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  1. Way back, before my long break from flight simming, I bought Active Sky X, which I recall gave me pretty good weather and lighting effects. A quick glance at their site reveals that they've created a few newer versions since then. Also, it seems there's a new kid on the block, REX, which Orbx recommends. So, should I stick with Active Sky X (for now at least), upgrade to a newer version, or switch to REX? If the latter, what's the difference betweenREX Essential PLUS OverDrive, and the new REX 4, they don't seem to have a features comparison chart. What I really want is great looking sky and weather effects, and most importantly, real weather in real time. I like to fly in the actual conditions present at the time, but Ihate the way you get sudden weather changes as you move from one place to another. I gather REX does more than just weather though? A simple comparison of pros and cons would be very helpful.
  2. One Two And three I love the feeling of breaking out into the blue sky after climbing through IMC. REX real world weather simulated this well yesterday over the North Island!
  3. Can't seem to find any posts on this. I use REX textures for clouds, runways, water and run ASN for weather. I have numerous ORBX sceneries installed, do I revert back to default FSX using FTX Central, install the Rex textures then turn REX back on, or do i just Install REX over the ORBX sceneries.
  4. Hello, i bought REX essentials plus a week ago and have i problems. After i downloaded it i got 4 files, Cab 1,Cab 11,Cab 12,Cab 13, and when i click on them it says the arcive is either in unknown format or damaged. Could you please, give me some support with advises how I can get it up and running.
  5. (Caveat: This is my first ever upload of a P3D or FSX image, so please be gentle with me ) Papua New Guinea - FSGenesis (worldwide76m mesh) gets it a bit wrong.... Then gets it right.... Then gets it wrong again .... [P3D with FTX GLOBAL, REX Clouds, Opus and a fire engine red Lionheart Quest Kodiak, all running on a crappy HP i5 system]
  6. Hi all. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I wanted to share this masterpiece I created for you guys. It showcases the newly released Spokane Field in Washington State in the United States of America. Let me know what you think. Is it possible this can make the product page, since it's lacking a video showcasing the scenery?
  7. Near Lake Tahoe,USA Graz,Austria Near Innsbruk Paris China Malaysia/Thai Border Phuket Athens Batami,Georgia Zvartnots,Armenia Koh Samui,Thailand Cheers Stu
  8. Hi Everyone. Heres shots from my big test flight. My scenery and Autogen Sliders are on Max,Opus live Weather,Rex,Accu Feel V1/2 and Shader. And...have loaded FS GENESIS MESH I think the shots speak for themselves....with my Multi Monitors and TH2GO its amazing. Roll on FTX Global. Hope you all enjoyed them Cheers Stu
  9. Having encountered so many cloudy, even rainy days in northern Queensland I had to face a decision. I will move up towards the northern hemisphere for some time, and pause the Aussie tour here in Cairns. During set-up of the plane... clouds once again: Taking off the 15, and spending a last view over the city ... ... before climbing out northeasterly. Approaching the equator, the weather gets slightly better: Sorry I have to take a RL break, we´ll see how this flight will continue yesterday (remembering Phileas Fogg...).
