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Found 220 results

  1. So, had to try out one of the new freeware airports released today, CJQ4. ASN indicated fair weather so I swiftly jumped in the Skylane for a quick flight, I love rural Canada. Also it was only -4 degrees celsius at CJQ4 which is nicer than the -25°C showing on my kitchen thermometer atm.
  2. Intrepid virtual pilot MotoDave approaching Shangrila (FTX Global - REX Texture Direct), in his indestructible CBFSim Beafighter.
  3. Now a flight between the 2 latest ORBX airports. Don't the Germans have some great sounding names! Another new addition for me is the DA-40 from LHC. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  4. I was about to go on a flight in SoCal and noticed the latest release. So with out further ado onto the FSS site, buy and install All too easy, now the difficult part. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Thank you Thomas for this gem of an airport. Looks like some beautiful German countryside to be explored from here and Weimar which is where I am off to next.
  5. Just one shot from a flight out of Haikou. The weather is far better at FL300 than it was taking off. 8.
  6. Climbing out of KEGE I don't think he will catch his friend. 3.
  7. Full flight in The Mighty Dash's dash around the world. The highlight of this one, just how absurdly easy the airplane is to hand-fly on a precision approach. No HUD. No peeking. No cheating. Just pure, heads-down goodness. (Sounds almost dirty). 4K video. Hi-rez versions may still be processing at YouTube. Best, Marshall
  8. Hello, I've read the definitive guide and it was helpful. currently I have FSX gold edition and have ultimate terrain, UTX-US, Alaska and Canada; all of the regional scenery packs and numerous airports, mostly in the NA part of the world and a number of FSGenesis landclass software. I will soon be upgrading to the Steam edition of FSX and will reload all my a/c and scenery. I was wondering if this would be the time to upgrade the scenery to FTX Global and all its parts. I generally don't fly outside of these areas but perhaps I would if the scenery with Global was that much better than the default. Can I still use the regional scenery packs and the airports I currently own? Would the Global products negate the necessity to install the UTX products? Is Global a vast improvement over UTX? (UTX is pretty old - i'm guessing it must be). How about the FSGenesis - would that be necessary to reinstall with Global? I also have read that there are a myriad of freeware airports supported by Global, true? Trust there is no problem with the Steam edition supporting all of the FTX products. Thanks for clarifying these matters for an old simmer. . . Donn
  9. A short flight from KTVL to KLAX, PGMD 737 NGX, FTX Global and weather by ASN Have a good flight
  10. Mostly fly GA and WW2 warbirds but with a bit of practice I have managed to get passenger jets up into the air and keep them there. My latest escapade into FL320 is with the Captain Sim 777 which is on a flight from Kuala Lumpar in the direction of Australia. This set will follow the flight as far as Singapore when dinner was served, here in Mooroopna that is. Before take off the 777 needs to be readied for the pending flight. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Off at last to Australia. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Kuala Lumpar btw means muddy confluence for those, like myself, that did not know. Hope you enjoyed the shots.
  11. First full flight in Majestic's Pro version. Over Orbx's OpenLC Canada, FTX Global and Vector--REALLY looking forward to the rest of OpenLC NA. Exploring the new HUD. Making LOTS of mistakes, but figuring things out. A festival of errors, but also a journey of discovery. A good place to start with what looks to be a trusty steed for a long time to come. Fun stuff! Best, Marshall
  12. New York in Vector and Global glory. Can't wait for OpenLC NA Pt. 2. This is for all the Dash lovers out there who've been digging around in all the new features in the Pro version. I built a mocked-up company RNP/GPS approach using the Pro Q400's new FMS functionality, Google Earth and a few other hacks. Not really realistic. Certainly not legal to fly. Fun, though, to explore the possibilities and figure it all out. Best, Marshall
  13. This is as much for pilots wanting to learn how to fly some exotic instrument aproach procedures as look at the scenery. Orbx's freeware KAJO, in Prepar3d 3.0, Global and Vector. The Mighty Dash takes on the formidable KAJO-KVCV ODP, hold and full VOR/DME approach to Runway 17. In other words, PilotEdge's notorious I-11 exam--minus ATC, in this case. Includes DME arc goodness and tutorial on flying holds. This really should be done in a smaller, slower airplane. But The Mighty D can do it all! Best, Marshall https://youtu.be/JjF3j-eAYG0
  14. An L.A. to Palm Springs short hop. Done expressly to try out another sweeping RNP approach and enjoy how well the new Mighty Dash Pro is to fly by hand. Just one problem: It's now so good that any glitch is purely the pilot's fault. It's not the airplane. All the same, it's worth it! Best, Marshall
  15. To Paris. And to a simple notion about France, The United States and anyplace where fear and hope sometimes face off. Wish I'd written this. And may hope prevail. "We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. . . We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world, but we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home." All you need is love. Marshall
  16. The final leg of The Mighty Dash's Canadian Homecoming. Only instead of CYUL, it turns into a real homecoming. Enjoy, Marshall
  17. Right from the start, I knew this would be a rocky one. Toronto City on a typically windy day. Edited out a section where I walk through the appproach plate, because I get some facts wrong. Anyway, took off with a 33kt crosswind forecast. Arrived to a 38kt gusting tailwind. Opted for a circling approach to 26. Gusts were so severe and unstable that the landing became a touch-and-go. Nailed it the second time, though. Bravo to Active Sky Next. And I think anyone looking to see both the right and the wrong way to do things, will find plenty to enjoy. I learned a lot myself and, gotta say, haven't had this much fun in awhile! Best, Marshall
  18. A rather beautiful flight though some of the Highland Glens... I bought a nice bottle of Jura Whisky today, which put me in mind of the land of the 'water of life' All in FTX Global and P3Dv3. Thanks for looking.
