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  1. I started a ticket, but for two days i've been unable to install Tweed New Haven and REX for MSFS. Connection interrupt and failure to extract files every time I try. Log is attached. I've reinstalled, removed all temp folders and config files as well. central.log
  2. I have a more general question. During the last months, several publisher (DD, MK-S, FlyTampa, ...) are now available via Orbx Central. For me it is getting difficult to keep track on all of this. It would be really great to make license transfers possible in near future. If this is not possible, an OC feature to disable or to mark products which were purchased differently would be helpful too. As said, I'm loosing track and I was close to purchase titles for a second time. Customers like me, who own many (Orbx) add-ons would probably support this idea too..
  3. Hello ORBEX! I am a customer of your excellent products, both for the Xp11 and the P3D. Now I am in the Fs2020 and I have bought the London airport from them as the landmarks of their city. I would like to ask you, when you can, to adapt the PalmSpring airport in California for Fs2020. Thanks and I'll be attentive.
  4. I recently installed EGPB. The road traffic is running backwards .Road traffic at EGPB Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  5. Operating system: Win10 Simulator: XPlane11 Screenshot: Issue: Cant download or update airport. central.zip
  6. Hi, I am having an issue with the taxilines ESSA. At night they are not recognisable, the lights are visible however the taxilines themselves are not (even with taxilights on). This makes it difficult trying to identify the taxiways when taxiing. This is also an issue during the day, as there is little contrast between taxi line and apron/taxiway, however they are still visible during the day. Attached there a 3 screenshots, one at daytime and two at night (one in external view and the other in the cockpit) Is there anyway to increase the contrast between the taxilines
  7. Good Morning, I have just recently moved to a new pc and i am now installing all my Orbx products. I am currently running X Plane 11.51r Vulkan on a Samsung 980 pro nVme with my Orbx scenery being stored on a separate driv. I have tried to install the scenery but for some strange reason it hangs on Finalizing and cleaning. Configuration for hours and i am talking like 5hrs for Orbx libraries and the same for my True Earth regions. I have installed this many times on my previous computer and never encountered this issue. Is there an issue in one of the configuration files that requi
  8. Hello. I have already posted a query (link below) about how to proceed with a new installation. This query is about my inability to log on using Central. Unable to access my old account, I created a new one. However, I am unable to log on with this in Central, and also in Firefox using a private window. On my accout details, I've changed both my e-mail address (I have several - I thought there might have been a conflict with records from my old account) and my password, but it still doesn't work. This has happened twice, and I have created two new accounts as a result -
  9. Hello All, Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. After doing a fresh reinstall of P3DV4.5 all was good but then I installed all my Orbx products (and there are many). After this P3DV4.5 hangs at around 70 - 74% during startup. This is when the autogen is loading. At present i cannot use the sim. Any thoughts/ideas please. Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  10. Hi, I have FTX global airports installed and when I'm at BGBW the apron is covered in trees and buildings. I have global base and vector installed, I have run the AEC tool in vector and verified the FTX global airports files. I have no other sceneries installed that cover Greenland. If I remove the BGBW files from FTX global airports all is okay, but obviously only showing the default airport. Any help would be appreciated
  11. I have reinstalled windows, xplane and Orbx scenery but have 2 missing Orbx scenery files. If I run verify it finds no problems (I have cleaered temp and backup). I have raised this issue here before but that entry seems to have died. central.txt Log.txt
  12. Hallo Support, After reinstalling P3dv4 I get only this message when I start the PC-6 Turbo-Porter: "Your activation is infalid or has reached its limit , please contact support.". I also wrote to Milviz support but they said I have to contact Orbx because I bought the product from Orbx. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the pc-6. I also tested the installer from Milviz forum, same error message. Danks for Help
  13. Hi, My installation of P3D - no other addons yet but Orbx Global, US,EU,AU,NZ plus openLCs - works wonderful and - for the first time in my personal flightsim history (which started with FS3.0 somewhen in the '80s) - without stuttering. But... As soon as I add TE Netherlands to the scenery library (installation via Orbx Central v4.1.6), the scenery loading of P3D hangs at 5% - for hours, never yet to have come beyond it. Removing TE NL - via OC4 - makes it run again seamlessly. Some people here post screenshots from TE sceneries with P3Dv5 - so it should work.
