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  1. Since XPLANE 11.50 vulkan release today, all the textures/rendering fro Orbx are all blurred.
  2. I have been flying FSX for over a decade and have happily used Orbx sceneries for several years. I recently downloaded a number of freeware scenaries for Europe and the USA and the next time I set up a flight from Sydney airport I noticed the buildings are missing. The air bridges are visible but not the buildings to which they are attached. I am not sure if adding these freeware scenaries has affected the operation of my Orbx software. I have Orbx Australia v2 installed. Hope you can help Colin.
  3. I'n noticing some anomalies in the Northern Canada airports such as Tulita in the Northwest Territories. When I take the plane off the taxiway onto unpaved ramp or parking areas it hits spots which register as a crash. If Detect Crashes is turned off the plane bounces in the air when it hits those seemingly random areas. This is in P3D v3.x.
  4. I bought Global Base and Vector, and installed on my old computer. I was impressed with the improvement in detail, but sadly my FPS crashed from 20+ to about 6, unless I'm over open sea. Also, the sky is represented by sharply defined blocks of colour. I went to Central and UNINSTALLED. I was surprised that it was instant, I expected a long un-doing of the files. Tried FSX, and it recompiled the scenery but it is still at 6FPS, and the sky remains blocky. Seems there may be an extra step to do? Thanks, Mike
  5. Hello - I am experiencing scenery_packs.ini problems. Here is a list of questions. I've included the .ini file that I re-ordered (and yes, I saved it) before I flew at KBVS, and the one just after the flight at KBVS. I just installed Orbx KBVS SkagitRegl and strange things are happening (the most recent questions about KBVS are at the bottom #7-9) 1. I placed the Chicago Landmarks above KCGX_A_Merrill because I was told this was the only way to see the added landmarks. True or False? 2. Does the Orbx_KCGX_C_Overlay/ need to be at the bottom right above the yOrtho4XP_Overlays/ or should it be below KCGX_A_Merrill_C_Meigs_Field entry? 3. I have no idea where to place Airport Environment HD – I made the assumption that it had to be above Global Airports so that the updated environment of the HD entry could be seen over the generic Global Airports. True or False or Doesn’t Matter? 4. I placed Washington DC Landmarks above the TE Washington entries for the same reason the London Landmarks are placed above the TEGB South/North/Central entries. Necessary or Unnecessary? 5. I read that the KSEA and LOWI Demo Areas needed to be ABOVE Global Airports, yet when I look at the amazing things Jon Clarke does with scenery_packs.ini folders – the few I’ve seen all have the Demo areas UNDER the TEGB entries far below Global Airports. Any definitive (I hope that Jon will be able to answer as he has helped me so greatly in the past) word on where the Demos should be? 6. Is TerraFloraXP like a library and can go anywhere in the order? 7. I just purchased Orbx KBVS Skagit Regional, installed it (everything seemed like it installed perfectly, parked my C-172 by a building at an appropriate distance so folks would have to walk out to the airplane a good distance. Flew a basic touch and go pattern, parked in same spot and saved for start up at same position next time. Next flight the runways and taxiways were not normal looking, instead they were splotchy (maybe this is supposed to be?) with white patches everywhere, and now my C-172’s right wing was ¼ inside a building extension that was not there when I parked and saved. 8. Things I tried = re-ordered scenery pack (attached is my BeforeflightREORDERed.ini (the one I put in to fly) and the resulting AFTERfly.ini scenery pack ini file that now consistently gets messed up (like at the bottom with double entries or entries where the first part of the line is dropped (see bottom of ini file AFTERfly). I also uninstalled and re-installed the scenery with same effects/outcome. 9. Also, there is no entry of the Orbx_A_KBVS_SkagitRegl in the scenery_packs.ini file even though it is in the Custom Scenery File and does appear to be working in the simulator (albeit I’m not sure about the splotchy ground textures). Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions. Scott Freeby -iii<O AFTERfly.ini BeforeflightREORDERed.ini
