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  1. I've been having some issues with the MD-80, but I think it's all sorted out now... And here are the results from some test-flights (all pics straight from the v-key, just resized and cropped a bit): Heading northward past Seattle Passing over Anacortes Heading south with Seattle Intl. in the background Tacoma docklands Mt St Helens Passing Portland Touchdown (well - nearly...) at Portland Intl. And now to the southern hemisphere - Cairns to Townsville Looping the loop to catch the landscape... ...and the seascap
  2. Hello Everyone! Finally got some time for simming again lately and decided to visit Australia! Please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Well then: Taking off at the early morning … … turning to my assigned heading along the SID Cairns Nine Departure (Radar) … … up and beyond then the Biboohra VOR and towards the flight-route to Alice. But for now just enjoying some nice views below at the tropical green and also taking some breath after the rather fast take-off and climb procedures … … above the clouds – with the sun still rather low in the skies … … towards
  3. Took the stinky-bird to the skies around Cairns for a test-flight Satisfied with the results - so back home Made it back just before the apron floodlights had to be put on... Cheers Mallard
  4. After a charter from Dunk Island to Cairns I made my way home to Mareeba... Cheers Mallard
  5. After trying SweetFX I took the next plunge - and got hold of JV's ENB. Testing at Cairns: I have the feeling I've finally reached what can be reached within FSX... BTW - here are two comparisons With and without the ENB... The city seems just that bit clearer and more vivid (and that's after SweetFX which already pepped up the whole thing...) Cheers Mallard
  6. After making my very last changes to the settings (?) I set off from my default airport. Well... OK - sea-airport, since I chose the float-version of the 185 Here are the results - some pics are obviously cropped, but otherwise nothing has been edited. The very very really last thing I'll probably do (?) will be to set the AI traffic back to 16. Had it running at 25 for GA and commercial and almost led to too much activity around Cairns... Cheers Mallard
  7. Three more of another test-flight I made earlier on... Could somebody turn the runway lights on, please? (unedited, uncropped) Cheers Mallard
  8. Took a plunge and installed SweetFX - and these are the results: Seems to work well with Shade Hmmm... still no crocs Flying down the runway because I would have touched down much too early if I'd done things by the book The images appear to be just that little bit sharper. Not too much bloom or other effect though... which I can live quite well with. Cheers Mallard
  9. With so many brilliant helicopter pictures here lately I thought I'd give it a try myself... Hovercontrol 412 over Cairns - at dusk (obviously) The streetlights kicked in nicely. this was taken from the apartment block that you can see sticking out above the treeline just to the right of the chopper Well - I found my opinion confirmed. I can't fly choppers! So back to the helipad at YBCS cut the engine and leave it to the professionals Cheers Mallard
  10. It's cold and grey here in real life, and the job I've got to do isn't really inspiring - so I jumped into the C185, selected Mareeba and took to the summery skies Just passed the range and descending towards Cairns Sorry - couldn't spot a croc in this light Soon there Perhaps I should have picked some stormy weather - Accu-Feel 2 didn't really have much to do during this flight Cheers Mallard
  11. Flying around Caloundra in MD500e Sun setting behind hinterland En route from Cairns to Townsville
  12. After the Sound I thought I needed some Big Country, but the (REX real-) weather was rather disappointing as I had hoped for some sun. Not much for the passangers to see. I kept on heading north nonetheless. Mainly because I had never before seen weather like this. The fronts and bands of clouds were quite clearly recognisable. At about the half way mark it started to clear. It kept improving. And by the time I landed in Coen (the airstrip is a huge let-down after such a trip) the sky over me had almost completely cleared up. In the background you can see
  13. ...there's something headed this way... (at least in the first pic) Cheers Mallard
  14. Just thought I'd take a closer look at the scenery Push-back tractor looking for a job The marshaller looking for that jobless bloke who seems to be driving where he's not allowed Now where did he go to? I've been up and down the apron... Suddenly: Cairns Watching the comings and goings This guy gets around... Here he is again at YMML Cheers Mallard
  15. As you can see I've done some extensive testing of the "new and improved" REX Hamilton Island with FSX ORBX Weather 1 Do I really want to be here? Cairns with FSX ORBX Weather 4 Alice with the REX-setting in FSX weather Quick change to New Zealand South Island - after takeoff in Dunedin And a nice detail after landing at Balclutha aerodrome: I wondered what the flashing at the edge of the airfield was - turns out there is a model airplane airfield, but one of the guys (the one in the bluejeans and the grey pullover) seems to be more
  16. Here are the first attempts with OD+ - from my usual "testing ground" Cairns. All pics with Shade, FXAA, but besides cropping otherwise straight from the v-key Nice little fluffy clouds (why do I suddenly have to think of Bob Ross?) Heading for Green Island Buzzing the tourists Heading back for 4 o'clock tea Taking a slightly different way home Nearly there Tied down... Cheers Mallard
  17. Wanted to see the effects of Shade from a bit higher up, so an afternoon flight with the default 737 from Townsville to Cairns seemed to be a good idea I never realised that the gound was so rough... But coming in to land I had a few problems making out the ground The same after landing... the run- and taxiways were almost unrecognisable. I got much better views switching off ENB - and I think I'll try PPIT next, see if that will bring any improvments. Or has anyone already tried it and can give any advice? Cheers Mallard
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