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Found 141 results

  1. Just hanging around YMML when I came across 2 planes from my favourite airlines parked side by side. 1. HS-TKC Thai 777-3D7 which I have flown on and 9V-SKL A380-841 have not travelled on this one but I know 2 of her sisters very well . 2. SQ is my first choice flying to Thailand but my wife HATES flying so we usually go with Thai which is still an excellent way to go.
  2. Some pics from a flight with Wunala dreaming Climbing out over the clouds This pic that I took over ACT is brightened up a bit to see the details Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  3. Good evening aviation enthusiasts, I recently downloaded and installed YMML scenery yesterday. Since i downloaded it, all of the ground is very blurry that i cannot see the taxiways. I have fully read and applied the recommended settings that the ORBX document has notified me. My PC Specs are: i7 4770K ASUS GTX 780 16GB G.X Skill RAM 500GB Samsung EVO SSD Any help would be greatly appreciated, enjoy your day ! Kindest regards, Anthony
  4. The second attempt at flying from YMLT to YMML. Here is a link to the first flight http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/89534-launceston-to-melbourne-in-red/ The first flight ended in disappointment with the jet vanishing through rwy 27. Ran the auto config tool and with fingers crossed set out from Launceston again. Shots 11 and 12 are from the first flight. 11. Looking back towards Cape Liptrap. 12. Anderson Inlet at Inverloch. 13. Now picking up shots from the second flight, with Westernport Bay. 14. Turning towards Melbourne. Healsville and The Black Spur are above the starboard wing. 15. 16. Thomastown. I lived just about where the nose is when I first came to Oz in 1981. In those days I used to see many European airlinesflying 747s and DC-10s into Melbourne. How times have changed. 17. Over Sydney Road at Campbellfield. 18. Now passing Mickelham Road, I drive along this road to the airport from Mooroopna. Quicker than the Ring Road. 19. Almost there, and it is good when I am able to get the ILS to work. 20. Touchdown on Terra Firma. The config tool has worked. 21. With the amount of time this flight took I reckon it would have been quicker to walk!
  5. Hello, I have purchased your Orbx YMML v2.0 about 2 months ago and have had an issue when arriving into YMML. On arrival the runways have a default ashphalt runway overlay instead of the photoreal one, and the terminals are invisible. This only happens on arrival and seems to load fine if I were to start/fly from YMML. I have read through the Documentation that came with it and have tried the recommended settings but still no luck. Any help appreciated! Link to Photos of Problem: https://plus.google.com/photos/112250815965642488920/albums/6095550618801212529?authkey=CPva8Oan19n8lQE PC Specs: -Intel i7 4790k CPU @ 3.6GHz -Nvidia GeForce GTX760 -2TB HDD -Windows 7 64bit
  6. Leaving Sydney for another beautiful place ... ... climing across Wollongong: What a shocking view this was on short final: I am sure everyone of us has similar uncertain feelings when seeing something not working properly. In this case, the reason was Vector´s AEC enabled for YMML. Disabling brought back the relaxed enjoyment of Victoria´s entry point:
  7. Hey guys, back with an issue relating ORBX YMML. I recently started fresh and installed ORBX Melbourne this afternoon. Everything is working fine except the runways. It appears as if the textures for runway 16 and 27 are missing and it is just loading the default one over the top of it. Here is a screenshot of the issue. Any ideas? Regards Nathan Opresnik
  8. Yananyi Dreaming at Broome Mendoowoorrji Dreaming at Alice Springs And - the biggie - Wunala Dreaming at Melbourne International Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  9. 4JD as in 4-jet-drive... Still getting FSUIPC set up, but I think I've finally got it to do what I want it to Test with the Jumbo - the biggest 4-burner in my hangar on a flight to Brisbane Intl. Passing over Ballina And in order to check if the "cloning" of the settings works: Adelaide to Melbourne Intl. in the Jumbolino Going around The last pic is edited so that one can see something in it (the other ones are only cropped). The sim was pitch black, which was the actual reason for me having to go around again. I was making a visual approach and simply got my alignment wrong... But the throttles of the two quadrants work - and that's the main thing Cheers Mallard
  10. Hey guys I've just re-installed FSX and when I was about to do a test flight.. I found out this happened.. The screenshot was taken at Melbourne Airport Any idea what might have caused it?