  19. Last night, I started to reinstall add-ons that are approved P3D V3 compatible, starting with ORBX's FTX Global (I know I am a little late to the party, blame it on a vacation to England). That installed with no issues, in fact, it came with the updated FTX Central V2 (a welcome sight) and I had zero issues working with that. When FTX Central V2 opened, i was greeted with a message that I needed to update the ORBX Library, which I did, via ORBX's website. Downloaded it, installed it, no issue. I even went one step further to check insertion points, which I found needed adjusted as i already UK2000's Manchester installed prior to FTX Global, so I made the adjustments there, no issue. I fired up V3, performed a short flight from EGCC nad I had spectacular performance and agian, no issues to report (maybe for the lighting at the airport being rather dark, but that can be adjusted later, no worries). After having a wonderful experience with V3, coupled with FTX Global, I splurged and bought two more UK2000 sceneries, Gatwick and Jersey. I installed Gatwick last night, ran V3 again and had yet again a wonderful short flight, no issues whatsoever. I got a little ahead of myself and after installing EGKK, I didn't go back into FTX Central to check insertion points, but there was no need as everything loaded properly and I had no conflicts. I have yet to install Jersey, but I suspect the same end results. I can't say enough good things about V3. In fact, I noticed that the FTX Global lights lighting is a little more realistic...maybe it's just me, maybe the functionality and rendering of the lights in V3 is improved, but like I always say, I won't look this beautiful gifthorse in the mouth! Finally, I want to thank John and his team for stepping up and releasing the updates. They work PERFECTLY and I could not be happier. I haven't checked to see if Vector is ready yet, but hey, no rush. I am pleased as peaches! -Jim
  20. I simply love flying here. Thanks for looking.
  21. Naples in P3dv3, with FTX Global & Open LC. Thank you for looking
  22. G'day Everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on our Eagle County Airport previews. Suffice to say, there is a flurry of work going on in the background as the beta testers put the product through it's final paces; in fact I believe Emmsie might be be checking in with his traditional set of screenshots in the not too distant future Before he does though, I have a few bits and pieces I would like to showcase - a combination of areas requested by you, and a few other features not previously shown. Of course, there are some features and components that we'll leave for you to discover on your own! If you are considering purchasing a copy of KEGE when it is released, it is vital that you update your ORBXlibs to the latest version - found here. Core components of KEGE rely on this update, and in order for it to display properly you will need to run the following two tasks: 1. Go to fullterrain,com/support and download the latest version of the ORBX Libraries 2. Once installed, open FTX-Central via the shortcut on your desktop, select the Global region and press apply. This will cycle and update core autogen files to the latest versions. This animated gif (sorry about the loading time!) showcases a small section of the updated terrain outside of the photoreal coverage area. Always one of the more subtle elements of our Global Airports, the modifications to surrounding landclass, mesh, seasonal variations and some vector components such as roads and waterbodies provide the necessary transition from the underlying default terrain (with Global Base textures, of course!) to the more defined photoreal areas. Those who fly regularly around Colorado may have noticed the poor quality of the default landclass, and whilst not exhaustive by any means, there was a fair amount of work to the LC around KEGE to resolve some of these issues. Displayed below is a comparison shot of the Glenwood Springs area west of KEGE. Those of you with a keen eye may also note the updated landclass work to mountains and mesas along the horizon, to the far east of the coverage zone. Cheers! Jarrad
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