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  1. I just installed YBBN V2 and when I go to a gate the jetways are not functioning. I get "There are no working jetways here" Any thoughts? Mike Hayden
  2. Orbx, congratulations on the release of BNE V2. It is an improvement from V1, but still seems to be lacking in some areas. @QFA1213, @anthony99, @Dylstar21, @jneil29 and I have found a few things that are still missing/needed and some other little details that would be nice to have around the airport. Firstly, there is currently no centreline lighting on any of the taxiways. Taxi signs seem to be a bit of an issue as well, with most of the taxi signs on the new runway missing, along with missing runway distance signs (the old version had these) and signs for the
  3. We are proud to return to our Australian roots with this completely new version of Brisbane Airport for Prepar3D v4 and v5! Our contemporary version of Brisbane Airport captures the atmosphere and feeling of this busy international airport in the heart of Queensland, Australia. Serving as the primary international airport in Queensland, over 30 airlines fly to almost 80 destinations from Brisbane to all over Australia, Asia, and the Americas. By far the largest airline at Brisbane Airport is Qantas with a staggering 700 scheduled flights a week, including t
  4. We are proud to return to our Australian roots with this completely new version of Brisbane Airport for Prepar3D v4 and v5! Our contemporary version of Brisbane Airport captures the atmosphere and feeling of this busy international airport in the heart of Queensland, Australia. Serving as the primary international airport in Queensland, over 30 airlines fly to almost 80 destinations from Brisbane to all over Australia, Asia, and the Americas. By far the largest airline at Brisbane Airport is Qantas with a staggering 700 scheduled flights a week, including to
  5. Doug, I reloaded the YBBN scenery and the Jetways are working now.. Thank you for responding..Much appreciated.. Mike
  6. Hi, I'm also disappointed about BGL jetways for YMML and YBBN (I'm new Orbx user, have spend many money last days). I don't understand why we don't have the choice between Ctrl+J (BGL) and SODE jetways, more modern and reliable. I've abandoned all UK2000 sceneries (in particular EGLL Heathrow) for similar reason. Assuming these products aren't cheap in general, an effort by Orbx developers will be appreciated. TIA.
  7. Hi all, I am trying to dock my Jetway to my aircraft at ORBX YBBN however the Jetway doesn't line up with my aircraft. Any suggestions on this? Many thanks.
  8. Hi, After solving some of my early FSX scenery problems, but unfortunately I encountered a couple more: I started my FSX and moved the aircraft to different locations and these are the outcomes: · Brisbane airport (YBBN Orbx) Gate 21: The Gate is in the middle of the tarmac, the jetways are placed in wrong place, and some aircraft are parked on wrong place (see two pic attached) · Reykjavík airport (BIKF Orbx Global Iceland Demo). Some jetways appears floating on the sky (see pic attached). · Frankfurt airport (EDDF third party p
  9. Hi all, I'm having problems with the jetways at Orbx Brisbane that seems to have been a problem with many others for years now: jetways docking in strange angles and positions. I'm considering replacing them with SODE jetways. I'm looking through the YBBN scenery folder and am having trouble figuring out which file has the jetways on them, assuming it's a separate file. Anyone know which one it is? Thanks
  10. Hello... I have seen it in many airports with AI traffic - not only ORBX airports. But after taxied to terminals in ORBX YBBN Brisbane, It was the wildest I ever have seen about Jetways very strange moves. And for the first time It was not only jetways for AI traffic also my own plane A320 aerosoft. Can someone explain why we see these strange moves with jetways in different airports. I use P3D 3.3. Chris from Denmark
  11. I know there have been a couple of other topics but none recently and none with my specific issue. This occurs with both the P3D V3 version and the current P3D V4 version of YBBN Jetways don't attach to the aircraft correctly and whenever you send them back to their starting position the front bit just rotates endlessly. This only happens at the international terminal. The T-Jetways at Domestic work fine. Attached are 2 images of different aircraft types both with the same problem. On a different note, YBBN seems to perform a lot better in P
  12. Just purchased YBBN in the sale. P3dv4. Unfortunately non of the Jetways work properly with the PMDG 747 Queen. They contort in weird ways and are not functional? Is there a fix planned for this? Regards David
  13. Thank you Nick for your reply. I have manages to do a quick test and disable (un-tick) the Traffic Global from the scenery library and restarted FSX, the issues I have with EDDF, BIKF seems to be fixed. The jetways and parking issues I have previously with YBBN appears to be correct but, now suddenly the ground texture of the airport tarmac have changed (see picture attached). Do you know what could cause this issue? I haven’t tried to disable GSX or introduce the DX10 fixer yet as you suggested. I’ll let you know my progress. After
  14. Hi, I am wanting to update the jetways at all of the airports listed to SODE using the brilliant new feature in GSX Level 2 expansion. I was hoping someone at Orbx could let me know if the sceneries for each airport have the gates included in separate bgl's, or are the gates included in the same bgl as the building/structure they're attached to? Also, if the gates are in separate bgl's, which ones are they specifically? This will determine if I can upgrade to SODE jetways. I apologise upfront if there's a bit of mucking around to find out, howe
  15. Hi guys, Love the Orbx scenery, however in YBBN i only have 2 jetways that move. Gate 24 and Gate 15. The rest seem to be static. The 2 that work have that Red keep clear marking on the ground and look like generic jetways where as the rest are basic right angle looking things. I have setup ORBX YBBN to your recomendations. Is there somthing i am missing? or are there only a few jetways that work? Thanks in Advance
  16. Have the same issue- jetways at YBBN do acrobatics before connecting in odd arrangements (often inverted). I see there are numerous other posts in the forums with this same issue with no response... unfortunate; hopefully an update is in the works that will supersede a fix for the current version.
