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Found 9,373 results

  1. Hi team I have a similar issue to another member where NSFA and other aerodromes such as NSFI are elevated. I am running P3D v4.5. I have tried verifying the NSTU package files uninstalling and installing NSTU enabling and disabling various scenery packages I installed since I remember the scenery working removing and adding the relevant files from scenery/world/scenery trying with the Orbx scenery configured at the top or the list and below other 3rd party sceneries but to no avail. attached are some screenshots Any advise will be highly appreciated Regards - Ran
  2. Hi there. I have just bought and installed KSJC San Jose International Airport, but it do not show up in the flightsim. I have tried to confirm the files, sync the simulator, but it is still not there. The Orbx Central log file says it there all right, but it is not in the scenery cgf. file. My Orbx Library files are installed outside the P3D V4,5 main. Any good ideas about what is wrong? Cheers Bjarne
  3. I started this issue in another topic – “EGNX - building section in the sky!” but its subsequent evolution and a correction suggest it needs its own topic. I have EGLC and TrueEarth South v2 in P3Dv4, and I am having a problem with airborne structures at EGLC. Starting a flight at EGLC, everything looks fine. But when I fly into EGLC from elsewhere, there are lots of buildings and structure components in mid-air, as shown on the two attached screen shots. This is especially noticeable flying over the water approach onto RWY 09, on the south side. I had thought Global Buildings HD was the culprit but that has proved to be not the case. I have the same problems if I use FTX England instead of True Earth South. My test flight is from EGLL to EGLC in an Aerosoft Twin Otter. Using SimStarter, I have created a scenery config with only ORBx and geographically relevant P3D base sceneries, all other add-ons being turned off. My TrueEarth sceneries are on a separate drive of their own, but the rest of my ORBx addons are in the ORBx default root library. I have re-installed EGLC, Global Buildings HD and the Orbx Libraries, verified TrueEarthSouth, there are no stray copies of EGLC and I think only one copy of ObjectFlow2, and I ran the simulator synchroniser. When I take off from EGLC there are no airborne buildings, I fly towards Heathrow and when nearly there, turnaround and return to EGLC and everything is still normal, ie no airborne structures. But if I take-off from somewhere else, eg EGLL, when I reach EGLC I have the airborne building structure problem again. Nick, btw, the mast is still at the end of RWY09. For others, see attached photo. I am now at a total loss, anyone have any ideas? Nigel Vancouver
  4. When starting FSX-S, my Orbx scenery files are ALWAYS un-synced. Even if I re-sync them, when I start FSX they a un-synced. This has been getting worse throughout time and usage. I verify local files to no avail. I absolutely CANNOT use Orbx (Global) scenery with FSX-S. Is there any known solution to this problem, or am I the only one deviled ? Dave Hinson
  5. Just bought PATK and am experiencing elevation issues. I have PAJN, KHQM, YBBN and other addon airports with no issues. I have Southen Alaska and GSX2. Help would be appreciated.
  6. I have everything installed into a Library disk outside the Prepar3d folder. If I need to completely reinstall Prepar3d from scratch, say after a Windows reinstall, and the Library disk is intact, would I be able to re-link the files, or will they need to be re-downloaded again to install? I have half a terrabyte of data in the Library disk, and downloading that much would be quite a lot!
  7. Did a paid license transfer about 4 days ago for this airport and now it does not show up. Uninstalled/reinstalled checked addons and library all there. Lastly, ran a verify files no change! I am not sure what files will need to be sent for review for sure I need help on this one. central.log
  8. Good evening gents, Does anyone one this issue can help me to solve? thanks Massimo
  9. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: X-Plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Installed Orbx Central on new computer with Orbx sceneries from Aerofly FS 2, Prepar3D v5 and X-Plane 11. During the setup process, Orbx Central did not discover X-Plane 11. During setup, 3 simulator boxes were displayed, 2 of which were filled in with Aerofly FS 2 and Prepar3D. In the third box, an in-process search symbol continued to spin with no result. In the missing simulator discovery box, I filled in the path to X-Plane 11. I then re-scanned the computer as instructed with no result. Please advise.
  10. Hi, I just upgraded to v5, migrated my scenery to my external Orbx directory, then installed all my Orbx products into v5. Most of them are working fine, but I'm getting a huge elevation error at KSNC. I already verified I have only 1 Objectflow 2 running, and verified KSNC files.
  11. Hello I used to have all the Orbx addons working properly on P3D v5. From nothing, all the addons disappeared from addon list. I have Global Base Pack, Buildings HD, TerraFlora V2, Vector, OpenLC Europe, Libraries, Object Flow and SODE. All of these were working properly. Today I was taking off and I found out the scenery was different. I took a look at the Addon-List, and all the Orbx addons disappeared from the list. I tried on Orbx Central to fix it by going to help-> Sync Simulator. It says : Your Prepar3d V5 was synchronised successfully. However when I open P3Dv5, no prompt appears to add new addons and when I go to the Addon-list, no Orbx products appear. What happened? How can I fix it? Thank you
  12. Hello. I started to install all my Orbx products in P3Dv5 but is causing the sim to crash. I have P3Dv5 latest version installed, which includes the hotfix 2, and my drivers are up to date. I installed only aircraft at the beginning and then tested the sim and it worked fine. After I started installing the Orbx addons it crashes to the desktop if I try to switch parking locations. Also, airports such as KGPI (Glacier) have issues with the parking spots (see screenshot) so I stopped installing anything else. I haven't install anything else other than some carenado airplanes and Orbx. My PC was built for the upcoming FS2020 so it meets and it exceeds the minimum requirements for it and P3Dv5. P3Dv5 was working fine before any scenery installation.
