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Found 337 results

  1. You can have SUCH fun with all this. Thought I'd try hanging about over Reykjavik early one morning - but after being blown out over the sea it was getting a bit cold - And I thought maybe I ought to wear something a bit more substantial, so I changed my outfit - but then I thought maybe this was a bit too much, and thought I ought to be a LITTLE more subtle - but, you know what? It still didn't feel comfortable, so in the end I settled on - Ah, that feels more like it. I've been trying to get a good looking SU-27 type for a while, some nice freeware around but couldn't get one that really worked in P3D too well, so this is the Bear Studios SU-30, and very nice it is too.
  2. Hi guys, Below is a snapshot south of Augsburg, EDMA. Season is set to spring. Are these patches of winter normal? Is this a shortcoming of the P3D scenery engine? Or is there a flaw in my install. Thanks.
  3. A change from white knuckle flying around PNG sees a flight from around the other side of the world. A rather tatty looking Copa Airlines 738 will be flying from SBVM Barquisimeto to MDPC Punta Cana. 1. Awaiting ground services at Barquisimeto northern Venezuela. 2. Shock, horror. Done the flight plan and no ILS at Punta Cana. 3. Ready for push back. 4. On our way over the Urbanizacion Los Libertadores area of Barquisimeto. 5. Turning northwards over Yaritagua. 6. Leaving Venezuela over the sandy Paraguana Peninsula with the town of Coro visible. 7. Passing the island of Curacao, the last land for a while. 8. Well into our descent we make landfall at Isla Saona in the Dominican Republic. 9. Turning onto finals at Jina Jaragua. 10. A near perfect touch down on 09 at Punta Cana. 11. Disembarking at MDPC. The thrust reverser on the port engine opened when I was trying to shut the engines down and I could not close it. Hope you enjoyed the flight.
  4. This flight is in a company owned Boeing 787. We shall be departing from MRLB Liberia International Airport in NW Costa Rica. The destination is MUVR Varadero in Cuba. 1. Awaiting departure from Liberia International. 2. Departing 07 and a rapid rate of climb. 3. Over the town of Liberia. 4. Lake Nicaragua and the mountain of Conception. 5. Over the Rio Coco which forms the border with Nicaragua and Honduras. 6. Laguna de Caratasca. 7. 8. 9. Heading towards Varadero over another town called Vegas. 10. 11. 12. 14. Welcome to Cuba.
  5. This flight is from Roatan in the Bay Islands to Toncontin Honduras. 1. Taking of from a very overcast Roatan which is part of Honduras. 2. French Harbour. 3. After flying in almost unbroken cloud the skies clear to reveal Pico Bonito, Honduras. With such mountains and bad weather I hope the flight planners have got it right. 4. 5. In the area of Calpules I encounter the heaviest rain I can remember in FS. 6. More rain and more mountains over the Montana de Yoro NP. 7. Descending into Toncontin. 8. The city of Tegucigalpa comes into view. 9. 10. Used every inch of the runway on landing. 11. Made it down in one piece ready to fly another day. Hope you enjoyed the flight.
  6. Hej Allihopa (Hello everyone) I purchase recently FTX Global and Arlanda ESSA, but I have no building at all. Please can someone help me with this. Ha en bra dag (Have a nice day) Carlos Alvarez Sweden.
  7. Hi, after installing the FTX Global package incl Vector and OpenLC Europe and NA Alaska/Canada I have big trouble with mixed views. I'm flying FSX Steam On the runway of p.e. Portland or after taking of in Victoria I see a complete mix of trees and houses in the water cq runway etc. I reinstalled everything and I have the latest packages downloaded from the store. When I deselect the ORBX Parts in the scenery nothing is happing in pro or cons. also restarting the whole system doesn't bring any result. Please help me to solve this problem.
  8. Looking at a post by Republic DC-9 tonight and there is the Alabeo Aztec. I had heard this was on the way but did not realise it had been released. About time there was a Piper Aztec available in FSX and P3D. This first flight is from AYPY to Kokoda. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Yet another beautiful aircraft and Moctezuma got his revenge on me by making me fork out nearly AU$50 for this, but you can't take it with you can you?
  9. Beautifull scenery for that new Milviz
  10. I purchased the ftx global base about two weeks ago now, it's a great product really changing the whole experience. However have a couple of questions in regards to the night lighing in my FSX SE. It seems that the 3d night orbs are rare... I see them on streets but not as dense as some; FTX GLOBAL BASE-ORBX And thats my sim, with FTX GLOBAL BASE. - Sydney aus There is a big difference, I am running the light configurator ( FTX config ) hasnt really made much of a difference. Any ideas? There must be something to do because I really want that dense looking city scape at night! Many thanks Gavin
  11. After my first flight in the Zero I was more than happy except for the lack of descent sound in outside view. Went into the garage to see if I had a better engine to install. In a dark dusty corner behind the RB211s, the CFM-56 and Lycoming T-53 are a few Wright R-2600 Cyclone 14s covered in cob webs and mouse droppings. A bit of tinkering and the conversion is complete. Mr Ishizuka has a P&W R-1830 in his airworthy Zero so I am not the first to convert one. Ok it is not the original Sakae 12 engine but it sounds just fine. A very hazy Fukushima is the location of the starting point of this flight. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. Went to buy the Justflight Dove and there with 60% off is the Aeroplane Heaven Mitsubishi Zero. Never one to let a bargain pass buy I decided to make the investment. Only for FSX but with the (cough) tool it has been successfully installed into P3Dv2.4. First flight is from Sendai. 1. 2. Magnificent, just love it. 3. 4. 5. あまりにも多くの大根を食べているように開くコックピットをなりません。 6. It will require a new Wright R2600 as the sound is rather tame outside. 7. Lucky I have a box full of spare engines in the garage! 8. 9. 10. Just cannot get enough of these WW2 planes and this one is no exception. What with this, the Dove and 5 "new" airports for P3Dv3.0 I am having a great week end so far. Hope you all have the same.
