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  1. I wonder whether there's something wrong with my scenery-packs.ini file - or something else. The Needles are just flat islands, and there's no Needles lighthouse. I previously downloaded the demo area, and the lighthouse was there - I remember because I landed on it! Have I not got Orb-X GB South installed correctly? Edit to add - this is my .ini file. There's a few airports/fields that I've created at the top - perhaps that's upsetting something? scenery_packs.ini
  2. I realise that this is inviting comical replies, but there's something odd going on with the Bishop's Rock helipad. First, since I have the GB South scenery, I assume I'm actually looking at the Orb-X object? I'm not sure how I'd tell. I've been spending a lot of time flying various helis from Tresco out to EGBR. I have the Nimbus Huey, freeware Bell 429, Schweizer S30CBi from Dreamfoil, and a couple of others. With the strange exception of the Schwiezer, they all behave very strangely either as soon as they touch down or when I try to take off again. They lose all tail rotor authority, leavin
  3. Hi The runway and taxiway lights are not functional at YBCS. I uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery but has not resolved the issue. I have the original Australia base scenery installed. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this? Thanks Craig
  4. @Mitchell Williamson @Josh Koz Please assist and review the Orbx Central log from @stu1170 in the linked post from the XP support forum. He is continually getting system crash during installation attempts. You will see the steps i have advised in the posts but to no avail. Thanks central.log
  5. I just noticed that Orbx Central just shows P3DV4 and P3DV5 as available simulators. I have MSFS installed and it showed last time I checked. I uninstalled central, re-downloaded and installed it (V41.123), still no MSFS in Orbx Central. Any help appreciated!
  6. I haven't any problems regarding elevation errors for KGPI in P3D4.x. However in P3Dv5 in a simular scenery structure I have a kind of double superimposed layout of the Afcad-structure: The scenery is in the right place in my scenery library. I have NA Northern Rockies, Base Pack, Vector, Open LC Nth America, Libraries via Orbx Central v4.1.15 and all updated to their most recent version, all my other NA-airports are OK except this one. Also when I choose KFCA as alternative ICAO for KGPI the issue is equal. What could be the cause of this, thank you for
  7. I have Global Base, OpenLC North America and Vector installed. I have deleted and re-installed all 3 multiple times and deleted and re-installed P3D scenery, but it still looks like this. Using P3D default scenery does not cause this.
  8. Hello Orbx Spend minutes in setup- take off and then you get dished up with this scenery glitches - yes know how to recover by killing lclookup.bgl and then run verify on the library file. But why does this happen? any permanent fix? Flying out of OR Tambo South Africa FAOR on P3Dv5 with full house of Orbx products Regards Bill Gradwell
  9. I have been looking at this item on the Website, but it does not say if it is compatible with PMDG NGXu 737 for P3DV5.
  10. Hii I have PAGO PAGO and the GLOBAL BASE PACK installed. I get a strange error at the airport NSFI. I have run the FTX Vector programe, but "the wallls" is still there. I had the problem before, but running the FTX Vector programe fixed it. Not now. Anybody know what to do to fix it? I have Prepar3D 4.5. Regards Theo
  11. Hello, I have white buildings among the HD houses in most areas of the FTX and LC scenery. The do not appear in TE Netherlands and FTX Germany, which both have their own autogen buildings. Old screenshots do not show these white buildings. So it could be a Buildings HD issue? I verified the product to no avail. FTX Scotland near Dundee: FTX PNW near Vancouver: Open LC EU near Salzburg across the Germand FTX border: Following this: Where I wrote:
  12. Hi I am using P3D V4.5 together with Orbx Vector and LC Africa and FS Global Ultimate I brought the Airport FKYS from FSXCENERY. The Problem is that the Airport FKYS is "below the ground" and seams surrounded by walls. Any Idea? Thanks Erik
  13. It seems I am missing some runway textures and/or the surrounding airport textures are missing. Basiclly the runway markings are all messed-up and so is the grass texture next to the runway. I'll try and attach a pic
  14. Good morning everyone, I checked if this issue have been told before but I did not see anything... Every time i start a flight from Graz or Gotenburg, Microsoft Flight Simulator crashes and get back to the desktop without any error message... I uninstalled both of the airport, reinstalled them, I did that several time but it still does not work... I tried to fly from other Orbx airport such as EDDT or LOWI, I don't have the issue, I also tried to fly from Fly Tampa EKCH, it works... Any chance to know what is wrong with LOWG and ESGG ?