  10. Climb on from Mildura Passing through 8000 heading east Trucking along at FL220,Central Victoria,Indicated Ground speed 320kts Turning Finals,Rwy27,Melbourne Concentrate now,dont lose it !! Welcome to Melbourne
  11. Now that was great weather on the way from Ayers Rock (YAYE) to Alice Springs... I really love these dune shadows: Kings Creek, another runway not easy to see: I´ll better speed up (good choice not to take the Maule or Ultralight)...: Hermannsburg, an interesting location for Aboriginal art ( http://en.wikipedia....annsburg_School ): Approaching YBAS - almost in darkness, but at least the weather was fine for landing:
  12. Hats off to Tim and Holger for this majestic beauty
  13. Hello all, Found myself an hour or two this morning to explore wales even further and Iam very impressed. The quality and the variety of the terrain is outstanding, anyway I took a couple of shots on my travels... "Are you going?" The planes looking good, as always Whats that? Blue sky over England!!! Beautiful Welsh countryside Another great looking wind farm, I love flying by these "We have the airfield insight" Once again many thanks for looking at my shots, happy landings guys! Kind Regards Josh
  14. Thought I'd have a change of theme in my REX settings. I come to realise that my skies were too dark in my previous settings. MIxed it around a bit and I think I have stubled upon a keeper with my settings. Everything seems more 'alive' and 'Natural'. Toned down my shade settings too
  15. Hello Everyone! All I wanted to do was to take a nice VFR or at least MVFR flight from NZMO (Te Anau Manapouri ) to NZMF (Milford Sound). Fact is: I never made it to NZMF but had to abort the flight instead and return to NZMO due to low visibility which crossed my way somewhere in the midst of the flight. Nevertheless: It was a good practice for me and certainly a unique sim-flight-experience. And the weather engine by OPUS together with all the REX textures and the “REX Natural ENB-Mod†did a great job in my opinion. Anyways: Look for Yourself and please enjoy, Christoph Taking off into the early morning … … above Lake Manapouri, turning towards Shallow Bay and heading to Lake Te Anau … at least some light along the horizon ... can You see this little road in front of us. That should be the Te Anau Milford Hwy., which i intend to follow along until the northern end of Lake Fergus. After that i will be following the Hollyford River-Whakatipu Ka Tuka instead all the way up to Lake Mckerrow and Martins Bay … enjoying the surroundings … into the valley now … … … this does not look good at all. I can barely see the road anymore, which i intended to follow. There is also some severe “red terrain†on my GPS. Okay, let’s quit the plan and get above the clouds right away. Not very realistic and i did not even tried contacting ATC. But i also just did not want to give up my evening flight in the sim at this point here … save again! … enjoying the view again … … stay clear of these beautiful mountains though … and now, descending - well: At least some of the coast at Martins Bay can be seen, here so: Let’s give it a try and dive down a bit. Staying clear of the coast though and not below FL20 … that – again – does not look good. I don’t think, i’ll get to NZMF under this conditions … better climb above the clouds again and fly back to NZMO: I can barely see anything anymore. So much for now about my first attempt to go flying under VFR conditions after quite a while. From now on i will always (!) add weather forecasts to my VFR flight planning routine as well! In case You want to fly the same route, then please have a look here. Put together via Sky Vector as a reference.
  16. A fantastic piece of work by Russell Linn, Greg Jones and James Crowther.... and all the other devs involved. This is a real jem of an airfield and had so much fun flying around. Performance is spot on here.. good work guys
  17. When I jumped into my Legacy on Tuesday evening I was surprised to find myself in a heavy thunderstorm. Great sound (sorry, can´t post it....), fantastic lightnings (no, I was not fortunate to capture a shot from these), and great views. Hope you can imagine a bit of these... Will repeat such weather flying, and I can recommend that!
  18. Approaching this very interesting airport north of London. Heaving with plane spotters so better watch out as we land. London in the distance there and passing over the M1 Motorway Watch out for the power lines I personally think the autogen in much much better since SP1 Airfield has its own Cafe... but I can honestly tell you, they serve the most foul bacon sandwich Plane spotters are everywhere here.. 'People flow' becomes 'People Scattered' if they dont move out the way
  19. Repeated my first real flight to the land down under: OS001 VIE-KUL-MEL. Starting in Kuala around 04:30 hrs... Reaching Australias north coast: A remarkable rock in the middle of the continent: Colours change from red to green, approaching the southern coast: East of Adelaide: Approaching Melbourne from the south (towards Rwy 34): Hope you enjoy the trip as I have done, though I had to miss the fantastic Lauda service here at my computer!
  20. Just decided to max out FSX and it's features! I cant wait until NCA will be released my videos will look even better! Enjoy this full approach into San Francisco!
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