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Found 1,424 results

  1. I have installed London City Airport into Xplane 11.40 There should be a footbridge across the water adjacent to the Excel Centre building but this is missing! Any fixes please.
  2. There appear to be two kinds of terrain in the screenshot on the way to Marrakech. Coordinates: LAT N33* 3.0s', LON W7* 32.20' You can see the repeating textures clearly on the left hand side of the pic. Is this to be expected at this location?
  3. Hello, just bought this wonderful piece and did some short visits. There I found some items: in the south of GMAD Agadir the landclasses are looking like a carpet. Maybe it has to be in that way; a confirmation would be appreciate. The second: near FACT, in direction to the Ocean there are large Buildings (Hotels?) strange across the street and other houses. Is this confirmable too? Kai
  4. Hello, I spotted this small failure on approach to Cape Town. Thanks for this fantastic product, I was waiting years for it - and finally it arrived- Great Work. Consider Asia again Thanks Urmel
  5. Dear fellows, I am having a problem that I cannot seem to get rid of no matter what I do. I've spent hours now verifying files, installing, uninstalling, etc. This is what I get (Vienna, inner city) after two completely fresh P3D and ORBX installations (P3D, FS Global Ultimate NG, ORBX Global Base, ORBX Vector, openLC Europe).
  6. Hi, I've noticed this elevation issue at KORS when spawning on 'North Apron', it's too steep to taxi. Cheers, Jan
  7. Dear Orbx, Thank you for this great product and a long awaited one too, huge amount of work for sure and significant development, so much appreciated . The Suez canal in Egypt, specifically, starting from latitude 30 43 N to 30 42 N - the southern part of it- was developed into two canals and not one as it shows at Africa LC since 2014, it should show as you can see in Google earth but only when your eye alt. is 50km. or less, don't ask my why it's a Google thing? Many thanks Alaa
  8. Hello, thank you for this new wonderful LC product. I hope Asia LC will be developed too. I have a question: I noticed urban sharp landclass in some cities like this, south of FAGC (Johannesburg). Is it normal? Thank you
  9. I am having a hard time imagining this is how lake amboseli should look like. It seems vector data is missung for that lake.
  10. I see there are many green fields in the area of HEGN and also in other areas. I compared with real life satelite images and there is no green field:
  11. Hi Someone has been digging rather a big trench at Flotta, or is this where the peat is harvested? Iain
  12. Hi John, Raz and team. Having purchased Edinburgh this morning, just a few small issues that in my opinion need correcting. As someone who is familiar with the airport, I'd break it down into two categories: Things that need fixing: Modelling of the main terminal building is great, but the newer extension around stands 15, 16, 17 etc. requires some work. The texture is the wrong coulour, and of lower definition than the rest. https://prnt.sc/pop5wp https://prnt.sc/popayj Taxiway stand arrows missing from stands 1B, 10A, 12. (the arrows that tell you to turn off the taxiway) https://prnt.sc/pop6ue VDGS at stands 1A/1B don't have a VDGS support structure. https://prnt.sc/pop74t Stand head numbers appear on a grey background, this should be black for all stands. https://prnt.sc/popayj Stands 102 - 106 and stands 25 - 30 don't have VDGS, whilst they do IRL and accompanying stop line on stand 100 is missing. Water lifting screw just east of stand 12 is missing. Comprising of two massive archemedies screws to lift water from the Gogar Burn, it's unmissable when you're at the airport. https://prnt.sc/popa3a Oversteer lines (orange) missing at Stand 15B https://prnt.sc/pop7ml Signs at L2 and M1 are missing within the concrete loop are missing https://prnt.sc/pop7xj and a random sign abeam stand 15B is there https://prnt.sc/pop8br Also many other taxiway sign issues with two at the same spot, directions etc see https://prnt.sc/pop90m and https://prnt.sc/pop945 The texture for the cargo apron (stands 200 - 209) where the concrete texture is; the apron is actually brickweave. Niceities: The fuel farm tanks require to be more white than what is depicted. Security post huts aren't modelled. Big EDINBURGH sign in the plaza is missing https://prnt.sc/pop7bo It would be nice to have the Gogar Burn (small river that runs through the airport) depicted in 3D, rather than its' flat rendition as present. Overall a good improvement on previous offerings, however, I think with a bit of finesse and attention to detail, this could be a great addition. As always, happy to offer some help with sourcing of photos.
