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  1. Just a quick sightseeing... er... surveying... yeah, that's right - surveying flight around Cairns Cropped straight DX10s Cheers Mallard
  2. Some days ago I found the runway lights in Cairns appear like landing UFOs. Jarrad pointed me to this workaround... http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/42437-ybcs-taxiway-lights-are-too-large/?p=444862 ... and here is the success report: I love this hockey field. And I would love to play there, too. Plus one extra shot from another place. Just to see if the lights work well over there, too: Whoever does not know where it is, feel free to ask...
  3. After the amazing flight experience in PNG I took the (appropriate) jetliner to get back down under: A last view to Port Moresby... ... and leaving the tropical clouds behind. I have to thank Jon Murchinson for this great livery again... ... looks like my paxes, crew and I will need a sundowner soon: Approaching Cairns, ... ... downwind over the Barron river ... ... and parked to close this flight. Hybrid mode works nearly perfect - nearly, as I had some trouble with the runway lights at YBCS (I will test it with full Oceania mode and eventually place a reque
  4. For the outstanding discovery of PNG I had to go up in a slower way. From Cairns ... ... across the Great Barrier Reef ... ... to Scherger: Changed to an adequate one (and to hybrid mode), to fly over Badu Island ... ... Moa Island ... ... the Mabuiag Reef ... ... with Saibai Island in sight ... ... and the first view to PNG´s south coast. On final to Daru ... ... and ready for the immigration procedure. FS Global real weather used.
  5. After some fun on the slopes of PNG it's time to head back "home". Think I'll take the classy bird this time... Great Barrier Reef ahead Cheers Mallard
  6. While testing some yoke settings... Around Broome things might become a bit more apparent Cropped, otherwise untouched Cheers Mallard
  7. Jon Murchison did us the favour to create one of the best fitting liveries for the connection to PNG: The 1980´s Airbus "Big Bird": Taking off northwards from Cairns (in Global Hybrid mode, so not with the full details of Oceania); North Queensland coast ... ... and the Barrier Reef, as long as it´s there: A good hour later, the downwind to AYPY: Final: And enjoying ground service: A big THANK YOU, Jon! PS: Find the livery on http://www.flightsim.co.nz/
  8. Port Moresby to Cairns I didn't take the direct route, i flew from Port Moresby to Lockhart River, then to Coen and Cooktown and finally to Cairns. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  9. ...well, the route Mareeba -> Cairns was the same thing done twice here... The first run sometime just after lunch And the second run a bit later in the afternoon, and in something a bit smaller than the Cat.. Turning into quite a bumpy ride. Glad to have made it over the mountain range in one piece Yes, it really did get that dark that quickly... Cheers Mallard PS - real weather settings used...
  10. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  11. Gerold was right - flying cargo is easier. No announcements, no consideration of passenger comfort - but also no applause when you touch down again Metroliner from Hamilton Island to Cairns. Starting from the position that you can see a Metroliner in if you look at the Google Earth image of Hamilton Island airport... In the background and to the left: the Toll-office Cheers Mallard
  12. Got a call to Green Island to pick up a patient with a multiple-fractured leg. Was probably climbing one of the coconut palms... And we're off again! Parked on the hospital helipad Cheers Mallard
  13. ...but someone's got to do it! Taking a load of tourists from Cairns to the Whitsundays Cheers Mallard
  14. ...not THAT kind of Brazilian... THIS kind, the 195 - on a shake-down flight from Townsville to Cairns: It was overcast most of the flight, so no "cruising" pics... But there were some gaps in the clouds as I approached Cairns Yeah, right. It had to start raining, didn't it..? Better weather on another flight, this time with the 175 from Jackson Hole to Bozeman Autobrakes, spoilers and thrust-reverse got me stopped in time Oh, look what's parked at the next gate... I actually wanted to get th
  15. I've been playing with my sliders again. And I thought the best place to test the new water settings would be around Cairns... Plus, I've been ignoring Sunny for a while now, and she demanded that I take her for a flight to shake out the cobwebs. Taking the slightly more unconventional departure route Over the Esplanade Approaching (and circling) Green Island Real weather settings were clearly showing the remains of the Cyclone that hit northern Queensland a few days ago And just for the heck of it - some from an evening spin in the S
  16. Back in 2011 I purchased my copy of FTX Cairns International Airport (YBCS). But a few years later I'm having issues with some of the buildings not showing up, or some of the trees. As shown in the pictures. As you can see from the pictures with the default scenery included the problem is not that my Autogen slider is too low. I thought I could fix this with a few simple clicks in the YBCS control panel. But when I look in my control panel everything is enabled, so just to test I clicked one to disable it. But when I do that I get an error saying "Could not switch option 'Static Airliners
  17. Some from a quick inland flight from Brisbane to Cairns Waiting for the little'uns to clear the runway Fraser Island on the horizon Looks like the Whitsundays are lucky with the weather... ...Cairns not so much Cheers Mallard
  18. Absolutely lousy weather here today - I just had to head for the sun... (Ok - so I might be a bit late to head for the beach and lying in the sun. But the night market in Cairns is also worth a visit) Cheers Mallard
  19. Hot damn, this is one plane that I just could NOT get into the air without really reading the manual - I blew the engines on three attempts before I reluctantly opened up the file Didn't even try my usual whole test flight to or from Townsville. I was just happy to get this thing up - and back down again in one piece... And you thought the Dash-8 was difficult or the J-41 a diva? Well - meet the absolute champ of pussy-footing your way into the skies (or else...) A quick one from the cockpit. As you can see there are still some yellow warning lights which
  20. Been getting a bit more familiar with the 1900D on a flight from Townsville to Cains and then on another flight around Cairns. All straight v-keys. Cheers Mallard
  21. G'day everyone, Whilst doing research from Broome, I came across an interesting article in the local paper discussing the largest aircraft to have landed at the airport. Inspired to have a go myself, I thought I would try my hand flying an Il-76 into and out of the airport. The model is a lovely freeware piece for FS9 ported over, albeit minus a VC and some other mod-cons. After skimming over the top of the blast mound at the end of the runway, the flight continued on for a cross country trek to Far North Queensland. Cheers, Jarrad
  22. ... after a long romantic summer day on Green Island.
  23. And of course it had to be from my "home base" Cheers Mallard
  24. (For the original song google "Mc Hammer" and "I like...") Restocking the T7 at Cairns Pushback Taxi And we're off I guess I should be used to the quick nightfall in these parts by now. But I am not... Clearing out the debris left by the passengers I thought I'd try the stretch from Cairns to Brisbane instead of my usual Townsville run. Gave me time to get familiar with the cockpit Cheers Mallard
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