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  1. Hello everyone, I'm sure I've probably mucked something up with my True Earth Washington installation but I'm having some odd elevation issues that appear to be affecting tile +48-123. Example image is at WA45 Olympic Field. I think I've removed any possible scenery conflicts with the Orbx scenery and I dont have the same issue with the Forkboy Washington orthos (and TE Washington uninstalled). Any suggestions would be very gratefully received. Thanks. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  2. There is a large area of coastline about 17 miles ne of EGPF N56.0 W4.52 that is not correct. See attached images. It seems to start around Blairmore on the map
  3. I remember this being an issue with the X-Plane version, I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with it in the new sim... Any way we can get rid of these? Don't feel like clipping a wing on joyrides around the field Just for the record, I've deleted the Asobo LOWI.
  4. After the last MSFS update my Burbank Bob Hope add-on is no longer working. Just getting some weird looking grey shapes. I uninstalled and re-installed several times with no avail. Also, I cleared out the scenery cache. When the add-on is not installed, I am getting the default buildings/scenery. I appreciate any help.
  5. I was flying in Africa recently and noticed that some lakes were apparently lacking the correct perimeter shape. Please see the attached picture as an example. Is this supposed to happen?
  6. Hi Folks, Just downloaded my first ever Orbx software for my XP11 yesterday, I downloaded Great Britain North, Edinburgh Airport , TerraFlora, and then finally LeedsBradford Airport, everything worked great but LeedsBradford just comes up as a grassy fields, it says that there are missing files and the scenery may not look correct, I deleted then re-downloaded, (no different) is there a fix for this please, also says look in txt file. I have been using XP10 for years but fell away a few years ago and just got back into XP cause of lockdown !! , so only just started using XP11. Than
  7. hello i am hoping someone from Orbx can update this as it currently is not really usable at night due to the horrendous night lighting at the apron / terminal and would love to know when this can be sorted
  8. Having the same issues as with a few other Orbx addons. CTD after 2-3nm out northbound for EGPN Dundee. Works fine if I disable the scenery. EGNM is v 1.0.2. No updates available through Orbx Central.
  9. Is there any way to download the scenery I've paid big bucks for, without using Orbx Central? I've wasted way too many hours screwing around with it. I just want to download what I've paid for, and use it, and not waste time messing with your fancy interface. Imagine if every scenery developer had their own, unique download process? Please, just do what all other scenery developers do. Make it simple.
  10. I have just installed Orbx Stapleford. When I taxi from parking 4 to runway 21 past all the parked planes for some reason my plane crashes into something and I get the fsx crash message. This happens in both directions on the taxiway. I definitely did not hit anything. Has anyone else experienced this problem.
  11. I just updated my Orbx Canary Islands and found that at La Palma this ridge of weird terrain appears. This never happened before, any help appreciated. scenery_packs.ini
  12. Hello when i put "external view", in MSFS, i see in the case of jabiru 170 very often, the pilot, outside the aircraft (a display position error i think) How i can fix that? or a fix will be release it for fix this? thanks in advance Alejandro
  13. Catalina Island has an airport. It is located atop a plateau. I flew there today in Xplane and noticed that the Orbx Los Angeles scenery is pretty much spot on, at this Catalina Island. However, I noticed that the sides of the mountain rising up to the top of the plateau are more like blurry walls. I did a comparison to Google Earth and Orbx really matches the topo except for these vertical walls. I'm wondering if this is an Orbx issue or if my Xplane settings might be causing this, and if so, what could I adjust? Thank you...
