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Found 337 results

  1. Hi, when I try to download FTX Global Base with the FTX Central, it disconnects / errors every time. So, I came to the website, to my account, to manually download it, and that doesn't work either: when I click to manually download the file, it instantly says "zip couldn't be downloaded" without even beginning to download the file, as if the file wasn't there...
  2. Haven't shared in awhile, so figured I'd stop in. Here are a handful departing out of Minden (MEV), then cruising around Reno and back to MEV. Enjoy
  3. Hello All, So Ive installed FTX gloabl, FTX Vector, and NA Southern California on two completely different computers and have gotten the same exact bug on both systems. I dont know whats causing it. I did not download the Orbx KPSP Airport. I just have the scenery. Whenever I fly in to KPSP the runway becomes choppy, and mountainous. If you land on it you will crash. Also I'm noticing the scenery is very detailed, and looks great, but it is blocky. Very great detail in blocks of area. You can see squares where scenery starts and ends. Squares with detail inside, and squares where im guessing scenery did not load correctly. Like I said I,ve had this same exact issue on 2 completely different computers. Ive included attachments of both issues. Anything that can be done about this? P.S. that same Runway issue is happening at KVNY as well. Thanks, - Andy Mechammil
  4. Hello All, I am new to Orbx, and was really excited to upgrade my FSX with some new visuals. I bought the "FSX Global base pack" the "ftx trees" I also have "NA Southern California" installed. I have installed these items through the "FTX Central 3" application . I have not received any errors while downloading or installing these items. Everything seems to be working just fine. The problem occurs when I load the Simulator. all of "scenery" settings are quite high. almost exactly to the suggested settings in the user manual, but when I am flying around the So-Cal area the scenery Im seeing looks nothing like the advertised video. Additionally there are residential houses along the runways at KLAX now. Something completely out of place. We all know there are no houses in between 24L and 24R lol. I feel like Ive done something wrong, or something has gone wrong with the installation? I've included screenshots of the Runways at KLAX that show houses and trees along the runway, and Ive included a picture of the Los Angeles Area from 10,000 alt. Can someone please help me with my issue? What have I done wrong?? Computer Specs: CyberPowerPC - GUA2600BST - Ryzen 5 1400 3.2 GHz - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD - AMD Radeon RX 580 Picture of KLAX Runways http://tinypic.com/r/30sgg3n/9 Picture of Downtown Los Angeles http://tinypic.com/r/2vuj4pc/9
  5. Hi, I have recently done a fresh install of P3D v4.2 on my PC and I have reinstalled my Orbx products. Upon doing this, I have had a significant problem with my ESSA airport addon as the terrain on the airport in whole is blurry and really low textured. I have had this problem before when I first purchased the product but It seemed to fix itself, this time It has not. I appreciate any help, thanks.
  6. Hello this is my problem . my order number :5a648b79363ec i have installed everything step by step from scratch and this is what I’m left with
  7. I have all of FTX Global products, AU, New Zealand North and South, Rockies North and Central, California North and South, Bozeman airport, San Diego airport and when I fly out of any of these areas the graphics are superb than around 50 to 100 miles from anywhere I am going to land bam all blurred. I run I7 6700 unlocked at 4.5, GTX 1070 8g card, 32 g Gskill 3200 ram running at 3200 so what gives? Do I have to uncheck areas I am not flying? I only fly one aircraft VRS Superbug F-18E new version capable of running in Prepar 3d v4.1, and sometimes the textures start blurry and then come in later in flight. I play Tom Clancy's wildland, Far Cry 5, and other graphic hogs and no problems so what's up with these textures is it the object flow v2? AL traffic and jetways are black and then come in when I first start prepar 3d v4.1 for Bozeman and San Diego I fly the Raptor and F-35 textures are fine not as good looking as Orbx but no blurry textures in beginning of flight or at the end so something isn't jiving between Prepar 3d v4.1 and Orbx. I would like some help please, spent a lot of money on your products I have uninstalled Prepar 3D V4.1 and Orbx your testers must have some tips to make these products at least run properly!
