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  1. Running XP 11.53 on iMac MacOS 11.3. Attempting to update Northern Cal Central freezes and slows down computer drastically after scanning about 49k files. Notice from earlier posts this has happened to others & have tried solutions suggested with no positive result. Presumably Central is compatible with Big Sur? Have several apps, GB N,S, C, Florida, Washington and Oregon installed from previous installations. Can't afford to have Central unusable. Log attached. central.log
  2. Clearly paid for REX weather force yesterday. Money receipt proof. Money gone. I do not own it and back and forward emails have Steve saying I never bought it. The only email I received was PayPal nothing from Orbx. I am sharing this on official MSFS forums along with Discord and anywhere else I see fit, because this is unacceptable.
  3. Hello, I have attached screenshots to this issue I'm having.... I have Orbx in my D drive, and XP-11 on a different drive.. Installed TE Washington through the library, and it's not showing in my scenery_packs.ini Any help on this much appreciated..... I tried checking the files, nothing is working.... Maybe the folders aren't in the correct folder?
  4. I have installed FSimStudios Calgary (CYYC) Scenery. In the description in store it says a few tweaks needed to Orbx NRM. I have Orbx NRM running on P3Dv4 but can't find the "tweaks" listed mentioned listed anywhere. I have turned off a couple of the NRM CYYC BGL files which has removed most of my issues. I have turned off the following files to make FSimStudios CYYC work with Orbx NRM ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl_CVX However I still have cars and trucks driving up and down taxiway Bravo. Does anyone know what I have to do t
  5. Hi. At the moment I’m on Orbx Central 4.3.33 is it and I see there is an update for it, but for some reason I can not seem to update it as when I do the update it just keeps spinning and spinning and nothing happens. Thanks Derek.
  6. Hello, Some pre context, I had to run the P3Dv5 Repair due to some PMDG issue, that was resolved but I've tried loading in and now I face this issue in the screenshot below of tiles missing. I have Global Base, Australia v2, NA Open LC all installed, verified the files etc. It seems to be fine where i have Orbx True Earth Installed else where not so much, Obviously a self inflicted wound but if anyone could assist in rectifying this issue I'd be much appreciative!
  7. Can someone remind me what this does and when one should do it? I'm noticing some terrain anomalies up in Alaska (PFJ or SAK) since upgrading P3D4.5 to version Thanks. Stew
  8. Hello all I am having some real issues with my airports buildings not showing as shown in the picture below. All I get is light and dark grey squares where the buildings once were (shown to the left of the runway). I have taken the following actions so far, 1. Re Synced Orbx 2. Moved my Object flow folder - uninstalled and re installed object flow. 3. Verified (re installed GB South True Earth 4. Confirmed my installation points 5. Uninstalled and re installed the following a. Buildings HD b. TerraFlora HD c. Trees HD 6. I moved the follow
  9. I'am using LOWI. Since a few days I have the issue of missing Buildings at Airport:
  10. Guys is anyone aware that the scenery for LFLL is not being read properly by Pete Dowsons MakeRunways program. The install path for my vP3Dv5 on my machine is:- F:\SCENERY\p3dv5\LFLL Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport As you can see the small case e in Exupery is accented and not being read properly. Is there anyway to correct this without upsetting the applecart too much. Its a result of me trying to get flightplan visualizer to work at his link:- https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/162627-cannot-get-the-program-to-even-start/
  11. Hello everyone, I purchased GCTS this morning and it seems to have made my Canaries Orbx Tenerife become a default scenery island. All the other islands are as they should be. The airport scenery of GCTS is beautiful by the way! Log.txt
  12. Just picked up FlyTampa Amsterdam to use with TrueEarth Netherlands. I'm having huge texture, object and elevation issues. I've tried enabling and disabling the various EHAM files in the TrueEarth directory but with no luck. I saw a few other posts with this issue but nothing that helped. Thanks in advance. This is with not changing and files, just vanilla install of the scenery and TrueEarth. Thre are no markings and there are default buildings. If I change files I get elevation and other issues.
