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  1. While the last part of GEN is slowly finding its way onto my HD, I think it is time to return from Spain towards Germany. So let´s get ready in Barcelona... ... taxi to the 25R, and take off. Unfortunately the sim´s ATC did not choose the 25L, so I can´t try the fit to reality... OK, climbout, ... ... turn north, and here we are just before Marseille. The real flight was just a bit off the airway to the south, you can find the round bay from the center of the sim screenie in the very left of the RL shot.
  2. Here we go to continue the excursion from http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/121559-a-somehow-uncommon-destination-part-2/ In Berberati, RCA, we changed to a more versatile tool, to head southwards over the green ocean: Again, we encounter severe landclass gaps in the default system: This should be the city of Nola, which is a focal point of gem and diamond trade. Not asking questions seems wise. There should be trees next to the roads here, again in the north-australian style: The village of Bayanga is totally missing in the sim.
  3. OK mates, let us continue from yesterday´s trip http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/121514-a-somehow-uncommon-destination-part-1/#comment-1090829 Leaving Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon eastwards along the N10... In Bertoua we strongly see the limits of default landclass. There is a village around the runway! Next place: At least Batouri exists in the sim, though it looks like an Australian or European place. You need some evidence on the colours here? This is the road between Batouri and Yokaduma. Should be looking like the Australian no
  4. Leaving Europe southbound with Air France... ... crossing the Balearics ... ... and Algeria ... ... towards the big desert. Dry rivers at her boundaries should look like this: Descending into Douala, Cameroon. A river final... ... and here we are. Ready to change to more bush-style equipment. And heading eastwards into the country, ... ... crossing Sanaga river. Not the best views in the afternoon, downwind into Yaounde: But finally it works,
  5. I still have some more real life flights to digest here in the sim, before I can explore my home area... so we take another plane in Stuttgart... ... fly along the alps and Mont Blanc... ... towards the Mediterranean Sea. An approach over the Pyrenees... ... into Barcelona: You can´t control the AI traffic... What a pleasure to have Open_LC Europe, really a good baseline for these comparisons.
  6. As expected ... and feared, openLC NA still needs a bit of patience... or say it different: the download gives us time to spend for flying! From Denver, ... ... slowly climbing out (that DC-3 does not have too much power at a 9000 ft takeoff left), across Vail ... ... to Eagle Co.: Going on across Gypsum ... ... and towards Telluride. Lovely ATC gives us a go-around, to see more of the area: Finally, landed, ready for a drink:
  7. The NP fire inspection took off from Mammoth Lake KMMH, ... ... and crossed the (still disappointing) Mono Lake. I strongly hope this iconic area will receive an upgrade with OpenLC. An area which already received a serious upgrade is the valley to the west... Frank Dainese has done his magic here. Half Dome... ... y El Capitan. The only thing missing here is the JamesTKirkFlow. Bridalveil Falls... ... and the valley exit. Or entrance for ground-based tourists. Luckily enough no fires to be reported in t
  8. Boarding time in KDEN. Climbing out over Broomfield. Tom, I can´t see you! Beaver Creek, ... Vail, Avon and the Mt. Holy Cross, ... Gypsum & KEGE. Finally descending over Lake Mead... ... into Las Vegas. With its full panorama directly from the apron.
  9. Looking for an appropriate plane in KEGE ... Got one. The lovely GYPSM4 SID... ... turned eastwards. ... to Denver Int. An airport with extraordinary taxiing time... have lots of extra fuel on board! Now changing the equipment for a little city tour... ...to Broomfield. The home of Tom Wunder (twsimfan), who has posted a lot and many positive words - until his last visit here on Dec 29, 2015. One of the many good forum fellows we currently miss.
  10. Straight out of Eagle Creek (as strainght as possible, I mean...), and following the roads westwards, ... ... to Glenwood Springs, where the visibility was unexpectedly low. Climbing out to the south... ... and downwind to Glen-Aspen, at least with a little view. Aspen itself was looking better, regarding the weather. For a default scenery it is also quite ok to me. Back, in bad rain, to Eagle Valley... ... and Gypsum Creek airport.
  11. ... but a long post this will be, as the RL comparison doubles the number of shots. My apologies. Boarding in Thessaloniki... ... and noting a little difference in the houses on the apron. The real flowers have a certain style. Crossing Athens LGAV. Obviously the RL pilot had a shortcut, bringing the waypoint to the right side of the plane. Sifnos, ... ... the Milos Island group, ... ... Santorini, ... ... and Dia Island, just north of Heraklion. The published
  12. This needs to be a safe area next Sunday... ... when the Beast is going to ride these roads... ... and we survey the city. The Trade Fair will be opened by & see a visit of Mr. Obama on Monday, ... ... whilst Michelle is probably going to purchase things for the next home... ... or strolling through the green forests of the city. Whatever comes, a parking lot for AF1 is prepared. Welcome, Mr President!
