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  1. KLZU has the wrong ILS frequency for runway 25 in freeware package. The frequency for many years has been 109.95, but the airport in the freeware package still has it as 111.75. 111.75 is currently in use for KATL runway 28, so when using a payware KATL that adds runway 10/28, the proximity of KLZU interferes with ILS28 approaches at KATL. I run a navaids update package that fixes all of the world navaids, but the freeware airports package overwrites that change and sets it back to 111.75. I have fixed this myself using ADE to fix the freeware airport, but it would be nice to have it fixed at the source.
  2. I guess this is a "support request," because I am inviting suggestions. But for now I am content once more, having just uninstalled TE GBS. I've tried off and on for about 6 months, but "cannot build this to fly," as we say. With this scenery enabled, the entire platform has been terribly unstable. Many CTDs, often for no apparent reason at all, but many triggered by accessing almost anything: the map, trying to save a flight, autopilot. Frame rates vacillating like crazy, from near my target of 30 to less than 10, in the same airspace, and within minutes! Blurry ground textures, blacked-out scenery squares. Even missing surf on the Channel coast. I tried reducing the scenery complexity to "dense," but that had no discernible impact. Once, it took over 17 minutes to load a scenario in GBS. Booting up this morning after the uninstall was like a breath of fresh air. Surf back, FPS back to 30 (except around EGLC add-on, where it was in teens, but still acceptable). And, on the whole, the scenery looked more realistic than with TE GBS. I have one other TE scenery installed, Northern California. That was rough, too, especially around the Bay Area. Absent some magic bullet from this forum, I will likely uninstall that, too, and move on. My specs are below. I would have thought these sufficient, but apparently not. Mac6737 i7-8700K, 3.7 GHz GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Aorus Z370 5LGA motherboard 16 GB 2 x *GB DDR4-2400 MSI 27" gaming monitor (set at 2560 x 1440)
  3. Took off from EGKK today for a flight down to GMMN in P3D v5 HF2. When leaving the UK over Southampton and the Isle of White there are land textures extending out from the coast into the English Channel. Orbx True Earth GB South, FTX England, Global, OpenLC. Trees, Buildings. Thoughts anyone?
  4. Anyone else have the issue where X-plane 11 show up twice in Orbx in the simulator menu? I think this initially started after installing an Aerosoft product that utilizes its Updater, where Xplane shows up 3 times. thanks, David
  5. I've just recently acquired the TE Florida package and have been flying around the area, lately at Titusville Space Coast Regional and found that the helicopter ramp has a deep depression on the east half. Fortunately, the half closest to the taxiways is still usable but it would be nice if it could be flattened all the way back to the edge of the property. I've also noticed that the waterway between Titusville and Cape Kennedy (known as the Indian River) does not seem to be a body of water, but rather a mud basin. It seems like the water mask is missing for this area. It would be nice to fly across this area as a body of water as it should be. Just some observations I hope may get addressed in a future update. Thanks, Highspeed
  6. Hi, I have a little visual issue at KJAC. Am currently moving my Orbx North American Sceneries to a library on a different drive. After doing that to KJAC I noticed the following issue: The fences on the traffic island now "moved" from the green to the pavement. Attached is my screenshot and, to compare, the screenshot from the product web-page. Any idea about the cause? Thanks, Eric
  7. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  8. Good Morning, I am new to Orbx and have just purchased and began installing TrueEarth US Southern California HD. My question is do I need to remove some of the other custom scenery that I have installed in this region? such as AXP California, AutoGenXP California-Nevada, California-Nevada Ultra Res Mesh, Night XP California and Nevada. I plan on purchasing and installing all of the other North America Regions if this works well. I have a lot of custom Scenery in these regions as well. Regards, Bob
  9. TEGB North, Purchased 2019-12-03, Transaction ID; 5de63e1458efa. For use with Steam Version of X-Plane 11. Will not install - missing files, have been notified that full build not available. Also have TEGB Central & South these installed OK. Please advise what action I need to take to install this product. Thanks
  10. Hi, included with my post are pics of my scenery library in Prepar3d V 4.5 HF 3, and my question is are these correct? In Orbx Central I have my insertion points for Orbx Airports and Regions to be under SimElite Time Zone Solutions but 4 Orbx entries are still above it and my third party add ons is this correct? Second, after all of my Orbx entries when you come to Vector entries, Africa is mixed in with them shouldn't Africa be below Asia? I haven't changed any Scenery entries all have been done thru Orbx Central by insertion points is this Scenery Library correct per Orbx insertion? Thank you
  11. Good Morning, I have been buying and installing Orbx TrueEarth products. While waiting for the software to install, I have been reading the Forums and have discovered an issue when trying to run XOrganizer. What do I need to do in order to make sure the scenery_packs.ini is in the correct order? Regards, Bob
  12. I apologize for the mistakes, but I use the Google translator. Starting from Innsbruck LOWI with East-North East direction, along the Innsbruck valley, towards the end of the valley, approximately entering the area covered by the Germany South scenario, there are many black or colored areas with very strange textures both on the sides of the mountains and, less, in the plains. The same problem exists when you go back or change seasons. I reinstalled the two scenaries several times and checked the files many times, but the problem is always there. I ask for help because flying in VFR and in this scenario, which is my favorite even though I have about 120 Orbx scenarios, now I don't like it anymore. Thanks for the reply. Gianfranco P3Dv5 I9 9900 2080Ti 64GB ram HD C = 2 x SSD M2 2T raide 0
  13. In the LOWI scenerey unwanted powerlines are displayed. (See e.g. Posts on Orbx LOWI powerline problem) A a small change with the text editor in the file C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\Orbx_B_LOWI_Overlay\objects\road.net solved the problem for me: I changed in line 5 LOCKED_POWERLINES to #LOCKED_POWERLINES With that everything looks fine now.
