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  1. Here are some shots I did on a flight a few days ago. The flight was from Cushman to Walter Suttons nice strip. It was one of my first longer flights with Opus and it was pure pleasure Starting at Cushmans Climbing through the clouds Well, no Orbx, just clouds And arrival at Walter
  2. Hi folks, like to share my latest video with orbx jackson hole and the pmdg 737-800... Hope you like it! Enjoy! Watch in 1080p if possible! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGmGxFFPMBM&noredirect=1
  3. A few miles west of Dover, lies Beachy Head. A truly stunning place to see in real life as it is in the sim
  4. ... after some first snowfall! Please enjoy, Christoph
  5. Real Environment looks both stunning and confusing, though I'm willing to give it a go. However before purchasing REX, I'd like to know how it behaves withy ftx products (free and pay). Thjoughts? john
  6. From where I last left off, in Calgary. I swap for the Bonanza (repaint from Misha Cajic.. many thanks) Weather here is at its absolute worse and I encountered some serious snow storms, dense clouds. I will let these pictures do the talking
  7. If nothing else, OPUS has made me re-visit REX[E] and remind myself what a stunning piece of work it is ... well, they both are! Just so I didn't zoom through the landscape *that* fast, I chose some good old fashioned biplanes - with the exception of the trusty old C-130 workhorse (that can probably go just about as slow!) ... Ant's (amazing) freeware Tiger Moth - with Pekka Kallasaari's repaint ... over Auckland A trio of Jankees's superb ZK-AKU repaint (Dave Garwood's Rapide) ... over Rotorua ... and lastly, an "I wandered lonely as a cloud" RNZAF Hercules: Oh what fun!
  8. It's all John's fault (fiftysix) ... His "Climbing through 14'000 ft" topic got me hooked. After a quick test of the demo, I did the Paypal dance. Rather than mess up his original topic, I thought I'd add my pics in a separate topic. I decided to give my REX(E) textures a bit of a "rogering" while I was at it ... this really is a whole new experience: Sometimes the effects are quite subtle ... but the dramatic ones make better screenshots! My OPUS plays quite happily with: 1) REX(E) - for the textures. 2) EZDOK - for the additional camera control. 3) Accufeel - mainly for the sound enhancements, as EZDOK does all the random vibrations and DHM. Some of the features of OPUS, EZDOK and Accufeel overlap - but they appear not to conflict with each other, so I kept them all. As I've kept EZDOK, I haven't used the DHM functions in OPUS. I'm still loyal to REX, though I've had a fair few problems with the REX weather engine (which I think the upgrade is addressing) - though find OPUS better in that respect. OPUS seems to have a much smaller footprint and starts up instantly. Just noticed the (excellent) BN-2 Islander is currently on sale: http://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=19548 Adam.
  9. G'day all, Yesterday I took a nice leisurely flight from Jandakot down to Narrogin airfield in West Oz in the Bonanza, a plane I've spent far too little time with lately. The weather was just wonderful for a bit of flying - having gotten off to a shaky start with heavy fog in the early morning (see Timmo's post here for comparison), it cleared up to a spectacular clear day. Weather for the flight was real and via REX, and of course I took a few happy snaps along the way Rotate! Climbing out for 3,000' on runway heading and waiting for Radar Contact to direct me onto course. Given clearance to turn, you can see the City of Perth in the background Cruising at 5,000' past Wungong Reservoir and dam Watching the moon set First (and only) bit of cumulus build up for the flight Zooom! ...and Touchdown! Right out the front of the Narrogin Gliding Club. Hope you all enjoy the pics, and as always - please let me know what you think! Cheers, Derek