  13. Out of Frankfurt to Mumbai, ... showing a lack of light in the simulation over Tehran... ... and also over Mumbai. Can you even see the plane? Switch the light on, please! And on we go, towards Bangkok. Next leg: The short hop to Singapore. Well suited for a bigger plane, I think. And the final part: Equator crossing... ... hmm, not to good visibility on the approach... ... but finally it gets better! What a nice view. And the
  14. After finally having reached spring, I took the new Turbo Legacy for a spin. From Nice... ... across Monaco... ... to Genova. And on the longer leg southwards, I tested the new features: an enormous climbing power, the sound of a heavily breathing pilot (made my daughter shiver), virtual oxygen supply. Check the instruments for altitude, climb rate and ground speed! Crossing Pisa, already descending... ... towards la Isola d´Elba... ... and into Marina di Campo. A nice combination of a fast bird with IFR
  15. ... was an uncommon "long-distance" flight in the new 777 from Zurich to Hanover... ... with a little seat upgrade. Free. Thanks to the airline! Take off from the 28... ... turning north... ... and climbing out, as seen by the brand new airshow. Ain´t the alps beautiful? So relax on board... ... before a sporty descent: Turning into final. Faces of Swiss. Two great tours, both real & virtual! http://www.world-of-swiss.com/de/boeing-777-300er
  16. ... and so I finally left the cold regions, coming from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and Norway across my hometown... ... towards the southern alps, with the Lago di Lugano in the background ... ... to the Riviera, here approaching from the italian side towards Nice. Time to enjoy some warmer views... with some low & slow flying over the weekend!
  17. I had to conclude this is not the time for low&slow expeditions in Iceland... ... so I decided to work my way down to more central parts of Europe. Well, not too central, in fact. From Reikjavik... ... passing the icefields south of Vatnajökull... ... and down to Scotland´s Isle of Lewis, Stornoway "International" airport. Grab your luggage, Ladies and Gentlemen!
  18. After takeoff from Keflavik we can enjoy the typical, beautiful Iceland weather. Orbx has paid some attention to Reikjavik city. Climbing over the southwestern ridge the visibility gets down again... no chance for low & slow sightseeing currently. Landing attempt into Vestmannaeyjar. Not really safe, and even impossible in the sim. So we had to return to Reikjavik, where ILS & visibilty help to survive.
  19. ... change the continent, at least. A very cold & dark start in Fairbanks... ... and takeoff into sunrise: Takes some time to reach the north coast of Alaska. Just imagine this way with a truck or dog sleigh... The Northwest passage. Remembering Benjamin Franklin and his brave & desperate men. BTW, hard to find suitable alternate airports for emergency cases here. About 2 hours after sunrise. Confused? That´s the pole... Second sunrise of this flight. Maybe Earth has indeed another shape than the suspected discu
  20. ... mountain, meanwhile officially recognized as Denali. Best seen on a morning tour from Talkeetna ... ... via Songlo Vista... ... to Fairbanks. My tours are getting colder and colder, I need to make a change!
  21. Proceeding with Alaska Airlines (who else?), operated by Horizon from Cold bay... ... into Anchorage. With a confusing approach assigned by ATC, but these Alaska pilots cannot be shocked.
  22. The westernmost end of America - and currently also of OpenLC. Out of Dutch Harbour... ... crossing the Akutan Islands... ... towards Shishaldin Volcano... ... and False Pass. Facing a peak I could not identify, whilst heading downwind into Cold Bay. A name that indicates swimming is not frequently done here - perhaps I should put the region switcher back to Oceania?
  23. 1. From Brooklyn, ... 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ... over to Teterboro. But some sight is confusing here ... PS: Of course I have enhanced NYC (with DD cityscape). And I hope it can be perfectly matched with OpenLC_NA...
  24. This should have been a short hop from Montreal to NYC. But I had to give another name to this destination, for reasons that are obvious to this community, I suppose. Climbing out satisfied with OpenLC_NA... ... before experiencing a slideshow with Windows warning sounds. The last view to La Guardia, with a blurry ground and incomplete autogen. Followed by the classical OOM crash. I reduced the "texture max load" to 1024, and changed all AI traffic to zero. Drastical measures, but effective - I could successfully get into KJFK:
  25. For the upcoming CeBit fair in Hanover Switzerland will be the official partner country. Swiss airlines uses this occasion for type-rating flights for their new 777, which are currently going into service. However, Orbx pilots are quicker than that, we can do these flights already now... (weather set to March, for sure). Taking off in Hanover, with Aerosoft´s grass a littlie lighter than Orbx´s: Wunstorf AB: One might see the Mittellandkanal, Weser- and Wiehengebirge and the city of Minden here: Not a typical cabin for a short distance flight. A
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