  13. Hi all, Yesterday I did a short flight from EKCH to ESGG and upon landing I found out the hard way the ground textures was missing. I checked ESNQ and ESSA and the situation is the same there. I haven´t done any changes to P3D and when I was in ESSA 2 weeks ago it worked fine along with ESNQ. I have tried to verify the files on both the airport, ObjectFlow and Libaries as you can see without luck. I also checked the add-ons in P3D and ObjectFlow is ticked on. I have run out of ideas on how to solve it and hope you are able to help. Best regards Peter Lund
  14. Last month I purchased a Carenado Seminole from MS marketplace and flew it a few times Yesterday - I saw an upgrade was due and carried it out - but although it is listed - version 5.0 - as installed - and owned - and up to date - It does not show in the list of aircraft when you choose which one to fly Any ideas folks ????? - before I have to go thro MS support and all that entails
  15. Hi. I'm not sure where to put this. I've bought Orbx YBCG Gold Coast today and it's great but in my case, when I flew to Mason Field YSPT I found most of the hangers Are black. Other buildings are OK. What have I missed? Can anyone help? Thanks Geejo
  16. Hey dear community, Yesterday I bought the bundle of Orbx Base etc.... I installed it for the P3Dv4... Now I have the problem that the P3D no longer starts....
  17. Hi , Just wondering how to fix LOWI Bumpy runway , has some un even areas , have updated to the latest Orbx LOWI for MSFS2020
  18. When I park or even taxi through the parking position in front of the Dash 8 (Gate 2 Parking Spot) my fuel load jumps to 100%. This does not happen if I uninstall NZWR. While parked here if I change to 50% (or any other amount) fuel it only lasts a few seconds before it jumps back to 100%. I first noticed this with the QW RJ85 which has a fuel load set outside of the sim in the QW146 Dispatcher. Further testing shows every aircraft has this issue but only in this place with Orbx NZWR. I have disabled all NZWR AI flights just in case and still the issue persists. Pretty weird eh!
  19. Hi Did my first landing on RWY 08 in LOWI and the PAPI lights didn't seem to work. There were also some floating lights in the air in the approach which was very annoying. Can you please look at this? Best regards, Thomas
  20. Hello Orbx, I have noticed an issue when flying in and out of the UK. The ground just becomes a giant "desert" at places. As you can see in the screenshot below. I recently (few days ago) reset my sim using "Delete Generated files", so it should all be fresh. Any tips? (This is a photo leaving the UK to the east crossing over to Belgium.) Best regard Sveiny
  21. I want to move XP to it's own drive, creating more space on the other drive for MSFS, what's my best options for the sim and Orbx? also addons that have an installer as opposed to copy / paste would they require uninstall / reinstal? is this the best method or to avoid other issues down the line should I completely remove XP, Orbx & addons? Thanks...
  22. Hi, I have a problem with this scenery, appears a big square of land over the sea next to to Miami and Fort Lauderlade. Like other members I verify files, reinstall Global, NA landclass, TE US Florida and Vector, also sync the Prepare3d, without sucess. Please I need your help. Attached the scenery cfg and pictures. Thanks in advance. Carlos scenery.cfg add-ons.cfg
  23. I've purchased the scenery for the Balearic Islands. The installation seems to work fine until the texture conversion step. The log file reveals the following: (many similar lines stripped) This error message makes sense, since I am on openSUSE Linux Leap 15.2, which has Glibc 2.26. I don't have Glibc 2.27 for my platform, and Glibc is not an easy package to update. To be sure, I do have the package glibc-devel installed: For your information, I am using: Is there any other way that I could carry out the texture conversion step in order to
  24. P3d 4.5 installed Global base, vector and all landclass packages from Orbx plus specific sceneries for UK,Norway and USA (so shouldn't affect Russia?) Never taken a flight ovr Moscow before and was dismayed to see Red square buildings sitting atop the main river and another part of red square hovering above the ground...i'm presuming Vector has done this especially in regards to placement of river..is this a known issue or unique to me
  25. Good morning I have had to do a complete reinstall of all my P3Dv4.5 and decided to do a complete new download and reinstall of my Orbx products (Of which there are many!). I decided to go for the Library route outside the P3Dv4 folder. Previously I installed them directly into the P3D folder. The whole download and install process took all day yesterday but went smoothly. I used the chosen path for the Library which was C/User/Name/OrbxLibrary/P3DV4. Before installing any other addon I thought it best to try the sim and saw that none of the Orbx
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