  6. I have XP11.41 which I've used thus far as my main simming version. With the release of 11.50, I have added two installs of XP11 with the intent of comparing between the two versions. However, I've left my main version alone so I can still play when I want. Orbx is installed on the main version, with some of the smaller files (Terra Flora, libraries, etc) installed directly in the XP11 drive while most other files (GB TE) in a separate drive. I would like to be able to duplicate this install setup for both the separate, clean 11.41 and the beta 11.5 so that I am testing both with Orbx assets loaded. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Operating system: win 10 Simulator: p3d xp11 Screenshot: Issue: Orbx central 4.1.1 will not start splash screen appears says initialising then loading then disappears and im left looking at the desk top ? i have tried turning off the firewall also windows defender i tried a reboot re downloading central three times deleting v3 reinstalling 4.1.1 fed up now. can you please have a look so i can install my new scenery Thanks Tim ======== 2020-03-25T16:56:04.899Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1 2020-03-25T16:56:04.900Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18362 2020-03-25T16:56:04.900Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\Tim.DESKTOP-61G3G7M\AppData\Roaming 2020-03-25T16:56:04.900Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData 2020-03-25T16:56:04.900Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\Tim.DESKTOP-61G3G7M\AppData\Local 2020-03-25T16:56:04.940Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen. 2020-03-25T16:56:05.109Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded 2020-03-25T16:56:05.110Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates... 2020-03-25T16:56:05.110Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout... 2020-03-25T16:56:05.111Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update 2020-03-25T16:56:07.431Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed). 2020-03-25T16:56:07.432Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available. 2020-03-25T16:56:07.433Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested. 2020-03-25T16:56:07.435Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application. 2020-03-25T16:56:07.435Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start. 2020-03-25T16:56:07.436Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window. ======== 2020-03-25T16:57:02.061Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1 2020-03-25T16:57:02.061Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18362 2020-03-25T16:57:02.062Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\Tim.DESKTOP-61G3G7M\AppData\Roaming 2020-03-25T16:57:02.062Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData 2020-03-25T16:57:02.062Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\Tim.DESKTOP-61G3G7M\AppData\Local 2020-03-25T16:57:02.324Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen. 2020-03-25T16:57:02.646Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded 2020-03-25T16:57:02.647Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates... 2020-03-25T16:57:02.648Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout... 2020-03-25T16:57:02.648Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update 2020-03-25T16:57:04.419Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed). 2020-03-25T16:57:04.419Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available. 2020-03-25T16:57:04.420Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested. 2020-03-25T16:57:04.421Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application. 2020-03-25T16:57:04.421Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start. 2020-03-25T16:57:04.422Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window. ======== 2020-03-25T16:57:15.454Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1 2020-03-25T16:57:15.454Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18362 2020-03-25T16:57:15.455Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\Tim.DESKTOP-61G3G7M\AppData\Roaming 2020-03-25T16:57:15.455Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData 2020-03-25T16:57:15.456Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\Tim.DESKTOP-61G3G7M\AppData\Local 2020-03-25T16:57:15.487Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen. 2020-03-25T16:57:15.700Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded 2020-03-25T16:57:15.701Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates... 2020-03-25T16:57:15.702Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout... 2020-03-25T16:57:15.702Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update 2020-03-25T16:57:17.409Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed). 2020-03-25T16:57:17.409Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available. 2020-03-25T16:57:17.410Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested. 2020-03-25T16:57:17.410Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application. 2020-03-25T16:57:17.411Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start. 2020-03-25T16:57:17.411Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window.
