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  1. I have tons of Orbx scenery for xp11. In a effort to make a copy of xp before upgrading, I made a copy but then had to change the path to the new xp root folder. In doing this I lost the Orbx scenery when starting up xp. I tried starting up Orbx central and the scenery is there but there doesn't seem to be a way to change the scenery path. Can you please help. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, picked up EGLC and the City scenery pack over the holidays and have noticed a big problem. The sim is almost unflyable with the city landmark pack. Sitting at gate 24 at EGLC if I pan the camera off towards O2 center I hit low 20's. If I remove just the scenery pack and leave EGLC I can look off in the same direction and see 40+ FPS in heavy overcast with light rain (real conditions right now). Is this a known issue with the scenery pack?
  3. Hello, I bought True Earth South yesterday for Xplane 11. I seem to have run into a problem with the default airports where the ortho seems to be displaying where maybe it shouldn't be. At Stansted (EGSS) for example, I have 'blocky' ortho between gaps in the taxiways where there is normally grass, in addition to some of the terminal buildings changing into more house-like textures. At Heathrow (EGLL) you can clearly see wings of aircraft on the ortho that is showing either sides of the taxiways leading up to the runway. There are a few other examples else where but
  4. Greetings! I purchased the GB South scenery (Transaction ID: 5ff0d1726b2e0) a few weeks ago. Shoreham airport (EGKA) is almost impossible to use as the undulations are exaggerated. There are no other EGKA airports in the sim. Attached please find my scenery_packs.ini for your perusal. Cheers Richard scenery_packs .ini
  5. Whenever I activate a jetway, either through GSX, or ctrl-j, the bridges twist and turn and the shoot upwards. See attached photo. Please help. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have noticed I have been having some issues with my Orbx products as of late, (for example, San Diego missing building textures and having weird airport elevation issues, and night lighting textures that look as red as lava) and I believe I know why - Orbx central still thinks that I have P3D v4.X installed when in fact I upgraded to v5 several weeks ago. When I install all my Orbx products from Central for v5, it also installs about half of them into my old P3D v4 directory. I have removed all my P3D v4 registry entries, etc, but Central still thinks it's there and is try
  7. So after a day of messing around trying to find out why this is extremely unflyable, as in all axis are crazy unstable I figured I would reach out to see if other had this problem. I have run nearly every sensitivity setting across X, Y and Z to no avail - some forums indicate for some there is no problem and many others are experiencing the same as myself. Just curious as to the perceptions of others here?
  8. Hi there; I am getting installation errors while installing P3Dv4 products in Orbx Central (latest version) "Errors encountered while installing this product". I read related support posts and cleared the temp and backup files from Settings>Downloader, deleted the backup folders, and did the Sync Simulator successfully. I restarted Central and even rebooted then tried "Verify Files" but with no luck. my log is attached. Thanks, Mustafa central.log
  9. Hello, i purchased ENTO for MSFS2020 (order n. 6009a9c5575ad), but when the installation was complete Central issued an error message sayind that one file was not correctly installed, and that it was therefore necessary to Verify the installation itself. Executed several times this procedure the same error message appeared but never on the same file but always on different files (judging by the progressive number of controlled files). I tried both reistalling the product several times and deleting the rolling cache and the Content.xml file but no avail. If after an incomplete install
  10. I had to reload my FSX (steam version) and now i get this message "Missing terrain cfg files" I have done it 3 times now to same result... someone mentioned it may be because of some file i loaded from Orbx as i have so many,, Any help on this ? Thanks Raymond
  11. Hello, I am very interested in purchasing the LOWI airport upgrade as I think the overall modeling is some of the best I've seen, but after watching some reviews and demos, the only thing holding me back is the water masking issue. Currently the default has the more correct water color, which is a beautiful glacial blue. The Orbx airport has the airport as a darker muddy color which fades in rather abruptly. It may seem like a small issue but the river is a very noticeable feature when flying in and out of the airport. After all the town gets its name from the river, and it snakes right past t
  12. As the title mentions, the taxiway at the end of the runway has lots of gaps between the ground and the wall through which you can see the pillars and water. Also, there seem to be missing ground services at the ramps (i.e. no pushback & stairs). Would appreciate and update for MSFS, thanks!