  13. Hi all, total newbie so sorry. I have a massive problem, i purchased ftx global from fspilotshop, and installed it. Shortly after i purchased a new laptop, and proceeded to install it on there too. Now my ftx global deletes itself when I update it. I swear its not pirated, as the order number was supplied for my forum registration. Can anyone help please?
  14. These shots are from all over the place, China, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa. Love flying the simple big jets and even with so little to do I can still forget things like speed brakes, setting the ILS frequency and even dropping the wheels. 1. Out of Hong Kong. 2. Bognor Regis. 3. Buenos Aires. 4. Reservoir Jundiai - Mogi das Cruzes. 5. Cape Town. 6. Sao Paulo.
  15. I think I am right in saying that SBTR Torres was the first South American Global freeware airports. It is a nice comfortable distance from Sao Paulo and it's Guarulhos Airport. I will be flying a VARIG 738 to there but first I will have to try and get it into the air as I am not too sure if the runway at Torres is long enough. 1. No need to have worried. Plenty of room to spare, just a shame I had to leave all the passengers bags behind to save weight! 2. Heading inland to pick up the High Altitude Airway. 3. Praia Grande. 4. 5. Finally heading toward Sao Paulo over Caxius do Sul. 6. Paranagua 7. Baia de Paranagua 8. Starting to descend near Itariri. 9. Over the outer suburbs at Taboao da Serra. 10. Plenty of very low cloud which has lifted to expose the airport.. 11. 12. A safe landing but now to face some irate, bagless passengers! Many thanks to RJ for suggesting some Brazilian airports that I may like.
  16. I have been enlarging my FS Empire over the last week and brought a couple of airports, one at Cape Town and one at Buenos Aeries. Here are some shots of 2 planes on their way from SAEZ Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  17. I was thumbing through a very old book I have of WW2 aircraft. On turning to the Avro Lancaster I saw first flight 9th January 1941. So that make it 75 years since this magnificent aircraft made its maiden flight plus a few days. I wonder what would have happened if the RR Vulture engines on the Manchester had been a success. We shall never know. I already have Central set to Global and I have not flown in Italy for ages so that is why the Lancaster is flying out of LIRU Roma Urbe. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Great to hear the 4 Merlins roaring again.
  18. ......I would show a Thai Airways A345 leaving Cape Town. Just picked up the A340 mega pack Vol 1 on the Rickoooo site. 1. Australia Day, When we all wave the flag that some want to change as it has that insulting bit in the top left hand corner. 2. The flags are made in China. But wait, you don't have to buy Chinese made flags, no. There is a shop in Shepparton that has them from Bangladesh! 3. So lunch time is BBQ time where we stuff ourselves with lamb, from New Zealand. 4. Don't forget to get totally rat ars*d on some cheap Mexican beer which is no more that 4.6% paraffin. 5. Those that can still speak can stagger down to the park and find some migrants to abuse. 6. This is thanks to being brainwashed by the foreign owned media telling us those nasty foreigners are going to take over the country and change how we live. They probably will when we have got rid of The Queen and become a Republic. 7. I am a migrant and I am a dinky die Aussie, except for when the cricket is on, so who does have the Ashes. 8. At the end of the day we can collapse in a hung over sunburned heap and have a serious discussion about the inequalities of the awards that were given out today. No dog lovers got an award, no Collingwood supporters go an award and so on ad nauseam. All tongue in cheek. Hope you are all having a great Australia Day and if anyone was offended by my remarks.... ....keep reading.
  19. Kick-off Flyover... Sports Authority Field Denver, CO - (always will be Mile High Stadium to me) Good luck to the Denver Broncos!!!
  20. Brought the Franz Luftfahrt Paramotor at the week end and just love it. Have done several flights around ORBX airports and it is a fantastic way to explore. A flight in the freezing weather today, the instruments read just 34F and I can remember from England that that means brrrrrrrrrrr. 1. Setting off in pleasant conditions flying through the forest dodging the birds and squirrels. 2. So here we are over the Grand Canyon. 3. Clouding up a bit and a few snow flurries. 4. Over 4000ft above the Colorado River. 5. What a great way to view the scenery, just a bit draughty though. 6. Maybe drop down and look at the river. 7. Pigeons eye view. 8. One last look at the great scenery before dropping into a canyon within a canyon. 9. At river level and the visibility has suddenly closed in. 10. Climbed up in nearly zero visibility and finally broke through into clearish sky. 11. With more bad weather closing in it is time to head for shore. 12. ASN dining a magnificent job of rapidly changing weather. 14. Lost sight of the airport so best to put down. Better make a call to be picked up and taken back to the airport by road. Can't do that in a Cessna! Highly enjoyable flying the Paramotor, well worth the 15 or so AUD.
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