  14. I haven't any problems regarding elevation errors for KGPI in P3D4.x. However in P3Dv5 in a simular scenery structure I have a kind of double superimposed layout of the Afcad-structure: The scenery is in the right place in my scenery library. I have NA Northern Rockies, Base Pack, Vector, Open LC Nth America, Libraries via Orbx Central v4.1.15 and all updated to their most recent version, all my other NA-airports are OK except this one. Also when I choose KFCA as alternative ICAO for KGPI the issue is equal. What could be the cause of this, thank you for
  15. Where to start. I originally purchased this airplane from Milviz January 2020 approx. Realized it would not work on my computer graphic card so just put it away for future use. Also had my proof of purchase stored on my hard drive. Well my hard drive crashed and I needed to upgrade so spent over $2000.00 upgrading my computer. Now I have a very nice power house and installed my new Beaver (my favorite airplane). I have had a lot of issues and probably because I downloaded it and had my virus software running. Can't remember and that is because I am an old one. Milviz seem to not give a damn ab
  16. I , today i bought three of your scenery: Leeds, East midlands and Cardiff. I noted a big difference of fps (about 10) In vr, with the same plane, same day time, weather and graphic setting, steady at the parking I had 30 fps in cardiff, 27 in leeds, but less then 20 in East midlands. I read that east midlands is a demanding scenery but... is normal a so big difference? Thanks Giacomo
  17. I have recently purchased Orbx's Liverpool Airport and downloaded and installed it via Central. The scenery looks incomplete and certain objects appear as doubling up (please see pictures below). Then I suddeny realised that I had forgotten to first uninstall my Digital Design (DD) scenery of the airport that I had purchased about 6 months ago. I went to my Custom Scenery folder and deleted 'Digital Design Liverpool EGGP' and 'Digital Design Liverpool Roads', but on opening up the sim, EGGP appeared as the Laminar default scenery (eg. no 3D grass). So I returned to Orbx Central and noticed tha
  18. Is the Musee d'Orsay meant to be in the Paris scenery pack for MSFS? I am enjoying this Paris scenery very much though was disappointed to see the Musee d'Orsay was not included (see screenshot). I have since read in other threads in this forum that the Musee d'Orsay has been appearing in other sceneries, such as due to sharing the same filename as for files in a scenery by Aerosoft, which makes me wonder if the Musee d'Orsay should be there but is not showing for me due to a problem at my end. If it is meant to be there, any ideas how I can fix the problem that ke
  19. Hello, I purchased and installed Dundee Airport to Flight Simulator 2020 on 20/02/2021. When I get to within 2-3 miles of the airport something causes the game to crash. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Having deleted rolling cache.. and the directory suggested.. still got ctd’d. Uninstalled msfs, reinstalled.. still have ctd.. honestly. I think I may have to delete every single thing in the community folder next and I really don’t want to do that. I am tempted to sit out msfs until a more stable version appears. David
  21. Taxi way A1, access to runway 15 is gravel, not paved. The back apron of 15 is missing, not concrete around the whole area. Concrete along runway 26/8 is missing. See attached file.
  22. Hi there I purchased the London landmark installed it. But I can't see it in the sim. After updated the the msfs last version (UK) I don't know where my london lamark is. I takoff fron london city airport sometime I see the building aruond the airport and sometime not. Can get me help please. Thanks Dylen
  23. I migrated my TE to a different direct, the process does not update the scenery.cfg file, it removes the entries but does not add them. Never mind they are add ons
  24. Hello, first of all my specs: i5-9400, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM. So, it was the second attempt doing New Zealand to Doha. Same problem again. Before I go to bed,I check that everything is fine. I have enough fuel etc. But again, when I wake up, I see my plane floating over the water (it crashed). I was using the 777 both times. But this time, I saw that vPilot has sended me a message in the night saying sim is frozen, disconnecting. When I see theEvent Viewer at the excact time, vPilot send me this, I got an error with IP stuff like this: mDNSCoreReceiveResponse... Local Hostname... Pfad des fe
  25. Hi, I'm on P3D v5.1 HF1, with all Orbx global and vector installed. I have the same problem when my AC is passing a bridge on a tawyway over a road in several airports, all addons : LFPO, KJFK, EDDM. The AC suddenly jumps and then falls! I have this with PMSG 777, 747, AS 330 and 321, CS 767 As the trouble happens with airports made by different companies, I think it has possibly something to do with Orbx. My Orbx products are on the bottom layers of of the sceney list, just above the basic sceneries. Thank's for helping me. Yves from ELLX
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