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Found 8,031 results

  1. Just Got Africa LC every time i launch p3d it asks me to active the Africa LC why is this? its never happened with anything else (just the first after install) but for Africa it ask every time. I've verified the files should i try a uninstall/reinstall PS: can anyone recommend a JNB airport Scenery thanks
  2. Are we able to have an option to turn night lighting off for black marble users?
  3. Hello! I seem to have another one of the common black scenery area issues. My problem occurs in the western parts of North America, see attached screenshots of Los Angeles and San Francisco. I've located the issue to the OPENLC_NAMERICA1 post in the scenery library. Moving it all the way to the bottom fixes the problem but I'm guessing it doesn't do much good there. I've also tried the fix noted in Nick's post from last week but without any success, so now I'm looking for more advice on how to fix this. I've also attached parts of my Scenery Library below. Kind regards Jesper Persson
  4. When i run Orbx central, the program starts and only shows x-plane. Prepar3d is not even an option.
  5. I Just purchased by Visa: Quote: "Receipt Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd Level 10, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia I59 120 838 244 Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd Level 10, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia ABN 59 120 838 244 The products you ordered have been added to your account. Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5e7cd249ba3f3. AU Australia v2 x1 $29.48 AUD Global openLC Africa x1 $47.16 AUD Total: $76.64 AUD The total price includes GST for Australian customers. © Orbx Simulation Systems 2020" Now I have problems to install AU Australia v2. I tell you What I did: 1- I open Orbx CENTRAL 2- I get AU Australia v2 at My Products 3- at "options" I pushed "Install" 4- I chose "P3D4V4" 5- I get "ERROR"[in red letters] with quote: "error:This product cannot be installed as it is ot compatable with the following products. They will need to be unistalled before this product can be installed" Underneth this message at "options" a symbole is constantly running like it is searching for something! I didn't know how contact Orbx themselves. Can anybody help me to solve my problem to install my purchased "AU Australia v2"? Thanks in advance, Maarten
  6. Hi, I have uninstalled UK2000 Leeds and installed Orbx Leeds. After doing this my elevation is underground. I have tried to run the auto elevation in vector but did not fix the problem. EGNM is also not listed for me to enable or disable in the bottom 2 boxes of the VECTOR elevation panel. Any help would be great. Bernie ***** FIXED ******
  7. hi all, i purchased a DGAA (Kotokoa Airport in Ghana) from Sim Markets and installed it over the Orbx Africa LC, it looks great with the exception of the SE end of the airport where some of the default airport LC is still showing. i also had i opened up Orbx Central and ran the AEC tool and that fixed the elevation issues, but the default LC still bleeding through wasn't fixed. I then used Airport Designer to search for the default AFCAD, i found it and moved it out of the sim to my desktop, and then i changed the file type to .xxx, but the problem still persists. I also used the tool airport scanner to look for any additional DGAA AFCADs that coulb causing the problem, but it didn't find anything. I checked my scenery library and i tried with the DGAA scenery being higher than and lower than the Orbx Africa LC, didn't make a difference. Anyway does anyone have any ideas of some other things i might try to cure this issue? thnx in advance for any thoughts. richard
  8. Following my recent problems with KORS I decided that my installation was getting clogged up anyway, and set about a complete reinstall of P3Dv4. So far I have installed only the sim itself, TEGB(S) + Libraries, Orbx Global Base, Orbx Buildings and Orbx Trees, all of which went into Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Orbx. Orbx Central refused to allow Objectfllow to go there and insisted on creating Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Orbx Library\p3dv4 where it lives in isolation, though seemingly working ok. My first airfield addon was EGHA, and I have an elevation problem which I have not seen before, although I am familiar with the sunken area from before. Can you suggest which files I should look for and delete, please? Thanks, David
  9. We have just moved our training base to Oxford Kidlington airport (EGTK). On entering the main apron from the south there is a group of three people, two male, one female, standing on the taxiway about 7 ft on the east side of the centre-line. Why? By making EGTK files active/non-active I have managed to narrow the file in which these folk reside as FTX_ENG_EGTK_objects.bgl which you will know resides in FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY. Is there any way I can edit this file to remove these figures? If not, could they be edited out in a future update. Sounds like a small thing, but when teaching it stops the immersion factor for the student. Cheers, rr
  10. Hi, Sorry if there is already a topic for this but I couldn't see one. See photos attached. I have UK2000 Newcastle (same issue at Manchester too) and recently TEGB. I seem to have duplicate buildings (tower, terminal etc) and at Manchester in particular duplicate centreline markings. Can anyone advise? Thank you. Ian Bowden. PS hopefully Orbx Newcastle will solve this?!
  11. Having a problem with my libraries. When I try to edit them, I get a message that says "An error occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator. Can't install any products, I'm assuming because of this error.
