone ) Improved performance ( may not be perceived in all systems ) Regardings CTD error reported by some users; I think that with these updates the error may not occur. This kind of errors they can come as no, so it's up to you to see if it still happens, in case, we will see how to proceed! From what I can say, now the scenary is more optimized and by removing some bugs the ctd may be less or disappear.
  7. We are pleased to announce our End of Year sale! This sale runs until the 1st of January 2018 at 23:00:00 UTC. This time, EVERY Orbx product will have the sale pricing applied - including Germany South, LDPL Pula and the newly-released NZWR Whangarei. We are also releasing our first airport in the North Island of New Zealand: NZWR Whangarei Airport! At release, Whangarei will also receive the 45% off sale pricing. So get in quick to try it at this insanely low price for a new airport! Learn more about Whangarei: https://orbxdirect.com/product/nzwr See all our products: https://orbxdirect.com
  8. announcement Student Discount

    We are pleased to announce that the Student Discount will be available from 1 December 2017. The Student Discount is 20% off all products* and is available to persons enrolled in a recognised facility providing tertiary education. This discount is for students only not for those employed by these facilities (eg. lecturers). To apply, you will need to create a support ticket and provide one form confirming student enrolment. Only the following documents clearly showing your details of enrolment will be accepted: Letter confirming enrolment Student card with expiry date The Student Discount will only apply to the year of enrolment and will expire at the end of each calendar year. Therefore you will need to reapply each year to revalidate your entitlement to the discount. *Please note that during sales and other special offers, this discount will not apply. How to apply: Make sure you are logged into your OrbxDirect account. Please also ensure that your personal details (name & surname) are complete and correct. Go to the Support page https://orbxdirect.com/support and create a ticket. Complete the "Submit a request" and from the "What is your ticket about?" drop down please select "Apply for Student Discount" Please use the same email address that is used for your OrbxDirect account!!! The form allows attachments so please upload a scanned image/photo of your proof of age document Once submitted, please allow 5 workings days for the request to be validated.
  9. Are you looking for an opportunity to join Orbx as a developer? We are wanting to expand our team of talented developers as well as find specialists to port many of our published airports for XPlane 11. There will also be opportunities to team up with established developers on current projects. This will be paid contract work. Developer/assistant developers - proven work published either payware or freeware - advanced 3D modelling skills and experience with FSX/P3D SDK tools XP specific - proven experience with the use of porting tools from FSX/P3D to XP Please send covering details, relevant skills and experience to jobs@orbxsystems.com Links to published works/reviews will be advantageous.
  10. Hi all, The Aerofly FS2 version of KCGX Meigs Field has been updated to add the autogen buildings and trees to the Chicago area. This version (1.2) is now available through FTX Central 3. KCGX purchased via Steam DLC for AFS2 will be updated by IPACS shortly. ***New update - 1.21*** Street lights now added!
  11. Thank you all for entering the contest and voting in this one. Now please remember to be able to cast a vote you must first enter a shot in the contest. Now the winner is Tailspin45. And a very Happy Birthday to you as well mate. Now Tailspin45 if you contact Ed ed@orbxsystems.com with your choice of prize and your OrbxDirect account details he will add your prize to your account. cheers Iain
  12. Rules 1. One entry per forum member. 2. You can submit edits whatever you like. 3. The shot must be using an Orbx region or Orbx Airport no restrictions on aircraft. 4. The shot must show some Orbx scenery in it that can be identified as Orbx. 5. Please only submit your screenshot via a reply to this topic , No comments from any other forum members please. 6. Any no screenshot post ie comments will be deleted. 7. Entries close at midnight 30th of November GMT. 8. You can not vote for your own shot. 9.Winners will be chosen by a poll by you the members who have entered the contest. 10.When the contest closes on the 30th of this month everyone that has entered a shot will have one vote each to choose the winner of the contest, i will open the voting soon after the contest closes.You will then have six days to cast your vote until the 6th of December 2017 11. The winner must have an OrbxDirect account to claim your prize. cheers Iain
