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Found 337 results

  1. Spanish for Land of fire is Tierra del Fuego which is at the southern tip of Argentina. Ushuaia is the only major town of this area and is regarded as being the most southerly city in the world. SAWH is one of the Global freeware airports so time to do a quick flight around. 1. Carenado's Piper PA-34 Seneca V shall take us on our flight. 2. Taking off with the rather unusual terminal buildings in the background. 3. Ushuaia is on the Beagle Chanel. 4. Some of the Martial Mountains north of the city. 5. 6. 7. Ushuaia Port. 8. At first the u/c would not operate but then the wheels came down one at a time, a bit of a worry. 9. Coming into land on rwy 07. 10. In front of the main terminal.
  2. Unrelated to my ongoing African exploration, but inspired by the light I'm getting on that trip, here's a few in a more modern machine. Taking off from Cape Town at dawn and a quick circuit a few miles up the coast and back. Heading out towards Robben Island, unwilling home of Nelson Mandela for a good few years I find the light out here to be wonderful, and the scenery is pretty good for non full-fat. If Africa Open LC ever gets out it should be amazing flying.
  3. So, next leg and at last something other than sand out there. A couple of things about this trip - I'm making it up as I go along navigationally, and will happily admit to being not much good at the basic flying stuff. I'm beginning to get into it and am starting to learn how to do things properly, but my flying skills are up their with my plastering skills (and if you ever see the bathroom I'm working on . . .) So, for example, I'm navigating by eye, via occasional pauses in the sim and looking at the flight analysis to find out where I actually am and then checking it out on Google Earth. I calculate my intended direction by guesswork and google, and so I occasionally get lost. I've gotten in to the habit of taking checkpoints occasionally so that I don't have to restart a whole leg of this trip if I screw it up too badly. And I'll use one of those this trip, as I'll explain further in. Anyway, off we go from Khartoum We're heading off towards the Ethiopian Highlands, and that will mean a bit more greenery than we've seen so far, and a bit of undulation as well Starting to get a different feel for the landscape here Now, one thing I didn't think of was the actual time of day on these flights, so after a while we're heading into sundown So, by this time, I'm beginning to sim-panic. I am pretty much lost, and when I check via "flight analysis" I'm way south of where I should be. I'm flying VFR and there's nothing to see! But it sure is pretty - I'm staring at the views and hearing Paul Simon singing "under African skies" in my head. So, after several attempts to get back on target, I stopped and reset back to a save point before it got dark, reset the clock to give me a couple more hours of daylight, and did the second half of this flight again. I figured that way I might have a fighting chance of finding where I wanted to go So here we are, back heading east towards Tana Lake, across the Ethiopian Highlands Looking a bit more interesting down there now. Tana Lake coming up ahead - Swinging up to come in to Bahir Dar Airport from over the lake. Safely down and parked And this is what it would have looked like if I'd managed to find it in the dark! So, made it in the end. Nothing special about this place that I know of, just looked like a reasonable marker on Google. Probably not worth getting the Paramotor out for, but I'll head up over the lake a little bit when I head off on the next leg. And that will be pretty much direct east to the coast at Djibouti, possibly a quick in and out over Yemen just for a look-see, and then head off down the upper Rift Valley towards Addis Ababa. Should be getting more interesting views from here on. Enjoy! (I did)
  4. So, on with the trip! Leaving Aswan for a short hop down the Aswan Lake to Lake Nasser and the site of Abu Simbel, to see what that looks like in FTXGlobal. Not much to look at, but a hell of a view all the same Leaving Aswan behind now No real usable land around here, just the (man made) lake Approaching Abu Simbel. According to Google Earth there is a moderate size built up area there and a small airport, presumably to support a tourist hotspot. Down, and greeted by a bunch of Egyption Vultures (just kidding - they didn't come close enough to be identifiable) Nothing fancy as an airport, but it's here So, park up and out with the paramotor And off we go to see the temple site Not looking too promising. The road is there but the whole of that spit either side of the road should be built up, and there should be a small port and all sorts of other bits and pieces here OK, we blew out on this one. coming back towards the airport and the temple site should be directly in front of me in the shot below. this is what is here in real life - Still - part of the thing about this trip is to see what is out there. This is not a full-fat area so can't expect everything to be here and I'm sure there will be all sorts of pleasant surprises as well as absences. But for now, back to the airport and we'll head off again to the next stop Here we are. Pretty fancy truck over there to be out here all on its ownsome So, slightly disappointed to find no temple, but ever onwards. Next leg is down to Khartoum. I'll post that up tomorrow.