  8. Hello Everyone. I'll cut to the chase. Had Idaho Falls for a while and never had any issue with it. Ever since updating to 4.4 (and now 4.5) I have been getting pretty bad frame rates at IDA. My usual FPS is 40-45 in VC and 60 outside (even at FlyTampa Vegas). At Idaho falls these values are 28-31 in vc and no more than 45 outside. It's not my rig (i7700k OC 4.9GHz Dual 1080 SLi 16 gb of ram, 500 gb ssd just for p3d). I have tried turning everything off in the ftx control panel but nothing. Even tried the stock f22 and frame rates are about the same. Thought it might have been envshade but updated to latest version, and again I am not having this issue anywhere else. Please help me... Best Regards, Alessandro Devoto
  9. Good afternoon, I just purchased PAJN today, and noticed an elevation issue. KGPI has a similar issue. I've removed the files and everything I could find on the forums. I do use FSAeroData, which I'm not sure if that could be causing an issue. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dTvN2cXdSK1iJWfj6 How can I fix this as it is extremely annoying... Thank you
  10. Hi, What's wrong with textures around EGNX East Midlands ? Thanks,
  11. OK, so in addition to having a new KTEX that looks like crap with all the elevation issues (other thread), I bought KTVL at the same time, and I have no buildings or static aircraft or anything, just the runway and taxiways at KTVL. My library is the correct order, I have run the elevation exclusions in Vector, deleted the scenery. cfg. Seriously, why won't anything work the first time when I install a new Orbx scenery?
  12. After living in Hawaii for 5 years and flying real life many weekends while I was there I thought this would be the perfect addon to my FS dreamteam Honolulu, and vol 1 and vol 2 flying experience. Ive got to be honest when I say I was more than disappointed. It sounded like such a beautiful product that would enhance the realism around the island, when in fact I'm not really sure what it did? maybe I didn't install something correctly through Orbx central, or maybe my settings, but it honestly looks no different, there were some helicopters on the flight line at MCBH Kaneohe and some other odds and ends but definitely not worth to price being asked for this addon. Orbx support, please let me know if I've installed this incorrectly or something may be wrong with my settings because from all my other products from you guys this one is a hard miss so far.
  13. Hi, I've been flying exclusively in TE GB for quite a while, and since the update got rid of the blurries it's been great fun flying around my home country. However, yesterday I went back to PNW and took off from Concrete Municipal, heading down the valley to the coast. Despite getting pin-sharp scenery in TE, the ground textures in PNW are horribly blurry. I've tried setting max framerates to 24 (they were on unlimited), as per Nick's advice, but this hasn't made any difference. I'm flying the same aircraft (Carenado Bonanza V35) and using the same graphics settings, but PNW is consistently much worse than TEGB. I would have thought TE photoscenery would have had worse performance than non-photoscenery. Any ideas as to why this may be the case? And any solutions spring to mind? Many thanks, Steve
  14. Hi. For a long while I have experienced a lot of connection interrupted when dowloading your sceneries. I have deducted from the support forum that this is a problem that a lot of customers experience. Your help will be highly appreciated. Operating system: Windows 10 Home, vr. 1909 Simulator: X-plane Screenshot: Issue: Connection interrupted central.log
  15. Four weeks ago, I got a new computer. I decided to switch from FSX to P3d, and bought P3dV4.5. Then I installed the brand new Orbx Central, and started to add my previously purchased products. These were:- FTX global base FTX Global Vector LC Europe LC North America EU England EU Scotland EU Wales Orbx Global airport pack I also added all the full fat sceneries for USA, Canada, and New Zealand. But these have no impact on my inquiry today. Everything was fine with this combination. Then, in the last three days I purchased all three products in the True Earth Great Britain series for P3D4. The problem is with some airport elevations in England (these are very borderline between Central and South, so I do not know which product they fall into). Basically, I have some airports where the runways and taxiways seem to sit on their own elevated plains about 50 feet above the rest of the scenery. Very ugly and destroying of the experience. Since the new Orbx Central is supposed to automatically take care of everything, I do not understand what the problem is, or how to rectify it. Any help would be appreciated. - Kenneth
