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  1. Hello all I (re) installed Orbx EGLC and EGNM yesterday on my MFS (1.9.5) and there is a mistake with textures on taxiways and runways.....there are on a pink color as you can see on the screen shot.... Note that this problem no appear on the old MFS version....
  2. Hi! A new PC and a new FSX SE installation. Installed 52 Orbx Airport, 13 Orbx Region and 5 Orbx Global addon. A few times i must to verify installation but after that all went Ok. Then I try to install YBAS and I got message like this: Installation Errors 1 File(s) failed to extract Click "Verify Files" This not helped -> I tryed it a few times -> Uninstall and again installa -> Deleted Temp Folder and so on I found there was similar problem an other simmer, too but he didn't got a solution so I ask now about what can I d
  3. Hello, I wanted to try your LOWI scenery, but it seems that the one that is showing is the one from Asobo. Could you please tell me how to get yours? For information, I can see the LOWI scenery in my Orbx MSFS files library and the symbolic link in the Community folder. Even in the Content Manager within the simulator, Orbx LOWI is listed. By the way, is it recommanded to uninstall the Asobo version of LOWI? Thank you. transaction ID / receipt number is 5f4cc6b9b2ebc Best regards, Jérôme
  4. So I pre-ordered the MFS2020, and directly after the game launched i bought the LOWI Innsbruck DLC for 16€ and went there directly in-game after the installation finished, because from the pictures shared on the Marketplace i knew it would be my most visited Airport in the game and yeah for weeks i always start my flight from there. Everything was beautiful, the views, the ambience, literally everything was perfect. but now after the update i realized some unspoken changes happening in this airport. I noticed that the view was no longer beautiful like it used to, even the runway is broken sinc
  5. .” I have two Orb x scenery packs, UK North and UK Central installed successfully. However, I purchased the UK South to complete the series and it will not install. Reference number below. I am getting an error, first “Orbx Central worker failed to launch etc.” Followed by “A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action.” I have been to the forum and followed the advice. 1. I have enough space on the destination drive. 2. I deleted the “App Data User” files. 3. I Uninstalled and reinstalled Orbx. 4. I deleted and reinstalled the Runtime stuf
  6. When I open up Orbx Central it does not show MSFS 2020 which I have installed and running. It does show Prp3d v5 which i also have installed. Any ideas why it is not showing up? It worked a few days ago when I downloaded Darrington into MSFS 2020.
  7. Hi Guys wonder if anyone can help at both LEBB and LOWI the defualt ground textures come through the scenery this is only at the airport not in the surrounding areas. Any help would be appreciated Sam
  8. Hi everyone, I have Vector and Open LC Europe installed in Prepar3D V4.5, and I believe my problem it is related to Open LC Europe files. The new Istanbul Airport (LTFM), which is active since 2018 but not included as default in Prepar3D V4.5 and Prepar3D V5, has a highway crossing in the middle of the airport and the terminal area. Although the addon photoreal zone masks the highway during daytime, the road lights remain visible during night time. This is my problem. I tried changing the scenery order priority, i.e. addi
  9. I noticed the grass runway at Orbx 2B2 plum island airport (14/32) is flipped around on ATC an the P3D map/gps... Runway 14 is heading 320 and Runway 32 is heading 140. Would anyone know if this is an Orbx bug or something else? Global Base, vector, olc na, 2b2/6b6. Thanks.
  10. Just bought the True Earth Washington add-on and started in seattle. There are no airport buildings or terminals. All flat with plans at virtual gates. Can someone help me get this figured out? Thank you in advance.
  11. Good evening, MFS2020 shut down three times during taxi at LOWI to RW08 (on the same spot). It seems it is an airport issue as it does not happen during taxi at LIRQ. Regards Peter
  12. Hey Guys, I am not sure if this is the correct section for this post. I noticed in the Orbx central that the immersion products by FSFX are there. I purchases a few of them years ago before when the company was called FSFX my question is.. am able to add the products that i purchased to Orbx Central as purchased products? thank you for the help.