  5. I'm attempting to reinstall orbx global, after this problem occurred: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/115558-misplaced-and-black-textures/#comment-1037598 I ran the unwrapper, when the unwrapper finished, I ran the installer. After it finished "Preparing to install" it asked me to insert Disk #1. I tried inserting the fsx: disk 1, but with no luck. I have the download version of orbx global, so I don't know anything about a disk.
  6. OK, so I've decided to do a tour from Cairo to the Cape. Don't know how long or how many stages or what route - it'll be whatever takes my fancy. No full fat regions or Orbx airports along the way so it won't be up to PNW or NZ standards, but it'll be interesting to see what is out there. Live weather unless making things invisible. Travelling in the Ju-52 but I've packed my paramotor in the hold for sightseeing along the way. This first leg heads off from Cairo, and follows the Nile down as far as the Aswan Dam, where we'll do our first bit of gawping. Moving away south from Cairo. Got Google Earth on my other screen and am comparing as I go (and using it to check locations, find airports etc) and it does all look quite accurate at this level. Stick close to the Nile and you can't get lost really Coming up on Aswan, the Dam and Lake ahead, airport is off to the right (just out of shot) Touching down at Aswan A fairly basic generic airport, and I expect to see a few of these. Still, parked up and I can get the paramotor out now Heading off to the Dam An accurate scene in terms of outline etc, but a bit more built up than RL OK, let's have a look round the top end of the lake Airport over in the distance here Time to head back So, all packed up and off we go again. Next leg is a short hop down to the other end of the lake to see what all the stull at Abu Simbel is like. Fun so far, after a while I get used to the generic nature of some of it and don't notice too much. Who knows what I'll see?
  7. I installed FTX Global with no issues today, but when I start a flight at night I don't see any 3d lightning on streets or cities. FTX Lightning is activated in FTX Central 2 but the rest seems to be fine.
  8. I installed FTX Global with no issues today, but when I start a flight at night I don't see any 3d lightning at all. FTX Lightning is activated in FTX Central 2 but the rest seems to be fine.
  9. Saw some shots of the new JF Mosquito and decided to put this on my birthday list. Being very strong willed after about 15 seconds I caved in and brought it Not a bad plane at all and I am now able to fly a Mossie in the ORBX world as up until now I only had an excellent freeware one in FSX. 1. So my first flight out of Palm Spring and one thing was soon very evident, the JF Mosquito only has Rotax 912 engines. 2. My old 1999 AU Falcon sounds more like a Mosquito than this. 3. So after importing a suitable freeware sound pack it is over to KTEX. Yes I was going to put a limit on what FS products I brought but that great idea lasted only 2 weeks 4. Listen carefully. THOSE are Merlins. 5. There is a view out of the window for Andy. Buy it Andy, this is a classic British aircraft. 6. Climbing effortlessly past some magnificent KTEX mountains. 7. A view over the shoulder, I forgot to see if the Very Pistol works. 8. Just cant get enough of those Merlins. The Missus has left the room so crank up the volume. 9. The beautiful lines of the Wooden Wonder. 10. Just behind the rear port nacelle is an AI aircraft. 11. After flying for a minute I realised I was catching it and it turned out to be a nice C-130. "g'day chaps!" 12. Two of the most recognisable and famous aircraft built flying together at FL300. 13. Another view out of the window. 14. One last look and time to head for home. I like the Mossie but surely JF could do better with the sound. They produce some great planes only to spoil them with shocking sound sets. For me sound is important!
  10. A good experience to fly in french and swiss alps by ORBX and also Courchevel by LLH Simulation, Zurich by FSDreamteam, Weather by ASN, My Traffic 6 and Lancair by Realair Sorry for that long post and have a good flight !