  13. SEVERAL ISSUES WITH THIS AIRPORT!!!! Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_EGPH/Objects/EGPH_68_69NRM.png Jetways also have a bad light name & many more!
  14. Hi All, I'm an old time Orbx user. Been using the Orbx Central app ever since it was made but just got a strange situation here. I've just updated to P3Dv5.1 from v4.5 and uninstalled all my v4.5 stuff, stripped it alllllll back and now I'm methodically going through installing all my stuff again for v5.1 From the 'My Products' tab in Orbx Central I've been installing all my scenery again, making sure to install directly into the main simulator filing system (not outside P3Dv5.1) and at one point I looked up and saw there was some sort of corruption that hap
  15. I start the game. I get through the checking for updates part. Then it says "failed to read from file" I have never played the game. That was the first time.
  16. Hi all, I have all of the Orbx world and regional products installed. Including all True Earth products. However, I just don’t think P3D looks great at night without Black Marble Extended installed. My setup worked well until I installed the BM packages. Now I have an issue where land appears around the coasts where there should be water. Also rivers are covered in land. I did have the issue where the Custom entries had been deactivated in my scenery.cfg file but I have reactivated these. TrueEarth displays correctly now but I still have the land /water issue.
  17. After installing Fly Tampa YSSY International Airport and the update, after about 30 seconds MSFS crashes and shuts down. (no errors or messages appear) Also noticed ground support vehicles using taxiways. any suggest would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I can get a video if needed as it only occurs during camera movement. If you park at spot 8 the building to the right of you with the white lettering on top, the frames around the "glass" doors and windows flickers light and dark when panning the camera in cockpit or external views. It's very noticeable since there are quite a lot of "frames".
  19. Hello dear Orbx team, when do you plan to provide the latest version 1.2 of Milviz KA 350i by the Orbx Central App? The current version, which is provided, unfortunately does not run in P3Dv5.1. Thank you.
  20. Dear support team, Orbx Central installs the Milviz KA350i without error in my P3Dv5.1 (Win Defender/Antivir is off). The MVAMS app is missing after installation and therefore can't be used for configuration. The KA350i doesn't work in the sim properly (no system/engine start possible, both PFD show weird bitmaps). When I switch to another aircraft or shut down the simulator, a popup message appears saying that a module has crashed and MV created a crash/dump file. Uninstall/reinstall and system restart didn't help. I can't get this aircraft working. Please
  21. I understand that this may be a Milviz question, but I had the Beechcraft KA350i for v4 and v5 installed in both sims, both via Orbx purchase. In v4, the cockpit's glass flight displays were rendered properly and the MVAMS utility recognized it. In v5, the FDs were not rendering at all as if there was a compatibility issue. Recently I have removed v4 to focus solely on v5. Again the KA350i is looking great except for the FDs not rendering properly and now MVAMS is gone as when it was removed with v4, it was also removed for v5. Add to the confusion, Orbx and MILVIZ state that t
  22. It seems I am missing some runway textures and/or the surrounding airport textures are missing. Basiclly the runway markings are all messed-up and so is the grass texture next to the runway. I'll try and attach a pic
  23. I just bought Innsbruck airport (LOWI) for Microsoft flight Simulator (600a9c7896b6e). This is the first time with Orbx. I downloaded Orbx Central, but when I try to open it , I receive a error message: type error: cannot read properly "abbreviation' of undefined". Whn i click on this, I see information about Innsbruck airport and a huge sign 'Install'. When I click on this, I receive the error message again. I'm using windows 10. I there another way to download my pruchase? Frederik
  24. I did the download, SD version, in December. X-plane 11 always displayed a file loading error message, the subdirectory in above title. Turns out some of the files are incomplete and don't include normal airport data,, airports appear a flat picture. To resolve this I would only need to re-install the complete airport subdirectory, about 970K un-zipped. I don't have high speed wifi available, so a complete download is not an option. I would like to have a zipped file of entire subdirectory sent to my email. Or some other remedy. how can help?
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