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  1. I have the Orbx Sydney add-on for FS2020 and the new World Update II: USA offers the options to "buy" the free update to USA from the Marketplace. However, the marketplace does not load unless the Community folder is empty. Is there an easy way to disable the Orbx add-on? Or do I have to uninstall it completely in Orbx Central? I have moved the Orbx folders to another folder temporarily to install the USA update, but it seems a bit manual. Not sure if Orbx has tested their add-on's with the new update.
  2. Hello, I purchased yesterday Tenerife North GCXO and got trees in the middle of the runway and also on taxiways. I know installation won't go through P3D hard drive and installation is completed in Orbx library folder in another hard drive or partition. I declare the scenery in P3D consol and even with the normal procedure i still got trees in the middle of nowhere. Screenshot enclosed. s Any help will be much appreciated. Best regards Mac Joe
  3. ChasePlane v1.2.47 is not fully supported by P3Dv5.1 and HF1. Could you tell us when it will be fully compatible. Thank you. Claude.
  4. Eagerly downloaded and installed this free scenery pack. As usual, the "photoreal" part is completely misleading. Just looking at Cape Town, although the mountains are quite well represented, the City is poor. The iconic Cape Town stadium is not even shown, neither is the Newlands Rugby stadium or cricket ground. Office/residential blocks are dotted around at random and bear little relation to the actual world. A good job it is free.
  5. I tried to use my P3DV5 together with the Global BASE Pack and Global Vector for P3DV5 (in a separate library folder). I installed everything using Orbx Central. But after starting P3D I can't see any difference between the standard scenario and the to packs. I set all the required parameters according to the manuals. I also tried reinstalling the packs but no success. When I look at the scenery list I can see, that the Global BAse Scenery has priority 5 whereus the Vector pack has priority 40,41, 3 for the three respective files. Is this correct?
  6. Never suffered from this before, I bought 3 airports last night and they are downloading at a painfully slow 500kb/s! I have a 350MB connection with download speeds capable of 40MB/s. Do you have issues? Thanks
  7. Trying to install KBUR in MSFS but get several install interrupts. At the end I get the message that several files arent installed and to verify installation. Still get the interruption of install with verification install. First time installing to MSFS, also first purchase for MSFS 2020. Firewall off and folder excluded in antivirus for scanning.
  8. I own KORS both for FSX and MSFS and I felt a bit disappointed to see that, in spite of what we were used to in FSX, In MSFS the scenery doesn't come with those little but, in my opinion, important extra features that I like to call "the Orbx special touch". This is the way I chose to turn my complain in something more pro-active to explain what I mean. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TIPYCAL STEVE It was an ho
  9. At KORS, there is a yellow Cub parked on the tarmac. After the latest MSFS update, this airplane has its wheels sunken into the tarmac and its tail wheel off the ground. This airplane used to be sitting patiently in its spot... Any idea what might be causing this?
  10. LOWI - INNSBRUCK AIRPORT V0.1.40 BY ASOBO LOWI INNSBRUCK AIRPORT V1.0.0 BY Orbx Is there any conflict between the two? Or is the MSFS update still independent of Orbx?
  11. KLZU has the wrong ILS frequency for runway 25 in freeware package. The frequency for many years has been 109.95, but the airport in the freeware package still has it as 111.75. 111.75 is currently in use for KATL runway 28, so when using a payware KATL that adds runway 10/28, the proximity of KLZU interferes with ILS28 approaches at KATL. I run a navaids update package that fixes all of the world navaids, but the freeware airports package overwrites that change and sets it back to 111.75. I have fixed this myself using ADE to fix the freeware airport, but it would b
  12. Hello I am redoing this request as it seems it disappeared on this forum... When choosing a runway for taking off from Burbank in the main flight planner in MSFS, I always get a different one than I choose. This began after the Orbx patch earlier this week...
  13. Purchased and installed. Zero info on how to activate?! How can I activate it? Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5fc12aefa4856.
  14. L Lewis93 Nov 28, 2020, 1:19 AM GMT+11 I have just purchased 4 airports from Orbx Central and I am having trouble downloading in Orbx Central. It says that the download/installation has "connection interrupted, retrying", it has been like this now for 2 hours and I have checked my internet connection (OK). So it would appear to be your end or somewhere in between. I am concerned that I will lose the software. Attachment(s) central.log central.log
  15. Hi guys, are there plans to implement these products to the MS 2020 as well or are these from MS 2020 good enough ? Global Base Pack Global Vector Global openLCs
  16. Hi, I am still having problems not being able to use Orbx YPEC due to P3dv5.1 renaming to YLMQ. I can't find a topic where this has been addressed. Can someone please advise?
  17. Back in August I made an enquiry about an issue I had concerning the addons and that I was having problems with the addons.cfg file as well. I resolved the issue, which all surrounded the Iceland Demo, which I came to understand that it suddenly slipped off from V5 compatibility. Something I had no idea had happened. It was placed into V5 naturally with other addons that were made compatible with V5 when it first launched. It was only friends of mine remarked that I was using the Iceland Demo in V5 without issue and that it wasnt V5 compatible... I checked the website and strangely yes, i
  18. Hi, is there a way to crossgrade ("import") the SoFly weather app licence, bought on their website, into Orbx Central? Thanks
  19. I just did a flight from San José to Burbank. In the flightplanner only runways and approaches for runway 8 are available. So the flight planner can only use runway 8 for landings, even though winds are not accordingly. Can you please look into it?
  20. Is this supposed to be like this - raw mountains with no details, artificial and simple inside Germany South ? In the background you see Austria with Austria HD scenery, what a difference ! And what can I do with the blue area on the water you can see in the screenshot ?
  21. Dear all, I hope you are all fine! Allow me one question, which I do not know exactly has been asked before: will products like London City (EGLC), Sumburgh Airport (EGPB), Idaho Falls (KIDA), Redding Municipal (KRDD), Telluride RA (KTEX), Tapini Airport (TAP), and others alike be upgraded for P3Dv5? Thanks in advance! Best wishes to all, Marco
  22. Hi Folks, I know Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the new kid on the block, with all eyes on it, but many users will keep flying FSX for some time... Do you know if Orbx has abandoned FSX for good? Or there is a chance of we see new FSX arrivals soon ??
  23. Hi Orbx, Actually i always buy your scenery unseen..... but today I was a bit disappointed looking at the LYNI scenery after purchase..... is it just me? Do I miss something in the scenery? (I checked but can not change any settings) Groundpolygons seem to be standard as are the RWY and Taxiways, the airfield is surrounded by one big flat yellow grass surrounding. The city seems to be not very special, beside of some trains and a stadium that i see. I see a few statics and i see the airport name on the Terminal roof....that is a sign for me that th
  24. I am experiencing this odd issue with the ground textures at night, it seems as though the taxilights are not showing, and the taxilines are somehow visible. There is also a strange dust effect coming out of the main gear while taxiing in some places. The runway lights are also misaligned, and seem to be the lights that would show up at the default airport.
  25. Pictures below are with Landing Lights/Taxi Lights/Runway Turnoff Lights/Wing Lights/Logo Lights ALL OFF...NAV Lights, Beacon, Strobe Lights are on. As well as the condensation I believe its called, from the rotation of the turbine blade in the engine cowling is not showing on the number 4 engine and is misaligned on the number 1 engine after takeoff with wing flex. Version is updated, says there are no more updates available, I doubled check. Any help? Thank you Transaction ID 5e85f93cb4837 A
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