  13. I keep getting this message (see picture). Verying files don't help - still the same. Tried installing in simulator as well as in library - same result.
  14. Hi there, I installed the Leeds Bradford pack and when I load in it always crashes when I go in third person or anything.
  15. Can someone tell me the ATIS frequency Orbx have set for EGPH? I am trying 131.355 but getting nothing. It's not listed in the info in the map section. Cheers
  16. hi, i purchesed EIDW yesterday and tried to install it through Orbx central. I am running P3D v4 and already checkt that I have the latest version installed. Orbx central says that everything is installed successfully, but once beeing in dublin I still see standard scenery and a lot of jetways standing around somewhere on the apron (see screenshot). In Add-ons and Scenery the Dublin Scenery does not show up thats why I suspect that installation is not done correctly through Orbx Central. I already tried reinstalling it through Orbx central and find no other option where to configure some
  17. Hello I just purchased Accu-Feel v2 Air, Land and Sea from Orbx Central for my P3DV5 ! The installation went fine , but when i started my P3DV5 i couldn't see any difference while flying , taxying , landing etc. it is like Accu-feel is not working ! My Installation is in my C: Users , Mike , Orbx Library , p3dv5 , A2A Accu - Feel (P3D Academic ) ! I Noticed that when i start my sim and check my Addons : Accu Fell is Missing !! Any idea what is going on ? Thank you , Mike
  18. Hello ! I bought the Orbx LOWI Airport scenery from within Marketplace of MSFS 2020. Every time I fly out of LOWI, there is a CTD within a minute in to flight, and, this behaviour is consistent. Tried flying in to LOWI from other Airports, CTD on reaching near LOWI. I'd highly appreciate help with this. Thanks
  19. Hello everybody, I bought Orbx LOWI and although I switched off Static Aircraft in the settings, in Orbx Central via the settings in the airport. do they appear anyway? Where is the problem. Thanks
  20. Hi, I am not sure if Orbx scenery is able to fix it but Localizer for LOC DME East approach is not 4° offset from runway 26 ceterline but in runway course. This typical approach for Innsbruck is broken here. Thank you Tomas
  21. Hello, I just purchased Meigs Field for X-Plane 11.50 and after installation, the buildings at Chicago Midway disappeared. Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks so much, Raoul
  22. Firstly, know it says no support questions here, but since I own several Orbx supported Simulations it might be a bit daft to post this on each sim support board, its a genuine general question that should be seen and might be helpful for others too in my situation, might even warrant a sticky? ... anyway ... Own FSX, Xplane11, Aerofly FS2, P3Dv5 and of course the new MS FS2020 Sim with lots and lots of Orbx titles for them ... great work by the way, love what you guys do. New FS PC build coming up soon once the new Ryzen CPU's are out and am already planning ahead, goes without saying w
  23. Since an update of AFS2 the other day I noticed that my wind turbines around the Netherlands are all upside down and floating above the ground. Could you please tell me who is responsible for fixing this issue? I am not in the beta version. Thanks for the good work Orbx
  24. It happened to my friend during his live stream where Chaseplane just stopped responding and when he restarted it, it wiped all his key binds. To me, I just started a flight and after 5 minutes of it working, it also stopped responding to my inputs on my joystick. Although when I restarted it never would restart again???
  25. Hi all, I feel like a broken record with those ( I think only the old guys will get the simile :-)), but I am having layering problems again with PAGY AND PAKT, and now a new issue with PSIT. Yes, they are all within the SAK region, and I think that is the cause. Following previous advice, I uninstalled and then reactivated SAK, did the same with the libraries, used the sync tool in Orbx CENTRAL and ran a full Vector scan. Here are some before and after pix PAGY WITH SAK PAGY WITHOUT SAK PAKT WITH SAK
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