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  1. Townsville to Cairns in a A330-200 Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  2. OK, I took the shortcut and went directly from KLAX to Cairns, without the stopover in Kingsford Smith. Just east of Solomon Islands: Cairns, final approach to rwy 16. Well, a bit too late to enjoy much of the scenery today... At least someone left a light on for us: See ya tomorro´, mates!
  3. Some shots of a beautiful dusk flight from Cairns to Weary Bay Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  4. I took the T28 Trojan from Cape Leveque to Mitchell Plateau along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Near Cape Leveque Horizontal Falls Mt. Trafalgar Porosus Creek (left) and Hunter River (right) Hunter River Near Mitchell Plateau Parking at Mitchell Plateau Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  5. Just a short flight from Broome to Cape Leveque. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  6. Two things happend to me last weekend. The good thing, i was on a short vacation with my wife, the bad thing, i had to do a complete reinstallation of FSX and of all the ORBX sceneries. Here are the first screenies after the reinstallation. I have reinstalled Oceania and Europe so far, all NA sceneries and most of the airplanes are still to come. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  7. Having encountered so many cloudy, even rainy days in northern Queensland I had to face a decision. I will move up towards the northern hemisphere for some time, and pause the Aussie tour here in Cairns. During set-up of the plane... clouds once again: Taking off the 15, and spending a last view over the city ... ... before climbing out northeasterly. Approaching the equator, the weather gets slightly better: Sorry I have to take a RL break, we´ll see how this flight will continue yesterday (remembering Phileas Fogg...).
  8. Going to inspect some details of the life around Cairns. Question one: Does the baggage loading crew in YBCS pay enough attention to valuable luggage? Seems to be acceptable, so we take off across Barron river ... ... towards Green Island. Not sure if the helipads reflect reality, but they call for a landing ... ... to catch up passangers. Oh, sorry, there is just one seat left on this flight ! It pays to have sunglasses when flying to the reef: Look, Vlasoff Cay is not the most crowded place around. But we can take a seat ... Returning to the mainland we
  9. Leaving James Cooks "place of refuge", Cooktown ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooktown,_Queensland ). For the short hop to Weary Bay Air Mareeba was the correct plane of choice, I think. And indeed, Weary Bay has some nice details to show: For longer distances I prefer to switch to the Legacy, this time in sportive livery. But Queensland´s weather is not too nice currently, the visibility gets worse ... ... and worse. Can you see Wrotham Park airfield down there? Or there? It IS there, be assured (GPS proven, and I also managed to spot the runway in the very final mom
  10. For those who want to find one of the most challenging airstrips I have seen so far in OZ: Take off from Cairns northbound, fly about 7 miles until you reach the coastal village of Yorkey´s Knob. Turn to southwest there, and you see Cairns Intl. behind you ... ... and this in front: Keep southwest and you see Leila´s airstrip. This is also my suggested approach direction. Here you are with a full overview: You will recognize the must-have airport in the middle-background between hills and sea, with the city centre right-handed. Leila´s is just below me. You can also r
  11. After exploring the Cairns scenery to the seaside ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58945-touring-around-cairns-seaside/ ), the direction of the next tour was obvious. And I thought Air Mareeba would be qualified for this region... Taxiing towards the 15, with fxxxing white AI planes in the background (but DX10 is still worth it!): A short round over the airport... ... and then heading south, crossing the town ... ... down to the southern end of Jarrad´s 5 m mesh, Mt Bartle: Turning northwest over Atherton and the banana fields towards ... Mareeba. Bringing Air
  12. Let me take you to a little ride towards Barrier Reef, just seaside of Cairns. After take off from rwy 15 passing False Cape... ... and arriving at Green Island. The well-known scenery developer has not just made an airport, but also put some extra fun for us into the package. That is what I love! (And love to pay for...) The jetty is already blocked from another orbx customer, I suppose... ... but there is some other landing area. Seems I need to come back with a copter... Somewhere ... over the sea ... Slightly further east there is Vlasoff Cay, the east-mo