  14. I can get a video if needed as it only occurs during camera movement. If you park at spot 8 the building to the right of you with the white lettering on top, the frames around the "glass" doors and windows flickers light and dark when panning the camera in cockpit or external views. It's very noticeable since there are quite a lot of "frames".
  15. I'm gonna ask a silly question that I might already know the answer to... I've purchased addons from Drzewiecki Design, FS Academy and SoFly through other channels before they suddenly appeared on Orbx, but I'm finding it being a mess visiting all those sites whenever there's an update available. Not at all like the streamlined experience I have through Orbx Central. Is it possible to move my addons to Orbx - or get a massive discount (100% ?) to buy them again just to have it all in the same console?
  16. Hello, I use Orbx on my laptop and is working fine, but now I tried to use Orbx on my Windows PC, but I cannot store the items I bought into the library. Is there anyone who can help me with this? Thanks!
  17. Hi Team, I installed Fishburn Airfield over TEGB. The scene is absolutely wonderful with plenty of details, really lovely. Thank you. I am trying to find if I missed a detail during the installation because the real airfield is known to have a up hill runway. See: https://youtu.be/DZ0y1Dptj3w I can guess in the sim it would be up hill because the field around that runway is up hill, but the mesh of the runway itself seems flattened to me. Did I miss a setting somewhere ? Thank you.
  18. P3DV5.1 Orbx Scenery Terraflora trees + HD trees from Orbx I am seeing snow covered trees on TEGB Scenery, how can I avoid this? should I remove terraflora? Obviously TE has now seasonal snow so it looks odd to sat the least.... I see that today, 2nd Feb the snow has gone, would still like to know how to remove for future use though...
  19. Hello. I've installed FSX on a better computer yesterday and have been trying to install my products via Orbx Central. I would have rather installed my backups to avoid all this re-downloading but they were originally bought from the Flightsim store which I guess must be down because they will not validate. Fortunately I have all of my digital purchases registered to your site so I can at least re-download them. The problem seems to be my Antivirus program (Bit Defender) which keeps reporting this; We blocked this dangerous page for your protection: http://orbxcdn.com/v4//orbxl
  20. Hi there. Having issues at Alesund now that its winter. With the airport installed the water textures have now become land textures. As you can see from the image it looks like something is corrupted. When uninstalled the area is fine and during summer there are no problems when scenery installed. Please advise. Thanks
  21. Dear Orbx Team, i am using the volanta 1.0.0 plug-in for xplane 11.51 on a Apple M1 MBP (Arm based Chip) running macOS 11.1. Everytime i close/exit X-Plane it crashes. Only when i remove the volanta plugin, it runs/shutdown smooth again! I am not sure, if this is the right place to report such a bug, but if it is not, maybe you can kindly forward it or let me know, where to put this info!? - Many thanks!! best regards, Tom PS: log file attached (just launched xplane to main menu screen & closed it again!) volanta-crash-Log.txt
  22. Hi All, I'm an old time Orbx user. Been using the Orbx Central app ever since it was made but just got a strange situation here. I've just updated to P3Dv5.1 from v4.5 and uninstalled all my v4.5 stuff, stripped it alllllll back and now I'm methodically going through installing all my stuff again for v5.1 From the 'My Products' tab in Orbx Central I've been installing all my scenery again, making sure to install directly into the main simulator filing system (not outside P3Dv5.1) and at one point I looked up and saw there was some sort of corruption that hap
  23. Hello, Volanta web version connects to my sim and tracks my flight just fine. However, at the end of my flight I click "End Flight" and then click "View Flight" and nothing displays. When I click the "Flights" tab there are no flights listed yet I've completed two flights using Volanta. I use Win7 and P3dv4.5. For both flights I used PMDG 737NGX. Any thoughts? Thanks, James
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