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  1. Hi, I've been trying for a week to solve this but each time I launch XP within the TE Canaries area, X-Plane quits to desktop. The attached example is trying to start with the default C172 at GCLM... Steps to resolve so far: Verify files for the install within Orbx Central Remove all 3rd party GCxx sceneries Re-run Laminar XP11 updater Delete TE Canaries folders and re-install via Orbx Central Delete Orbx Central, re-install Orbx Central, re-install TE Canaries The X-Plane log.txt isn't helpful so I've also attached the Mac OS crash report
  2. I find myself regularly assigned approaches to RWY 32L or 32R at KORD. I have never been able to find such runways although I think they were constructed in 2008(ish). I checked and is not in LittleNavMap. My Navigraph database inside P3Dv4.5.14.34698 has those approaches (and you can lock them in), but there is no there "there" when you get to 200'! I am thinking it is an omission in Orbx? Thanks for giving this a look. Paul
  3. Hi, i have a CTD with Orbx airports i can not figure out the problem at all and just wondering if anyone could help out ? i have downloaded Orbx airports EGPN AND EGGP Now each time i try an approach at or takeoff at EGPN i get a CTD, if i remove the Orbx airport i fly just fine. i have MSFS2020 Deluxe edition Steam version ( don't do an integrity check i found out the hard way, it uninstalls your game ) Orbx central i fly the King Air 350i i have no mods on other that the two Orbx airports i have since downloaded the livery mega pa
  4. Today I updated to the latest version of Orbx Central. I first uninstalled my previous version and then installed the new version. When I now start Central, I get the message "Loading...Login...", but nothing beyond that. The program appears to freeze at that point and I never see the screen to actually log in. Waiting several minutes does nothing. How do I solve this problem? I want to buy some new scenery. I am running on a Windows 10 system. Bob
  5. This is the second Orbx purchase. First one, London City Scenery loaded fine, and looks fantastic. However, I do take-off and land regularly at London City Airport, so decided to purchase Orbx EGLC London City Airport. IT FAILS TO LOAD? Goes up to 250mb then stops? I have tried several times, but keeps failing? Other downloads work fine. I do not really want a refund, I want the Airport. PLEASE Orbx!
  6. I'm sure there's a quick 'n easy solution to the " Please insert Disk 2 " message near the end of the download installation procedure... ) ~Paul
  7. Hi Guys -- this is a simple one. There's no water in the lake. If you challenges, flying over the bush in mountainous New Guinea will give them to you. Lake Kutubu is just east of Moro in Papua, New Guinea. The airfield is in the middle of the village. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Moro+Airport/@-6.393805,143.320312,17796m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x0:0x0!2zNsKwMjEnNDguMCJTIDE0M8KwMTQnMTcuMCJF!3b1!8m2!3d-6.363333!4d143.238056!3m4!1s0x68507a8d237d241d:0x9511fcca231aa512!8m2!3d-6.3627286!4d143.2324076?hl=en The moutains and forest look OK and you do
  8. Flying from KHTO East Hampton, visible in the background of my pic, I am seeing a couple of lakes with black patches. I am using LC and Vector. Has anyone else seen this please? Thanks
  9. Trying to install from Orbx Central and keeps giving me can't communicate with server try back later is there a problem with the server?
  10. Good morning! I am having an issue with constant crashes (as in Prepar3d crashes at the splash screen) when the ObjectFlow addon is enabled. I have tried re-installing to the same as well as new library folder on a completely different drive, clearing the scenery and shader caches, verifying files, etc. and the same error is generated every time. If I disable the addon then Prepar3d loads fine. Any help would be much appreciated. Robert Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5eebf566 Faulting module name: ucrtbase.dll
  11. Does anyone also get a serial number request on the latest REX weatherforce update today? I did not get a serial number when I purchased it off the Orbx store....? Thanks
  12. I don't suppose anyone has an idea as to why the cars are all driving in reverse at Orbx Sumburgh ? I hadn't really noticed this before and just wondered. I thought I'd found the answer but now I have forward and reverse driving cars I've uninstalled and reinstalled Sumburgh, without the fix I found on the forum I have reversing cars, with the fix I have reversing and forward driving cars.