  15. I'm having an issue with massive framerate drops (40-50 down to 4-6) caused by power line towers which appear in large numbers (like small forests) in specific places. Even a row of power line towers causes a small loss of framerate. It took me a while to track down the issue but by removing "all" custom scenery then re-installing it file by file I traced it to Orbx GB South (haven't tested Central or North yet). The worst I've found so far is just north of Bournemouth airport but there are others. Has anyone else founds this very irritating issue.
  16. Black Scenery areas in South Germany, North Germany as well as Norway and England, very disappointing that Orbx after many months have not come with a permanent solution for this problem and I know I am not the only Flight Simmer having this problem, I use P3Dv4.5 Has anyone come up with a solution for this problem, I also have LC Europe installed with these programs and have run the Verify Files for each!!! These screen shots are on approach into Stuttgart , (EDDS) Regards, Jacob.
  17. HI Guys Just wondering if anyone knows why my XP is taking ages to load over True earth regions The time this usually takes is 20 minutes Over the true earth UK regions in the Zibo Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sam
  18. Hi, after last update of FTX NA NC it seems I lost photoreal elements of the scenery!? Is ist because of compatibility with TE Northern California? Picture 1 shows as it is after update Picture 2 shows as before the update: Until now I verified files with no changes, after that i have a done a complete new installation and syncroniced the simulator/Orbx central, with no changes. I use prepar 4.5 last fixes. Thanks for any hints to solve the problem Kind regards, Thomas
  19. Hello, I've recently reinstalled all my Orbx products on a new SSD and a new OS (from 7 ultimate to 7 professional). Everything works fine, now all I want is to purchase LC South America and even though Orbx Central does remember the final four digits of my card it doesn´t recognize my password which is checked as correct. What to do Thanks Fernando
  20. Hello, i found that the aircrafts on the parking areas for GA are not placed on the spots that the simulator is using. This also means that they partially are placed between two spots, so it its difficult to use these spots as there is not enough clearance. The area in the NE corner of the airport has multiple planes parked but no spots assigned logically to spawn or end your flight there. I attach some screenhots from LittleNavMap, which show the spots and the AI planes.
  21. hello i want ahead and try to install vector for prdv5 and fsx steam all but fails to install any reasons to this
  22. Hi, I noticed that when I arrive at LOWI, the airport dynamic lights don't work, while they are ok when I start my flight there. This is a common problem to many sceneries having dynamic lights, could you please check and fix it? Thanks.
  23. dear sir SO i have so many ftx products...including global ,vector , open lc ,and even some regions for certain areas..however for north america i only have global + ftx vector along with Orbx trees and buildings.... What i noticed is that whenever i am in the eastern coast like new york, washington , boston areas..there is a huge performance issues....compared to even when i fly ftx regions or even open lc SA or africa or even open LC europe...Its almost like i hate flying in usa..especially landing there...fps drops are severe in the range of 20s....to high 20s...its
  24. Hi, I have the following Orbx products installed. Tried re-installing all products but received same errors. 1. Washington HD 2. Expansion Pack 3. WA56 Airport 4. LOWI Airport The issues I'm having are: 1. WA56 airport is missing some resources 2. Washington HD (TE Custom file) TE_USA_POI_RG_Sheraton_Grand_Seattle_Union_Street.obj has two headers Everything still loads even with these issues Please find attached 2 file: 1. Log.txt file 2. scenery_packs.ini Please review the
  25. I get an error message that Clutter_PBR/TRB_LIB_SmallBin_02.obj is missing. I looked in all other Orbx files in case I could find a copy to spoof this airport into finding it but no luck. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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