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  1. This has been an issue for some and the latest patch to MFS has made no difference. Are Orbx working on the London city pack so that it works with MFS London photogrammetry. Currently there is empty space and graphical artefacts on the photo scenery where photogrammetry buildings should be making the package useless
  2. I tried 3 times and each time loading a flight the sim crashed halfway through load (stopped responding. I took out Bjan seasons pack and it loaded there seems to be a conflict between these two payware. I have also notified the Bjan.
  3. Back in P3D while MSFS fixes its entrails. There is a setting in P3D that needs to be set to the maximum so that the Monroe to Harvey train actually moves. Anyone remember what that setting in is? Thanks TTM
  4. Hi there I used the Halloween sale and got myself - open LC South America - NA Southern California - USMV Monument valley - ESNQ Kiruna - LDPL Pula -KPSP Palm Springs Installation was fine via FTX Central as always. After installing I wanted to have a go and check my new beauties out in the sim. However my sim does not start anymore. It passes the splash screen as normal, bringts up my UT Live AI icon but then just nothing (no icon in task bar), I noticed in the task manager that P3D doesn't start as an app as normally, but as a background process. Any ideas what could have gone wrong with the installation? The Orbx products are the only thing I installed into the sim until I last worked 2 days ago. Kind regards Dani
  5. I have buy Rex Weahter force but this error? can you help me? i have not serial number buy via Orbx direct greetings Jürgen
  6. There seems to be a problem in the 'YBBN_ADEP4_ORBX.bgl' file with the identifiers for Rwy's 01L showing as IABA and 19R showing as IABB. These don't show up on any charts. I think they should be IBN and IBE respectively. This is causing problems with AivlaSoft EFB. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this. Glenn Asher
  7. Hi Team, I've been trying to install the Impulse Simulations RFDS and Emergency Services livery packs through Orbx Central however after selecting Microsoft Flight Simulator Folder for the install location, I receive an error "There are no builds available for this product" and the packs do not install. Cheers!
  8. Flying into KSLE I could not get KSLE to come up on the nearest airport list. went ahead and landed there anyway. You guys need a great job on the scenery. it looks very nice and displays with no problem. To further investigate I tried to get P3D load the airplane at another gate at KSLE. The ramp and gate spaces showed in the go to airport window, but P3D locked up trying to reload KSLE. I finally had to manually close the program. How to fix? Also, I was able to build a flight plan with KSLE as the destination with no problem.
  9. I purchased Chaseplane, however whenever I try to download it on Orbx central, it says; "Error: It appears that your terrain.cfg is corrupt or missing. You may need to launch or reinstall the simulator to re-generate it" I searched on google and tried reinstalling a couple of times, and uninstalling terrain.cfg then turning on P3D. Even downloaded each file individually. Still I cannot download it with the message. What should I do in this case? Is it possible to download manually?
  10. Hello I am getting terrain spikes using Orbx canaries around Tenerife. Please see see screenshots I am also using hd_global_scenery4 zzz_uhd_global_scenery4 Could this be the conflict ? Thanks
  11. Hi all, i bought the Changi Airport today to go along with the Orbx Singapore Landmarks and unfortunately I am getting some floating objects, two underpasses near N4 float above ground. I have not found a way to solve this yet.. is this a known issue? Greetings, Paul
  12. Dear Orbx Community, I bought your Orbx Innsbruck scenery 2 days ago. Today after I installed it, I wanted to test my scenery and everything worked except the ground textures. The runway, the parking positions and the taxiways have no ground textures. I already checked my Orbx ObjectFlow and my Orbx Libraries but this didn't help. I use Orbx Global and sceneries, that's it. My transaction id is: 60df6dd1243f0 I also had a look at my scenery configurator, and Orbx Global is selected as it should be, I also tried it with a different setting but it didn't help. I was already reading in other forum threads but no one was able to fix my issue. I also didn't touch my P3D scenery library, everything looks normal. I also tried readding the scenery to the scenery library. Here are some screenshots: Please help me. Regards, Aviator_Kevin_HD
  13. Hi, I'm getting black/night textures at random places in the scenery. It has been traced to Orbx\FTX_Vector_P3Dv5\VECTOR_CVX. When turning this off in the scenery library the problem disapears. I have tried "verify files" and rebuilding the terrain file and then Sync simulator. No joy. Also tried renaming lclookup.bgl annd then run verify files. It is not remade. Help is much appreciated. Screenshots bellow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f3xnt4jwef540x8/Scrshot038.jpg?dl=0 Jens-Ole Kjølberg
  14. Cant get it to work. I put it in the Orbx folder where it apaers among the other airports. Uninstalled, installed, verified files. Also cleared Dowloader and backups, resynchronised the simulator. Nothing as a result. Uninstalled, en installed again into the community folder, but it simply won',t apear in there. Orbx assist please. thank you Henk
  15. Hi Orbx, Actually i always buy your scenery unseen..... but today I was a bit disappointed looking at the LYNI scenery after purchase..... is it just me? Do I miss something in the scenery? (I checked but can not change any settings) Groundpolygons seem to be standard as are the RWY and Taxiways, the airfield is surrounded by one big flat yellow grass surrounding. The city seems to be not very special, beside of some trains and a stadium that i see. I see a few statics and i see the airport name on the Terminal roof....that is a sign for me that the airport is installed allright....so...yes...disappointed by what i see....no atmosphere at all. I am not a big complainer....but I better look to the screenhots carefully first, before any purchase in the future. Regards, Ben
  16. Hi, I have an issue with a floating black building at YRBK. I am using p3dv5.2 and have Australia V2 installed. I have managed to track it down to the ADE_FTX_AUS_YBRK.bgl specifically, because when I disable it, the black building disappears. The issue is that so does all of the other objects at the airport. See attached photo. Please help?
