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  1. Im flying into MEL a lot now with the NGX and I noticed there are so weird texture problem, the runways are flashing, textures are flashing etc. Now I use a high AA of 16xs on a GTX 480 and I don't think I can go any higher than that with this card. Is this problem due to my setup of a software issue, if its a software issue is MEL going to get an update? Thanks guys CHeers
  2. Hi, There is no grass or bushes displaying at Diamond Point ot Olypmic Field, even when I have enabled those in the control panel. I installed the PNW004 patch before and after installing this airport scenery. Any ideas about how I can solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Robert.
  3. I have lost all automatic forum notifications by email that I was subscribed to. I have gone into settings and updated them and click on the "follow me" at the top of the forums I like to monitor. I am getting no notifications since the new forums were started a few days back. Any suggestion on how I can fix this? Can you please advise me on what exactly do I need to switch on to ensure I get notifications?
  4. Hi All, Strange one this so bear with me. Been running FTX for about a 1-2 months now. Performance on my new rig has been fantastic. All regions plus KORS no problem with FPS locked at 30 and never a dip beyond 1 for more than a second. Sometime between adding 2WA1 and the PNW004 service pack and the present my PC has suddenly been struggling to keep my locked 30FPS anywhere in the regions. Example - KORS is now 'struggling' at 23-24 FPS and will jump back upto 30 now and again. Even a non-FPS heavy airport (Friday Harbor) I am seeing drops to 24 in certain views where as before it w
  5. I just landed at West yellowstone MT KWYS and noted that the rotating beacon was out of alignment. Here's a screenshot. />https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-wwYanCSwwsA/TjgvnFH5QmI/AAAAAAAAHQw/rVw4ufLiIvY/s1024/DAN-PC-2011-aug-2-021.jpg My order number is FSS0115358
  6. Hi to all I have to recently switch back to dx10 and ybcs as dx9 couple of time hang on me on APP , polygon at night not working fullly Rw it comes grey I woul like to purchased ybbn or ymml anybody using this airports in dx10 please advise need one more ftx airport fit my pmdg 747 I don't mind little flickering on taxiway just want to see RW in it color thanks petr.
  7. hello, Just made a trip to KSEA and I saw in this area these lines in the water. They're looking like coastlines but I'm not sure: the lines could be some roads too. I don't know how to eliminate them. It seems that they are not from UTX. I ran the setup-tool and I tried to deactivate coastlines but they are still there. I set FSX to normal but still they are there. It's not a very large aera the cover; it's only the area round Seattle to the harbour and a little bit north. After that the lines disappears. I hope someone can help me to find out and solve this problem. thanks Kai
  8. Ok awhile back when YBBN first came out we had an issue of the default jetways and aprons invading the Orbx YBBN. I can't find the post but it still is happening can someone tell me how we resolved that in the past please? Colin
  9. Any room for a first post from an "oldie" who is not too tech savvy? Now that Orbx is available in the UK, I have managed to collect 9 items so far - brilliant - but having just recently visited Coffs Harbour for the first time (in FSX)I find that the tower, parts of the terminal, hanger roofs, harbour jetties, etc are just black so I guess that something is wrong with the textures. The version of Coffs I have is the free one that which came with FTXAUSP3. I have applied all the version 4 patches and all updated libraries but these areas remain black. I have also tried a re-instal but with
  10. Hi there. I'm currently handling some issues in the compatability forum with Don's great Nanaimo scenery. I noticed that his hazard beacon lights do not seem tio have lights. However I also noticed that the Orbx beacon's nearby don't seem to have lights either. Anyone having the same issues? The beacon lights in the water from the NA PNW SP4 do work well. Screenshot:
  11. Hello everybody I would like to thank's the FTX team for the great quality of your last addon "2WA1 Diamond Point Airport and WA45 Olympic Field" it's a great work, these two scenes are very beautiful and perfect, great work ^^ But I have a little question concerning WA45, I don't know why but this little airfield is very greedy with my FPS. When I'm at WA45 my FPS fall dramatically but at 2WA1 everything is OK and for my FPS I can say that all is OK. I don't know why but for me (maybe a mistake of my part) WA45 is more consumer of FPS than 2WA1, it's very stange because WA45 is more smal
  12. Hi Guys I have the original YMML purchased on 14/8/2008 and now I have YMML v2 downloaded from FSS. New install on new system, do I need to install both ? So far new install of most stuff is going slow but I'm getting there, and I am very pleased with my new system, and the ORBX scenery, without ORBX I would not have got my new system, thanks guys Why does my time of post say 0453 when its 1455 here in WA?