  13. Just bought the new ESKS and it requires it to be installed into the sim. The last one I bought was the same way. I'm just wondering if this will be the new normal because I like to use the Library function of Central, the best thing to happen with Orbx installation in years. It's kind of making Central's Libraries pointless. No offense guys, I just need to conserve space. I have plenty of space on other drives with several SSD/HDD's for Libraries. Thanks, Jack
  14. Just started using egph as a hub in the VA I use and I cant get the atc to tune in from the stand. I feel like Im making a simple mistake. Any help or advice is appreciated
  15. Dear ORBX. I've just installed the new ENGM scenery, and I like what I see! A good step up from the previous two UK releases Midlands and Edinburgh. Also a big thank you for providing multiple seasons config options so that it matches perfectly with the surrounding scenery in all cases. Here's a couple of issues I have found so far: I'm afraid the approach- and runway lighting is quite a mess. The runway lighting at the END of both runways is inconsistent with reality. It doesn't make sense for the centreline lights to continue past the REIL or that as in case of runway 14, the centreline lights switch from alternating between red and white to pure white towards the end. That is incorrect. Please also check the position of the REILs. I'm not sure if they indeed correspond to the position of the opposite runway's displaced threshold IRL, I very much doubt it. Also missing is the CAT2/3 approach- and runway lighting for runway 32. You modelled the same type of lighting as on the opposite runway, which is CAT1 only. RWY32 needs CAT2/3 approach lighting AND standard TDZ lights, which are also missing. You do advertise "realistic approach lighting" after all I see that the APIS parking system for stands 7 and 8 is missing. Would it be possible to create an optional config file for the SODE VDGS pack? That way people using that pack could activate proper VDGS for those stands in ORBX Central? I see there are no animated service vehicles. This is a bit confusing. As evidenced by other ORBX airports, you do have the technology. Why not include some on this airport, since it does feature service roads? Doesn't need to be a whole armada, just a few vehicles so that the airport doesn't look as lifeless as it does currently. That's all for the time being, thanks for listening!
  16. First of all many thanks for producing this fine scenery of one of my nearest airports I have, however, found a few problems in the surrounding area. 1. The bandstand to the East of the airport has an autogen house on top of it. 2. The custom models for the car salesroom and the Tesco store to the East (before and after the bridge respectively) are sitting on top of TEGB style default buildings. 3. When used with TEGB North there are duplicate versions of the Mill's Observatory to the North of the airport. 4. When used with TEGB North there is a band of missing autogen to the North of the photoscenery provided with the airport. This can be clearly seen using the annotator together with a much less noticeable area missing some autogen buildings just to the West of the photoscenery. All the best, John
  17. I wonder if there is a problem with the lighting at Leeds Bradford. Away from the main apron it is absolutely pitch black. Its impossible to see November and Delta taxiways as they are not lit up blue. Cant even see the runway. Can anyone help?
  18. When flying the ILS LOC approach into YBCG Rwy 14 on autoland in the the AS A320 and PMDG NGX 737 the aircraft touch down well left of the runway threshold onto the taxi way. The published heading is 139 deg from REGOM - which was dialed in on both aircraft but the aircraft still wants to land left of the runway. I know YBCG is not rated for autoland Cat III approaches but the heading should still steer you to the DH at the threshold . I tried to check the ORBX YBCG afcad ILS course in ADE, but couldn't find it to open. The diagram shows the actual course flown. Could this be because of outdated Prepar3dv4.5 Navdata. Is anyone having this ILS discrepancy at Goldcoast? Steve
  19. Hi, I appear to be missing the boundary fencing in the multiflight/GA area at Leeds Bradford Airport. It appears to be present on the screenshots for the product in XP11 but I can't see any shots of the P3d version showing this area Screenshots of my issue attached Thanks
  20. I have these buildings just outside KSEA with no detail.....I have ran verify files just incase but they are still there......all running smoothly ...any suggestions please....
  21. The glider area is nicely modelled, but not usable for glider towing, because you can't choose it as a starting point. It would be great if you could add it!
  22. Operating system: W10 Simulator: P3D v4 HF2 Screenshot: See below Issue: FTX EU ENG, WLS and SCO not showing on discovery map While I have the three UK regions, they don't show up in de map. All three show as installed in My Products. Cheers, Ben.
  23. Hi, the new "My Products" screen is great. However, some airports and the whole of NZ show up only when I rotate the map from west east to west or from west to east, respectively. Regards, Michael central.log
  24. Hello Guys, I've just purchased LSZS and I've noted an issue in surroundings during winter times. There are some stains (Red and Green) around the airport Please refer to the screenshots. I've tried to cancel and reinstall the scenery. During summer months, when no snow is displayed, the textures are ok. Could you please help to sort it out? Regards
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