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  1. The REX Hotfix for P3Dv2.3 is out ... so Hurri along and grab it, folks! Here's a test flight in Douglas Bader's old "mount" near Wanaka ... Adam.
  2. Hi, just few shots on the first flight at Asiago. Sure does not represent the whole work on the scenery by Sylvain, but it's a start... François
  3. Instead of investing so much time on my FSX installation (eg. getting my Saitek controls working well) I decided to jump into prepar3d. I did a couple of flights yesterday and without a doubt it is better than FSX (even the Steam version). I have been flying flight simulator since something like 1989 so this is an emotional day for me (well not really). I installed one of the Carenedo planes and it seemed to be ok. I see that the others I own are only for version P3D V2. Any installed what they call V2 compatible into V3? I notice that the weather isn't quite what I was used to in FSX since I had Rex installed. I see that Rex is only compatible for V2. Does anyone have any information on that? Same goes for PMDG. I think I would need to buy the P3D versions of my PMDG products. Is that true? Thanks for the help. I searched these forums but couldn't find the answer.
  4. Such a long but enjoyable taxi, this is the Highway that runs under the 2 parrallel runways 16L/34R and 16R/34L at Mascot Cathay Pacific A330 taking off (I fly offline) It looks amazing and is easy on the framerate It is so spacious One of the most beautiful airports i have seen and works seamlessly with Orbx Australia Where the hell did they come from? Definition of flying blind when main GPS and Autopilot do not work Just before touchdown we finally made it scary but alive
  5. Leaving Bathurst Runway 35 Good Bye Bathurst, see you next time Bankstown from Overflying Blue Mountains OZx Holsworthy Army Barracks There she is FlyTampa YSSY Sydney Lining up with the ILS RWY 07 Localiser
  6. Hello everybody, as it is my first FTX Airport, I'm loving it to take off in this beautiful surrounding. Feeling like beeing there, it is an absolute pleasure to take a short round at Welshpool, Wales. With every improvement of the grafics and physics of the simulator, I am getting more and more excited to see the next step into the direction of reality. This picture was taken shortly after take off from FTX Welshpool Runway 04 with REX Essentials + OD, Texture Direct + Soft Clouds and Orbx Trees HD in an A2A Cessna 182 Skylane. Thanks a lot, for the fantastic work at Orbx. Best wishes from Wolfenbuettel, Germany. Martin
  7. North part, TO from YPTN to YJAB.
  8. Next leg for the Aussie tour and the A2A skylane is prepared and ready, T/O YPEC and spread wings to YPMQ, hope you enjoy the trip
  9. Hi, what you see is the awesome A2A C182T Skylane in the Eastern Townships area, near Sherbrooke (CYSC) Canada, coming in from CSZ4. I used live weather since,often at this time of the year, you get MVFR weather near the mountains. The weather engine is FSGRW and the cloud textures are from REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. Some editing has been made to give it the look I wanted it to have. Only in flight simulation can we play GOD with what the weather will finally look like... By the way, thanks to the person who took the time to develop Sherbrooke for free (I think it is Larry). It really makes a difference when you arrived somewhere and there are people preparing a BBQ! François
  10. The Trip started with two Cessna Floatplanes from the South Island to meet each other at the North, to hire a boat and have some fishing fun!
  11. My last flight tonight was from CYYG Chorlottetown Prince Edward Island. It was very pleasant cruising around at 12000 ft admiring the scenery and sunset. 1. Time to make some zeds and hopefully dream about flying! Take care everyone.
  12. Well my friends, after a long period away from this community - and simming in general - I am finally at a point where I can once again devote time to this passion of ours. After much thought and research on these forums, I made the decision to dive into Prepar3d head first and now that the dust is starting to settle I am finding myself in awe. I could say more but I think it's better to just share this with you:
  13. Enjoying the Captain Sim 777-200 very much at the moment. Just a quick play around late on Saturday night seeing what opened and shut. 1. Never seen so many doors and other parts open on a plane before. Even the radar moves. 2. Even the emergency slides deploy although I left them safely stashed away. Not a good idea to play with the safety equipment 3. 4. Everything Closed, time to fly. 5. A very easy plane to taxy. 6. Great sound too. 7. Not forgetting the amazing ORBX scenery 8. 9. Some great clouds and weather thanks to REX Texture Direct 4, Soft Clouds and ASN. 10. A wonderful plane to fly.
  14. Hello everyone, I recently made a cross-country trip in southern England, through Southampton, Shoreham, Gatwick, Heathrow and Fairoaks. There is no third party scenery in those shots. Here it is... From Southampton By the beach near Shoreham Reaching Gatwick Busy morning in Heathrow, as usual... Now heading to the final destination, Fairoaks HD Trees sure make a difference. Now turning base for Fairoaks Gotta watch those trees on final Lots of people waiting. Good idea this little boy with his bike, even the front wheel is moving from side to side. Certainly a lively airport, with lots of people around.
  15. Took the Baron from YTRE to YPEC Aeropelican Airport, Blink and you'll miss it, thankfully there is a small Powerstation to fly over to line you up with runway 07. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 FLARE! in the afternoon flare.
  16. Just some screenshots of my newest addition to FSX, so Beautiful... REX Essentials PLUS This is simply Breath Taking clarity Runway at YSTW Tamworth Departure Roll out of YSTW Tamworth YPMQ Port Macquarie can now be seen from 20NM out The river quality looks so good too, approaching YPMQ Port Macquarie Approaching Taree Everything looks so Defined now Now thats what I call a Sunset Approaching YSTW for the night thats an incredible sunset
  17. Oregon coast ala Orbx, REX & ASN P3D 2.5
  18. Though, Im really hoping Lockheed Martin address the snow animation and make a better one for P3D V2
  19. I thought with a new graphics card FSX would perform a little better. I didnt expect that. I changed my Radeon 5870 with a GTX970 and I am such amazed how much more I can get out of old FSX. I run with full AA and nearly all maxed out without having stutters.
  20. Winterday near Taku Lodge (SAK) with MD530F (Milviz), P3D v2.4, ASN and REX Soft Clouds Thanks for viewing Spirit
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