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Found 19,142 results

  1. Hello everyone My Orbx SINGAPORE CITY PACK installed in latest world update 3 FS2020, however, I have found it not exclude the default fs2020 buildings. How can I solve this issue?
  2. Might want to look at this? Look at the height, wheels in the ground. Also 2 wind socks and totaly diffence wind direction. Just thought I would report it guys.
  3. Not sure if Orbx read these forums? I uninstalled the Orbx London Scenery, and loaded the FS2020 update, until Orbx London update. This is what I spotted. Battersea Power Station has vanished along with its iconic huge white chimneys, that was a big mistake on the part of Asobo? Many improvements, Buckingham Palace, much better than Orbx, sorry. A revolving London Eye. Much better BT Tower more detail, and revolving neon sign. Not sure what to think of Canary Wharf skyscrapers, I think Orbx was better. Many bridges. Stadiums. Cricket Grounds, et. Greenwich Maritime Museums, although I d
  4. I have purchased 4 airports thus far. All 4 are listed in Central, but only 2 are listed in the sim. All are up to date. Is this normal?
  5. Hi installed it today am flying EGCC to EGPD and its dark and some textures are daylight (attached photo) still any idea on a fix cheers alex
  6. Just a heads up for others. Airport is perfect with no problems for me. I deleted my rolling cache and created a new one before i tried Newcastle. Only noticeable glitch was double windsocks at both ends of the rwys. Cheers Rick
  7. I have the London City airport add on. If I try to land any aircraft from the east, at around 100 feet, the flight freezes, goes to a side picture of the plane and kicks back to my default flight. Is there a fix please? Win 10 with plenty of everything.
  8. In the True earth Canarias scenery / GCLA La Palma the shadows of the houses and greenhouses are offset.
  9. Hi, good evening. I write you because the houses above the photo appear at the end of the 01 of Fuerteventura, it was in case you can correct that bug, thanks in advance an regards. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola buenas tardes. Te escribo porque las casas encima de la foto aparecen al final del 01 de Fuerteventura, fue por si puedes corregir ese error, gracias de antemano.
  10. Since London City Landmarks are not compatible yet, would it not be wise to add an "activate" and "deactivate" option to Central? I realized that Orbx sceneries are anyway only added to the community folder via symbolic link, so this should be not a big deal, no? Instead of having to uninstall the whole product, this would be an easy and convenient way to temporary disable Orbx products (for whatever need). Did anyone ever consider this?
  11. Keep getting this, after installing....
  12. I mentioned on the forum in the Preview Screenshots section in the thread - TrueEarth Southern California for XP11 on finals! that none of the buildings in downtown LA are landable. Tony Wrobelwski replied to my post and requested I suggest any actual buildings but he also suggested that making buildings landable impacts on performance. Because of this I have currently only made a single choice of the tallest building. I have selected the Wilshire Grand Center. Something that occurred to me is whether it is possible that hardened helipads could be toggled in the Orbx Central settings for the S
  13. Attached below is an image of the night texturing that occurs at TXKF but this also happens at multiple locations and airports in NA at night only. I have Orbx global, and openLC NA.
  14. I bought the Canary Islands scenery a few days ago and it is amazing but I just noticed there are no cars on any of the roads. is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? I am running x plane 11.50 hope you can help, thanks
  15. Hi all I’ve recently had a lot of trouble with my Orbx example all the old airport scenery came over the top of my addon scenery anyways finally found it was the Orbx UK scenery doing this....so I deleted all Orbx and slowly reInstalled it all and turned off FTX AEC all seems fine again bar 1 thing when I go on big World map most of the global vector/Orbx stuff has gone bar a little patch...this patch follows the aircraft so basically all the Orbx stuff kinda works any ideas how to resolve it it’s on FSX Steam I have Orbx global, vector, buildings, trees, Europe
  16. Hi I've posted a query in the Orbx Central forum, but no one has replied. I don't seem to be able to update anything without getting error messages. Usually, one file is not downloaded. Verifying produces the same result. As I am supposed to have 15 updates to be done, I am a bit mystified....... Also, installing Fisburn tells me I have 21 files not downloaded, but Central says it is installed, and puts a green tick by it. Running on an iMac in 10.15.7
  17. Have just purchased Singapore scenery which required me to download Orbx Central. I downloaded it ok, and PC (windows 10 Home) says it's installing. It puts an icon on my desktop, but nothing happens when I click on it !!! I have disabled Anti Virus, and am a little peeved at having paid for the item but am unable to use it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP !
  18. I am seeing misaligned roads and greenhouse shadows after the update of the Canary Islands. Also, the xplane roads are visible even though I have transparant roads activated?
  19. Hi, I noticed that when I arrive at LOWI, the airport dynamic lights don't work, while they are ok when I start my flight there. This is a common problem to many sceneries having dynamic lights, could you please check and fix it? Thanks.
  20. Hello Orbx-Team! Simualtor: P3Dv5.1 HF1 with EA activated Scenery: Orbx LOWI 1.30 with option P3Dv4 Dynamic Lights activated CPU: Intel i9-9900k Graphicscard: RTX 3080 (actual driver version 460.79) RAM: 32GB 3600MHz I have installed the actual LOWI V1.30 scenery and i have the problem, that on arrival the Dynamic Light is misssing. Departing from LOWI is not the problem, the Dynamic Lights working as intended. But at arrival to the airport, the airport is completely dark. It´s seems that there is a fallback to legacy light as seen in the screensh
  21. Hi, could somebody help me regarding the structure or order of the scenery. I have some strange overlpapping tiles in the ground scenery. Example here is Hamburg EDDH (see red circled areas) not matching tiles and streets going different places etc. LAT: N53° 36,03 LON: E9° 57,89. Scenery Library structure attached. Thanks for your help OrbX Problem 2.pdf OrbX Problem 3.pdf ORBX Problem.pdf
  22. Hi everyone! I am having unsually low fps in the above airports. I get about 35 fps in copenhagen flytampa whilst i get around 8 in arlanda, anyone know why that is? I also only get about 20 fps in innsbruck. My specs are: 3080, 5900x, 32 gb ram 3600 hz cl 18 Any respone would be appriticiated!
  23. Hi Leute, ich habe einen Jo<stick Logitec Extreme 30 pro und setze ihn auf beiden MSFS ein (FSX u. FS2020). Bei dem neuen MSFS ist der Joystick programmiert und funktioniert leidlich. Manchmal muss man die Tasten kräftiger drücken bis sie reagieren. Beim FSX ist der Joystick nicht mehr programmiert, nur die Standardtasten. Der Gashebel ist aber nicht mehr funktionabel. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie man den zurücksetzen kann, damit er wieder richtig beim FDX funktioniert. Habe schon alles versucht. Treiber wieder neu installiert, nützt nichts. Der Gashebel ist der wichtigste Hebel, da sonst nich
  24. I'm interested in Singapore, but told myself no more Orbx airports until this is solved. Apparently FSDreamTeam has solved this. Here's my initial post from Orbx KSBA purchase: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/200707-ksba-ils-freq-for-07-is-missing-from-the-mfd-freq-section-in-tbm930g3000-avionics/?do=findComment&comment=1715387 I gave plenty of information but no help from Orbx so far.
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