  8. Hello , After an complete fresh installation of my Computer i installed P3Dv4 completely new. First the FS Global Mesh and the the OrbX Products : 1. FTX Global 2. OpenLC Europe 3. FTX Vector 4. FTX Germany North and South . But when i now look at my Mesh ( here in the surroundings of LOWS ) it looks strange . ( see Screenshot ) Like an Mixture from original P3D and OrbX. when i let the troubleshooter Tool run the i become an error . The lclookup.bgl is not correct. When i change the lclookup.bgl with the original one the the troubleshooter tool says it is all ok. But then when i start FTX Central again it want to make an Migration . After this migration the Troubleshooter Tool told me again this : Invalid files: Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl. Thanks for Help . Michael
  9. Hello. I have just purchased FTX global base for P3D v 4.1. I have it installed, updated, and the Orbx libraries are up to date as well. The libraries, and the three areas from global show up fine in the scenery library and I receive no errors during loading. The textures just simply do not show up. The default textures remain. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, moving the locations of the entries within FTX central etc. and cannot get the textures to display. To me it seems as if they aren't loading at all, as the loading terrain data portion of the loading sequence is almost instantaneous, which I wouldn't expect when the sim is loading new scenery data for the entire world. Thanks, Mark
  10. After 16 years doing sightseeing rides around the San Diego area you'd think I'd have had enough. But now that I've hung up my spurs I find myself back in the saddle, virtually, doing the very same thing. Fact is, one of the attractions to flying—beyond the challenge—is what you see out the windscreen. And the ORBX FTX Global base pack and Pago Pago add-on offer incredible vistas of the South Seas islands of Samoa and covers over 1000 square miles including 17 islands, five incredibly detailed airports jungle strips, and two international airports. On an extended oil-exploration charter that originated back in Boston, we've flown over 14,000 miles in well over 100 hours. But the beauty of Tahiti encouraged further sightseeing...I mean exploration...and Pago Pago was the logical stop, Bali next, and then New Guinea. And boy, am I glad we made the trip to Pago Pago. The place is both challenging and beautiful. Airborne out of NSTU at 0900 it was hot, humid, and hazy after overnight thunderstorms. But the weather forecast for a day-long round-robin looked good with scattered to broken mid-level clouds. A short 75nm jaunt ENE and a swing around the island put us on final to the Western Samoa airport of Fitiuta (NSFQ) Where the 2350' strip gave us some short field practice before some slightly shorter fields ahead The trickiest part in many places was turning the long-winged Gooney Bird around in the tight runway clearings. But we managed, and after a short shutdown to say hello to the friendly residents, we were off again. A 15nm hop to the next island NW Put us on final for 2000' Ofu (NSAS) The next leg was an hour further northwest To Fagali'l (NSFS) on the north coast of Falelolo Island (American Samoa) After coffee in the pretty little terminal, we flew another 20 minutes NW to 2000' Asau (NSAU), where we stretched our legs and shared the ramp with a Twotter. Headed back southeast, we did a touch and go at Moata (NSMA) And then headed to Faleolo (FSFA), which would be our jumping off point for the flight to Bali
  11. Good evening ,I have this problem for the second time on the P3D simulator; i have installed FTX Global (last update) and another photoreal italy. What i will do to fix yellow photograms? Thanks for the help and see you
  12. Census in some forums is that this may be caused by Global, Vector, or OpenLC, but seems to be a common problem. Any thoughts as to why lighting in the distance isn't portraying? The following two images were taken in Chicago. One looking west and one looking east from different spots, but both towards the city center. Any help appreciated, Nick
  13. Captured in natural habitats thanks to orbx.
  14. Had a strange craving to take a 5hr jaunt down to Baja California in a Cessna. Carlsbad McClellan-Palomar (KCRQ) to Loreto (MMLT) Enjoy!