  16. Hi Support Team, I have purchased today three of your products and tried to install them via Orbx Central. The latest Version Orbx Central has been installed via your Orbx direct link. Installation procedure has been finished and the logo appeared in the taskbar. simultaneously the Login Page appeared for milli-seconds on the screen and dropped down to the taskbar logo . No possibility to open the screen to get through the LogIn proceedure. PS. I have already installed many products from your wesite months agou and it worked with your Orbx Central. Please advise me what to do. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance Best regards Wolfgang Goebel Operating system: WINDOWS 10 Simulator: P3DV4 Screenshot: Issue: au.json crm.json eng.json global.json hashes.txt irl.json lclookup.bgl.md5 nca.json nir.json nor.json nrm.json nzni.json nzsi.json olceu.json pfj.json pnw.json sak.json sca.json sco.json wls.json
  17. Hi I am Having a lot of trouble loading the central and south files for true earth into FX11. Central and South both change the scenery that I Already have installed for Manchester Int (EGCC)it places the aircraft side ways across the runway but it also takes the taxing Yellow lines and sets trees in place of the Buildings. then when South was installed that changed every thing differently again. I was born in south Manchester and as I now live on the welsh border we use it use as our local Airport please can you please tell me what I am doing wrong. as I do not want my existing copy of Manchester Changing. South also rearranged the files for Manchester Barton, the file in Central and your stand a standard one is a great improvement on the X plane one but then south mess that one up Thank you in anticipation Mochafd
  18. When I verify file I get error message '2 files failed to extract',
  19. Hello am a buyer since yesterday from pc6 wearing Milviz p3d v4 Payment made installation made by central ftx. message of non activation when using pc6? What should I do? I am enclosing two screenshots of the problem. cordially JMD
  20. Hello, I have now tried everything, i start choose my Plane and Airport P3D starts to load and finishing with a black screen espacialy in Europe. no clue what happens. I had never a problem with all of my Sceneries and There is nothing added so far. Installed Graphicdriver new, deleted Prepar3d.cfg and so on no Way to run. before The new Orbx Central everything was ok. Anybody should help me .. Guenter add-ons.cfg DLL.XML exe.xml scenery.cfg
  21. Hi, I have zu following issues with Mesh and polygons with openLC Africa. The products has been installed twice, the verify files and sync buttons have been pushed in the way suggested in FAQ (Block issues). The only product installed in this area is Pilots FS Global 2018 FTX P3D and FSDG Cape Town. Do you have any suggestions? BR Jeehan FYOG Oranjemund Namibia, polygon issues : Mesh problems with lakes at Ivato Antanarivo Madagascar (FMMI): FKVS Yaounde Cameroon:
  22. Marshaller concreated into apron and some floatily light people.
  23. Hello, After installing your EGPH Edinburgh scenery with central Orbx, automatically at the root of P3Dv4 version 4.3, I do not see any buildings appear as you can see in these photos: Here is a screen from my P3Dv4 library: And here is your panel indicating that the stage is well installed: Please note that I have not encountered this problem on any of the eleven other Orbx airports installed. I also installed the three True Earth of England regions which work perfectly. I have no other scenery installed for this sector. Do you have an idea about the origin of the problem? Best Regards Yvon
  24. I have traffic global which works very well at most airports, apart from Orbx ones. Does anyone know if having Orbx airports prevents traffic global aircraft movements? I have Orbx scenery for the entire uk plus quite a few airports. I have other addon airports by other vendors too. At other addon airports I see taxiing/landing/departing traffic. None of the Orbx addon airports seem to have moving aircraft, is this correct? (does Orbx prevent traffic global) The Orbx scenery and detailed airports are nothing short of superb, but without aircraft movements the additional scenery loses a bit of magic. Thanks in advance.
  25. Unable to update ( or even reinstall ) ORX Libraries ; Download interrups and getting message : " connection interrupted , retry again " I have been retrying for 48 hours ; Thanks for help Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
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