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Found 7,587 results

  1. Before purchasing anything, I installed the free Holgermesh Papaua New Guinea scenery package to try out and evaluate Orbx products. I didn't have any problems reported in the install. When I started a flight at Madang, PNG (where I've flown previously), the flight started up with a TOTALLY black screen! On my first attempt, the sim was unresponsive to controls, except to ESCape and end the flight. I tried again, and found I could set the brake and run the engine up, and got the appropriate sound, but again with a totally black screen. This seems to be just a PNG problem; I set up a flight out of London and the scenery was totally normal. I sincerely hope someone can suggest a solution or direct me to a fix; I would hate to write off Orbx products completely. They have some additional (paid) add-ons which look really good to me, but only if I have a reasonable expectation they'll work. THANK YOU!!!
  2. Testing 11.50 and fps has significantly improved in TE FL and everywhere else. I'm hoping Tony can look into why TE WA is the only region that doesn't want to load. Many users are having the same issue. Thanks.
  3. Love the scenery so far. Starting to see some anomalies. The attached pics are from Kasane, Botswana (FBKE).
  4. Hi all, I was searching through the forums and found some informations on how it can be done in Prepared, but I'm on FSX:SE. There should be this button labeled migrate, which I can't find. I found the libraries, but still the Help says they're there for P3D 4.x, so.... my drive is full, I bought a new one which should be here on Monday, now, what can i do? I don't mind leaving the Base pack, vector, etc on the sim's SSD, but I want to move the other 150 Gb's.... please help Thanks Fede
  5. Hi, I checked the jungle area in Central Africa and this is what it looks like: Southwest of Bangui, Central African Republic: As you can see, there are sqares with tiles that do not have any autogen trees in them. On the other hand, the tiles that do have trees, seem to be populated with unnormally many. Further south, we can see the same pattern: I tried a "verify files" for OLC Africa and Trees HD, which made no improvement.
  6. I am operating in FSX/Steam and have the the following scenery programs which can be upgraded and understood that this can be done at no cost. Is this true? Global Base Pack Global Vector Global Open LC North America Global Buildings Global Trees Do i have to download them or is that Automatic since i own them? Thanks John
  7. Orbx, I know you don't support BETA versions but the reality is I would say a majority of us grab the beta as soon ( maybe more than 50% ) as soon as it drops. Maybe you could just have an open topic so we can add bugs so as users we know its not just us with the bug and maybe it might help Orbx debug for future releases. After the framerate increase on Vulkan I'll live with the few bugs I am encountering but the only Orbx bug is a missing library but I just ignore it and I can't see it causing any obvious problems.
  8. I have no third-party African airports. Coming from FACT-Capetown to FAPE-Port Elizabeth (both OK). From FAPE to FALE-Durban, I noticed first some moving textures on runway and after clearing, lots of trees spread on tarmac. This was in FSX. Did not try P3D yet. Regrds,
  9. HI, I am currently running the newest 11.51b Version as a second copy for testing purpose. So far it is nice and smooth. So I would like to give it a trial with my Orbx Sceneries. I thought using the Main Library approach form Orbx Central must be fine to do this. So Central should just configure my scenery.ini on the 2nd installation to work with the main library. But I cannot figure out how to link Orbx Central to the 2nd Copy of XPlane. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks Operating system: OS X 10.14.6 Simulator: XPLANE 11 Screenshot: Issue:
  10. Please, a few years ago I made an Orbx purchase at flightsimstore and that store no longer exists. How can I get my product back? My order purchase was FSS0447028
  11. I have XP11.41 which I've used thus far as my main simming version. With the release of 11.50, I have added two installs of XP11 with the intent of comparing between the two versions. However, I've left my main version alone so I can still play when I want. Orbx is installed on the main version, with some of the smaller files (Terra Flora, libraries, etc) installed directly in the XP11 drive while most other files (GB TE) in a separate drive. I would like to be able to duplicate this install setup for both the separate, clean 11.41 and the beta 11.5 so that I am testing both with Orbx assets loaded. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance!