  17. I'm not sure if this is a problem with Fly Tampa YSSY, CS Sydney or something else but I find the airport tunnel running under 34L appears above the taxiway level. I've tried to delete rolling cache but no luck. Any ideas? Both products are installed via the Orbx Central library (is not direct to the sim)
  18. Just purchased and installed Brisbane YBBN. So far MSFS has crashed twice while looking around at the airport. My MSFS has never crashed before. Has anyone else experiencing same?
  19. Hello, I just purchased the Orbx KSJC and noticed there is a big part of the taxi way which is marked with a purple color on the pavement. I purchased this through the marketplace in MSFS. Is this an issue or should I have purchased it directly from Orbx?
  20. Yesterday, I purchased True Earth Florida and I'm just amazed at the quality and performance of the scenery. P3d v5, latest HF. The scenery loads quickly and the quality of the entire package and performance is top notch. Well done! I do have a problem. Initially, after installing the scenery I now have a large trough all along the eastern part of the state, well off the eastern coastline, out in the Atlantic Ocean, and I thought that it was some sort of mesh problem. I have no mesh products installed and no Florida airports installed. So I started investigating closer. As I checked various files, I found that activating and de-activating FTX_NA_!FL_06_CVX gets rid of the trough off the coast, but appears to add duplicate airport signs at the airports in Florida. At first, I thought it would be the FTX_NA_!FL_07_MESH file that would be the culprit. But no, its the file noted above. Oddly, for these collection of FTX files, should the numbers of those files 05, 06, 07, 08 be sequential? Mine are 06, 07, 05, 08. Wondered if someone could provide some input.
  21. Having purchased Sumburgh this morning for MSFS. The sim is crashing to desktop when I try to load a flight at the airport. I have disabled all other scenery for the UK, removed and then reinstalled Sumburgh. Next steps?
  22. This is the second Orbx purchase. First one, London City Scenery loaded fine, and looks fantastic. However, I do take-off and land regularly at London City Airport, so decided to purchase Orbx EGLC London City Airport. IT FAILS TO LOAD? Goes up to 250mb then stops? I have tried several times, but keeps failing? Other downloads work fine. I do not really want a refund, I want the Airport. PLEASE Orbx!
  23. It seems to be only in effect in NL, where the road lights are just too overly saturated/bright. Other area's do not have this issue. I initially blamed EnvShade (which had problems with road lights before), but after completely disabling it and resetting my shaders the problem persists. Since 5.2 road lights is a scenery option, which I have kept to none (does not seem to have an effect).
  24. Good afternoon, I have tried a removal and reinstallation of these airports in Orbx central. I have done the same with Object Flow. I verified the files in central as well. I have checked the insertion point in the library. I don't have REX TD installed. My other Orbx airports don't have this problem. The problem started after updating the standalone Client for 5.2 HF1 and running the "Delete Generated Files" shortcut in P3D's installation directory. I have been searching the forums the whole day for a solution, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks for any pointers, Vincent
  25. SO, I originally posted a support request for this in April but have still received NO Support. So I'm going to try again. If I am posting in the wrong place then PLEASE let me know where to get OFFICIAL Support. Hi All, I have a problem with YBBN in P3Dv5.1, and now 5.2, with BOTH YBBN v1 and v2 in that I am spawning to ANY Gate (in this case Gate 80) anywhere in YBBN . Somehow ALL aircraft (mine and AI) are spawning in the correct formation for the gates BUT on the EASTERN side of the runway. I have tried Verify Files. Any ideas?
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