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  1. Hello. EGLC has a horrible black patch on the water left side of the runway. See pic.
  2. Orbx says there is an update, but where is it? I cant find it anywhere on Orbx content site. The update is not listed in the FS Marketplace or my account content list?
  3. I really appreciate the excellent scenery for KBHB, but I'm trying (and failing) to get it to work with the ortho tile i have for +44-069. I'm using Vstates by Verticalsim, which is a package similar to forkboy's orthos. I read through pretty much every topic here about this topic, and was able to get KBHB to have proper elevation while vstates is enabled by deleting the latter package's +44-069.dsf file. However, this of course removes the ortho for the entire tile, with the only ortho being that included by Orbx around KBHB. This photo shows the contrast- the included ortho is noticably dark
  4. I own most of the Orbx Regions and I'm trying to explore. When I go to the Discover Tab in Orbx Central and click on the Region I get lots of Points of Interest but no airports except the payware airports. Where are the airports included in the region found? The airport filter only shows payware and freeware but does not show the airports included in the regions. Here is Payware and Freeware Combined and the Region areas are void of airports except payware: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&ll=50.46342080587144%2C-119.0990201963732&z=5
  5. Guys, please tell me it is not normal to be running an i9 7900K and GTX 1080Ti and coming out of Orbx EDGH with Orbx Scotland in P3Dv5, flying the PMDG 737 and chugging along with not more than 16 FPS? Much of the time going down 12 and less than 10. Is it any better in True Earth? I've got True Earth for XPlane with EDGH and I come out of there with a FlightFactor 757, one or two stutters but otherwise smooth as the proverbial. Is there anything I might have forgotten? Grateful for any advice. Thanks everyone. Neil G
  6. Hi I can only start a flight on the runway at ENNO. This is not ideal. Can you please add the option to start a flight on the apron? Thanks.
  7. First, some background. I've purchased several of the XP11 True Earth regions, which use non-trivial amounts of disk space. I've already moved my only Orbx Library and installed TE Northern California SD for XP11 into that Library with only few issues that I was able to work through for a successful install. Now, before moving forward with, at present, three other TE regions, I'd like to get some clarification about how Orbx Central uses and locates content. Please note that I haven't yet tried to do more installs; so I am not asking for responses on specific problems. So, here's my quest
  8. Hi, the building on the tracks issue behind the gates at EGLC seems to have been there since the product was launched and has not been fixed. However, the building on the tracks is not present in the picture used to advertise the product. Please may I have a copy of the product as shown in the advertised picture? I find it a bit off that the product doesn't match that. Thanks Product advert picture from Orbx website and Orbx central, no building on tracks. Second picture from in MSFS, building in wrong place.
  9. Just wondering if you can help... I installed these two packs yesterday and took off from London City (in VR). Everything was fine until I turned to fly west, when the system virtually froze up. It did not actually crash, but just chugged along at about 2 fps. When I exited VR, Steam Home was doing the same thing, so it seems to have affected the entire system. Uninstalled the packs and everything was fine again. After playing around with various settings, I have found that the Landmarks pack works OK on its own for about five minutes, after which the sim f
  10. good afternoon i have a question i am looking to buy some Orbx products only i would like some more information about Orbx Vector because i would like to know what this exactly does with texures on the ground.
  11. Hey guys, I am wondering if the Tasmania demo has ever been updated. As I have downloaded the demo and started a scenic flight, is this Australia V2 what I am seeing or is it the "old" Australia scenery ? thanks for clarifiying Al
  12. I have TE Southern Calif and KSBA. I migrated my TE to another drive so now they are addon's in P3D 5.1. As I was landing at KSBA, P3D was updating the scenery with the KSBA displaying KSBA as it can over the TE. Not sure if that was very clear. Is this the problem because KSBA is below in priority in the scenery library in P3D, the addon's are on top.
  13. I have a question about GEN + GES If I do not want to use my installed GES + GEN, it is sufficient to deactivate the files or I have to uninstall the product. I am using the SimStarter. Is it enough to deactivate all GES or GEN files or should I uninstall it? Would like to switch. Thanks Frank
  14. Hi there I just bought Au Australia V2 I verified all the files and then when I load up the SIM this is what I looks like! My settings are near max/ultra and I am in need of a quick resolution Please copy the link for the other screenshot as the file size was too large to upload https://filebin.net/kj2k3oaqsz3hayxg/2021-2-28_21-37-38-547.png?t=h8oqat6p ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Simulator P3DV5 Everything up to date
  15. Could someone do me a favor please? Can you set Feb 27th as date and 9:00pm as time on your flight with clear weather, and take a few screenshots of Vancouver B.C. for me? I noted some darkness, where I believed there to be buildings lit up and I am not sure why, also a stream of what literally looked like white Antiaircraft fire/tracers emitting from one building that only had 4 windows lit. Really trying to figure this out...this was on 5k setting, but even defaulting, buildings were darker....going g to look again today/compare to NYC and Chicago which were spectacular.
  16. I was flying in Africa recently and noticed that some lakes were apparently lacking the correct perimeter shape. Please see the attached picture as an example. Is this supposed to happen?
  17. I installed Orbx on my C drive I ran out of space so I wanted to uninstall from C to my D drive. everthing uninstall but HD building and the base pack,how do I unstall those 2 so I can install everthing on my D drive.
  18. Hi, I've purshased this two airports LIEO and LOWI, and they are awesome ! Congrats. But, I don't like the statics airplanes... So is it possible to remove them ? How can I do ? I'm flying with IVAO or VATSIM and don't want other planes that the ones on the ATCnetwork (IVAO or VATSIM) And second thing, the textures of theses planes are not good... (HIGH settings in my game). Normal ? Thanks
  19. No immersion for the new PMDG 777-200 expansion?
  20. Can i switch off the static AI , because normal AI Stops at begin of rwy ?! If so, which file do I have to rename to .off ?
  21. I recently ran out of space on my X-Plane 11 drive so I moved all the Orbx files to a separate drive and then made shortcuts from the new Orbx to the X-Plane 11 disk. It works fine when I'm flying, but Orbx Central does not recognize where my Orbx files are now located so it cannot show My Products. Is it possible to direct Orbx Central to look at all the Orbx files on the new drive so I can see if anything needs to be updated.
  22. I bought 3 airports today but i cant download/install them due to an error message. >> Error. This product can not be installed into the currently selected simulator. Please select a simulator this product sup ports and try again <<. I have only FSX, and that is also vieuwable on top of the page. My download location is the D drive not the ssd, i adapted the download path to the folder on D, al my FSX stuff is there also. Any ideas what i can do here? Cheers
  23. I've bought a new PC, primarily for MSFS 2020, but have also installed X-Plane 11 on it. I will still be running Orbx scenery on the old PC, also XP11, so understand I have to buy another licence for the same scenery on the new PC. For the UK true Earth individual regions there's an option to purchase another licence, but I don't see that option on the UK bundled scenery, it just says I already own all the scenery in the bundle. Is it possible? Is the bundled option much of a saving over the individual regions? Thanks Eugene
  24. I have just bought LOWI (Innsbruk) from the MSFS Marketplace but the airport is full of static aircraft. There are so many that I can't park anywhere. The gate I am directed to is always full. There is no way to remove the statics. This makes the airport beautiful but useless. How do I get a refund please?
  25. Hi, is there a fix for these squares on the taxi ways at LOWW in the winter? Hi,
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