  13. Hi: I just had ESMS installed. Obviously something's wrong since the bridges of the Jetways are missing, I've read in other similar posts that this is due to ObjectFlow or Orbx Libraries not being installed. Run the Verify Files for both ObjectFlow and the Orbx Libraries, and also for ESMS, but the issue is still there. What do I need to check now?. Ed
  14. I'm using P3Dv4.5 have the Global base, trees HD, vector, and this is occurring..It looks like I'm having and elevation issue....How do I fix this??
  15. Dear Orbx support, Yesterday I purchased both Australia V2 and YMML. After installation and going to check out the airport I was surprised to see little black squares and diamonds on the runways and taxi-ways. Could you please tell me why this is happening. Best regards, John
  16. Hi Nick Cooper from Orbx Support did sent me to you because he did run out of Ideas Here the hold Posting: I asked the following Question: Members 2 25 posts Report post #1 Posted 2 hours ago (edited) Hi I did buy LGKO, LOWW and ESGG two days ago. I cant see any visually Mistakes in LGKO but LOWW and ESGG havent SODE Docking Bridges !!! In LOWW the Windsocks are also Missing. I have installed SODE 1.7.1 and it is working normaly on ather Airports. I did update today Orbx Library but the missing Things are still not visible! Insteed, there is an red "X", see Pics. How to solve that? Sincerelly Jörg
  17. Hello, dear developer sorry to say that I am very disappointed with your product (I was expecting to fly to Vienna shortly). Why am I fiddling with an installer, a first with Orbx, I did purchase 70+ products so far with seamless installation issue ? I did get several (3) Installation Errors trying to install and reinstall the scenery. I then ran the verify files to let Central resolve the problem... this appeared positive, but... Not only didn't I get dynamic lighting but the control tower was even missing !!? can you help, regards Robert (CYHU)
  18. Hi I did buy LGKO, LOWW and ESGG two days ago. I cant see any visually Mistakes in LGKO but LOWW and ESGG havent SODE Docking Bridges !!! In LOWW the Windsocks are also Missing. I have installed SODE 1.7.1 and it is working normaly on ather Airports. I did update today Orbx Library but the missing Things are still not visible! Insteed, there is an red "X", see Pics. How to solve that? Sincerelly Jörg
  19. I am seeing this at other places but this is probably the worst example I have seen since I switched to V5. I just bought the Hollywood Burbank scenery and am getting a large number of very slow loading building and airport textures. I have my frames locked to 30 and everything else seems to be working well but in certain locations the textures just don't seem to want to load until after a long wait, by which time you have already passed over I seem to remember there was a fix in V4 regarding adding a line in the .cfg file but I am just wondering if anyone else is seeing this and has a solution?
  20. Hello, i have no runway in ESKS, have anyone a solution for this? Installed is P3D 4.5 HF2 wirh OPEN LC EU. Best Regards Chris
  21. Hi, I've recently swapped to P3D v5, and my Innsbruck scenery has no taxiway or runway markings, on the holding points there are taxiway markings but are in dirt. Love to know the fix, Thanks, Harry
  22. I tried to fix by rebooting my Scenery library but it's back with no change Any fix? Thanks Ken
  23. I've had Orbx scenery installed for years with no problem. This week I flew from Ireland Orbx scenery...everything was fine...and I went across Europe stock scenery, everything was fine...but when I flew from France back to Ireland,,,the Orbx scenery was all blocky with textures popping in and out. I saw the post on how to fix this by validating the LC files and Global files and I did all that but nothing changed. If I fly in a stock area all looks good. But All my Orbx scenery,,,Ireland,,Scotland, NI, Australia...are messed up...I would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  24. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: Xplane 11 Screenshot: N/A Issue: Hello, I purchased the US SoCal HD pack, but it will not install. I purchased a new hard drive for the computer, but found it doesn't write fast enough, so then bought a new SSD, which is writing fast enough and has enough room, but the files will not take. I posted on two threads, one of my own, and (after no reply) once on a different thread. The replies I got were to downgrade my Visual C++ files (which I did, to no effect) and a backhanded insult that I didn't attach my log file correctly (which was both unhelpful and kind of insulting - why not take that time being helpful instead of condescending?) Today is day 6 of my attempts to get this software to work. The recent issue is that files download (each time they are different sizes: 8.85 Gb, 21.92 Gb, 17.27 Gb, 8.79 Gb, 4.46 Gb, and 9.53 Gb) it appears to work, then a splash screen appears saying several thousand files failed to convert or extract (They range from 3396 to 7662 files that failed to convert and from 9749 to 16739 files that failed to extract). I try to verify the files, and it restarts the loop. My log file is now 278 Mb, and will not attach, but I don't want to be accused of ignoring protocol, so I am attaching a screengrab showing the size of this log file. Please advise.
  25. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
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