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  1. Hi All I keep getting an error than over 7000 files has not been downloaded into my x plane with true earth Any tips ? Thanks
  2. Guys, please tell me it is not normal to be running an i9 7900K and GTX 1080Ti and coming out of Orbx EDGH with Orbx Scotland in P3Dv5, flying the PMDG 737 and chugging along with not more than 16 FPS? Much of the time going down 12 and less than 10. Is it any better in True Earth? I've got True Earth for XPlane with EDGH and I come out of there with a FlightFactor 757, one or two stutters but otherwise smooth as the proverbial. Is there anything I might have forgotten? Grateful for any advice. Thanks everyone. Neil G
  3. I'm currently using the whole gambit of Orbx products, as well as Flightbeam KSFO. Tonight I noticed a huge problem with stutters taking off from KSFO and flying around. Is this a known issue?
  4. Found these floating buildings and an "elevation" bug near L 70 in TE Southern California SD. Scott Log.txt
  5. Ben having problems with SODE. I get a "SODE not available..." warning n GSX and SODE is not on the P3d Add-ons menu. I have been advised to reinstall it. I did so through Apps and Features. Should I also do it in Central? If I just install it through Central, will SODE work with non-Orbx scenery?
  6. Three of the four Windsocks at LOWI are reading 180 degrees from the actual wind direction. I'm not sure if this is something you guys control with the object parameters or if it's a larger bug with 2020. I've noticed wrong and/or inconsistent socks at other airfields but this is the first time seeing multiple socks with different readings on the same field.
  7. Okay so what I’m getting is like a half a circle of something in the sky, like a load of lights. I think it must be some setting that I’ve done, but what it is I haven’t a clue. It’s there all the time and when I’m flying that’s when I get the shimmering effect. Plus this happens at the moment when I set clear sky’s. Thanks Derek.
  8. Hello I have a problem with the scenery in the surroundings of LOWS airport
  9. Loaded up Israel's farm. River detail and color are off. Also river and lakes on either side are light blue and have no textures scenery_packs.ini Log.txt - Shortcut.lnk
  10. When at Old Warden and Compton Abbass airfields, my plane is about 10ft off the ground. All other aircraft are on the ground. Any ideas? Both airfields are upto date
  11. I don't know if this question should be put here. If not, I apologize. I wanted to suggest a function that I think would be interesting to add in a future version of Orbx Central. I install most of the Orbx scenarios for MSFS in a library external to the Community folder of the simulator. It would be interesting to have an option that allows you to activate or deactivate the addons directly from Orbx Central. In this way, in the case of having many addons, you can choose which one to activate depending on where you are going to fly and speed up the loading of the simula
  12. Anyone can help with the installation of Orbx Central. At the end of the installation it gives a JAVA error and the programm won't install properly. Thanks
  13. Hello all, Anyone aware if Liverpool JL Airport (currently P3D V5 only) is to be made avaialable for P3D V4.5 in the near future-distance-horizon?? I see it is available via Simarket but truth is . . . I just prefer to get all my scenery and add-ons via the Orbx Central Platform. Just snapped up Dublin International - Love It !! Kindest Regards Graham P.S. I did acquire P3D V5 but I,m just going to leave it there . . .
  14. This topic has been visited before. I am curious, is there ANYONE running TrueEarth Northern CA or Southern CA without frequent stutters? If so sound off so I can find out what setting you are using. Thanks!
  15. Ich hatte vor einiger Zeit Probleme mit den 2 Factorcode und dachte das Problem wäre gelöst. Heute hat er schon wieder einen 2 Factor Code verlangt. Ich dachte er wäre abgeschaltet!
  16. I have many add on airports and have adjusted my library down below the last 3rd party add on. Yet still I have these black textures for the aprons. Please Help!
  17. I am finding that graphics with Pacific Northwest installed are much inferior vs being uninstalled. I must be doing something wrong and help would be appreciated. Both attached photos are from PNW installed. Graphic settings in the sim are at or higher than suggested in the installation guide. My system specs are as follows: P3D V5.1; Windows 10 pro 64 bit; i5-8400 @ 2.8 ghz; 16 gb RAM; RTX 2080; 5 monitors + 1 networked from remote pc. Thank you. Martin
  18. I have been using TrueEarth US Northern California SD - X-Plane 11, and I live in Northern California. The scenery is impressive, but the coloring is totally wrong. The whole area looks unnaturally red and burnt out. No part of the state looks like this, ever, even after the recent fires. Trees are green, cultivated fields are green. In mid-summer the grassy fields look golden yellow, they never look reddish umber. I think the Northern California coloration is almost offensive. Is there a way to make the colors more realistic?
  19. Would you please repair the San Francisco Bay Bridge or refund my money.
  20. I have some 50+ Orbx airports installed Just had a flight from Copenhagen to ENNO There appears to be no airport buildings - is this correct See attached jpg
  21. How can I use the Airport Elevation Correction Tool for A.J. Eisenberg Airport WA (KOKH, formerly - and in FSX/P3D - 76S)? The airport doesn't exist in the list neither under KOKH nor 76S. Thanks in advance. Hans Mathys serial number removed
  22. hello i have a issue that some times the runway center lines go away and it will become like this how can i fix this on Lowi airpot
  23. I have down loaded the latest GroundTraffick.txt file and copied to Custom Scenery\Orbx_EGPB_A_Sumburghed. Airport and library files all updated and verified via Orbx central. All files deleted from:Users/yourname/AppData/Roaming/Orbx/Central/Backup Road traffic is now driving around in pairs, front bumper to front bumper i.e. one going forwards and one STILL going backwards. So not fixed as ar as I am concerned. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  24. Hi I just bought OIIE Tehran from simmarket, but there seems to be a conflict (with Vector?]. I run the Auto Config tool but there is no file for OIIE. Any ideas? Kind Regards Patrick
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