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  1. Many times today when trying to install Orbx central, I have been frustrated by the lack of its ability to install. A window appears that says it's Loading... Loading products & Libraries... then nothing, it just hangs for ages until I eventually get fed up and cancel it. I have tried to open it as administrator and still no difference. There is nothing wrong with my top range PC or my network which are both super fast. So, over to those out there that may want offer an excuse.. err, sorry, a solution.
  2. Great looking scenery, but runway slope does not appear to be completely accurate. I reviewed a few real-life videos on YouTube and runway does not slope upwards at the bottom. This is causing problems with ground roll. Is it possible to fix elevation? Thanks.
  3. The landmarks are well done. But some buildings are way too big in proportion.E.g. "DEKA Bank" Frankfurt-Niederrad, the opposite "Lyoner Stern" is normally as high. The Frankfurt "Eintracht Stadion" is no longer called "Commerzbank Arena" but "Deutsche Bank Park". Peter
  4. After the recent WU4 ( WSSS made by Cloudsurf is CTD. Anyone have similar experience?
  5. I saw some screenshots on the community screenshot forum of Abuja (DNAA) airport scenery. Is this included in openLC Africa? I've just downloaded it and it's not showing up, I'm just getting the default airport. Ben
  6. Hi Orbx Team Really enjoying the visual quality of the Brisbane City Pack for FS2020, but it is really taking a toll on the performance. As a point of comparison, Sydney City Scape runs like a dream with a mix of high/ultra settings. Brisbane City Pack is almost unplayable on the same settings, especially when flying up the river with all the bridges in view. My PC is no slouch (Ryzen 5600x, 64GB RAM @ 3200Mhz, RTX 3070 GPU). Are there any recommended performance tweaks I can make?
  7. I have Open LC Europe installed. Last Weekend the scenery looks like the picture shows. I had the issue befor and it was solved. For this issue I tried all the given Hints. But ist doesn't work now. Last try was to deinstall openLC Europe, copy the orriginal terrain.cfg into the given folder and reinstall all the P3D-Scenery. After start P3D I took the Screenshot. What should I do now?
  8. X-Plane 11. Just purchased 1. Gloden gates brigde has no car traffic? 2. Alcatraz helipad is half in water (please see the screenshot #1). Some missions start with helipoter falling on side so I can not take off at all. 3. Other buildings are it seems not correctly installed (screenshot #2) How can I solve it?
  9. Hello, I seem to be having the same issues that many other customers are also having, regarding ground textures at ESSA displaying incorrectly. The solution of creating a new library did not work for me, and I am attaching a screenshot to show that I installed it to a new library. If I may ask, why are we even forced to fix this issue manually on our end, when it could be done automatically with the Orbx central manager? Is this a windows permissions issue?
  10. My Orbx account is registered to my business email address which I will have no access to when I leave the company at the end of May. I can find no way of changing the email address for my account, can you help?
  11. As you can see in screenshot attached, I have a canyon in ENTO scenery between apron and runway, with some taxiway gioing down in the canyon. I have Msfs updated and I use Taburet Dems. Can you help me? Thank you Luca Gigli Italy
  12. hi my name is Mitch and me and my friend are having a problem when loading into gold coast airport. we select gold coast airport then press fly or ok. then it just crashes, i have tried it on my pc and am having the same problem. what is wrong here. i have also tried uninstalling the airport and having the gold coast cityscene on its own vice versa but it still does not work. please help thanks Mitch
  13. Hi there, Recently got the new Orbx EGNT for Xplane11 and I'm finding that my frames seem to drop from about 60-70 to 30 when coming into the gate. There also seems to be a large bump at either end of the runway (worst on 07) making it quite difficult to landing without getting airborne again!! Is there any possible way to fix this? Thanks
  14. Windsock KSAN is not following the wind direction .
  15. Hello guys, I tried to fly 3 times in the last days in Graz (after the W.U. by Asobo and Runways update for Graz) and I never have been able to make it! Approaching Graz I'm crashing coming nearby the airport. Departing from Graz the loading of the flight works, but when I start to taxi via D to THR16C it crashes. As is happening always and only in Graz I'm kindly asking to investigate further on this.........
  16. Hello, Not sure what this is, but there appears to be a scenery anomaly in my sim. I have FTX Global, Open LC NA, and pacific fjords installed. Not sure why there is a floating square of land texture but this is right in the Puget Sound NW of Seattle. Any ideas what may be causing this?
  17. Hi I have just noticed that the PA31 in the FSX GA AI package is faulty. It will taxi out to the active and then just stroll along the runway from the start point until it just disappears into the blue but still on the ground. It does not pause at end of taxi. It also does the same on landing. It will rollout until it disappears. I have fixed by downloading another copy of Dee's PA31 from AVSIM. Hope this helps if anyone else has the same issue. I do not know what the issue is, I just replaced the*.MDL file and the *.AIR file. Cheers Andrew
  18. Hi all, I recently bought the Canary Islands scenery which, overall I´m very impressed with, but.... I´m having an issue at Lanzarote (GCRR) and La Palma (GCLA) where the sloping terrain to the north (GCRR) and West (GCLA) is appearing as very steep, almost cliff like, features. It´s throwing the whole "feel" of each airfield off. I´m I doing something wrong? Cheers
  19. Where, if any, are airports stored in Orbx files. I need to check if there are any duplicates for CYFB that is messing up the elevation of my Simaddons airport there. No more Simple Airport Scanner and LORBI doesn't help.
  20. This sometimes occurs with new releases. This is with the latest EGNT release and a fully up-to-date MSFS. Windsocks at both ends of the runway are affected (efault MSFS shows only one at each). I hope it's an easy fix! Adam.
  21. 1. Extreme moire (flickering) in certain aereas 2. Somme objects too dark - no structure recognizable 3. No 3D grass available??? 4. Runway edge very sharp.....Actually not up to date. Please see the attached Pics.
  22. I have your EGLC and London City Pack and it appears to be conflicting with Montpellier Scenery for Pilot Sim Experience. I have been in touch with this dev and he made an update of his scenery but the problem is till there... without your sceneries it works and with I have a CTD... can you help me with it please ? (or may be get in touch with this dev?) thank you for your help
  23. I am a new user of The Sky Park and I really like it. It takes me to airports that I would never go to otherwise. One small problem based on my inexperience: I have trouble getting the Transponder to load. I wonder if my problem is the order in which I start Sky Park, Transponder and MSFS 2020. Does it make any difference? Thanks for your help. Oatburner
  24. Hello, took off from 0S9 tonight and it appears that half of the airport is missing and there is an area of autogen missing as well. I've attached some images. This is with the hotfix installed. Thanks, Dave
  25. After moving to a new PC and installing my Orbx product I have noticed the icon for Orbx Central has disappeared to be replaced with a default icon. See the image below. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this please?
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