  13. Voting for the contest is now open. 1. Everyone that has entered a shot will have one vote each to choose the winner of the contest. 2. Voting will run for 6 days until the 6th of November 2017 at midnight GMT. 3.Please cast your vote only here. 4.No voting for your own entry. 5. When voting ends i will announce the winner. cheers Iain
  14. Hi all, Update for CAG8 is now available with the following changes: Added Merry Island lighthouse with helipad, custom rocky islets as 3D models and custom lighthouse effect Added nearby Smugglers cove Added Secret Cove with large model of the docks and boathouses, a few custom buildings and a custom mesh Added the POI Stillwater Bay with log booms as part of the PR for performance reasons
  15. Seaside sun and Roman ruins! Pula is a spectacular location on the Adriatic sea, and a popular summer tourist destination. The area is served by Pula Airport, which is well equipped to handle aircraft up to the size of a 747, serving nearly 30 airlines during the summer,and is equally suitable for general aviation ops. We have created a very accurate rendition of the airport from on-site photography, as well as a unique multi-elevation airport model. The surroundings of the airport have been fully covered, and we have included a very detailed Pula city scape, complete with the Roman amphitheater, the docks, Kaštel castle, and much more. This is the second project from Rasha Tucakov, who has once again partnered with Misha Cajic for another beautiful coastal Balkan destination! Key Features Ground imagery at 60cm per pixel 50sq km+ of photoreal terrain Dynamic lighting in P3Dv4! Multi-elevation airport model Optimized for NGX and airliners Bonus airports - LDPM and LDPV Advanced AO and night rendering FULL Pula cityscape included Custom vegetation at airport Large area of custom LC & vector ONLY FTX Global required! By Rasha Tucakov and Misha Cajic https://orbxdirect.com/product/ldpl
  16. Graham Eccleston has updated the popular Australia & NZ AI Traffic for P3Dv4 and is now available for you. All included aircraft have been individually compiled for this new flight sim platform and have been specifically coded to fully utilise Dynamic Lighting and the new LUA coding system. Please note this version is for P3Dv4 ONLY. Please use the other AI pack that is designed for the other sim platforms. Using the aircraft models included in this version for other sim platforms is PROHIBITED. Key features of this package All AI aircraft models compiled specifically for P3D V4. Dynamic lighting features added to all AI aircraft models. Steering nose wheels now added to most of the AI aircraft models. Conditional cabin lighting for small and medium GA aircraft managed by LUA scripting. Cabin lights for airliners on all the time. It was felt this was more realistic than having aircraft at the stand in darkness during normal operating periods. Appropriate HTAI Single Engine Cessna models now used in place of the one size fits all Cessna C177 from prior AI Traffic packages. Many thanks to Henry Tomkiewicz for this. Flaps now deploy for take off on all models. Sea plane bases with a limited number of AI aircraft are included for Rose Bay (YRSB) Palm Beach (YPMB) and Cabarita Lake (YBCL). I will attempt to expand this in a future update. An optional ATC Sound file is included with additional call signs, aircraft types and airports not included in the default ATC sound file. https://orbxdirect.com/product/aitraffic-aunz-p3dv4
  17. Well then chaps Thank you for taking part in this contest and taking the time to vote, There sure was some fantastic shots entered in this one. Now the winner is Crusher. A grand shot indeed well done to you now if you send Ed an email ed@orbxsystems.com with which prize you would like and your OrbxDirect account details he will add your prize to your account. cheers Iain
  18. Hi all, Small update for ESSA that brings in Dynamic Lighting for P3Dv4. New Control Panel allows for the enabling/disabling of the feature dependant on your system handles it.
  19. G'day All, We've just released LOWI Innsbruck Airport version 1.20. Changes: Full compatibility with FTX Germany South Updated control panel to allow FTX GES mode or FTX Global mode Important: for customers who have purchased FTX Germany South, you will need to change your FTX LOWI Control Panel to "FTX Germany South Mode"
  20. Hi all With Germany South release, there has been some updates made for Germany North which is now available. Changelog: Fixed polyline buildings to work in P3Dv4 GES compatibility Removed wind turbines that were actually placed in GES coverage area around Goerlitz and Dresden New CP option for blending either with openLC or GES.
  21. Hi all, Next version of Orbxlibs is ready for downloading and installing via FTXC3. Updates include required updated files for Germany South.