  13. So, basically, I have just done a flight from LOWI-EGGD (both Orbx). I was disappointed apon arrival as the dynamic lights didn't appear when I arrived. I've bought both airports within the week so I'm just wondering if I've botched up an installation or something. I have checked that the dynamic lights and scenery worked before the flight (which they did)
  14. Happy New Year! I purchased and GB South and started the download/installation process from Orbx Central (v12). It has downloaded 27.37 of 27.37 GB, extracted 32590 of 32659 files, but has stalled at Converted 0 of 11880. Can you please advise? Richard
  15. Hi, I have Gaya's LOWW but it is really hard on my system, although I have a high-end PC. So I decided to deactivate it within P3Dv4 by unticking the scenery. (I do not want to completely delete it for now). But doing so, the jetways still remain in place!? How can I also make the jetways disappear from the scenery? Thanks for your help in advance! Regards, Denes
  16. Hello Everyone, First time posting, so forgive me if I did not get it right. I did notice in the forums the posting about roof issues at KSAN, but that post sounded like an issue with Orbx buildings, and I do not have that product installed. I have Global Base, LC North America and Southern California installed among other Orbx sceneries. I am still getting the default terminal buildings causing Orbx KSAN V2 terminal building to not display correctly. I have tried all of the old fixes for V4.5 but have not had any luck. I do have have FTX Southern Californ
  17. Although I am not new to X-Plane 11, I recently downloaded and installed Orbx TE Canary Islands, TE Balaeric Islands, EGNT Newcastle and EGPH Edinburgh and a bunch of other Orbx airports. Upon spawning at the GCLA La Palma airport, I got the problem loading the scenery package message. Attached is the log file (124 kb). When I tried to spawn into EGNT, I got the same message. Log file is attached (154 kb). Can you please tell me what's going on? When I spawned at EGCC, I got the same message. Log file is attached (129 kb). Upon s
  18. Has anything been fixed so far? These bugs have been known since Sep. 2020! 1. buildings on the rails in front of the station 2. total mess of taxi blue and green lighting I am not used to such gross bugs from Orbx, which are not fixed for months!
  19. Have tried to purchase scenery via Orbx Central - Tried paypal and it hangs just after selecting pay, it ends in a blank screen and central page tells me to click continue to try and fix it but to-no-avail. Then tried susing my CC and ended it with an error message. What's going on. Joaquin Blanco
  20. Cannot install true earth southern California: keep getting errors not enough free disc space to complete installation. I have 388 GB of free space! Is that not enough? I install true earth washington without an issue. Ideas? _ Jim
  21. Morning all from a frosty UK. I own X Plane and LOTS of Orbx products. I now also have MSFS. A while a ago I read that since I have XP EGNM in my library, I can get MSFS EGNM heavily discounted but i cant find the option anywhere, is this still the case? I dont have to pay full price for all my airports all over again do I? (im aware there is a sale on but it doesnt answer my question) kind regards Steve
  22. Ground sunk and strange texture appearance in P3D V5.1 Is this issue a P3D V5.1 issue and has to be addressed to LM or a Orbx issue (Orbx Base, Orbx KSAN, Orbx Building HD, Orbx Trees HD) and therefor to address at Orbx? See picture and view my specs Reproducable: Switch to outside view and pan around. At some view angles (Horizontal spoken) right sided the mesh seem to change. This will influence the top layer. At some "angle" at some location the mesch let the ground sunk or appear again. System specs Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.1.8.26742 Edition Windows
  23. Hi, I just bought MSFS 2020 on Microsoft Store yesterday and installed it on my PC. After downloading 1,3 GB of data in Xbox app shows Play button. When I click it game starts to run and when it goes to loading screen (this big snowy mountain) it stops and turning off. I tried a lot of tips from many sites like Winows update , drivers update etc nut nothing works so far. Did enyone had something similar witch his copy of MSFS and found the solution?
  24. Hello, I'm quite new to Orbx and just recently installed the Northern California HD scenery, but when I load up X-Plane it gives me this error in the top right, There was a problem loading the scenery package Resources/default scenery/default atc dat/ The scenery may not look correct. Please see the Log.txt file for detailed error information. This only happened when I installed Orbx after reinstalling X-Plane with 0 plugins and just add-on aircraft so far. I have searched around and have not yet found a fix for this yet, so if there is anyone that know w
  25. Hello , Any idea when i call the Tower i can hear just the Pilot Voice and Not the Reedback ? Mike
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