  13. Hi Just purchased YBCS,YCFS must say teriffic, makes anyone happy to fly,however there always will be some small issues. I will start with airport lighting during day awsom ,but at night airport taxiways only grey can not see any lines and whats more blue lights on the side of taxiways huge blue baloons,Second is When I load up at gate other traffic is parking inside the building same with me. Is there any fix to this issues just downloading 3 patches au sp4 002,YBCS 101 patch,ysch 150 patch hope that will help but if anybody had same problem please do share mostly i fly after work in evenin
  14. Hi all, minor FTXCentral error after switching regions following successful installation of Diamond Point : "could not complete operation since a file already exists in this path E:\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery\ADE_FTX_PNW_WA45_elevation_adjustment.BGL" or " ..... ADE_FTX_PNW_WA45_elevation_adjustment.OFF" This message pops up whenever I switch between AUS and NA regions, however each region works the way it should Awesome work with Diamond Point/Olympic btw !!!! Windows 7, FSX + Acceleration. My NA regions were all installed in order of release PNW-PF-NRM-CRM as were all NA addon airports. Th
  15. found my answer to #1....activated advance animations 1.....just purchased tonight. my planes float above the runway about 3 ft. there are no gear showing!! i press G and still nothing appears....i know G is for raising and lowering but i figured i would try it anyway. i did figure out the cabin lights after reading the manual...BTW....i do have ver 1.2 installed. 2....also...whenever i change planes in free flight set up, a voice comes on when the new plane shows up in the selection screen!! it says "warning fuel pressure" 3....also....is there a 2D panel? i can't seem to activa
  16. Hello, help will be appreciate to solve my problem after the installation of the beautifl scenery 1wa2 when i am on the runway of wa45 field i ve got two little "walls" along the runways .. on the left the water seems to be higher than the runway and on the right i ve got sand wall .its like i am take off from a very little valley !! but no problems like that on the 1wa2 field...... i ve put all the settings like in the manual : mesh 5m... etc.. any idea? thanks in advance Pierre ps : sorry for my english not so good..
  17. I am experiencing a problem with KORS airport and any airports that I have that show people working or standing around the airport grounds. These people use to move, but now they do not move at all. These problem I believe came about around the same time that I was having an issue with FTX Central Not been able to apply the global settings for a particular area. I was shown how to fix that problem by deleting certain files. I do no know when did my KORS problem peeked out, but I noticed it around the time that I was having the issue with FTX Central. Perhaps they have nothing to do with each o
  18. I would like to thank you all for the resent help that I needed with the texture issue that I had with the Middle and East buttes in CRM do to a currupt bgl file that only had 18 mb Holger sent me a new bgl that was 51mb which took care of the issue thanks Holger for sending that. I went from this To this
  19. I did a flight in a helicopter from CYWH to KNOW to 2WA1 (the default in PNW.004, not the paid version) and several odd things happened: 1. Just as I was crossing the US/Canada border over water, square patches of land appeared just in front of the helicopter (less than 1/4 mile in front) and when viewed outside, behind it, then as I left the area the land patches popped out of view. This was on the leg from CYWH to KNOW, mostly a straight line, slightly right of course. 2. A floating house appear on the leg from KNOW to CYWH 3. Approaching 2WA1 from KNOW, there appears a spike in
  20. Hi, Purchased 2WA1 on release day and I noticed that 2WA1 airport doesn't show itself on the Reality XP GPS units. I was wondering whether this is down to the airport or if this support request actually needs to be with RXP? Thanks G-GFLY.
  21. Hi, Since new libraries apply to both North American and Australian regions, what should FTX Central be set to when installing new libraries, NA, Australia or Default when you have both regions installed? Does it matter? Tim Harris addressed installing patches and airports in a previous query, but didn't address libraries. What's the answer? Thanks, Joe
  22. Hello to all from ETHB, i´m using the free PNW Demo and today i installed 2WA1, after installation i activated NA via FTX Central and got an error concerning a file already existing in scenery/world/scenery/ADE_FTX_PNW_WA45_elevation_adjustment.BGL, after backing up this one everything worked fine except some elevation problems at WA45. After taking the file i backed up the elevation model was much better, but not as it should be, i assume there is a newer file in the mentioned patch of PNW Blue! Is there any chance to get this newest elevation adjustment file for WA45 or do i have to buy
  23. These are THE Errors I am getting whenever I select the NORTH AMERICA GLOBAL REGION IN FTX CENTRAL and Press the APPLY button. Can anyone help me with this? Could not complete operation since a file already exists in this path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\ADE_FTX_PNW_1S2_elevation_adjustment.OFF' Could not complete operation since a file already exists in this path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\ADE_FTX_PNW_1S2_elevation_adjustment.BGL'
  24. Hi- I've recently installed 2WA1 and see corruption of some type on the horizon in addition to what seems to be land (an island?) flashing in and out of view as well.. Patch 004 is installed and res is set at 5m. Thanks, Mark 122162 Here you go... />http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/532artifact.png
  25. Order Number: FSS0005332 Hi All, I have AUBLUE and GOLD and Jandakot installed. I just installed latest patches for AU and also latest patch for Jandakot, then updated libries etc. I like to fly GA with lots of traffic, but at jandakot there are none at all, not a single aircraft, GA traffic slider at 100%. Any ideas on how I can get some GA traffic, or is this how it is? Thanks in advance, Ron.
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