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  1. After the whirlybird I wanted to give something a bitt bigger a chance again. Two sets of Cairns arrivals and approaching from the other side Bad weather on the west coast - Bus from Broome to Port Hedland (damn, we need an upgrade on YPPD airport!) Some cropping, nothing else. Cheers Mallard
  2. So I was checking out this ship (actually I was checking if the OZx East Coast Shipping was installed correctly) and had a suspicion that something fishy was going on here Back to base Parked and looking for something a bit more suitable for sussing out the situation on the ship Found the Squirrel (my, what a coincidence!) and headed back out to sea Wouldn't you believe it! I did in fact actually manage to land on the thing! A quick search of the ship led to the usual "personal amounts" of "recreational substances", but nothing serious or worth any
  3. Ok - the pun is bad. I know... Testing something new at Cairns Cessnock and Broome I thought that what with the heatwave that we are experiencing here at the moment a great big fan might help cool me down Cheers Mallard
  4. Ok - I thought I'd reached my limit for my Global explorations with the Airbus. Until I found myself returning more and more often to PMDG's homepage Here are a few on my usual test-run flight for new planes between Townsville and Cairns On the run- and taxiway I noticed two things: I haven't installed the "smaller lights" fix for Cairns yet - and the &§$?ing Traffic X once again tried to plunk its own BGL on to the airport. For the life of me I can't get it to remember to leave Australia alone... Cheers Mallard (Just some cropping in
  5. Learning to drive (or rather programme) the (Aerosoft Air)Bus on my ususal Cairns-Townsville-run. And at the same time also checking the installation of OZx... On the ground at Cairns Taxi Managed to get off the ground without too many sirens and warning call-outs Steady at 20,000 feet and 320 knots Overshot Townsville Only in this outside view did I realise that the spoilers were deployed Cold and dark at the gate Some cropping. Think I might be using this plane quite a bit on some Global-Tours Cheers Mallard
  6. The rebuild and re-install is tedious but coming along. And I have the feeling it was worth it... A darn side better than my first flight in the area with FSX. Which looked like: Still a lot of fine-tuning to do - but I'm basically ready for Global Cheers Mallard
  7. Well - that's what the REX theme is called... Didn't get too high with Sunny though Cheers Mallard PS - no ed... ah, what the heck. You all know the deal by now
  8. This plane certainly wants to be up in the skies - so where else to better try it out than at and around Cairns? Looking forward to the -100er and the amphibian version... But first of all I'm off to find some fitting repaints Cheers Mallard
  9. Some shots of a beautiful dusk flight from Cairns to Weary Bay Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  10. ...around Cairns Cheers Mallard
  11. The weather here in real life is dismal (they forecast snow down to 600 m this evening. And I live at 300 m) So off to my favourite tropical destination (Cairns) in my favourite little plane (the 185) Taking a hard left immediately after getting the wheels off the ground Nope - still no crocs to be seen After some to and fro I made the wide loop around the peninsula to the west of the airport (and discovered the dinghy on the beach for the first time) I did Tamworth on runway 30, so I'll try it here as well Landing on this runway offers (in my opin
  12. The fine pics in Gerold's recent posts on Cairns whetted my appetite - so I hopped into the Mamba... and just managed to slip past Cathay Pacific. Probably would have had to wait for ages for clearance if he'd been first Undercarriage tucked away out over Green Island and past some of the reefs Back via Kuranda towards Mareeba but I'm not stopping there today Wide curve towards the south and then the east - and I'm back over Cairns Cruising in And parked in front of the club house Cheers Mallar
  13. Having encountered so many cloudy, even rainy days in northern Queensland I had to face a decision. I will move up towards the northern hemisphere for some time, and pause the Aussie tour here in Cairns. During set-up of the plane... clouds once again: Taking off the 15, and spending a last view over the city ... ... before climbing out northeasterly. Approaching the equator, the weather gets slightly better: Sorry I have to take a RL break, we´ll see how this flight will continue yesterday (remembering Phileas Fogg...).