  15. Doesn't do too much to showcase the scenery, but still figured they were nice environments. Phoenix Deer Valley (DVT) down to Tuscon Ryan (RYN)
  16. I decided to do some flying in areas I haven't been to before, so I'm creating a series of flight plans that follow the ground journey of the Silk Road from ancient Constantinople in modern day Turkey (Istanbul) to the ancient capital of China, Xi'an. I'll be flying the journey in a biplane, low to take in the scenery, and following roads that follow the ancient Silk Road paths, using FSWidgets EFB so I have a map displaying the roads and flight plan, and stopping at nearby airports along the way to refuel. Today I left Constantinople, an area surrounded by lush green fields and trees and farmlands, and as I headed south, it slowly became a bit more arid. At my third airport stop along the way, I parked at a place called Balikesir (approaching it in the screenshot below). I'm really impressed with the colours and textures of FTX Global as I fly through Eastern Europe, and am looking forward to watching the scenery change around me as I head into the Middle East and on into the Far East as I follow in the footsteps of ancient merchants along the Silk Road. I really wish the OpenLC Asia was out, because I imagine it would enhance a journey like this. If it comes out after I reach Xi'an, I might use it for the journey home, which follows a different route back to Constantinople.
  17. Some favorites while continuing my Orbx West Coast Tour in P3D V4 This is done with Orbx Northern California and FTX Global, FTX Vector, and FTX NA Landclass. Hope you all enjoy them. More to come. John (Appropriate Signature Coming Soon)
  18. Gentlemen, I have just installed in addition to FTX Global Base, Vector, and GlobalLC Products the free Airport Packs EU & NA and after selecting an airport of somewhere and when the flight, scenery is loading P3Dv4 is crashing to desktop. I reloaded P3Dv4 several times but the crash is permanent given. After uninstalling the FTX EU GLOBAL Airport Pack everything is working properly again and P3Dv4 works perfect. Is it possible that EU Airport Pack is not fully P3Dv4 compatible and how can I solve the CtD ? For you information, I have a new computer with following specs: CPU i7 7700X, 32GB DDR Corsair 2400MhZ RAM, Samsung Evo 860 M2 512GB SSD module for Win10 Pro 64Bit, Samsung Evo Pro 840 500GB for P3D, Asus Nvidia GTX 970 4GB GPU My completely new installed P3Dv4 comprises following products: P3Dv4 FTX GLOBAL Base FTX EU & NA GlobalLC FTX Global Vector FSDT Zurich, JFK V2, KORD, KLAX, Geneva Justsim EDDL, LEBL PMDG 737NGX HIFI AS for P3Dv4 & ASCA Would be great to hear from you and thank you very much in supporting me with this issue. kind regards
  19. I am new to Orbx. Just purchased FTX Global. But I am not sure that it got installed. I Installed through FTX Central V3, but didn't see much difference. I checked my FS Senery but only found my FTX NA demo. No FTXG. Where else might I find it. Thanks.
  20. When I start ORBX i get the following error: An unexpected error occurred. Please send Orbx staff the %localappdata%\orbx\ftxc3.log Thank you ftxc3.log
  21. Sometimes I like to stick a pin in the map and head somewhere at random... this morning it was Albania. Thanks for looking...
  22. A random location (I forgot the name) and Beijing.. Thanks for looking
  23. Why would it look so crappy? I guess there is some wrong with the download. But I've done that twice already. Thanks. PS: This is taken in Copenhagen area so I guess FTX Global Base and Eu Landclass are active here. Optimized-2017-6-25_16-0-20-977.bmp
  24. HELP!!!! Could anyonw please tell me what the attached photo mean? I tried downloading FTX Global via FTX Central 3. But it pops out this message. I tried downloading the second time and this message still appears! What should I do? Thanks.
  25. Its been ages and finally I managed to get some time to play around after upgrading to V4. Just lovin the smoothness of it and can't wait to update all the Orbx airports! Too bad there is no space to upload the 25meg original in 4k! Over EDDM: Somewhere near Barcelona:
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