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  1. Where to start. I originally purchased this airplane from Milviz January 2020 approx. Realized it would not work on my computer graphic card so just put it away for future use. Also had my proof of purchase stored on my hard drive. Well my hard drive crashed and I needed to upgrade so spent over $2000.00 upgrading my computer. Now I have a very nice power house and installed my new Beaver (my favorite airplane). I have had a lot of issues and probably because I downloaded it and had my virus software running. Can't remember and that is because I am an old one. Milviz seem to not give a damn ab
  2. I've tried several times to install LOWG directly into MSFS. It gets to the penultimate file and gets stuck. Verify files won't fix it neither will uninstalling and re-installing. LIEO and LOWI installed perfectly. Advice please. Thanks Rob Parker
  3. Orbx order receipt 602a62265cb22 Hi Guys, Now that Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7, I have bitten the bullet and have decided to load all of flightsim products into Windows 10 including Prepar3D v4.5.14.34698. Now that P3Dv4.5 is in Windows 10 together with my Orbx England scenery, I have noticed that when I am looking at the outside view of the aircraft, the scenery and the aircraft are moving slightly in a circular motion while the aircraft is stationary on the ground. The scenery does not move when I am in the internal aircraft view. I have al
  4. Hello, I have a strange problem. Only Orbx Global is working, but after I bought Orbx North America, it is mixing with the default scenery. Sorry for the unsharp picture, but I think you should see what I mean.
  5. Hello, @Ed Correia and @Greg Jones In a long thread started by @Ed Koorevaar in August, Ed closed the topic end of November with this announcement. Could we get an update on Greg and team progress ? Thanks in advance. Gérard - in need of EGLC
  6. Can I install latest version of Central over old version, or should I uninstall old version first? Don.
  7. I recently bought Germany South but im having a problem with the nightlighting (see the pictures). As you can see, it looks like the light is coming from the texture (like without any Orbx Scenery installed). This does not only apply to munich but to the whole area of Germany South. Im using Envshade and Envtex, but also without them it looks the same Marco
  8. Hello, I currently have FSX with SP1&2. I have FTX Global Base, Vector, and numerous OpenLC regions, full fat regions, and airports - mostly all Orbx. Also running UT2 and REX Essentials. Everything Orbx is up to date - scenery and Orbx Central included. Prior to Christmas I purchased Orbx AUv2 and Cairns Airport scenery. I then installed all of the Australian freeware airports on the Orbx site along with a few Ant's Aussie Airports. All of this installed flawlessly, without issues in sim. Yesterday, I opted to purchase 2 scenery addons, Gold Coast Ai
  9. I own most of the Orbx Regions and I'm trying to explore. When I go to the Discover Tab in Orbx Central and click on the Region I get lots of Points of Interest but no airports except the payware airports. Where are the airports included in the region found? The airport filter only shows payware and freeware but does not show the airports included in the regions. Here is Payware and Freeware Combined and the Region areas are void of airports except payware: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&ll=50.46342080587144%2C-119.0990201963732&z=5
  10. Never had a problem before with Orbx. Installed P3Dv5.1 and clean install of Orbx scenery, LC, Vector and all the others. Now when flying I am getting black tiles all over the place so I updated my NIDIA drivers for my 2070 but still have the problem. Not sure what to do now. Thanks, Harv Stein
  11. Hi Thank you for the latest update I'd like to provide some feedback There is a huge red light floating heading Canary Wharf (right behind my plane) and some white ones over the Arena Not sure if this is Orbx doing or MS, just wanted to pointed it out It gets a bit tough flying it (frames) even though I kept the lower settings I used for Paris. It is more notorious in London City airport Not sure if recent instability of the sim could be a reason... I'll test later today as it is already 2 am here The
  12. Hi, the building on the tracks issue behind the gates at EGLC seems to have been there since the product was launched and has not been fixed. However, the building on the tracks is not present in the picture used to advertise the product. Please may I have a copy of the product as shown in the advertised picture? I find it a bit off that the product doesn't match that. Thanks Product advert picture from Orbx website and Orbx central, no building on tracks. Second picture from in MSFS, building in wrong place.
  13. Hello, first of all my specs: i5-9400, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM. So, it was the second attempt doing New Zealand to Doha. Same problem again. Before I go to bed,I check that everything is fine. I have enough fuel etc. But again, when I wake up, I see my plane floating over the water (it crashed). I was using the 777 both times. But this time, I saw that vPilot has sended me a message in the night saying sim is frozen, disconnecting. When I see theEvent Viewer at the excact time, vPilot send me this, I got an error with IP stuff like this: mDNSCoreReceiveResponse... Local Hostname... Pfad des fe
  14. I have my Orbx scenery on my G drive in two libraries: Orbx Library and TE Library (only True Earth). When I check the Libraries in Central, the Orbx Library says it contains 617 GB. The TE Library, however, reads O GB. All of the TE sceneries are listed in the P3d v5 Add-Ons drop down.