  12. X Plane is listed in Central and working but no FSX after a SSD upgrade and reinstall. I have had the issue before and fixed it but can't remember the fix? Does anyone know what i have done, Thanks in advance Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  13. Hello , I'm very happy with OPEN LC Africa which is a great and vast addition to P3d world and Orbx. I know the limits of landclass system, however when flying over UAE (Dubai, or Abu Dhabi) I found that the LC is quite bad, I mean in real cities they are a lot of skyscrapers, while in UAE I found only low type buildings. Abu Dhabi should by full of high buildings; not only short ones. Other problem is the continuity of cities : In Fujeirah you'll find good looking citiy but then a big patch of sand then citiy and so on. City should continue over the patchs. On the other side i found industrial site placed with accuracy ! I added pics to illistrate comparative sights. I found that there are less such problems in continental Africa but there is so much to explore ! Anyway thanks for this great product ! Africa is now flyble like never.
  14. Hello everybody, It my first time here and i want to ask somethink simple. I bought yesterday Last version of Global.. And already have EU 1.30..and i see that come out 1.31..are compatible or i need to buy new version of EU.. All installed in a clean install at P3D V4. 5 HF2.. And run smoothly, but just asking to avoid any errors.. I don't know
  15. Marshaller concreated into apron and some floatily light people.
  16. OK, so in addition to having a new KTEX that looks like crap with all the elevation issues (other thread), I bought KTVL at the same time, and I have no buildings or static aircraft or anything, just the runway and taxiways at KTVL. My library is the correct order, I have run the elevation exclusions in Vector, deleted the scenery. cfg. Seriously, why won't anything work the first time when I install a new Orbx scenery?
  17. Hi I bought true earth North yesterday and its downloaded just over 20GB and is it now at the conversion stage but it's just stopped and doing nothing. On my screen it says Downloading and Installing Converted 0/13180 and it's been like this now for the past 2 hours, nothing is happening. I have south and central installed and they are fine. Can ya help me please? Regards Paul York UK
  18. Went EGPH at 16:20 and saw a LoganAir throw itself bouncing across the airport before disappearing into the grass. Orbx or the Traffic Global Model? Regards Stan
  19. bought alice springs this week, decided to go there, landed after dark. See screenshot for platform lights. looks a bit too harsh. anyway to solve? afaik the only field I own that exhibits this.
  20. (P3dV4) Installation of LOWI INSBRUCK failed, because "Library path dos not exists". Base, OpenLC, aso are in P3D Folder installed. What have I to do?
  21. Good afternoon, I just purchased PAJN today, and noticed an elevation issue. KGPI has a similar issue. I've removed the files and everything I could find on the forums. I do use FSAeroData, which I'm not sure if that could be causing an issue. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dTvN2cXdSK1iJWfj6 How can I fix this as it is extremely annoying... Thank you
  22. Hi, I just brought the London City Airport Szenery by Orbx and i noticed this area. (Screenshots attached) I didn´t noticed any misstakes with the .ini file in the custom szenery folder. After I watched out the forum and a few videos, where nobody had this problem, I decided to create a topic here. Thanks for the help, Johannes
  23. I have a real problem with frame rates at Orbx YMML V3 - usually only 8-9fps. With the same conditions and settings, on the same computer, using the same sim (P3D V4.5 HF2) at Orbx YBBN I get 32.3fps. At the FlyTampa YSSY, a larger airport, with higher detail settings and more AI traffic, I get 25.7fps. So why such terrible frame rates at YMML? I have minimised the YMML settings, both airside and landside, with almost no effect. I cannot find any other YMML bgl files in my system that could be interfering, but any suggestions as to where to I should look would be welcomed in case I have missed something! For all those frame rate checks, I used the same computer, with the same P3D settings, the same time/day/date, same weather and AI settings, the same aircraft, etc. My software setup includes Orbx Australia V2, Orbx AI Australia and New Zealand (using International and Australia and New Zealand AI only), plus Traffic Global Early Release. I would really like to resolve these huge discrepancies for YMML, as it becomes almost unusable at those frame rates. Cheers, Brian
  24. Hello! I just purchased this and when I try to install I get a pop-up screen. I've attached a screen shot. All my other Orbx products are up to date including Orbx Central. I have P3d v4.5 Any help is appreciated. . Michael
  25. Recently I bought and installed Orbx Pacific Northwest. Afterwards I found I also have Pacific Northwest Demo that was installed years ago. Is there a conflict now I have both installed? Should I uninstall the Demo?
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