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Found 9,124 results

  1. Hi - sorry to make a new post about my issue but the last one was marked resolved, but i just wanted to say a couple more things on this because i'm not understanding what you are saying. Appreciate your time looking into this for me. Richard - you said in your last post: "Hi Oliver, I have discussed this Topic with the Developer, this is an issue with XP11 and the Default Power-line Rendering Tech. This is not an issue with the product itself that Orbx has released, I will as I have through the Ticket Portal, deny your Refund Request. From what I read, you are not overly enthusiastic in regards to our Refund Policy, I appreciate your view on this, however, we will not be changing our Refund Policy. We Issue Refunds on a case by case basis. Please see our Refund Policy here https://orbxdirect.com/refunds" Just a couple of points on this why what you have said does entitle me to a refund: 1. On your refunds policy it says that under Australian Consumer Law "You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure". So I am saying LOWI does not meet acceptable quality. 2. Richard - you say "this is an issue with XP11 and the Default Power-line Rendering Tech" its the default part that I want to bring to your attention here. Are you saying that the definition of your products working OK includes not properly integrating with the Default game? I can understand you can't be responsible for all the various third party plugins, but I cannot believe that you would say your definition of a working product includes products that don't integrate with the default game properly. After all, the products are designed to integrate with the default game, and i would imagine that must be part of the definition of 'a working product'. Please could you consider this again, i still think I meet your criteria for refund. Also - regarding your comment about me not being overly enthusiastic about the refund policy - if it was you I doubt you'd be jumping for joy either! thanks
  2. London city airport shows me wrong, runway grass (!) Nothing moves, no vehicles How do I fix this?
  3. Hi all. does it matter where VECTOR files are placed in the scenery cfg; if so where should they be placed in the priority of loading the scenery? Thanks
  4. Hello All, Just wondering if anybody else experiences terrible ground textures at ORBX Brisbane? I've added screenshots of what they look like and my settings from ORBX central Thanks, Scott
  5. Hi, I have a weird problem with LOWI. As I load the scenery the runway markings are missing. However, If I go outside view and start going up, suddenly the markings appear (only if I am looking downwards towards the aircraft) And if I point the view towards the city the markings are gone again. I have reinstalled the scenery but the problem still persists. Any help would be appreciated. Thaanks
  6. Hello, My Orbx Central is telling me that there is a EU Norway update available... Where can i find a list of what the update does please? I have a bucket load of 3rd party Norway addons and do no want to to "re-do' them again if there is a chance that this update will force me to redo the addons? Cheers, Tim.
  7. Anyone I have and issues that I posted in Gaya Support no response, it concerns LOWW. Any help would be welcome.
  8. Wish to buy more but not if ive lost all previous purchases. Thanks for your help... William
  9. Good Morning All, Can any one show me or tell me where I may see an example of scenery for those that have True Earth GB Central/or South ie what I should expect to see and quality of the scenery? Only I have been so disappointed with the scenery I reverted back to EU England /Scotland/Wales/Ireland, I attach some screen shots of what I get when in this case as an example fling around my local airport EGNX (East Midlands) AS YOU SEE THE SCENERY IS EXCELLENT IN MY VIEW, I am at a loss why the scenery presentation is so poor with TE GB Central etc I have also TE GB LIBRARY'S installed. I assume perhaps I have not got the correct settings or some other configuration issue that is causing the disappointment in the TE series of scenery?.
  10. Good day Gentlemen! Thanks to Orbx for making KITW including the two Tacoma Narrows Bridges. Some issues please with the request for an update: 1. The MALSR typed approach lights system of runway 17 does have the 3D poles for the sequenced flashing lights but the lights are burning steadily. 2. The ILS has no G/S - it is defined as LOC. 3. There are six markers defined but according to charts from the FAA and Jeppesen KTIW has only an Outer Marker (OM) at IAF SCENN 5 NM out of runway 17. 4. Might it be possible to integrate the "Pilot controlled Lightning" on 118.5 MHz? Would be a nice feature... Thanks a lot in advance - have a good time! Bert Transaction ID: 5de780ad53ea7
  11. How do you make the fire response come out to you?
  12. Hello , Just a question Concerning Vector for my P3DV5 ! When i run the Tool i get Only : Trasportation and Various Features ! Is this Normal ? Where are the Rest of the Functions ? I have Installed some Other Sceneries from Other Developers and i am experiencing some Issues ! How can i run AEC in Vector ? Thank you , Mike
  13. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: FSX SE Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpff8sa6432yoof/Orbx.JPG?dl=0 Issue: Some reason my simulator is changed from FSX Steam Editon to Flight Simulator X. Any idea about how I can get Orbx Central to show a correct simulator? See picture... https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpff8sa6432yoof/Orbx.JPG?dl=0 Rolf
  14. Greetings, this is what happens when I try to start at EGTH 03. The problem reproduces on a cold start system. Ideas for what is wrong? thanks, Gary
  15. Hello, I am unable to log into my Orbx account because I recently reset my phone and therefore do not have my 2 factor authentication app installed and have lost the code. I am now unable to log into my account. could someone please remove the 2fa on my account so I can log in again. Many thanks!