  10. G'day all, Here's a set from a lovely late afternoon flight I did a couple of days ago in NZSI. It was a simple flight in the Tecnam Sierra from Hokitika down along the mountain range to Franz Josef Glacier, in REX real weather and utilising Shade and my modified version of Tim Fuchs' ENBPlus Sunlight. I posted one of the frames here as my entry in the screenshot contest, while the contest version is a raw capture, the version in this post has been mildly edited for contrast and hue. Oh, and I've chucked in one of my panoramas too... Take off from Hokitika airport, late afternoon Climb out, heading for 2,500' in lovely fair weather conditions. A beautiful afternoon for a quick jaunt. Mmmmm. Shade really does help show off these wonderfully weathered NZ mountains Nice slow cruise, 2,500' and tonking along at about 90kts I love all these beautiful braided streams running down from the glaciers This was the pic I entered for the contest, everything just gelled for me right here... the lighting and haze conspired to show off the mountain range just right. Easily one of my favourite pics I've done in NZ Panoramic monstrosity. You'll want to click that for maximum embiggenation. Seven image stitch covering around 190-200 degrees horizontal FOV, blended and processed for a low dynamic range. Taken at the same location as the previous shot, I rushed the setup a little and could have levelled the aircraft (and hence the camera) a bit better. The tilt looks ok, but cropping it out to level would have meant cropping off the tops of the mountains on the left. Lowering sky near Franz Josef Glacier as the sun nears the horizon. Approaching the airfield as the last rays of sun bathe the Sierra with a lovely golden glow. I hope you all like, please feel free to comment or criticise as you will Cheers, Derek
  11. G'day all, I've been playing around with REX's Tim Fuchs' great new ENB palette, Sunlight ENBPlus, trying to find the best balance of settings to suit me and my flying. The pics below are a series of a flight from Queenstown to Christchurch in NZSI, utilising real weather provided by the REX Weather Engine, where I tried a variety of different ENB adjustments. It was a great flight, flown real time and with ATC provided by my latest addition - Radar Contact - no idea why I waited this bloody long to get that addon, it's making all the difference at the moment. As far as ENB goes, I'm having a love/hate relationship with it at the moment. I love the extra contrast and bloom provided, and the ability to tweak the light colouration, but it is the source of many crash problems with FSX for me when flying with really heavy load on the CPU (ie - NGX + Brisbane). Consequently, I'm only really running with ENB enabled when I want really nice visuals for screenies. As far as the palette goes, I found Tim's profile to be a little heavy on the yellow, so over the course of this flight I tried a few variations. That's one of the great things about the ENB mod - you can turn it off within FSX, make some changes to the files then re-enable it to see your changes straight away. By the end of the flight, I'd toned down the colour saturation in the palette file to about 25% of Tim's original, and I'm pretty satisfied with my results now. This is of course, highly subjective - it will depend on the sky theme chosen, the weather, the time of day and your own personal preference, naturally. Please feel free to critique... Anyway... on with the show Takeoff from Queenstown - nice and sunny, should be a great flight! ENB on with Tim's settings, looked too yellow to me on my system. Nice clouds though! Cruising along at 15,000' ENB off to make changes, notice how dull the colours and shading look without it! Made some adjustments, toned down the yellow quite a bit and added some darkening to the .ini file. Maybe a bit too much. Sky is nice and vibrant, the clouds still look a touch yellow. Ah, that's better. Colour balance looks about right to me. Weather's thickening up ahead, gonna get a chance to see how these settings work out when it's gloomy too Ooooh, some nice overcast conditions forming up as I approach Christchurch Looking back over the airport as I get vectored for an ILS approach into runway 20. Liking the contrast when looking towards the sun here - bright sky, dark cabin. Christchurch looks amazing up close Sky, terrain and weather looking fantastic, but I think I've gone a bit overboard on the darkening amount - the plane probably shouldn't be that dark. Nice even cloudbase at 3,000' as I set up for the approach Probably my favourite shot - happy with the colours, the contrast, and the amount of darkening added to the shady areas. Same pic from a different angle. Think I'll keep these settings for a while. Turning towards the ILS track Flaps deploying and slowing down on approach. Nice hazy effect. Short final and the end of my set. As always guys, let me know what you think - I'm always trying to improve my pics! Cheers, Derek