  13. Taking off from Leila´s airstrip was not much easier than landing there ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58888-challenging-landings-in-northern-queensland/ ), in fact I failed to get the Legacy into the air... . But at least a brutal "jumpstart" with the Maule (flaps stage 2, brakes, full throttle, then release) worked. Heading directly to the coast at Trinity Beach... ... then turning north until Port Douglas, to enjoy the full extend of Jarrad´s 5 m mesh: Working the way southwards (is this Kewarra Beach?)... ... and enjoying the famous cityscape while tur
  14. With a full layer of clouds coming up, I thought it would be wise to leave Murray Island and return to the mainland. East of Bamaga the conditions were still fair enough... ... but south of Shelburne Bay the ground visibility was getting worse - not so good for a relaxed VFR flight with our beloved 185... ... so I decided to take a break in Lockhart River Mission. As we all know, there is no condition that keeps the RFDS from their duties. So, up in the air ... ... and, luck is a good workmate, Silver plains can be spotted easily, ... ... as well as tod
  15. After exploring the northern end of Australia ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58768-heading-northwards-from-the-northern-end/ ), it is time to pay a tribute to the beautiful orbx freeware Murray Island. Taking off into an area of huge palms (hope I do not blow away the newspaper of the spotter) ... ... and exploring the east coast reef: Going around the island ... ... before arriving back. The arrivals and departure building of YMUI is not as confusing as many other airports are, however the usual Tie Rack airport shop is missing. (real picture taken fro
  16. The northmost tip of the mainland: Cape York: Into the sunset at Hammond Island... ... then passing Kubin on Moa Island ... ... before changing to a faster plane at Badu Island. Boigu Island seems to me the most northern point of Australia (correct me if I´m wrong), but does not show much of the "Orbx touch". In fact, it is geographically more Papua New Guinea than Oz. At least, the screenshot can be taken for documentation purposes: After spending the night in Daru, I choose the Legacy again, to make the way south (back to Melbourne, in the long-time perspective). Som
  17. Some shots of a trip round Cairns. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  18. Heading north from Pormpuraaw the weather became better ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58240-heading-north-in-cloudy-weather/ ), but the terrain gets slightly wet. Not easy to get around there on the ground... Heading slightly northeast... That one is called "Toby´s yard", not many international flights there, I suppose. Getting back to the west coast of the peninsula, towards Poonko... ... and following the coast northwards: Ti-Tree Outstation: Approaching Kencherang: Well that´s a surprise here: A DC-3 - though only usable as spare part source..
  19. Just a short flight from Sweers Island to Normanton, but recommended due to the beautiful details... Uuups, that shot got blurry, I was too nervous to steady the camera...
  20. The flying doctors know it´s their duty to fly at every sky condition. So they took off from Normanton and headed north... ... to Rutland Plains. There a brave bushflyer was hired, to bring a doctor with equipment to the smaller airports ahead. At least one could see Pormpuraaw´s airstrip for the final landing of the day: REX "real" weather of yesterday.
  21. Before heading to Queensland, I needed to make some little tours around Darwin - with bigger and smaller Cessnas: Leaving YPDN to the west... Over the salties zone, waiting for CreatureFlow... Approaching Emkatyee: Coming back to Darwin: Just to show the 185 is suitable for an instrument approach... YPDN by Anthony Lynch:
  22. Coming from the red center and the "wet" north, this island looks a piece of paradise - a good startup for Queensland, I suppose...
  23. After the publication of James´ new painting ( http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/3702-realair-lancair-legacy-vh-tzx-racer/ ) I had to use the Legacy for this flight...! Taking off from Groote Eylandt, a nice work of Tim "meatycus": I can almost smell the leather... At waypoint YNUM: And approaching Sweers Island, QLD - another fascinating work by Tim: Well there is not so much Orbx scenery in this post, but I hope it still fulfils the posting rules. The main motivation for posting this is the fun in being in this community! Thanks, Jaydor.
  24. After taking off from Balgo Hill with a fairly unsuited plane... ... arriving at Tim & Steve´s beautiful "must-see"-crater ... ... and finally adding some "g" to the flight:
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