  17. hi all it seems that after I reinstalled Justflights Traffic x or maybe it was GSX but the default jetways are back and I can't remember how to get rid of them please help
  18. @Jarrad Marshall Hi Jarrad, from reading your response to @mburkhard today, am I to understand that SODE technology (ie jetways) will only be revisited on existing HD airports? Thus meaning, that for example, your rendition of YBCS will not be remodeled with SODE jetways - and hence YMML, YBBN & YSCB will not be remodeled either? Regards, Steve
  19. Hi @Graham Eccleston , hey team, Could you attach the static jetway placement files for YBBN Brisbane here? I use YBBN in P3Dv4 and the jetway's behavior is a bit of a show stopper. A fresh install did not solve the problem and I suppose that the static option is not included in the v4 installer. Deleting the animated jetways in ADE is pretty simple. Now I just need the static ones. Thank you and best wishes!
  20. You are correct in that many of the jetways in the P3D V2 and V3 versions of YBBN do not work. What worked in FSX does not work in P3D unfortunately. Many of the YBBN jetways were quite erratic, some folded back on themselves, some went down when they should have gone up etc. You have no idea how much time we spent trying to resolve these problem jetways. In the end, we decided to leave those that were working correctly in place but to replace the problem ones with statics rather than holding up the release of this airport any longer. We are still working on trying to f
  21. Have you installed the P3D version of YBBN or ported the FSX version over. I ask because what you are seeing was an issue with jetways which worked fine in FSX but behaved erratically in P3D. Those jetways were replaced with static ones for the P3D version. Some of the jetways at the International Terminal work fine for the larger jets which normally park at those gates but not with the smaller B737's and A320's. These smaller jets usually park at either end of the International Teminal. These jetways have been built in accordance with the SDK and we are not sure why th
  22. First of all I'd just like to say fantastic job on updating YBBN to P3D V3. It's nice that the layering of the groundpoly has been increased so shadows are cast onto the groundpoly in P3D. Many other developers claim P3D support but the layering is incorrect and the aircraft shadows aren't visible so good work going the extra mile and changing it. My issue is with the jetways on the international terminal. They worked absolutely fine in FSX and in P3D V2 (unsupported I know but it worked fine). When I upgraded to P3D V3 a few months ago the jetways would not move and attach proper
  23. I recently installed AU, YSSY, YBBN, and YMML. The YMML installation resulted in an airport with planes hiding their noses in hangars, random parking spots, and jetways that were not connected to their terminals. My Traffic, I guessed, was the major problem. I removed the YMML BGL and the airport looked perfect when I reloaded the sim. Solving that problem seems to have created another problem; when I went to use GSX it gave me an error message that it could not find the My Traffic AFCAD file for YMML. In desperation I removed My Traffic from the P3D add-ons, reloaded YMML and GSX worked fine
  24. Just installed YBBN and patches (110,120,121) into FSX:SE and there seems to be a terminal missing. I started a flight at gate 45 and there are jetways but no terminal. I moved to gate 18 and the apron markings are wrong, aircraft are parked inside through the terminal! Install sequence was as follows Australia SP3 and patches to SP4 YBCS and patches (working fine from what I can see) YBBN and patches ORBXLIBs 160906 Any idea what I may have done wrong? Scott 29287 YBBN, FSS0096599 YBCS
  25. Thanks for the quick reply. Good to know that it wasn't something on my end but sorry to hear about the trouble you guys are having. Hopefully you'll be able to work it out one day but I understand how much of a pain the FSX IK jetways are to program and I appreciate the effort you guys have put into the jetways in YBBN and YMML in the past. Most other developers only model one type of IK jetway and use that across all of their sceneries so it's nice that the domestic jetways at YBBN and YMML move in only one direction as in the real world. Just for your information on my system t
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