  14. Going to inspect some details of the life around Cairns. Question one: Does the baggage loading crew in YBCS pay enough attention to valuable luggage? Seems to be acceptable, so we take off across Barron river ... ... towards Green Island. Not sure if the helipads reflect reality, but they call for a landing ... ... to catch up passangers. Oh, sorry, there is just one seat left on this flight ! It pays to have sunglasses when flying to the reef: Look, Vlasoff Cay is not the most crowded place around. But we can take a seat ... Returning to the mainland we
  15. For those who want to find one of the most challenging airstrips I have seen so far in OZ: Take off from Cairns northbound, fly about 7 miles until you reach the coastal village of Yorkey´s Knob. Turn to southwest there, and you see Cairns Intl. behind you ... ... and this in front: Keep southwest and you see Leila´s airstrip. This is also my suggested approach direction. Here you are with a full overview: You will recognize the must-have airport in the middle-background between hills and sea, with the city centre right-handed. Leila´s is just below me. You can also r
  16. After exploring the Cairns scenery to the seaside ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58945-touring-around-cairns-seaside/ ), the direction of the next tour was obvious. And I thought Air Mareeba would be qualified for this region... Taxiing towards the 15, with fxxxing white AI planes in the background (but DX10 is still worth it!): A short round over the airport... ... and then heading south, crossing the town ... ... down to the southern end of Jarrad´s 5 m mesh, Mt Bartle: Turning northwest over Atherton and the banana fields towards ... Mareeba. Bringing Air
  17. Let me take you to a little ride towards Barrier Reef, just seaside of Cairns. After take off from rwy 15 passing False Cape... ... and arriving at Green Island. The well-known scenery developer has not just made an airport, but also put some extra fun for us into the package. That is what I love! (And love to pay for...) The jetty is already blocked from another orbx customer, I suppose... ... but there is some other landing area. Seems I need to come back with a copter... Somewhere ... over the sea ... Slightly further east there is Vlasoff Cay, the east-mo
  18. Taking off from Leila´s airstrip was not much easier than landing there ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58888-challenging-landings-in-northern-queensland/ ), in fact I failed to get the Legacy into the air... . But at least a brutal "jumpstart" with the Maule (flaps stage 2, brakes, full throttle, then release) worked. Heading directly to the coast at Trinity Beach... ... then turning north until Port Douglas, to enjoy the full extend of Jarrad´s 5 m mesh: Working the way southwards (is this Kewarra Beach?)... ... and enjoying the famous cityscape while tur
  19. Cat over Cairns No edits. Cheers Mallard
  20. Been listening to B.B. King's "Into the night" - and felt inspired (OK - so the part where he sings Fuel supply is finished Ain't nothing left to burn I need someone to help me But I don't know which way to turn didn't really apply to the situation. Tanks were full and the GPS helped me find my way) Heading west from Carins Showing off all the lights that are available... OK - so that was more "into the evening"... Then I loaded the fly.be version. In the night - at Cardiff. Thought that might fit a bit better (flyBE - as in Be Be King? Geddit??) I hope
  21. ...this time in the new Dash 8 After all the "Ooh"s and "Aah"s in the various forums I thought I'd round off my hangar with a (turbo-)propliner. Sat for a while on the apron going "Ooh" and "Aah" after the install. Then I even got the engines running and - after getting used to the steering - even managed my way out to the runway of Townsville airport for my customary test flight route whenever I get a new plane... Take-off worked as well. Gear up Does this qualify as a tube-liner? Over Green Island And now the problems started: first attempt at landing - too h
  22. Real-time flight Cairns -> Brisbane Tucking in the landing gear Up and out Turning to heading 150 Sadly the weather wasn't too screenie-friendly Really hard to make out: the Glasshouse Mountains can be recognised with some difficulties on the right hand side of the pic in the long gap in the clouds Coming in to land A quick view from the flight deck Nearly there Grinding to a halt (OK - actually just slowing down enough to make it out on A5S) Parked at Gate 30 No edits. Cheers Mallard
  23. What with Global coming sometime this year I realised that I only have the MD-80 in my hangar when it comes to jetliners. And after some to-and-fro I finally decided on a 737. an old 737... Departure from Townsville Approaching Cairns On finals Wing view Some cropping but otherwise straight v-keys. Cheers Mallard
  24. Just one pic from a takeoff from Cairns in heavy rain. I hope you like it. Enjoy and thanks for looking.
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