  11. This is a fun way to drift around. Started at Charles De Gaulle and wafted round a bit - Right leisurely way to travel, methinks (but you do need a good set of lungs to get it airborne)
  12. Hi everyone, I recently purchased FTX Global and must say I am really pleased with this buy. I am using FSX Steam edition. However, on thing that I did not really like was the radius or range in which the 3D lights can be seen from the aircraft. Initially, this has been much too short with lights only popping up a few miles before the aircraft. Now I have worked for hours to find a solution for that. I was starting off with DX9 as this was my initial setting. Always loaded a flight in which I was flying into a megacity (Munich). What have I done: Tried to reproduce the FSX slider settings recommended in the manual: no effect. Tried to tweak fsx.cfg, but no try had been successful. [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIUS=4.500000 MESH_COMPLEXITY=82 MESH_RESOLUTION=24 TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=29 AUTOGEN_DENSITY=5 DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 WATER_EFFECTS=1 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL=800 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=1000 Setting the LOD_radius to values > 4.5000 (recommended in this forum) did make no difference. Setting TERRAIN_MAX values did not make a difference. I downloaded FTX global light configurator, made some changes, but did not see an initial benefit. Solution: I finally downloaded Shader Release v3.2.3 and enabled the DX10 Preview mode in FSX. With that I was able to get better distances. So better graphic efficiency obviously increases the range in which 3D lights are generated. What I noticed, though, was: When you fly directly into a densely populated area (Munich Center) the 3D light generation range in front of you is still a too low (only 3-4 miles). Furthermore, the intensity of white lights (which I had set up in the FTX Global light configurator) was in fact the lights that can be seen first from the distance - indicating that higher intensity settings in the configurator can make sense here. Best regards rudolf
  13. Hi, my very first set of screenshots... VFR today from EDBH Barth to EDVY Porta Westfalica. Cheers Thorsten EDBH Leaving... VFR enroute Approaching EDVY Final EDVY 05 EDVY Porta Westfalica
  14. Just trying on a very nice new repaint from jankees for the A2A Texan.
  15. Heading out from Cagliari in Sardinia, thought I'd pop over to Sicily. A fine but misty afternoon. (I may arrive in a different plane <because I can!>)
  16. Hello, I'm not sure exactly how to explain this. When I'm using my fsx, I have noticed that there is a really annoying lag that only happens real bad at airports. while I'm in the air there may be a few a minute. this has only occurred recently. I.E. when I first installed FTX Global there was no problem like this Please Help if required I will put a video up for your guidance
  17. Hello, I'm not sure why but inside my FSX there are black areas where lights should be. I have configured the lights in ORBX a few times but am unsure what is happening a photo is linked for your help + can I make YouTube videos using this pay wear if I put the link to buy it in the description https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgmSsDWqQvVvaxhZUEXhqeA
  18. Been looking forwards to a few days off work over Easter. First flight for the holiday week end is from Santiago, Chile to Montevideo, Uruguay. A USN 738 is the mode of transport. 1. To tired to fly last night but today up very early to leave SCEL Comodoro Arturo Merino Benetez Airport. 2. Turning east to cross the Andes. 3. Mendoza Argentina. 4. Laguna Mar Chiquita 5. Now at the outer edge of Buenos Aires with Embalse Ingeneiro Roggero just behing the plane. 6. Over SAEZ Ezeiza. 7. Montevideo it's harbour and the Rio de la Plata. 8. On the right is the Arroyo Pando which flows into the Rio de la Plata. 9. On approach to SUMU Carrasco. 10. Ciudad de la Costa is to the left. A great flight with no problems, for me that is a worry! Hope you enjoy looking.
  19. Took off from the default Shanghai and was heading for city to see what the basic FTX setup looked like and spotted a strange wake in the water. Got a bit closer and saw this - I guess that's a bunch of toasters and Barbies that won't make it to market Never did get to the main city - will have to try again sometime
  20. Took the Lancair out for a spin over Central Florida. Had to dodge some late afternoon thunderstorms along the way.
  21. Just a bit of fun - can't remember what we were looking for - Ahh, maybe it was the ignition key for the Nimitz. It doesn't seem to be moving at all - and now the weather's really going off - Can't imagine living somewhere like the Faroes, but it probably has a certain fascination
  22. A strangely attractive place Maybe somewhere warmer, next trip out
  23. One shot flying over Samana Bay in eastern Dominican Republic. 4.
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