  11. Forecast Rain Wind....320 at 19 with gusts to 30 Stu
  12. Got myself the "update" / "version 2" / "whatever" for the CLS 747. And while I was more than unhappy with the original plane it now looks and behaves much more nicely... Quick ferry flight with the -200 from the maintenance facilities at Avalon to Melbourne International: Nice new runway lighting effects. The strobes also reflect off the surrounding terrain The airstairs-option seems to be gone, but GEX will bound to be able to handle this Cheers Mallard
  13. I have a problem where none of the settings in the Orbx YMML V2 control panel is being applied to the scenary when I am in FSX. For example, in the control panel I select "Landside Passengers", "airside ground staff", or "airport perimeter fences" but in FSX these feature do not appear. Please help!
  14. After I dropped off the Queen for servicing I had to get back to Brisbane somehow... Busy day on the apron Approaching Bundalong, where the Murray River becomes Lake Mulwala for a bit Watching Virgin and Qantas racing one another past me on a southernly course while I keep on heading north(east) Cheers Mallard
  15. Some pics from Melbourne International (with buildung shadows activated, although it is not always apparent in the pics) The assignment for some footage of the airport fulfilled we're now heading back to base at Essendon I hate taxiing in helicopters OK, so the building shadows don't always match the burnt in texture shadows (Essendon is set at "morning", YMML at "afternoon" according to the shadows) but I'm not experiencing too much of a frame rate hit. And the occasional ground texture flickers are also something I can live with... Cheers Mallard
  16. Well - what can one expect for 8 Eurobucks... Not too bad when seen from a distance, just don't look at the planes - and especially the paints - too closely. Virgin at Port Macquairie Skywest at Broome and Pacific Blue at Melbourne Slight colour mismatch? Cheers Mallard (who will probably be taking a closer look at the Wilco/Feelthere Embraers next)
  17. Tiger from Launceston to Melbourne Just some cropping... Cheers Mallard
  18. Back "home". Flight from Canberra to Melbourne - in crappy weather 90% of the cruise was over almost complete cloud cover. Only the occasional gap showed the landscape below... And arriving in Melbourne it even started to rain Yay, Steve's fixer v2 did get rid of the DX10 black boxes under the scenery objects Cheers Mallard
  19. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have begun our descent to Melbourne International and would kindly ask you to bring your seats into an upright position and stow away the tables in front of you. On behalf of Air New Zealand we would like to thank you for chosing to fly with us... Just coming up to the coast of Victoria, somewhere around the Jack Smith Lake / Corner Inlet Turning north and towards YMML over Port Phillip Bay Essendon on the right Coming in a bit high... Nah - looking good after all Touch-down Cleaning up and restocking before the evening flight back to Auckland Cheers Mallard
  20. On the fast track over the beauty of South Australia and Victoria... from Adelaide... ... over Constituition Hill (not the right toy to land there, and even with a smaller one it´s a challenge)... ... towards Younghusband peninsula (what a desperate name ) ... ... and the Coorong, with Kangaroo Island in the background. All great places for low & slow flying. The Naracoorte Lakes to the right... ... and Great Ocean Road to the left. Downwind towards YMML ... ... and parked for a lazy Sunday in this beautiful place!
  21. Just a note to point out that the green taxi lights still float at Orbx YMML.
  22. Did anybody wonder how Mallard got to Tassie for the weekend http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/72676-tassie/? Let me show you...: He caught a Jetstar flight in Melbourne... ... had a quick look at the sports arenas (Albert Park, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the Rod Laver arena between them [not depicted here])... ... Philip Island, with racecourse, beach and Penguin parade ... ... towards Bass Strait. A little turn over Tassies north coast, ... ... checking the dams north of the mountains ... ... and a nice view over Westbury, with the factory TeeCee was working at some years ago. The clouds made the final unspectacular, but this is where Mallard must have went off the plane ... ... before the second star arrived. Always good to be the first at baggage claim!
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