  12. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v4 Screenshot: attached Issue: I downloaded Orbx central last night. Today I wanted to update everything. It all went fine until it came to vector. It gets stuck on scanning forever. I waited hours and it was still on the same number of files it scanned. What can I do? Greetings Vincent
  13. Hi folks, I'm a newbie to Orbx and to custom libraries. I have lots of time on my hands since we're hunkered down here in Eugene OR waiting for something good to happen, meanwhile lot's of time to play with X-Plane 11. I purchased and (think I've) installed (using the Orbx tool) the Northern California and Oregon scenery packs. I did this (stupidly) right before I left the country (yes Asia) for 6 weeks, and now I'm back and trying to piece together my situation. I remember running out of disk space and then buying a 2 TB WD external drive, and either copying libs over, or re-installing or??? I've poked around the forum but not finding anything that deals with the multiple issues I think I have. Anyway I've attached a PNG file which contains some Windows Explorer screen shots of my folder configurations on my C: and D: (external) drives, as well as the the scenery.packs.ini files located on those two different drives. The .ini files are to the right of the drive it's located on. I've also included a screen shot of the Orbx page showing my library location. I hope the PNG is adequate. If anything else is needed please let me know. I would appreciate someone (not another newbie) taking a look and telling me if things are setup correctly, because honestly I can't tell if it's working by just flying an aircraft in X-Plane 11. I thank you in advance for your help.
  14. Can anyone advise me as to why I am getting this error warning when trying to install TrueEarth Great Britain South for X-Plane 11. Many thanks Salex
  15. Hello to all, I upgraded Orbx Central application with the current version v4.1.1. This morning, I wanted to install the following bought products : EGHI - Southamnpton LGKO - Kos International Airport ObjectFlow When the download process is completed, and I want to "Install" the product (depending of the add-on, I may choose where to install the scenery - Simulator or Library), I get the following message: "Error: Library Path does not exist." What can I do to solve the issue, and use the products I've paid for ? Thanks for your assistance. Best regards, Jean-Philippe DELWICHE EBBR (Brussels, Belgium)
  16. Purchased but get this error message when trying to install
  17. I have several small airports for Tasmania that I have created, and which worked well with Australia V1, but since installing V2 (5e731000cab3d), they have all disappeared! They are still showing in the scenery library and are all ticked, but when flying in the sim, there is no sign of them. I have run the Flightsim Commander Data Base manager, and my airports show up on the map OK, but are not showing in FSX? After all the work and time in creating the airports I do not particularly wish to lose them. Any suggestions??
  18. Hi, I recently updated to Orbx Central v4.1.1, and have been trying to update several installed products. The update process seems to download the necessary files, scan, etc. but then appears to get hung up at "Installing" and the status bar for the product (Libraries, for instance) shows "Queued." I've made sure the prerequisite Microsoft files are installed and current. I have tried to follow the Troubleshooting section in the User Guide but nothing jumps out at me as solving this particular problem. I even uninstalled and downloaded/reinstalled. Log file attached. I've read the posts where other folks have had similar problems and tried what worked for them, but no luck. Hope someone can help. Thanks. Operating system: Win10 Issue: The Orbx Central worker process failed to start. Please check the user guide for troubleshooting advice at http://Orbx.to/central-guide - closed with code 3762504530 - null (from the central log file) central.log
  19. Hi, Since this week I have the Orbx addon 'Chaseplane'. It works excellent with e.g. PMDG 737, 777 and the QualityWings 787. Today, I wanted to make a flight with the A320 (Aerosoft Airbus Professional). I use Aerosoft Heathrow Professional scenery, and Brussels by JustSim. Suddenly, I saw that when P3D v4 completed its loading, everything was very laggy and slow. Therefore, I tried to load it without any addon scenery, but this did not help. When I switched to the PMDG 737 and set all the scenery on again, everything runs as expected (smooth). Therefore I think this is an issue with the A318-A321 Professional series. How can I resolve this issue? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Lars Order 5e77bc0b25c0b PS: Windows, P3D, all drivers, etc are all up to date
  20. I'm almost sure I had it before I installed TE GBN, now it's gone AWOL
  21. Dear Sirs, I Can't get success on install SAM and TerraFlora. A message with "A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action" My SO is macOS Catalina 10.15.3. The Central is 4.1.1.
  22. Operating system: Windows 10 1909 up to date Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Issue: connection interupted, retrying central.log
  23. Hello, I purchased S45 today, but I am facing elevation problems. I ran Auto-Configuration in Airport Elevation Corrections, it didn't solve the problem. Then I tried to do a manual configuration for AEC, but S45 is not available in either column (nor in the Enabled neither in the Disabled). I then updated P3D client to the latest version. I ran P3D again, but the problem persists. Any hints? Thanks! Dario
  24. I've just installed EGPN, EGJA, EGLC, EGNM, EGPH, ENSD, LOWI and LYBE... I'm getting troubles with the 3 ones that have an "Airport Elevation Stub": EGJA, EGLC and EGNM. EGJA: EGLC: EGNM: SceneryIndexReport.zip Thank you for your help :-)
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