  12. G'day all, Once again, I've had an enforced break from FSX whilst travelling for work... I swearI could actually get myself from Perth to Mackay in my sleep now. Yay for the Brisbane Qantas Club! Pretty much a second home for me at the moment. Anyway, I return with a nice little set of pics from a lovely flight I made from Caloundra up to Bundaberg in one of my favourite fast turboprops - the Pilatus PC-12. This time it's a VIP flight for the RAAF, late afternoon on a cloudy February day - the weather was real at the time of the flight, and of course provided by REX. Another new addition for me was the installation of Radar Contact, I've finally taken the plunge and done away with default FSX ATC. What a difference!! While not perfect, it is a hell of an improvement. But anyway, on with the show Warning - this post contains lots of cloudy, sunset-y, silhouette-y awsomeness! Climbing out of Caloundra and picking up the track to the first waypoint - the Maroochydore VOR Still climbing, somewhere around Noosa I think Nice green summery QLD landscape, with a typical layer of thick cloud. At least it's not raining. Above cloud level and into the golden late afternoon sunlight Cruisin' at 16,000' Top of Descent, just before Maryborough and just cleared for a discretionary descent to 7,000' Nice Cu's and CuNim's around Back below the main cloud layer with some scud kicking along below. Oooh's and Ahhh's from the cabin as our passengers notice the most excellent view. This is what flying's all about Bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun as we approach Bundy, also being appealingly lit below. And here we are, on short final and just about to touch down as the sun vacates the horizon. Well, I hope you all enjoyed your flight, as always feel free to drop comments/criticisms! Cheers, Derek
  13. G'day all, Another short flight here, flying the Turbine Duke from that seminal piece of ORBX freeware, Launceston, down to Hobart in some stunning real weather. In the past, I've always flown with a custom REX theme that I rarely change... the past couple of days however, I've started using a bit more of the functionality of REX and let it choose the sky, cloud and wave themes based on the weather along my planned route. I've been stunned to say the least, and can't believe I never bothered with this option before. While I've always been a fan of REX, I'm starting to gain a whole new respect for what it adds to the experience. Here's some screenies of the resulting conditions on Thursday evening... On the ramp at Launy, near dusk as an almost full moon rises in the East. Turning onto the VOR track down to Hobart, and appreciating the fine job Shade does of adding some contrast to the hilly ground below My favourite of the set... running around some simply stunning cloud formations that REX threw at me. I really wish I'd noted down which cloud set was installed on this flight as it was just amazing. More low cloud and scud as I near Hobart, and some beautiful rendering of the excellent AU Blue landscape in Tassie wit some Shade help. Flying the pattern for an over-water approach into Hobart, with another REX surprise in the sunset on the water. I think the water theme here is Clear Lake, looks pretty amazing at this time of day, but messes with the landscape reflections somewhat. Well, that's all for now, back to some flying for me! I hope you like them! Cheers, Derek
  14. G'day all, Haven't been posting many pics lately due to PC hassles, not to mention resigning from my job and winding things down there as I finish up. Start a new (Bigger! Better!!) job in a couple of weeks, and have started ordering parts to build myself a shiny new gaming rig, so expect me back in the skies more frequently! Anyway, for today's flight I'm doing a quick dawn commuter run from Avalon down to Launceston in the superb A320 from Aerosoft's AirbusX. Jetstar repaint is by Frank the birthday boy, weather is real for this morning and provided by REX. Enjoy!! After pushback and startup at Avalon. Here comes the sun... taxiing to runway 36 And away! Climbing out from Avalon Climbing to cruise as the sun breaks from the clouds Such a nice paintjob when the sun gets on it Cruising over Bass Strait, it's clouds all the way and expected to be foggy and cloudy at Launy. Unfortunately, none of the rest of my screenshots worked, they all came out as full black images for some reason (must've left the lenscap on!!) so my set ends prematurely here. Hope you liked 'em, as always comments and criticism are most welcome! Cheers, Derek
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