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  1. Heading out of Houston International for a little tour with Jan Kees´ brilliantly fitting repaint*... ... over Galveston Island ... ... Freeport ... ... and towards the endless Matagorda Island, ... ... before reaching Corpus Christie. As we are pilots here, an evening spin needed to be done before getting a Ziegenbock and some fresh fish in the Water Street Oyster Bar... Unfortunately the Harbour Bridge is missing in our virtual world (yet). As does the Lexington. Quite some icons here for a scnery designer... * "flown by Training Squadron VT-35 Stingrays of Training Air Wing 4 at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi", http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/3347-carenado-b200-king-air-us-navy-tc-12b-161197/
  2. ... with incorporating the airport from the current sales into Global. It is so great we got rid of FSX´s default world - and I expect more to come with OpenLC ! Even the WoAI traffic fits perfectly: As we all know this pilot had more trouble, documented in his communication with ATC Houston... (picture taken earlier this year):
  3. ... some shots from a flight I did in September, keenly awaiting the next full fat region pack: From Hanover (which is hidden just over the cockpit) ... ... over North Friesland (is there a proper translation?) ... ... Sylt (under the cockpit), ... ... and reaching Norway´s south coast, ... ... before approaching to Stavanger. No more shots for now, cause I stopped the tour there waiting for Iains "final shots" post...
  4. Part 1: It ain´t too easy to start out of EMO either... ... but the flight along Kumusi river to Girua is now pretty pretty (thanks to the freeware add-on...): Part 2: Out of Girua with the adequate commercial service... ... over Kokoda ... ... into Port Moresby, ... ... Jacksons: A DC-3 would also be a great choice here, maybe next time...
  5. Probably the airfield in Efogi needs to be cleaned up in the next days ... .
  6. .... even during daytime? I do not notice this anywhere else currently. Sure somebody knows which setting to tweak?
  7. In contrast to my recent post of the failed landing in Efogi, the rest of the flight (which was a return to PNG after some months of OpenLC_EU-flying) was a pleasure. Leaving Port Moresby ... ... to Launumu. The short jump to Kagi went well... But the attempt to drop some boxes in Efogi caused some major repairs... . At least, this works easy in the sim. I thought I better leave the bushstrip area... ... follow the trail to Isurava ... ... followed by a relaxing landing in a relatively big & easy airfield. Hope the barbie is ready?! OK, time to put the newspapers away, we are starting again. Following Kumusi river until the well-known waterfall appears to the left, ... ... then a quick turn to the right, followed by a fast descent ... ... and then a challenge I encounter at home only too often: finding a free parking lot. At last. A nice new challenge in this wonderful bushflying playground, thanks Ken & Tim!
  8. Let me show you the second part of my comparison shots, as promised in http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/87238-greetings-from-greece-holiday-report-part-1/ . Our plane is coming. We were quite happy that ours was the one in the background, not the Skyexpress. Ready for virtual boarding, for sure on the correct parking position with weather loaded for the executed flight time. Line up and hold. Climbing out over Heraklion downtown. You can see the old city walls (now a green belt), and the venetian harbour and fortress. Leaving Crete. I can confirm landscape and colours are now great in FSX, thanks to global. What a mess this was in default FSX! Just to confirm I have the right routing... ... over Milos island... ... and Cape Sounio. One of the most romantic places on Earth to watch the sunset. On final to Athens. Like in RL the city was invisible behind clouds (and the hills...). Hey, that´s a nice heliport (left of the approach to 03R). Unfortunately I could not find it in the sim... We had a 4 h stopover in Athens, and my companions actually thought going to the IKEA... . Unfortunately sim-ATC allocated RWY 03L for me, so I could only take this simmed shot from the wrong direction. Slow down. The connecting flight from Athens back to Germany was in full overcast. Not even the Alps could be recognized (except by turbulences). So I won´t bother you with part 3 of my holiday report . PS: 3rd party add-ons used for LGIR and LGAV.
  9. Honestly I can´t tell if this is a Vector, a landclass, a mesh or a texture issue. But the peninsula south of the bay of Bonifacio should be a massive rock (the movie "The Guns of Navarone" was taken there). Maybe the object is smaller than 1*1 km, but there are definetively no trees around, and there is not just a little hill. I think this is a major landmark that simply needs to be there. Position N 41° 43 66, E 9° 8 85
  10. The title says all... Now this landmark is available, on a short flight from freeware Rinteln to my homebase.
  11. I did not have the chance to sim or even post pictures in the last two weeks, but the reason was simply the pleasure of real life flying. We chose an Aegean airlines flight from Düsseldorf... ... which soon headed into the night. Only few paxes on board, so it was a real great service. And beautiful, though I can not provide evidence. We reached the north coast of Crete nearly 3 hrs later... Final over the city of Iraklio, with fortress Koules just left to the Venetian harbour: Left the plane really quick just after engine shutdown. Sure I had the full orientation on the airport, because simming makes you know the world. Of course the simmed flight was exactly on time, as was the real one. No GPS required to get the rental car on the right track, all signs in reality mimic the sim perfectly! [3rd party add-on used for Heraklion]
  12. Climbing out of Rome for a surprisingly short flight, ... ... already getting the Adriatic sea in sight, ... ... and the delta of Po river ... ... before we arrive at the famous city. Passengers on the right side do have the better view currently. The touristic part for today is best covered with a chopper. From Tessera... ... following the bridge ... ... and the Canale Grande. A nice flight when you try to control speed and altitude for the maximum adrenaline rush of the Gondoliere ... . Venice´s no 1 attraction: Piazza de Marco, with Campanile, Duomo e il Palazzo. When we stood there this summer it was raining, or - positively seen - not so crowded. Canale Grande and the Ponte de Rialto. Arrividerci! The Venice add-on fits seamlessly into FTXG, what a pleasure. It would be fantastic if all cities would offer that detail (but I fear too expensive for either me or for ORBX... )
  13. Long time no post from me, but my Europe trip documentation needs to be continued - even though the weather reduces the visibility of the landscape currently. From the bay of Marina di Campo ... ... leaving Elba behind ... ... and getting to Rome. Hidden under clouds, unfortunately.