  16. Some time ago I installed this but don't remember how. I don't like the effect and would like to uninstall it. How would I go about doing this?
  17. W10; P3D5: Arriving BIKF on landing find 'floating' airport signs and other bits of runway furniture - see image. Starting at EGNM (Orbx airport scenery) gate 8 - huge vertical 'object' behind terminal building. See images (2). Have uninstalled the scenery; retarted the PC and re-installed EGNM to find same object! This is a relatively new issue!!! Suggestions for rectification, please. https://imgur.com/WoCEy0P https://imgur.com/hclk6c9 https://imgur.com/ED99q6S Ken
  18. I tried to use the FSX-SE beta branch with a validated Objectflow.exe and first I got a warning that it had not been tested with the version of FSX I was using. This is a fresh install of FSX-SE with my Orbx addons installed. I am certain I made a mistake somewhere, but do not know where and am reverting back to the normal version. Since you are releasing Microsoft Flight Simulator in a few days you probably do not require the telemetry data any longer anyway, but if you need me to get it working let me know. The crash file is attached. fsx_63003_crash_2020_8_4T16_29_27C0.mdmp
  19. Orbx Central 4.1.14 does'n t work on my mac, Attached screenshot of where it freezes. Operating system: Imac 27 4k Simulator: X-plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Orbx Central 4.1.14 does'n t work on my mac, Attached screenshot of where it freezes.
  20. Firstly, excuse me should this topic have already been covered, but it appears there are a number of airports that I have purchased in the past which are no longer available to be installed in V4.5 & V5 of P3D. To name just a few; KCVO-Corvallis, KAST-Astoria, CYZT-Port Hardy, WA45-Olympic Field and 2WA1-Diamond Point. Can someone please enlighten me as to whether there is any intention to reinstate these airports for said versions of P3D? It’s now been some time since the release of V4.5 and V5 and I would have thought these missing airports be available for install by now. Thank you and regards Matthew Dilosa
  21. Hello! I want a new installation of openLC, Vector and Global in P3Dv5. Should I choose the Library mode or inside simulator (legacy) mode? I think the old installation mode give me more control regarding scenery layers.
  22. Good morning, Bought a new computer, did a install of FSX (Gold Edition) and re installed my Orbx products plus a few freeware airports of yours. Everything is fine and working as it should. In FTX Global Vector it mentions to re-auto config if you have added or deleted add on scenery so I ran that program. I fired up FSX and a message came up saying it was going to Delete "Orbx\FTX_vector\FTX_Vector_AEC\scenery\AEC_cec7" and it went on about a dozen times for files within the Orbx/FTX_Vector directory. I did not think to get a screenshot of what the FSX message said. So after I closed and re opened FSX and went to CEF4 there was only the runway and the fence and the rotating beacon no trees or anything else. I went over to CYYC (see Pic) same thing. So I checked the Scenery.cfg and there a lot of files with inactive beside them, the files appeared to be not deleted.There a 3 scenery.cfg files, one is the original FSX that was backed up when I installed your product and another one that I think FSX created when it went on it's rampage. I'm not sure what to do here uninstall and re install Global Vector? I only wrote down seven of the error messages FSX showed and I'm not sure why it did this. Maybe running the re-atuo config caused this? Thanks Dale
  23. Good morning guys, I recently download few Orbx products (Base, vectors and EuropeLC and SODE) which are installed and verified correctly, but when I run the verification process for SODE I receive the following message: Registration error - XML entries- exe.xml: SUCCESS dll.xml: SUCCESSL - SimObject Path Entries- fsx.cfg (Main): CFG file not found! fsx.cfg (Common): CFG file not found! I think the issue is the file name the application is lookig for: I'm using FS:Steam Edition on a Win10 pc and the fsx.cfg is called fsx-se.cfg, located in [...]AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE Does anyone know how to get this match ? I'm not sure if I will rename that file everithing will work fine... Thanks a lot, Jacopo
  24. Hi, I use many sceneries from Orbx and FLAI. I 'm using also FS Reborn Ultimate. I have some not supported AI Aircrafts: I think I have miss configured .MDL files from Orbx ... those AI models are faulty as the .MDL file is not configured correclty, this is what FSReborn says. Could you help me? what can I do Best Michael
  25. Just a quick note: With vector installed, the default flight planner is very, very slow and even freezes up. With vector removed, it's back to normal again. Bruce Marten
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