  15. Hi Orbx Team, I uninstalled and re-installed TrueEarth Great Britain South to test performance of my PC in that area with and without this addon (mentioned in another topic). Following the re-install, I've noticed that the sea textures off Great Britain South have been replaced by land textures. I presume this is probably something to do with the readjusted order of the Orbx sceneries as a result of the reinstall(??). If that's likely the case, could you please advise what further adjustment I need to make to return the sea textures off the South of England?
  16. gday. have just installed YBCG for FSX steam. with YBCG NOT activated FSX loads [with Orbx aust 2] with YBCG activated i get a crash at the load scenery sequence. does anyone have some ideas about this? i'm also using Scenery Config Editor to organize my scenery. thanks.
  17. I have not had any luck departing from Singapore with the OBX scenery I purchased. Did an entire reinstall for UK 3, and still not working. Only location I'm having trouble with.
  18. Hi, I hope someone could help me. I bought the scenery LOWI and Orbx General installed it. The result is not that what it should be. The airport is perfect. But when you look to the west or to the east it is not correct. I am a beginner with XP11 so I have no idea what is going wrong. My XPlane is Version 11.52 (64-bit Vulcan), I use the XP11-weather. scenery_packs.ini
  19. I have Pacific Fjords and PAKT installed and verified, however, no details other than the runway are available! I've tried reinstallation, but no joy. No taxiways, gates or parking are shown by makerunways. P3D show only the runway as a positioning point. The imagery appears to be there as well as the surface mesh. Any suggestions on this problem.
  20. Hi Folks, Back in the saddle after the year end. I did search to see if someone answered this already, but so far no hits. I just tried out the Seafront Simulations Vessels for Channel Isles and I'm wondering how the traffic can be increased? I've already got Leisure and Ship/Ferry Traffic at 50 on each slider, but so far, launching out of Jersey airport, I only see the same half-dozen freighters and sailing vessels. I know there's no plug-in configuration options, but appreciate any thoughts on how to get even close to the product shots (full marinas, etc).
  21. Wondering if I could get some assistance/advice on getting the brightness of TE Florida down a bit without completely changing my HDR settings down. TEFL on my machine is super saturated even with my Saturation down at like 80 and brightness at 1.0 I’ve played with it a bit and can’t find anything to get it situated. It looks amazing but of course some of my VA buddies call it lava flow Florida. I don’t use envshade-can’t find a happy settings medium there that I like, I use envtex, asca, ASP3D. Will post a couple screens when I get back to the PC
  22. The moving of roads (and rivers) to their correct positions is absolutely brilliant but unfortunately it is si accurate that there are places where road traffic passes across aprons at default airports - some examples are FLLS Lusaka (now FLKK, I think), FWCL Blantyre, and LPPT Lisbon.. I would say with some confidence that this is because they are wrongly positioned by Microsoft. Is there an easy way the end-user can eliminate sections of road so that juggernauts don't emerge from the terminal buildings and charge across the apron? J
  23. So I set up P4Dv5 on my new build rig to it's own SSD, downloaded a plethora of Orbx additions which live on a separate SSD, and ran into more problems than I've had for ages. Synced my Orbx areas via the CP, doubled checked all my drivers (WIN10) and no luck. Uninstalled P3Dv5 again, ran he same routine and same as before: aircraft, be they default or add-ons float several metres above or below the surface, as do static aircraft and airport vehicles, complete with some very strange surface textures. The attached screens illustrate this unfortunate mess. Now P3Dv5 is runnin
  24. Hi, I have got true earth washington and Trees HD. While flying around washington (and the LOWI scenery too) I have noticed that the trees do not match the underlying scenery vegetation shades. They are very pale light green as you can see in the screenshot. They certainly don't match the screenshots from the product webpages. Anyone know how I can fix? Thanks
  25. I was checking the log to check simHeaven was installed correctly alongside TE X-Plane (I have the three UK ones and Florida), running on Arch Linux. AFAICS the scenery is working fine and your product and the free product work fine together, but there is an error which suggests a specific plugin (Ground Traffic) is missing a specific linker function and is 32 bit. dlerror:Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Custom/plugins/GroundTraffic/64/lin.xpl: undefined symbol: __atan2f_finite dlerror:Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Custom/plugins/GroundTraffic/li
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