  14. Easy to find the appropriate plane for such a tour - I would not be surprised if Jacques Yves Cousteau would have flown this course sometimes: From Figari over Corsica´s south coast, ... ... arriving at Porto Vecchio, with the famous beaches at the right hand side: San Ciprianu beach in front... Pinarellu and its beaches, ... ... and Olmucciu beach from the other direction, north of the Cavu river: Approaching Sulinzara MB: Moriani plage - a good place for pain chocolate after leaving the ferry...: Bastia, approaching... ... and leaving ... ... towards Elba, ... ... and into Marina di Campo. Freeware upgraded by our lovely friends at Orbx. And I would say with the appropriate personal touch...
  15. ... down to Africa. From Gibraltar... ... to Ceuta - it goes within minutes to change the continent here. Finally approaching Tanger. And waiting for Open_LC to be continued - that will lead to many hours of discovery!
  16. After having a little tour over Andalusia, with Granada´s Alhambra ... ... I took off from Malaga airport (after spotting some WOAI traffic)... flew down the coast past Marbella ... ... and Estepona ... ... until I had the Rock in sight: Into LXGB for a genuine english pint of bitter!
  17. First flight with this powerful plane around Elba (which looks way to much like Indian Summer...). If I might mention this is a good week to buy the P-38...
  18. The Twotter livery "Yeti Airlines" had reminded Ripcord of flying in Nepal - or even dreaming of FTX Nepal as a full fat region. Luckily I just have checked Global´s performance there...: Leaving Kathmandu... Lukla and its valley already ahead: On base... ... and the lovely final. Some careful speed management is needed here. The classical planespotters view: Just compare the mountains in the background (i. e. behind the photoscenery) with FSX default, then you learn what we have achieved. Following Dudh Koshi river, on the way to the basecamp ... ... but the final airfield on the way up is Syngboche. Amazing sky colour here. Passing Lukla on the return flight ... ... with some pure FTXG Nepal (outside the Lukla photoscenery, looks good, doesn´t it?) ... ... to Kathmandu. I´d say the immersion is already nice, but I´ll need to compare with some RL photos. And for sure we "pilots" would need some additional airstrips up there...
  19. Clearance? What clearance?! So I will follow the road from Tari... Thanks to all of you, it is a pleasure to spend time here on this forum (and to collect inspirations).
  20. ... cocodi, cocoda. If you see the German translation you know where the title of this post leads to: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Hahn_ist_tot_(Kanon) Starting in the morning in hazy Girua... ... and following the best navigation aid here: The road to Kokoda. At least there is some visibility at Kokoda valley: Ah, this looks like an airstrip! On short final after the 270° turn... ... and parked. Once again with the newspaper, but surrounded by backpackers that seem to be willing to take the easy way across the mountains: By air. We will see if this really is an easy way...
  21. So here we are, with the undoubted highlight of my PNG tour: The Kokoda bushstrip tour. As moonman pointed out, I should have enough fresh T-shirts in this humid region, so I was looking for some in this area ... First stop: Bodinumo. These details add to the experience... 2nd: Boridi. 3rd: Milei. Really my hardest task to slow down here. 4th is a relatively easy one: Timkenumo. 5th stop: Kagi. Not too hard with this plane either. 6th one: Launumu. 7th is Efogi. Looks easy, but I always slipped quickly to the west, be it landing or start - tricky! Efogi from above... ... and Manari (#8 ): I think this was also in Manari, but I am not sure what this bloke wants to do there - right next to this airport´s busy runway! Peacefully followed the Kokoda track further, ... ... to Port Moresby ... ... and the first relaxed landing today. Unfortunately I did not pay enough attention on the T-shirts to capture, so I have a good excuse to do the tour again. And I will optimize the sequence of airstrips before I try it with bigger loading capacity... Tim & Ken, this playfield is amazing. In a couple of minutes so many challenging approaches, landings and take-offs, coupled with amazing scenery details - and all on the basis of RL flights, not arcade-like imagination - great work, or was it rather passion? Thanks.
  22. OK, let´s go up the hills from Kokoda - but first let me dry the shirts of the backpackers here ... First stop: Isurava. I am proud this landing worked on the first trial, though surrounded by trees. I´ll need to come back with our friend Bob, just to check the sounds of this amazing place. And I am sure there will be a day & time when the sun sets directly in the axis of this monument... Following the Kokoda track southwards... that looks like an abandoned airstrip to the right (near the village of Abuari) - which needs to be checked with a fixed wing AC sooner... Here we are at the pleasuredome. Count the airstrips in the picture, I am sure I did not catch them all... Off to Myola, for the necessary equipment change. To be continued...
  23. From Mendi I crossed PNG´s central mountains, with rainforest up to nearly 11.000 ft... ... and made an intermediate stop in Wapenamanda, to read some newspapers and become updated. Then I took the Southwest Air services to Madang... ... where another beautiful Twotter was waiting for me. OK, it is static... Thus I hired on the Air Niugini vintage plane ... ... took a view of Long Island, ... ... with Crater Lake ... ... before I crossed the mountains to Nadzab. Another nicely upgraded PNG airfield! I was late in the day, so it was all rainy on the way to Girua. And of course I was not brave enough to fly southwards from here without visibility. So I had to do something else for the rest of the day...
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