  14. Hello, I am having the problem of random rendering in the Orbx scenery. I have Global Base: Global Open LC Europe: EU Scotland. .2020-8-4_10-49-54-703.BMP I have tried the fix that is pinned at the top of this Forum but have struggled to effect it as directed. I have followed the opening gambits: 1. Verified Files on all 3 products from Orbx Central 2. Renamed the lclookup.bgl file in BASE/Scenery folder 3. Move on to the Holgar Sandmann fix for the terrain.cfg file. a. /Orbx/Scripts does not have an FTXCentral/Work folder. I assume that is correct as all of my products have been purchased after the advent of Orbx Central. b. I have copied the terrain.cfg file and relocated that as a backup and copied it again and pasted it into the main FSX Folder. There is no option box to overwrite and the copied file simply drops in, directly above the original file as "Copy terrain.cfg" c. Without FTX Central, I have then opened Orbx Central and ran the Sync Simulator from the Settings Help Menu. 4. I have then run Verify Files on all of the Orbx products again. 5. I have then attempted to start FSXSE and immediately had the Pop-up " The Lclookup.bgl file is missing or damaged. Please re-install Flight Simulator to recover the files. What I actually did was to relocate the terrain.cfg file and run Verify Files on FSX in Steam which identified some 7657 files that were missing and would be re-acquired. 6. Once that process was complete I checked that the terrain.cfg and lclookup.bgl files had been had been re=acquired and successfully launched FSXSE. The rendering problem remains. Could I have advice please on where I am going wrong? Regards daveyG
  15. With P3Dv5 I redownloaded and installed via Orbx Central 4.1.6 Global Base Pack, Global openLC Europe and EU England - they are not transferred from v4.5. In P3dv4 I always had a problem with floating houses around Bembridge (EGHJ) airport, I tried various fixes but nothing worked so assumed it was a problem with Global Vector Airport Elevation Correction and just lived with it. Now I have P3Dv5 and installed the Orbx Software as in the first line of this post, I still have the same floating houses even though Global Vector is not installed in V5. Just to be clear its only the houses that float, the airfield appears to be at the correct elevation with the surrounding scenery same as I had in v4.5. Can I also request the very tall lamp posts in the Blackbushe Car Auctions carpark are removed or lowered from the approach to runway 07 at Blackbushe (EGLK), you have to fly through them to land even on an approach above 3 degrees. Glen
  16. Outside of Orbx OpenLC and Orbx Regions, I see few night lights and trees. Trees and night lights only show on big roads. I have set my light config tool in the Orbx Global config. As examples here is day and night looking east from ZBAA I used to see trees and more night lights. Trees show in small areas that are forest. Cities are just buildings and some night lights on main roads.
  17. My scenery looks good, elevations are great, but once I am above around 5000 ft ish, all airports look back and they don't reload properly until I am near them again. I believe this is a library insertion point issue but I can't seem to find the post that lays out proper insertion point organization. I know there is one here, I've seen it. Any help would be great. Thanks Greg Soper Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  18. Just got SJC and have tried a few things, but with an assortment of default aircraft up to the NGXu just taxiing around when looking at the terminal I get a long frame stutter then the sim seems to snap back and catch up. I have the base pack, trees HD, vector, and openLC North America along with Cloudberry OAK and Flightbeam SFO, disabling OAK and SFO did not fix the issue. I turned off all the options for SJC in the configurator and I still get an awful long frame with this. I checked the manual and make sure my graphic settings match what is recommended and it still stutters very badly. I tried to see if it was just the terminal causing a problem but it seems to be when i look anywhere around the entire SJC airport. if I remove it and go back to default scenery I don't have this problem and I've tried to reinstall it twice with the same results.
  19. I hope I'm not posting on the wrong forum? I still have large areas of black scenery boxes along the southern border of Germany South as you can see from this shot just SE of LOIK heading towards LOWS. I have deleted and reloaded a couple times, and still cant get it to take. The black boxes only occur in the mountainous regions between LSZE (Bad Ragaz) and LOWS (Salzburg) which I believe lie within Germany South? Any ideas why this might be happening with just this area of Germany South? Thanks as always! Paul
  20. Hello, I bought and installed LOWI airport addon for my P3D v 4.5 simulator, once I start rolling for take off or approaching to land and touch down at LOWI airport the simulator suddenly stops. I have read the user guide and found out in product requirement that it designed to work in P3D v1, P3D v2, P3D v3 without mentioning P3D v4, though it says that it is compatible with P3D v4 when I bought it! Regards, Mjeed
  21. Good evening, Ive noticed as I am flying in California, around pretty much all Orbx airports, I have vehicles floating along with my plane at various FL. They appear to be static vehicles and there is no rhyme or reason for it. Any ideas?
  22. Hi, yesterday fly to ESGG on my p3d v5 hf2, with last version of my Orbx addons, also ESGG, but...have a bad problems related to angle view. Record two video for better view problem. It's possible help me? Thanks advance Gianluca Balloni
  23. The same problem as in Innsbruck also exists in Gothenburg ESGG on Runway 03 when moving the view
  24. Is there a reason KTEX has not been updated yet for v5? It has been a while.
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