  22. Germany, reunified - Orbx style! Germany South continues the journey of FTX Regions into Europe’s heartland. A region that builds on from the success of Germany North. FTX Germany South covers ~76,559 square miles (~198,286 sq km) of densely populated terrain. The area extends from the border of Germany North and extends south to the borders of Switzerland and Austria. You can explore a wide variety of landscapes from the rolling hills, the Mittelgebirge down to the Alps; Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria being the leaders in the automobile and machinery manufacturing industries. The urban and historic metropolises of Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich and many others are realistically portrayed. Key Features Superb ground textures from local sources Hand-placed landclass covers every sq mile Custom autogen textures and objects FTX Global 3D night lighting effects Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, alley trees More than 116,000 individually placed powerline pylons More than 550 airports have been upgraded or added Custom models of more than 450 POIs of castles, churches, abbeys, dams, bridges, etc. a Photoreal “Cityscape lite” for Munich, Ulm, Passau, Lindau, Bamberg, Koblenz, Würzburg Photoreal sceneries of US Bases Ramstein and Grafenwöhr Photoreal Lake Constance details, open pit mines Photoreal alpine areas on southern Bavaria GES mesh is compiled at 20-m grid spacing (LOD11) AND FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Purchase Germany South now and if you do not already own Germany North, you can purchase Germany North for 50% off. This offer is available from now till Sunday October 8 20:00GMT. Please note that you will need to finalise your Germany South purchase prior to purchasing Germany North to receive the discount. Make sure you also install the Orbxlibs 171001 update. Also note, that for LOWI customers, a compatibility patch for using with GES will be released soon. https://orbxdirect.com/product/ges
  23. After many months the DVD Crossgrade service will be available as of 1 October 2017. Development of the backend for this has taken longer than anticipated as we focused on other priorities such as improvements to FTXC3 , infrastructure changes as well as ObjectFlow development for P3Dv4. Regardless, we thank you for your patience and understanding. What is a Crossgrade licence? You may recall that we first introduced the Crossgrade license which was available from The FlightSim Store. The license allowed customers to purchase a Crossgrade of their DVD to a digital version. When we were still producing DVDs, they were made for FSX (not the Steam edition) and in some later batches, P3Dv1. The Crossgrade gave these customers access to what was then "triple installers" - FSX,P3Dv1 & P3Dv2. Those customers now have access to FSX, FSX:SE and P3D versions 1 to 3 either through FSS (if they have not transferred over to OrbxDirect) or in OrbxDirect. Note that customers still have access to updates for their DVDs here. How much does it cost? The cost of the Crossgrade is $3.99 AUD per DVD. As it was with FSS, the cost of the license is to recover administration, fees and bandwidth expenses. No discounts will apply to the license transfer. How does it work? It is a fairly simple process. You purchase the required amount of licenses, submit proof of purchase and if approved by our staff, the product(s) will be added into your OrbxDirect account. Depending on the volume of requests we anticipate the turnaround time to be 24-48 hours from when proof of purchase has been submitted but please allow up to 5 business days for it to be reviewed. What do I need? To support your request for the Crossgrade you will need proof of purchase of an eligible DVD that was purchased from an Authorised Reseller. The list of eligible DVDs and resellers are at the bottom of this post. Proof of purchase will need to be a receipt or invoice that clearly indicates the product name, price and date of purchase. We will not accept photos of DVD cases. Please ensure that when purchasing these licenses that you have proper proof of purchase from the list of resellers provided. We reserve the right to have the final determination on eligibility for the Crossgrade license and will refund rejected submissions. Guide to DVD Crossgrade From your Account screen, access the DVD Crossgrade License Manger page by clicking the green DVD Crossgrade button. Clicking on the green Purchase license button will start the transaction Select the required number of licenses and then "Pay with Card" to finalise the transaction. Once you have purchased the licenses you will then need to "Activate a product..." Select from the drop down list the DVD you wish to transfer. Note: this list will only show eligible DVDs for those products not already in your account. Attach your proof of purchase by using the "Choose file" option. This can be in the form of an image or PDF of your receipt/invoice. Once attached you will then "Submit Evidence". Your license requests are now in a "Pending" stage whilst our staff review the proof of purchase. Once approved the product will automatically added to your OrbxDirect account. If rejected, you will receive a message as to why and will have another opportunity to resubmit evidence. In the event that eligibility cannot be verified, you will be refunded the license transfer cost. Your list of Crossgrade licenses are displayed here as well. Authorised Resellers PC Aviator Australia PC Aviator USA SimWare Simulations Mailsoft Switzerland FlightandFun Germany FSPilotShop USA Globaero France Aerosoft Flightstore UK Flightsimulatorshop Netherlands Aeroteca Spain Eligible DVDs Regions Pacific Northwest Pacific Fjords Northern Rockies Central Rockies Southern Alaska Australia New Zealand North Island New Zealand South Island England Wales Airports 0S9 1S2 1WA6 2W3 2WA1 3W5 74S 77S 7S3 CEF4 CYBD CZST KBVS KCMW KJAC KORS KSFF KWYS PAKT S43 S45 W16 YBAS YBBN YBCS YBUD YCNK YHBA YMEN YMMB YPEC YPMQ YSCB YSCH YSTW YWOL YWVA NZMF EGHR EGKA EGSG EGTH Other Lancair
  24. Hi all, New patch for ESSA is now available via FTXC3. This patch features the following: New autogen - Completely redone which is more accurate and has much better performance than previous. Animated traffic bringing the airport to life New vehicles and objects and other general improvements New terminals - fresh high-res textures for the terminals and reflecting windows. All terminals except T5A/B also has a basic interior to create some depth in the windows Wake-board spot - added the water ramps and club house in the lake on 19L approach Improved ground textures - re-textured parts of the ground textures, mainly for P3D, with higher resolution, spec-maps and reflecting oil-spills. Service tunnels south of T3 and east of T5 have been added